The Moment Finally ArrivesThe Moment Finally Arrives


A new Alice and Laura story! Number 4 in the series now, so if you haven’t read the others here is the order: ‘Struggling to Sleep’, ‘Her Minds Wanders…’ and ‘Laura Gets a Surprise’. Things are starting to hot up for these two roommates, so let me know if you want to read more and what you thought of this one. Not a very long one but there’s certainly more to come!


Three days had passed since Alice and Laura had spent the early hours of the morning masturbating furiously, well aware of the fact that the other was doing the same, and they hadn’t spoken about it once. When Alice woke after her deep come-induced sleep, Laura was already gone. They had only spent a few hours together in the room in the last three days and although they had exchanged a few knowing looks, their little fuckfest had never been discussed. And as much as she was trying to forget about it, Alice wanted to talk about it. More than that, she wanted to do it again. She wanted to hear Laura’s little cries of pleasure, she wanted to watch the other girl bang her fingers hard into her own soppy pussy…she’d caught her nude once before and had never quite been able to get it out of her head. That was why she’d joined in the other night; the thought of Laura massaging her perky little breasts on the other side of the room had made her incredibly horny. But she wasn’t sure how to push this friendship further.

Laura was so closed off; they barely spoke beyond a little polite small talk. It wasn’t like they were best friends and bağdatcaddesi escort Alice could seduce Laura with a bottle of pink wine, heavy petting disguised as friendly playfulness and a list of other slumber party clichés. She was going to have to think harder if she really wanted anything to happen, which she sort of did. She also tried to push the thought of James, her gorgeous and very masculine boyfriend, from her head. This didn’t make her a lesbian. She wasn’t really attracted to women, there was just something about Laura that appealed to her. And she was sure she’d seen the other girl looking at her with a bit of a glint in her eye. It could lead to something very interesting, so long as she tried not to think too hard about the implications of what she wanted.

On the fourth day, when Laura returned to the room, Alice was sprawled on top of her made bed with her hands deep inside her underwear. She was wearing a short pleated skirt that had ridden right up around her waist, revealing red lace panties which barely covered her waxed pussy. Her shirt and matching bra were cast aside and her big round breasts were heaving with her deep breathing, pink nipples rocky. Her eyes were squeezed closed with pleasure but even under her little grunts and groans, there was no way she could have missed the sound of Laura cursing as she fumbled for her key on the other side of the door or the loud inhalation of surprise as the other girl finally got the door open.

Still, she continued to rub beykoz escort short sharp circles on her hungry clit at the same time as plunging three fingers of the other hand in and out of her juicy folds. Laura had shut the door quickly behind her and locked it, before turning back to see if Alice had stopped at the noise. She hadn’t, and she looked oh so hot. She was lying there, spread open and slick with sweat as she fucked herself hard. Dumbfounded, Laura dropped her bag and jacket onto the floor, trying to ignore the growing wetness between her own legs. Unable to drag her eyes away, she began to unbutton her dress. This couldn’t be a coincidence. Alice knew she would be home at this time, she hadn’t stopped even though Laura was back in the room, and they’d spent the last three days sneaking secret glances at each other. It was only a matter of time, really.

Alice opened her eyes and smiled through her moans as she saw Laura reacting as she’d wanted her to. The blonde girl was watching eagerly, stripping off her clothes and taking a step closer to the bed wearing just a simple white bra and thong which looked heavenly against her beautiful deep tan. They made eye contact and they both froze for a moment. This was it. This was the moment that would change their distant friendship into something a lot more intimate and real. Laura kneeled on the end of the bed, looking up the length of it at Alice whose hands were still working, but a little less furiously now. She positioned herself silently between caddebostan escort Alice’s legs and reached up everso gently to slide off the damp red lace that covered the prize she was after.

Alice bucked her hips a little to allow Laura to remove her underwear and then tipped her head back and gasped as Laura buried her face between her legs. Her lips and tongue began to work but only very slowly, teasingly toying with the outer folds and then the slick inner lips. She tasted good and Laura let out a moan as she began to lick languorously over the length of her roommate’s dripping pussy. One of her hands crept higher, finding Alice’s right breast and tugging gently at the hard nipple, making Alice’s back arch. Her tongue began to circle over the girl’s tasty little clit and she was gratified to find Alice pushing herself hard into her mouth, riding her face desperately in search of the release she’d been building towards on her own. Massaging and kneading roughly at Alice’s breast, Laura’s other hand grabbed the girls’ hip in order to delve her tongue deep into her.

Alice’s moans doubled and her hips bucked as Laura fucked her with her tongue. Alice’s hands moved to grasp into Laura’s thick blonde hair, each thrust bringing her closer and closer to ecstasy. It didn’t take too much longer before Alice came in an explosion of electricity and flashing lights in front of her eyes. Her whole body tensed and relaxed compulsively, spasming in pleasure as she tossed her head from side to side, crying out and whimpering as Laura pulled back and sat up, giving her lips a discreet wipe on her arm. She grinned smugly, very happy to see what she’d been able to do to Alice. The dark-haired girl’s breathing slowed enough for her to speak and she met Laura’s eyes with a glint.

“Your turn now.”

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