The mechanicThe mechanic


It was Friday afternoon, I was in the back workshop finalising the worksheet for the completed jobs on the digger they had refurbished. The check sheet needed to be signed and the work inspected. I was given overtime to double check the work carried out and to countersign the paperwork when Lynn was the yank woman who owned the burger trailer on the industrial estate. “Working late, Vin?” she enquired. “Last checks and signatures and she’s ready for the final work to put the tracks back on,” I told her. Lynn was looking around the workshop. “I’ve never been in here before; I’ve always wondered what it would look and smell like.” She walked around the workshop and I sat there and watched her as she took all the machinery and tools in as she gazed around the place. Lynn stood by our Sommers 7 tonne independent lifting legs. “What are these for? Tying people up?” she said with a smile and a wink. She reached out and held one in each hand, spreading her arms and legs wide open. I shook my head, I’d never seen this side of her. “Maybe, why, you in the mood to be tied up?” “Maybe,” she replied. I looked down at the paperwork then stood up and got two old zip ties off the bench behind her. I tied her left hand first, followed by her right to the thick black cables the raised and lowered the parts she was holding. I walked in front of her and she was smiling. “What do you have planned for your captive?” she Yeşilköy escort bayan said cockily.“Wait and see,” I retorted.I walked to the toolboxes and took out two bungee cords. I stretched and played with them in my hands as I walked towards her. I cocked an eyebrow as I neared her.“What are those for master?” she said mockingly. Without reply I knelt in front of her and lashed her ankles to the stanchions. “You wanna play prisoners and captors?” I asked her. Her smile disappeared, she realised I was serious now; she looked at me and blinked a few times and nodded slowly. Fine. “You do not speak unless told to, you do not say anything without my cock inside you, you may only say yes or no. If you understand say ‘yes’.” “Yes,” Lynn said blankly. “Good, let’s begin. If at any time you want to stop you must say halt, if you say stop or anything else I will ignore you and carry on. Say ‘yes’ if you understand and want to proceed.” Once again Lynn said yes. To begin with I removed her apron and placed it on the floor, I looked her up and down, this was the first time I’d really looked at her in a sexual manner. “Are you sure about this?” I asked one more time. She nodded to inform of her yes. “You are my captive, I am in command, your human rights can get fucked just like I will fuck you. You are now my fuck toy, I will enjoy fucking you, I’m not sure you will Escort Yeşilyurt enjoy it though.” The role play had begun. I walked up to her and held her face in my hand, I kissed her lips, she did not respond, I bit her bottom lip softly but firmly, yet she did not respond. I pulled back and looked at her body; first I ran my hands over her breasts which were quite large. I roughly pulled her t-shirt up over her head and exposed her faded white bra and flat belly. “Nice tits, I think I’ll look at them,” I stated. I walked around her back and out of her view and undid her bra to set her breasts free, I walked around her front, looked her in the face and cupped her full breasts, I touched her right nipple and circled it with my fingers, then rolled it between my thumb and forefinger, making it firm and erect, Lynn didn’t flinch, her eyes fluttered but nothing more, I did the same thing with her left breast, only to get the same nil response. ”I think I will taste them,” I informed her. I leaned in and took her right nipple in my mouth, it was firm so I sucked it hard and flicked my tongue over it. Her breathing changed so I pulled it with my lips, stretching it. I did this again to her left breast.“I like your nipples in my mouth, do you like them in my mouth.” A stone cold “No “was her reply. “Have you ever sucked a cock? I bet you have, you look like a whore, you Zeytinburnu escort are going to suck my cock.” I walked around her back and whispered, “I’m going to fuck your mouth, you will swallow my cum.” I kissed her neck and ears. I untied her ankles then pushed both ‘down’ buttons on the stanchions to lower her, she had no choice but to go down on her knees, her face was perfect height for fucking, I walked in front of her, and Lynn watched me as I stood there. “Look at my cock.” I undid my button and lowered my zip, my semi erect cock flopped out. Her eyes met it and went wide. I stroked myself a few times, making myself harder. “Open your mouth bitch.” Lynn obeyed, I placed myself between her lips. “Suck me, please me”.Her head began to move back and forth slowly, only taking half of me in her mouth, I stepped forward and held the back of her head.“All the way in. That’s a good girl.”I pushed her head towards my belly. As part of her role play she tried to resist and pull back but I was too strong, I pushed my cock deep in her mouth but not enough to hurt her. I felt her gag and choke, it made me feel so masculine. Slowly I began to fuck her mouth, she was now playing the part of my captive, her slurps and sucks were beautiful. I buried her face in my short trim pubic hair, a few times she retched and coughed. I carried on, within a few minutes I was close to finishing. I got faster and harder, finally I pulled out and splashed in her mouth, over her chin and cheek, the last of my semen fell onto her breasts. “Well done, you did well, I’m pleased with you, did you like sucking my cock and tasting my cum?” “No,” Lynn said in a very stern voice.“Never mind, I enjoyed it, that’s what counts,” I replied.

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