The Morning After the Night BeforeThe Morning After the Night Before


The previous night my girlfriend and I, along with two friends of ours had played a game of strip poker. This morning I awoke rather groggily as the unfamiliar surroundings of the hotel room came into focus. The first thing that I noticed was Natalie’s body curled up to mine with one of her arms across the lower part of my stomach, in fact her little finger was just against my cock.

As I lay there looking at bed covers that were hardly on either the bed or us, I started thinking about last night. Did we really play that? I looked down again at Natalie’s gorgeously slight body and she started to slowly stroke the lower part of my belly, I couldn’t tell if she was still asleep or not. Again I started to think about the game last night and combined with Natalie’s stroking I was starting to get hard again. God only knows what time it is, was it still morning? What time did we eventually turn in? And what time did I finally pass out? One thing was for sure; I had never had a night like it before.

I was semi erect when Natalie rather croakily said, “Morning stud”.

“Erm, yes morning, how are you feeling?”

“I am a little tender, but it was worth it, that was one hell of a night!” There was a little more life coming back into her voice now.

I asked her what she thought about the poker game and if she had ever thought of doing something like that before.

“Never”, came the response, “but it was great, there was a tension in the air and YOU obviously enjoyed it”.

True I did, but who wouldn’t enjoy getting two gorgeous girls naked. Having said that I am not sure how much Mark enjoyed it as he was out rather quickly. The fuzziness in my head was slowly evaporating I was beginning to focus both my sight and my thoughts. Natalie wasn’t the only one that was tender, the end of my now cock was throbbing a bit, how many times did we do it last night?

Natalie started to shift around the bed a started to plant little pecks on my chest, as I looked down at her all I could see was the top of her head, with her jet black hair falling down to her slight shoulders. Her sleek back flowed beautifully to the curves of her ass, there is no better sight in the world to wake up to.

She continued to peck her way sensuously down my torso until she came to my now solid hard shaft. “Looks like you ready for another round already,” and she started to give little pecks on my tender shaft, slowly working her way up it.

I could hear voices outside the room, I don’t think we locked the door but it didn’t matter as there was only Maria and Mark in the hotel as it was closed. We had nothing to hide from both of them anymore. Natalie continued her tender touch on my manhood, she had positioned herself that all I could touch was her hair, there was nothing else I could do but just lie there, sometimes life is just a bitch!

As she continued to deliver gentle pecks of the tip of my cock the door burst open, and there was Escort Bayan Esenyurt one of Mark’s chambermaids standing in the doorway with one hand still holding the doorhandle. This was a bit unexpected but Natalie did nothing but put one arm over my chest and just lick her way up my solid shaft. She was doing nothing to hide my cock, if anything she was pushing it over to point at the direction of the open door with her tongue.

The chambermaid was a young girl of about 22, I had spoken to her a few times and I knew that her name was Tracy, she was about 5 foot 3, quite slender with blonde hair and very fair skin. She wasn’t wearing the usual uniform just a pair of hip huggers and a crop top that left a very pale and flat belly showing, she also had her belly button pierced with a silvery dangling object.

“erm, urr, oops sorry, I didn’t know, eerm eerr, any-one was in here”, was all she could stammer, she never once took her eyes off my cock. I started to fidget, to try to cover myself up, but Natalie pushed down with her arm against my chest, I got the message.

Still rooted to the spot and still glaring at me, Tracy splutted out “erm sorry, Maria asked me to clear this room, erm sorry to interrupt.” And with that she turned around and slammed the door shut. The poor girl had gone beetroot red and I could swear I could see her belly starting to turn crimson. I could also hear laughing from down the hallway, and that was definitely Maria.

“Nice of you to cover me up”, I said to Natalie.

“I couldn’t reach the covers”, was the lame excuse she could come up with.

“You could have used your mouth”, I protested.

“You wish! That would have pleased your ego.” And with that she engulfed my cock with her mouth as if proving a point that she could have easily done that. She continued to then suck on my cock, with her tongue doing a merry dance around the shaft.

Then quickly she got up and impaled herself upon me, now this is the way to wake up. This is always one of my favourite positions as I can look up and see Natalie in all her glory. Her olive skin looks exotic and although she only has small breasts I love her dark nipples that stand to attention when she is aroused. As I reached up to her nipples to tease them she continue to grind her hips upon me and she told me to make sure I didn’t cum yet. To be honest I was thinking that there was no way I could, I must be bone dry inside of me.

While I was letting Natalie ride me and after taking in her beauty all the way down her small chest, and flat stomach to the thin strip of short pubic hair above her pussy I noticed that the door to the room had opened slightly again. I couldn’t be certain but I was sure I could see two faces peering in, I could swear that it was Maria and Tracy who watching us. I doubted that Natalie knew that she had an audience, but maybe that was why she was so wild as she was grinding Escort Bayan Avcılar away frantically. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this while there was some-one watching but hell it was driving me even wilder and hornier.

I then lifted Natalie off me and swapped places as I thrust into her from behind, if we had am audience I might as well give them a bit of a show. Natalie always loved doggy style, she says that she can feel me inside her even more this way. So I couldn’t let her just do all the work this morning. God knows how long we were at it, Natalie has already screeched an “oh my God I’m cuuummmmiiinnngggggg” and her pussy had a vice like grip on my cock. But I continued my assault on her, I wasn’t ready yet. The room was hot and the intoxicating aroma was unmistakable.

I pulled out of her and again turned her over, it may be boring but the missionary position is still one of the best. I entered her again as I gazed upon a glassy pair of big brown eyes, she just murmured something like “oh my god, this is amazing.” I was still not sure if I had an audience, or if Natalie knew that we had had one, but I was hoping that there were still there and had heard that.

Eventually I could feel the familiar tensing up inside of me, and with a few more solid thrusts I came again. I would hate to know how many times that has been in the last 12 hours or so, but I just kept on coming, which seemed to send Natalie over the edge once more. She seemed to be taking many little breaths in with each “oh” but never once exhaling, until that final “yyeeeaaaaassssss!” and with that, the collapse.

We kissed for a few minutes and then I rolled off her on lied next to her, both of us on our backs not bothering to cover ourselves up. We just lay there, hot, sweaty and breathing a little erratically.

My next line was not very original but hey, the old grey cell was still fizzing, “wow, that was amazing, you are amazing,” was all I could muster.

And with that the door opened an in walked Maria, looking a little flustered, but giving us a round of applause. “were, were you watching?” Natalie stuttered.

“Well, you sounded in pain and I needed to know everything was ok, I think there is still some-one in a hotel the other side of town that didn’t quite hear you”, was Maria’s flippant response.

I looked up with a smirk and said to Natalie “give me a few minutes and we’ll have to see what we can do about that.”

“Easy Tiger!” Maria responded, she looked down at my naked body as my cock was starting to stir once again. “Have you been dipping that thing in steroids?” she said looking at my twitching member. (sorry it’s a line that has been knicked out of the Commitments but it’s a good one!)

While the two of us just carried on lying there not bothering to cover ourselves up, its hard to think we had only met this girl for the first time last night, Tracy walked in. Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü She looked at the scene and only said “oops sorry” before doing a quick u-turn and scampered out of the room.

Natalie looked at me and said, “we mustn’t stay here again, there is not much privacy”.

“Maybe, but it’s cheap”, Maria responded. Then she looked at me and said “why don’t you freshen up, there is something that I want to speak to Natalie about,” giving her a little wink at the same time.

I had this feeling last night, I was starting to get a little nervous, since we met Maria yesterday, our sex lives had taken quite a dramatic change, and I must say I definitely was not complaining, but this girl certainly made me nervous.

I crawled my aching body off the bed, to be honest I could have easily had another kip, but we were supposed to be helping Mark start packing up his stuff from here. I had to walk in front of Maria on my way to the en-suite bathroom, and I couldn’t believe that here I was walking passed this women I hardly knew while I was bear naked and with that post sex glow.

As I walked past, she slapped me on the arse, “sorry, but I couldn’t help it!”

“Yea, thanks for trying to restrain yourself”, I mumbled. As I looked behind me, Maria was putting some of the covers on the bed, covering Natalie up and lying on top of them next to her as I disappearing into the bathroom.

As I closed the door, I considered leaving it partly open and listen to what was being said, but as if Maria was able to read my thoughts she told me to close the door in no uncertain terms. Oh well I needed to pee anyhow.

Once that little matter was complete, I ran the shower and got in. It was a large cubical with frosted glass that had a shower gel dispenser inside it, a good make as well, nice to know Mark wasn’t a cheapskate with these things, its little things like this that customers like. Isn’t it weird the absolute rubbish that you think about while standing in a shower. Oh well, I just stood there for a moment and let the warm water run over me, and then started to lather myself up.

Then all of a sudden the door to the bathroom opened up and could see a silhouette on the other side of the glass. Through the soap in my eyes I thought it was Natalie, in fact I was sure it was but, I had a small hope that it was Maria, well they both had dark hair. Almost immediately I hated myself for thinking such things, but I looked down and yet again I was getting hard. In fact I knew it was Natalie, the slender figure had given that away almost instantly. Maria was slightly taller, and a fuller figure, not fat, but most people had a fuller figure than Natalie. Maria had a much bigger chest as well, about a 34C.

After the sounds of a girl badly needing a pee, and the flush of the toilet, then a quick rinse of the hands, the door to the shower creaked open and in walked Natalie, ‘thank god’ I thought as she walked in.

The first thing she did was looked at my now hard cock, which I had been slowly stroking and lathering up absentmindedly, she walked over to me in the flow of the water, stood on her tiptoes and gave me a kiss on the lips and said; “not now Tiger, you need some rest, we have plans for you.”


To be continued…

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