The Mature from the App Pt. 04The Mature from the App Pt. 04


I couldn’t wait to meet up with Dawn again, mainly because Tracie would be there too and I felt like two mature ladies are better than one. I was told my Dawn to meet them back at the hotel bar we met on our first night together and we could then have a few drinks.

On the morning of the meet I received a message that told me to bring my tighest pair of underpants. I didn’t question it because I loved to be told what to do!

I got to the hotel bar at the agreed time but could only see Dawn on her own; maybe Tracie had popped to the loo or something. I said hello to Dawn and gave her the usual kiss on both cheeks. A little disappointedly, she told me that Tracie was up in their hotel room having second thoughts.

“Why’s that? She seemed so confident on the phone the other night,” I asked.

“It’s been such a long time since she’s been with anyone intimately and to be perfectly honest a threesome isn’t the easiest thing to do when you’ve not had sex in a while,” Dawn said in an understanding way to her friend’s feelings.

I didn’t want that lovely lady feeling like that so I said to Dawn what about we just have some drinks and if that is all we do then fair enough, Tracie’s feelings are more important.

“That’s a good idea, Matthew. You’re such a kind and considerate young man.”

She texted her and told her if she wanted to come down for drinks and just drinks then we could still make something of the evening. Within ten minutes Tracie had come down to the bar and I was introduced to this second gorgeous older lady.

“You must be Tracie, it’s lovely to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you but don’t worry… I don’t believe any of it,” I said, trying to break the ice and make her feel relaxed.

She smiled and apologised for ruining what had planned to be a ‘fuck fest’ (my choice of words, not hers). I told her it was fine and I was really nervous, too.

She replied, “What do you have to be nervous about? You’re a handsome, young man and you have been having hot sex recently from what I’ve heard.”

I nodded in agreement, the sex really had been hot!

“I was nervous because not only would there be one beautiful lady there like normal but there would be two with you added to the mix; that’s a lot of woman for just one man. Imagine if I couldn’t perform!”

Tracie giggled and said she didn’t think of it like that. She quickly changed the conversation away from sex, probably because she felt embarrased for cancelling the festivities.

“Dawn tells me you have a big city job and you’re quite an important person…”

“I’m really not that important, I work in finance and have done since I left school. What do you do?” I said.

Dawn cackled, following up with an explanation that she got quite the divorce settlement from her ex-husband and had a lot of fingers in a lot of pies.

“Oh wow, good for you. Let me know if you need anyone good with numbers.” I laughed.

Dawn, cackling again, said, “Why, do you know anyone good with numbers then, Matthew?”

“You cheeky cow,” I laughed, that was funny.

We chatted for about and bonus veren siteler hour and a half about a whole range of topics before Tracie expressed how happy she was that she came down from the room. She asked why I had been so warm and welcoming to her when she’d promised sex and not followed through.

I told her, honestly, “You don’t need to apologise about anything, I’ve had a great evening and even if it was to end here then we’ve all had a fun evening socialising. Plus, it seems like your ex-husband didn’t appreciate you as much as he clearly should have so the last thing I’m going to do is mirror his attitude and treat you badly when you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong!”

Tracie was speechless, words were proving to be too dificult for her and then a teardrop fell from her eye, “That was such a kind thing to say, you’re the first man in a long time to say something so sweet to me.”

I interjected there and then, “Give me some more time and I’m sure I could tell you a lot more nice things. I’d probably run out of superlatives to describe you; anyone with two eyes and ears can tell you’re a lovely lady.”

A few more tears dropped from her big, beautiful eyes. Dawn put her arm round her as I walked to the bar to get some tissues for her. I know I described her as a ‘plain Jane’ when I was showed a picture of her but honestly, well, she was so damn attractive in person.

I gave the tissues to Tracie and she grabbed my hand, squeezing it before adding, “If I’d known you were going to be a gentleman then I wouldn’t have cancelled the sex.”

“Tracie, forget it. Please. You deserve so much more than some kinky sex when you’ve not done it in so long. You deserve a man to treat you accordingly, so don’t worry.

I sat back down in my seat expecting the conversation to change but instead, Tracie asked me if I knew anyone who would be up to the task of being her first conquest in a long time. Dawn and I both looked at one-another and told her she could have any guy or girl she wanted. Turns out, she wanted the guy and girl she was sitting with.

“I didn’t see this being how I’d feel but I would be honoured if you both would still like to go up to the room and do something?” Tracie said, smiling at me.

“Are you sure you want to? It’s not a problem if we all go our seperate ways now. There’s no pressure.” I added, again, wanting to get the point accross.

“Yeah, Tracie… Matthew is right, this is a big deal so please don’t feel like you have to do anything,” said Dawn.

Tracie put one hand on Dawn’s leg and her other grabbed mine, “I know what I want, I want you both…”


After finishing our drinks and getting back up to the room we all sat on the bed. Tracie told us she wanted to watch us both for a while and she would join in when she felt ready. I gave Tracie a kiss on the cheek and told her to stop us at any time if she felt uncomfortable. She agreed.

Tracie went and sat down on the chair in the corner of the room. Dawn and I needed no second invitation, within seconds we were passionately kissing bedava bahis as we had done a number of times. I felt Dawn’s tongue swirl around my mouth, so I did the same in hers.

After a minute she put her hands on my body, pulling me close, “What you said to Tracie earlier was so sweet. You’re a true gentleman.”

I put my hands around her hips and kissed her on the lips. I told her I was just being honest and I felt the same way about her, as I did Tracie. They were both beautiful women that deserved to be treated well.

With that, I was ordered by Dawn to lay down on the bed. She let her hands go up and down my legs, feeling any muscles she could find along the way. My trousers were taken off and not before too long I was down to those skimpy underpants I was told to wear. I could hear Tracie moaning, she was getting a little hot under the collar and her hand may have been around her groin area.

Dawn kissed my cock through my underwear, she kept on kissing it until she could feel it grow. She took her jumper off and revealed a pretty red bra, it complemented those tits so well. I knew I wanted to cum on her with that bra on. Call me weird but that’s what I wanted to do.

My cock was taken out of my pants and it was being played with in Dawn’s hands. By now Tracie wanted in on the action, so as Dawn played with my cock Tracie came over and kissed me on the lips. It was a nice feeling having two lovely ladies seeing to me; I know I go on about wanting to be dominated, and I do, but there’s something lovely about a slow fuck that is quite laid back.

Tracie’s hands went for a little explore and she could feel Dawn was taking care of my penis, so she decided to tweek my nipples. I let out a groan. Dawn had a great rhythym but I could sense Tracie wanted some attention. I asked her if she was wet. She grabbed my hand and ushered it towards her pussy. It was wet, so wet that I wanted my tongue in there almost immendiately. Tracie told me I had a face that she wanted to sit on. I told her she can sit where she wants. She went back to kissing my neck before working her way down to my penis. She told Dawn she wanted to sixty-nine with me, so Dawn got up off her knees and told her to use my body however she wanted to use it.

She squatted over me before kneeling down so that she was in the sixty-nine position. Her juicy, sopping went vagina was pushed against my face. I asked her if it was okay to put my tongue inside her and she said she’d be offended if I didn’t. I licked up some of her juices from around her pussy whilst she groaned. I could feel her giving me a hand job, I was hoping soon enough she’d be deep-throating my cock as I tongued her lady-garden. As I poked my tongue into her pussy she let put a major groan. She was so wet for this, I had the proof in and around my mouth.

“Matthew, your tongue is making me breathless. Please don’t stop, I don’t care if I cum very quickly but I want you to just keep going.” she said as her lips then lowered down on my cock. She knew how to suck a dick! Annoyingly, I didn’t want her to cum quickly because I wanted deneme bonus these two ladies to fuck me all night long.

I noticed Dawn go and sit in the seat in the corner, she had a big smile on her face as if she was glad to see her friend happy. Dawn had her hand down her knickers at this point. I had a chubby milf on top of me giving me one of the best blowjobs ever.

I decided to try and make her cum as quickly as I could because I wanted to see her suck my dick. My tongue sped up as my hands grabbed Tracie’s large, sexy arse. I knew she would cum quickly by the way her body was moving. Within a minute I heard her shout and scream loudly, she was expressing herself for the rest of the hotel guests to hear!

She waited a moment or two before climbing off of my face; large amounts of her juices covered me as she got up. Dawn told her to carry on sucking me off, she could tell I was enjoying it. She got on her knees inbetween my legs and really went for it. Her head was bobbing up and down, my body was certainly writhing with enjoyment. I wasn’t close to blowing my load but if she carried on like this then I would.

Dawn walked up beside us and she looked at me, “Can I climb on, Matthew? I want to be pleasured just like you did to Tracie.”

“Of course you can,” I said in-between breathes.

She lowered her red knickers and went to take her bra off.

“Dawn, keep your bra on. When I saw it earlier I knew I wanted to cum all over you and your amazing breasts that are encased in that bra.”

She simply replied, “As you wish, Matty.”

She got herself in a position to lower her pussy onto my face. The wetness mixed with Tracie’s juices that were on my face. This was super hot. Both Dawn and I were moaning as we were being pleasured and Tracie enjoyed having a cock in her mouth.

“Get him to the point of cumming, Tracie, I need his jizz all over my chest. He can finish his load over both of us.” Dawn said as she approached climaxing.

Dawn was fucking my face with her body as I was licking her clit; I could feel her grab the bed posts for balance as she was going as fast as she could. She was a lot quiter than Tracie with her orgasming but you could tell she was loving it just as much. A few moments later she got up off of me and told me to stand up. I did so, although I couldn’t see much as I had sweat and two ladies juices in my eyes. Dawn joined Tracie on her knees and told me to put my hands on my head.

“We’re going to finish you off, we want that cum all over us. Do you understand, Matthew?” said Dawn.

I told them to do what they wanted, I just wanted to cover them in my jizz. I wanted to coat them both, especially their tits.

It took a few minutes before I was ready to cum. My back twitched and my legs went to jelly as ribbons of my cum went all over them. They both jostled for control of my dick, wanting my cum to drench them both. It was an intense moment for me, I was totally breathless and knackered. I looked down to see Tracie licking as much cum off of me into her mouth and Dawn looking at me, knowing I would be pleased to see spurts of my cum all over them. This was amazing.

I went to sit down on the bed but the two ladies looked at each other and told me the night had only just got going. What on earth did they have instore for me? I didn’t care, I loved it. I was their plaything.

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