The MirrorThe Mirror


The clock on the wall had just struck 11:00 pm. For hours I had been lying in my bed waiting. I knew that in about an hour my brother would be returning.from his date with Evelyn Parks.Evelyn was the prettiest girl in our high school, a real knock out with long back hair, a sweet face, big tits, and a fine round ass, just made for squeezing. She and my brother had been dating since the twelvth grade. I must admit that I was envious of him. There I was, Just seventeen and in the tenth grade, with no chance what so ever with her. I started thinking that if I could not get her for myself, that the next best thing would be to see my brother lay her. Every time he would go out with her, our parents would be home, so I was sure that they would head out to a park or some place to make out. That weekend though, our parents were away, and they would not be back until Sunday evening. So I was convinced that my brother would bring Evelyn back home, so that they would have a nice big bed to make love in. My only problem would be a technical one of how to watch them without being discovered. I then came up with what I thought was a brilliant plan. My brother’s room is straight down the hall from mine. Right in front of his bed, there is a very large wall mirror. I was thinking that if it were moved over about four feet I would be able to see his bed from my room. Now I also have a dresser and mirror, that is placed opposite my bed. The thought occurred to me that if I moved the dresser around to the other wall, it might catch the reflection of his bed from his mirror. I had to do some rearranging of all the furniture, which took some time. It worked perfectly. Not only did the mirror catch the reflection of the bed, but I could see whatever would be going on in the entire room. With this setup, I could now see the action without even having to get up out of my bed. I had two more things going on my favour. The latch almanbahis on my brother’s bed room door was broken so that the door had to be removed. Thus there was no door there to shut. Also there was plenty of light coming from the hall and his night lamp to see quite clearly, even on the darkest night, and I was guessing that he would not turn out the lamp light. Every thing was set, and all I had to do was wait for them to return. The clock finally struck 12:00 mid night and they had not yet returned. Then 12:20 am passed. Then finally I heard a car pull in the driveway that sounded like my brother’s old pontiac. A couple of minutes later I heard the door open and the couple walked in the living room. I could hear my brother’s voice and Evelyn’s as they walked into the living room, but I could not hear a word they were saying. Then I heard Evelyn giggling like a young school girl, as my brother was saying something to her. Then I could hear the television playing, and after a while I could hear them talking again. I was really surprised that he did not already have her in that bedroom fucking the daylights out of her and I was really beginning to wonder what was holding things up. After a few minutes I begin to hear what sounded like loud kissing and then silence, except for the sound of the television playing. For the next ten minutes I could hear nothing out of them. Were they just watching television? Was she giving him a blow job, were they necking? My curiosity was really getting the best of me. Finally I decided to walk down the hall and peep into the living room to see what was going on. I didn’t have to walk very far. I could see them from halfway down toward the kitchen but they could not see me. My brother had his arm around her and she had her head on his shoulder. This was a complete surprise to me as I thought that they would be going at it hot and heavy by now. Occasionally my brother almanbahis yeni giriş would lean over and kiss her. Then I heard mybrother say to her. “Evelyn why don’t you want to?” “Because Roger, its just not right.” “Why is not right Evelyn?” “Because we are not married Roger, and that makes it not right.” “Evelyn you can’t have that kind of old fashioned mind set these days.” “People don’t think that way now.” “The important thing is that we love each other, and that we are consenting adults not children.” “The fact is, you love me and I love you, and we are alone here now, and there is nothing to stop us.” “There is no moral code.” “No right or wrong, Just sex Evelyn.” “Sex makes the world go round.” “You do love me Evelyn?” “don’t you?” “Why of course I love you Roger.” “You know that.” ” Alright Evelyn, if you love me,then kiss me like you love me. “My brother then leaned over and kissed her full and hard on the mouth. She then turned to him, put her arms around him and deepened the kiss, opening her mouth to allow his tongue access to enter and explore inside, as she pushed her tongue into his mouth, starting what turned out to be ten minutes of very deep and heavy kissing. I thought that the ice had finally been broken until hetried to reach between her thights. She broke the kiss. “No Roger please, we really shouldn’t.” Alright Evelyn, if you really do love me then at least show me your breast.” He could already see half of them, as her big knockers were half exposed by the low cut blouse she was wearing. With some hesitation, she then untied her blouse strap so that it fell, then removed her bra and tossed it aside, so that her big mountains spieled out. I was really getting excited at the progress my brother was making with her, and my cock was already rock hard from watching them. “They are beautiful,”” he said. He then leaned over and ran his tongue around her nipples. He spent almanbahis giriş several minutes licking and kissing her breast, taking as much of each one of them into his mouth as he could. She leaned her head back and begin to moan softly as he kissed and licked a wet trail along her  breast, shoulders, and neck. Finally his mouth found hers and they were kissing again. I could see their tongues exploring in each others mouths. As they kissed one of his hands stroked and massaged her breast and she begin to moan into his mouth. I could tell she was really getting hot. He then begin to work his other hand up between her thighs. This time she did not brake the kiss, and after several tries, she finally spread her thighs wide apart, as he worked his fingers underneath her panties. They were still kissing deeply, their tongues exploring, darting and tangling together. He then slid her panties down her legs until they reached her feet and she kicked them off on the floor. I thought they would never stop kissing and when they finally broke apart, Mike suggested that they go into the bed room and Evelyn agreed. I was overjoyed. This was just what I had been waiting for. I rushed back to my room as they both got up and started toward my brother’s bed room. I watched them walk down the hall from my bed room. They stopped just inside the room and starting kissing again. Evelyn  had her back turned to me, and as they kissed my brother’s hands gripped her butt, pulling her skirt all the way up over her thighs, as his fingers dug into the crack between her cheeks and worked between her thighs, measuring up and exploring the ends and outs of her bare ass, that swayed from side to side as they kissed. They stood there kissing for minutes on end. When they finally broke apart, Evelyn stood back from my brother and removed her skirt, so that she was but naked. My brother then quickly removed his shirt, then his pants and underwear and stood before her completely naked. She seemed delighted at the size of my brother’s completely erect cock. “Oh Roger,” she sighed, “you are so well hung and I do want you inside me honey.” She then moved over to the bed.

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