Subject: Man Lovers Club – Chapter 2 – Gay Incest Hello you horny men. I’m back after taking a bit of a break, with another chapter about everyone’s favorite band of boys. I hope you enjoy this one, and if you do, please make sure you help me out by taking this survey to plan the next chapter! Here’s the link: http://www.survey-maker/QHH53Z3SN You can also come follow or contact me: NEW Twitter: @Land_of_Dilfs NewTumbl: https://throwaway11791.newtumbl/ Email: ail Remember to donate to Nifty! And don’t cum until you finish the chapter. *** Isaac is nodding off in his special seat in the passenger’s seat in the car. It’s early in the morning, and Isaac always gets sleepy in the car. Something about feeling safe with his dad behind the wheel, the rhythm of the wheels on the road… Or perhaps it was because Isaac had secretly spent yet another night up into the wee hours of the morning on the family computer, frantically searching for more obscene pornos featuring his favorite type of men doing what he thought would be his favorite activity. It was a good thing Isaac’s dad wasn’t very tech savvy. If he had looked through the late-night browsing history on the computer, he would have seen the evolution of his son’s new obsession: “Big koks” “Big cocks” “Jiant cocks” “Monster cocks” “What is a size queen?” “How to be a size queen” “What does DP stand for” “Best double penetration videos” “Most insane DP videos” You get the idea. Even though he was completely virginal, Isaac had decided two things about himself: He was a total size queen, and he wanted to take two cocks up his ass at the same time more than anything else in the world. “Wake up, sleepy head,” Isaac’s dad sats, smiling at his son and ruffling the boy’s mop of messy brown hair. “Time to go pick up your uncle!” Isaac doesn’t say anything, but he begins to unbuckle his booster seat. His dad, Mike, was used to the silent treatment. Isaac is a quiet kid, and almost unbearably shy, especially around new people. And it had been a few years since Mike’s older brother had paid a visit. Mike, for his part, is happy to have his brother, Bruce, in town for a couple weeks. Isaac’s mom is off on a girls weekend with her sister and friends, and even though Isaac is very quiet and well-behaved, it still was a lot for just one man to handle. He knew Isaac would love Bruce once he warmed up to him. The father and son hold hands as they cross the airport parking lot in the early morning light. Isaac toddles along quietly as they enter the airport and make their way to baggage claim. They arrive with a few minutes to spare. “How about we hit the bathroom, kiddo?” his dad says. Isaac smiles and nods. Any of the other folks in the airport that day who happened to spy the two of them would know they are father and son. Mike has the same messy brown hair and soulful brown eyes that his son had. Of course, he is much taller and covered in a brown hair on his legs and arms, and he has a permanent 5’o clock shadow. But both of them are lean and lanky, and a good looking pair to boot. The bathroom is empty, and the father and son sidle up to the two urinals against one wall. Isaac takes the one set lower to the ground, and stands next to his dad as he had a hundred times before. But this time, something is different. This time, Isaac has cock on the brain. Isaac had spent so much time looking at filthy big-dick porn, and his little brain is still so horny that he can’t stop himself from peering out the side of his eye. He feels himself blush and go red as he sees, for the first time, the cock that made him. Right at eye level. When he finally sees what his dad is holding in his hands, Isaac’s eyes almost fall out of his head. Though his dad is completely soft, his penis looked just as big and heavy as some of the porn stars he’d seen last night. The fat, floppy, cut cock that made Isaac is easily long enough to drape over his dad’s fingers as he holds his dick in place. Isaac drinks in every detail, from the flared egg-sized head to the significantly thicker base of the thing. The little boy can also see pubic hair up close for the first time. He nearly swoons as he examines the wiry hairs that thrust forward from his dad’s fly and up the base of his shaft. When Mike’s cock gives a little performative flop and then started streaming thick, heavy piss, it is almost too much for the kid. He lets out an audible gasp, which gets his father’s attention. The man grumbles and shifts awkwardly, leaking piss onto the rim of the urinal. “It’s not polite to stare, son,” he says, staring straight at the blank wall above the urinal. It’s too bad he turned his eyes away, because maybe he would have seen his little boy reaching over before it was too late. But quiet little Isaac has fast little hands, and before his dad knows what’s happening, one of those tiny paws is wrapping itself around the flaccid shaft of his origin cock. The little guy has no idea how obscene this act is. He’d seen way worse in the videos he watched. Plus, a few of those videos had taken place in bathrooms much like this. “Son, what are you� –” But for once, Isaac’s voice is loud enough to interrupt his father. “It’s so big, daddy,” he says, still staring at the cock in his hand as it sontinues to rain piss. “Does it get bigger like the ones in the movies?” “What are you� –no! Son, stop� –” But once again, an interruption saves him from having to confront his son. A voice over the loudspeaker announces that the flight carrying his brother hasarrived. He uses this as an excuse to stop pissing, yank his cock away from his curious son, and tuck it away. He pulls the boy out of the bathroom without even stopping to wash their hands. It doesn’t take long to find Isaac’s uncle. Just like his brother, Bruce is a tall and handsome man who stands out from the crowd of sleepy fellow travelers. Isaac vaguely recognizes him from some pictures, though allegedly he’d met his uncle years ago. He doesn’t remember that, and is already feeling shy as they approach the man who looks so much like his dad, yet so different. For one thing, Uncle Bruce is older than his own dad. Both men sported trim beards, but whereas Isaac’s dad is a rusty brown, Bruce’s is almost all gray. Uncle Bruce is also wearing small, round glasses, and the hair on his head, a similar gray-brown color, is thinning. There is a bit more of a pouch to his belly, too. Uncle Bruce gives Isaac a big hug and a friendly smile. But Isaac is so shy, the friendly gestures only make him withdraw more into himself. He doesn’t say much for the rest of the day. Still, he is never far from the two men as they spent the day chatting, drinking beers, and catching up with each other. They talk about sports and memories, and Isaac enjoys listening in, especially when the two men would smile and laugh about something. But Isaac has other things on his mind. Cause the little guy is deliriously horny. And the pure masculine energy his dad and Bruce are giving off is enough to make his head spin. And who can blame him? After all that talk in the treehouse, and his late-night porn binge, and then seeing his own father’s impressive soft cock, and poor runt can’t think straight. Thank Goodness the men are so wrapped up in catching up, he thinks, because it gives him plenty of opportunities to stare at their crotches. He can’t be sure, but Isaac thinks whatever his uncle has in his pants, it has to be similar in size to his own dad’s heavy meat. He wonders if their penises looked a lot alike� –he’d seen some twin porn last night, and sometimes their fuck sticks were inseparable. He says a silent prayer, hoping that both of the men are really packing. Isaac has seen enough men in the pornos go from hard to soft to know that results varied. Just because his daddy has a big soft dick doesn’t mean it will be enormous when hard. But sometimes, he knew, men who started out big while soft ended up being even more enormous when rock solid. And that’s what he wants for both his father and his uncle. For them to have obscenely enormous monster cocks. In other words, Isaac was quickly becoming a size queen, even though he’d never seen an adult penis fully erect up close. But Isaac knows that will change. He keeps thinking about Cooper’s story, how easy it had been for him to have sex with his stepdad. And Cooper didn’t even like his stepdad. Isaac loves his daddy more than anything in the world. And he loves his uncle too, even though he barely knew him. Surely if he put his heart into it, he could get them to show him just how big their cocks would get? That would be so awesome, he thinks to himself. By the time the three of them settle down in the living room for a movie on the couch, the plan had already formed in Isaac’s little brain. About an hour into the movie, Isaac is snuggled up on the couch with his dad. He notices that across the room, Uncle Bruce is already asleep in the recliner, snoring quietly. “Your uncle’s tired from his flight,” Mike explains to his son. “You must be getting tired too.” That was true, sort of. Isaac was tired since he had barely slept all night, and had skipped his nap today to spend time with his dad and Uncle. But he is also wide awake, because his horniness is keeping him alert. It’s a warm night, but Isaac and his dad still have a light blanket draped over them on the couch. Isaac rests his head on his chest as they often did during movie nights. But this time, Isaac is far more aware of his father’s body than he’d ever been. Mike is wearing an old t-shirt and a thin pair of cotton pajama bottoms. The t-shirt is a V-neck, and Isaac can feel a few of his dad’s curly brown chest hairs grazing his temple. He can feel the warmth from the man’s body, and the firmness of his chest and stomach. And for the first time, he is really paying attention to the smell coming from his father’s body. So masculine and comforting, especially what is emanating from his armpit as he rests his hand behind his head. It may just be dumb luck, but a commercial break in the movie they were watching drops a major opportunity in Isaac’s lap. The commercial is for shampoo, and it shows a handsome man shampooing his hair in the shower. Isaac immediately begins thinking about what that man’s cock is like, and wishing the camera would pan down to show him. At the end of the commercial, the man steps out of the shower, wraps a towel around himself, and gets a text message. The commercial shows his phone with the words “Come to the bedroom. You smell so good.” Then the camera pans to the man’s feet and the towel drops to the floor. “He’s gonna fuck,” Isaac says absentmindedly. Isaac feels his dad’s body go rigid. “What did you say?” Suddenly, Isaac’s heart is pumping. He is so tired, and so horny, his little brain ins’t thinking, and he’d said it out loud. And now his daddy is angry. So he does what he always does when he thinks his dad is mad at him. He looks up at him with big, innocent eyes and says, “Sorry, Daddy.” Isaac’s dad stares down at his son for a moment, a confused look on his face. He recognizes that sorrowful look on the boy’s face—he’s seen it plenty of times when the boy forgets to put away his toys or eats a cookie before dinner. But there is something else in his son’s eyes, something that is so familiar and yet so foreign, his brain almost can’t compute. But then he feels his son’s wandering hands, and he realizes in horror what the look means. The kid is fucking horny. Just the thought is too absurd, and the shock of it seems to have a paralyzing effect. At least, that’s what he tells himself later when he has to justify why he doesn’t stop his son’s small hands from moving down his chest and stomach, to rest squarely on his crotch underneath the blanket. Isaac is also surprised by his own bravery. He can hear Cooper’s voice in his head, telling him to go for it. And somehow, that is enough to lead him to his prize. He can feel the soft bulge in his dad’s thin pajama bottoms, and it makes his little brain swim thinking that there is only one little piece of fabric between his tiny hands and his dad’s massive meat. “Wh-where did you hear that word?” Mike manages to get out in a hoarse voice. He is keeping one eye on his brother, who is still snoring away in the recliner. Isaac looks down for a moment, then back up at his dad. “Um, some of the boys at school talk about it. And… I heard it on the internet.” “The internet? What… what have you been looking at?” Isaac shrugs innocently. “Stuff.” When he says stuff, he squeezes his little hands ever so gently. And he can’t be sure, but he thinks he feels his dad’s cock twitch underneath the fabric. “What kind of stuff?” his dad whispers back. “Uh…” Isaac pauses. How much should he say? He knows this is his moment, and he doesn’t want to scare his dad off. But he needs to move things forward. “Stuff with… naked guys. Doing fun stuff.” “Fun… are you talking about…” Mike’s voice catches in his throat. “Are you talking about porn, son?” Isaac nods slowly. “That isn’t for boys like you,” Mike says. “You shouldn’t be watching that. It’s for grownups only.” Isaac shrugs again. “But I like it. It looks fun!” “Shhh…” Mike says, glancing at his sleeping brother. “Don’t wake your uncle. What… what do you mean it looks fun? What part of it looks fun to you?” This time Isaac knows he feels movement in his dad’s PJ bottoms. The cock doesn’t just twitch, but thickens slightly. Isaac tightens his grip on it and says to his father, “I like the men with reaalllly biiig… thingies.” He squeezes his father’s growing penis as he adds, “I just think that big, massive cocks are really—” Mike about jumps out of his skin. He would have at least jumped off the couch, except his boy’s grip on his cock is pretty tight, and some part of his brain was urging him to keep going with this line of questioning. “Cool,” Isaac finishes. “The big, hairy ones are the coolest.” “We really shouldn’t be talking about this,” Mike says. “You aren’t supposed to know about—oh!” He cries out and then covers his mouth with both his hands, hoping he hasn’t woken his brother. (Bruce, for his part, only snorts in his sleep and rolls over slightly.) But Mike can’t stop himself from crying out in shock at what had happened underneath the blanket. Little Isaac had found the fly of his father’s PJ bottoms, and now both of the boy’s tiny hands are in there fishing around for his dick. The feeling of those tiny, warm little hands makes his cock instantly spring to attention, growing in length and girth as he reached half-hardness. Isaac’s eyes light up like a boy walking into Disneyland for the first time. “Wow, Daddy!” he cries. “It’s even bigger! And you’re not even fully hard yet!” A million thoughts are going through Mike’s mind. Is this really happening? Why is he getting hard? How does his little boy know what “fully hard” means? And why do those small hands feel so good? With his head swimming, all he manages to get out is, “Wh-what are you doing?” in a whisper. Isaac doesn’t bother answering. Instead, he shows his daddy what he is planning on doing. The boy withdraws one hand and pulls back the blanket covering them both, so it is resting on his dad’s knees. şişli travesti Then his surprisingly fast little hands are back in that fly and hauling out the big, hairy daddy cock inside. “Wooooowza!” Isaac says as gets his second glimpse ever of a live adult penis—and not just any penis! His handsome daddy’s penis. He stares at it in awe as he holds it by the base in his small hand. In his opinion, it is the perfect cock. It has a delightful pink-flesh color, cut, thick, and just plain meaty. The long shaft flares out into a well-shaped purple mushroom head, which to Isaac seems to be about the size of a tennis ball. From there it only gets thicker, until it is so thick at its base that Isaac’s hand barely covers the top of it. For a moment, Isaac is mesmerized by the veins of his father’s cock. He’d seen cock veins on the computer, but he had never seen them this close. The way he can see them pulsing and throbbing, he knows he is on the right track. But then Isaac’s wandering eyes catch sight of something else—the tufts of brown hair around the base of the cock he holds in his fist. This reminds him that there is indeed more of this package yet to unwrap. Isaac doesn’t waste any time. Mike is still paralyzed, terrified of waking up his brother sleeping across the room. So there is nothing he can do but watch as one of his son’s tiny hands dives back into his fly, and soon is hauling out those heavy testicles he’d been hiding. The fresh air on his balls sends more blood pumping through Mike’s cock. He groans quietly in pleasure, even though all he wants is for this to stop, for his cock and balls to be left alone. But Isaac has a very different idea in mind. For the first time in his life, he is looking at a full adult male package in the flesh. And it is doing things to him. The way his father’s penis is growing inch by inch in the heavy air, the true power of hairy adult genitalia really dawns on the little boy. Isaac’s realizes that as much as he’d been enjoying porn, it is nothing compared to seeing and feeling cock in real life. The way the tube of flesh was becoming firmer and thicker with every passing second, how it was both fleshy and soft and intensely rigid, made him feel drunk with happiness. But more than the touch, Isaac is surprised by how intoxicating the smell of his father’s groin is. The warm smell of his dad’s sweaty crotch fills the folds of Isaac’s underdeveloped brain, awakening things in him no boy his age should understand. Eventually, such a delightful smell hs a serious effect on the young size queen. It sends him swan diving forward, deftly scooting his tiny bottom down to his daddy’s knees, so he can bury his face in the curly browns of his father’s crotch. Now normally, a full grown man would be able to stop such a little boy from doing what Isaac did next. But this also happens to be the moment when Bruce gives a big snort, waking himself from his beer-induced slumber. So Mike does what any father in that situation would. He pulls the blanket up over his exposed crotch, and his son’s head, and shoves the tiny boy’s face right into his pubic bush as the top of his cock base. He doesn’t have time to worry about how natural it looks, because Bruce is already sitting up and blinking at his surroundings. “Guess I passed out,” he says. “Long flight, and—” He stops when he looks over at his brother. Shit, Mike thinks. Shit, shit shit. He knows. “You ok?” Bruce asks. “Uh… yeah… I fell asleep too I guess.” Mike fakes a yawn he hopes is believable. “Where’s Isaac?” Mike takes a deep breath. Maybe Bruce hadn’t seen anything. “He… uh… he fell asleep right after you. So I took him upstairs and put him to bed.” Of course, we know, this couldn’t have been further from the truth. In fact, as his father speaks those words, Isaac is just about to have his very first taste of man cock. His father’s cock. Because his dad is holding his head in the perfect position that if Isaac just sticks out his tiny little pink tongue, it will connect with the sweaty shaft. This may seem like a minor thing, but consider this–almost all boys start their introduction to cocksucking with the head. That’s just the natural starting point. But Isaac makes his foray into cocksucking by corn-cobbing the base of his dad’s hairy shaft. Mike has to bite his tongue when he feels the unmistakable heat and warmth of his son’s mouth on his shaft. The boy’s floundering lips around the top of his shaft was just enough to make him shoot up to full hardness. Bruce gives his brother a long look, then shrugs and stands up. “All right, well I guess I’m gonna head up to bed.” He glances down at the blanket. “And don’t stay up too late. Hope we can have some fun tomorrow, all three of us.” After stretching his arms for what seemed like hours, Bruce finally pads up the stairs to the guest room. Mike waits until he hears the door shut, then finally releases his grip on Isaac. He throws back the blanket, and much to his relief, he sees his little boy start to rise up. But his relief only lasts a moment, because Isaac didn’t just sit up. He slides up, his lips still gripping the top of his father’s shaft for all it was worth. The boy is fast, and before Mike could do anything, he watches his only son reach the top of his cock and open his jaw as wide as he could. Which, unfortunately for Isaac, just isn’t wide enough. Physically, the task looks impossible. The boy’s red lips are stretched thin, and still, he is only able to get the first inch and a half or so of this father’s swollen mushroom head into his lips. Of course, the young boy has no idea that his father’s “precum trigger” was a good head job. So when Niagara falls starts leaking into Isaac’s inexperienced mouth, the kid lets out a little snort at the new bodily fluid he is tasting. “Isaac, what are you… Oh fuck, Is that your tongue!” Isaac obviously can’t answer, but Mike is on the right track. The boy knew enough about the male anatomy from porn to understand that this new liquid had a source. And he wants into that source. BAD. So yes, Mike, that is your little boy exploring your urethra with his tongue. Deal with it. Mike is doing everything to hold back his orgasm, which feels like it’s just about to spurt into the boy’s mouth. His penis lets out a burp of frothy precum, and the new influx of liquid is enough to make the inexperienced cocksucker spurt and cough. As soon as his cock head is in fresh air again, Mike regainshis senses, sort of. First, does did something he’s never done to his boy before—grabs a fistful of his brown, curly mop and yanks it hard, until Isaac is sitting up again on his lap. “You have to STOP when daddy says stop!” Isaac looks scared, and Mike realizes he’s still holding onto the boys hair. He lets go, expecting the boy to fall to the floor—and the kid almost does. Except that before he can, he grabs both fists around his dad’s cock and pulls himself back up, until he’s holding the dick upright between him and his father. “Isaac, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but this cannot—” “Don’t be mad, Daddy,” Isaac says, and again he puts on those innocent eyes. It works for a second, until Mike realizes the boy is STILL stroking his cock. Then he hears a creak upstairs, and remembers they have a guest. This NOT the time to raise his voice. “Listen, please…” Mike pleads, and suddenly he feels tired and weak. And the stroking his almost hypnotic. “Please, why are you doing this…” Isaac doesn’t say anything, just continues to give his dad a long, two-handed stroke, coating his little hands in slimy precum. “Because…I want you to…” There’s a pause, and father and son stare deep into each others eyes before Isaac finally says it. “I want you to fuck me.” The boy’s voice is so tiny, so quiet, so high-pitched, but there’s no mistaking the words. He said it. He really said it. “Isaac, you shouldn’t even know what that is!” “But I do, Daddy. I do know. I’ve seen it over and over, and I want to try it. I know I can. And I want to try it with YOU.” Isaac gives his dad’s cock a squeeze to emphasize his point. Mike knows he could end this now. He could rip the boy off his lap, send up him to bed, and maybe give the boy his first spanking for being so ridiculously naughty. But something about the look in his son’s eyes, and the way the boy’s hands were moving so rhythmically…. Instead he finds himself arguing with the boy. “It wouldn’t work. I’m too big, and you’re too small.” “You don’t know how small I am…” Isaac says, smiling coyly. “Besides, I’ve seen some really small guys in porn do some really big dicks! As big as yours, dad!” Isaac says. Mike tries not to pride himself too much on being compared to a porn star, but hey, it felt good. And come to think of it, he’d seen some crazy porn in his day. Small women taking very big… NO! This had to stop. And much to Mike’s surprise, it does stop. All of the sudden, Isaac lets go of his dad’s cock and hops to the floor, standing there in his little PJs and socked feet. For a second, Mike thinks maybe the boy has come to his senses and they can go to sleep. But he was wrong. Because before he knew it, his little boy had turned around and yanked down his PJ bottoms, showing his tiny, pert little ass to his dad. “If you’re so sure,” Isaac says in a sarcastic tone Mike had never heard before, “Why don’t you look at my hole and tell me you can’t fit, Daddy.” Mike is speechless. The boy doesn’t sound anything like himself. Where is his shy, quiet little sweetie? And is was this horned up, knowledgeable sex fiend that’s replaced him? Perhaps it was just because of the little suck job he’d gotten, and the stroke sesh after, but he can’t help but admit that his little boy’s ass looked… well… great. It is tiny, yes, but also round and plump. Pale, and smooth as could be, like porcelain. How had Mike never noticed how sexy it was before? Because he isn’t into this! He isn’t into men or boys at all! And certainly not his own son. So why does he hear himself say, “Bend over,” in a choked voice? Isaac doesn’t have to be asked twice. He falls to the floor on his hands and knees, and sticks out his ass at his father, who is still seated on the couch. And there it is. The hole they are all so worried about. And right away, Mike knows he was right. There is NO WAY he could ever get the fat thing in his fist inside that hole. (He hasn’t even noticed he’s been stroking himself in the same rhythm Isaac had a moment ago.) Dead center between those two creamy cheeks, Isaac’s tiny virgin hole winks at his father. The boy’s little starfish has just the tiniest little dot of a at its center. Not much bigger than a ladybug, and twice as pink. Mike looks down at the cock in his fist. The head alone is almost as big as the boy’s entire crack. There is just no way physically it could— But why is the boy’s hole puckering like that? is he flexing? It makes the hole look a little bigger, but not much. But god it looks enticing, especially when Isaac wiggles like that. How long has it been since he’d had his cock in a hole? Against all better judgement, his brain nearly dead with lust, Mike drops to his knees onto the carpet to get a closer look. His boy shudders slightly when he feels his dad’s strong hands part his as cheeks, then slowly start to rub his thumb up and down the crack. It’s quiet enough to hear a pin drop as the man rubs his rough thumb up and down, each time pushing slightly longer on the hole, until his pointer finger just rests there. “Try it,” he hears the little boy whisper. Mike swallows hard. Then presses gently. Nothing. The hole doesn’t give in. He hears Isaac mumble something. “What was that, sweetie?” Mike says, gently flicking the hole and watching it twitch in response. “I said just try to relax… I was talking to myself like they say in the videos.” “Are you relaxed?” Mike asks, pressing his finger gently. “Yes—yes daddy,” the boy whimpers. “Then let me in,” Mike says, and leans forward to spit a glob of saliva onto the waiting hole and his own finger. Whether it is the lube or the man’s words, we’ll never know. All we know is that at that moment, Isaac’s hole opens up for its first customer, and it won’t be shutting the doors any time soon. And then, pop. In it goes. Do you smell that? Fresh boy cunt ready to roll. And little Isaac manages to take it quite well, with just a little shriek as it pops in. Mike doesn’t know it, but he could smell the sex on this kid. That’s what was coming over him and turning him into a sex zombie for his own son. The boy smells so sweet and inviting, and his hole is so warm around Mike’s finger. Fuck it is wet in there. The boy was is wet… Mike looks down and is surprised to see he in his boy up to the first knuckle. The hole feels like a clamp around his finger, almost painfully tight. But opening? “Yeah, definitely opening,” he mutters to himself in a low growl as he pops the rest of his finger into his little sex freak. Er… son. At this, little Isaac whips his head back to look at his dad, his eyes wide at the new sensation in the most unexplored area of his body. It hurts, of course—Isaac has tears welling up in his eyes. But he also understands, from his porn-viewing sessions, that it is supposed to hurt. He was a size queen, he reminds himself, and that means he wants cocks that are challenging! Of course, this isn’t a cock—just a single finger. It doesn’t hold a candle to what Isaac was asking for—the tool Mike is still pumping in his fist as he pulls out his finger and immediately returns to the hole now with his middle finger as well. “Can you do two?” Mike growls. His horniness and curiosity have somehow taken over his natural paternal instincts. He wants to see where is was going. Isaac seems a little more like his normal, shy self as he nods wordlessly at his daddy, and shakes his little ass more. That is all the invitation Mike needs to press a second finger into that tiny little button hole. It puts up as much resistance as it can, but obviously not enough to stop two curious, horny adult fingers from gaining access. There is a gasp from Isaac, and a whimper, but Mike just holds his fingers steady until the boy relaxes. Then he begins to slide them back and forth, marvelling at how the pink ring seems to both stretch to accommodate his digits, and be nearly at its breaking point. But there is suddenly a new problem Mike has to deal with. The fingering is doing things to Isaac. He isn’t wailing or crying like Mike might have expected—the kid is moaning. Really moaning, like a bitch in heat. High-pitched, sure, but loud enough to be concerning. “Keep it down,” Mike mutters at his son, not slowing his pace with his fingers. “I—oooh—I can’t daddy. I love…” He trails off, gasping for breath. “I LOVE it!” “I said keep it down!” Mike says, but still he doesn’t pull his fingers out. He is too mesmerised by the hole. But then something happens that stopped them both—a sound from upstairs. Bruce is awake, and walking around. “Shit!” Mike says, yanking his fingers out a little too hard and making the boy yelp. Now Mike’s trance is broken, and his brain is in overdrive. Almost on autopilot, he scoops beylikdüzü travesti up his half-naked son and took off as quick as he can and carries him through the kitchen and down into the basement of their house. The basement is mostly finished—it wasn’t the nicest place in the house, but it is certainly the most private and quiet. He’d turned into something of a playroom for Isaac, and a home office for himself. One half of the room is carpeted with a few small kid-sized pieces of furniture and an overflowing toybox. On the other side is a wooden floor, a small work desk, and the laptop where, unbeknownst to Mike, Isaac has spent hours watching gay huge-cock porn. He pauses for a moment, considering his options. Then he opts for the playroom side, knocking over a Lego tower in his haste to lay his son down again on the soft, hot-pink mini couch he’d bought for the room. Since it is a kid’s couch, it only comes up about a foot off the floor. Which is perfect—he is able to lay Isaac on the cushions on his back, and he himself can kneel on the carpeted floor just below him and continue his inspection. He takes a brief moment to strip Isaac of his PJ bottoms and top altogether, so the boy is just wearing his tiny little yellow socks and nothing else. “Can we keep going?” Mike says, already pushing his son’s legs back and spitting on the hole. He is slightly embarrassed at how eager he sounded, but something had changed in him. The way Isaac had come on to him, had wanted him… And now that they were down there, he could finally get some more information out of the boy. “Please, daddy, you have to keep going. Stretch my hole… please?” Isaac says, now in full voice. He sounds more confident now than he ever has in his life. Once again, Mike doesn’t need an invitation to keep going. But he should have perhaps clarified with Isaac that “keep going” also meant he wanted to introduce a third finger to the game. Isaac’s eyes shot open wide, but he didn’t protest as he felt the pressure of the third finger. He tried to relax, but it didn’t really matter—his dad was going in with three fingers, and he was going to have to be a good size queen and just accept it. Mike was shocked that all three could even fit without a single tear anywhere. Perhaps it was because the boy could let out his bitch moans more now. God, he sounded so horny…. “How did you get so horny, son?” Mike hears himself asking. It takes Isaac a moment to gather himself, as he’s still adjusting to the new intrusion in his hole. But as he finds his dad’s eye contact, he also finds his voice. “I have been watching porn, daddy. I love it and it makes me feel so good and horny.” “Who taught you to watch that stuff?” Mike says, watching his knuckles appear and disappear into the warm wetness. Isaac looks to the side and answers, “I can’t tell you that. Oh, Daddy, that feels so amazing! Keep going.” “And… what do you like about porn? What do you want… what do you want to do?” Mike asked. He was feeling nervous at hearing the boy’s answer, but his throbbing cock in his free hand made him want to hear every little word the boy had. “Well, like I said, the guys with really big ones! Like you, daddy. The bigger the better! I think that’s so cool, the way boys who are much smaller than them can take the whole thing. It makes them make all sorts of funny noises that I really like!” Slowly Mike picks up the pace, shoving his three fingers deeper into the kid. “And is that what you want?” Mike asked. “Big cocks to go inside you?” “OH yes, daddy!” “And what else?” Mike says, looking down at his own cock and thinking things over again. “Well… I like them when it… when they shoot the stuff up inside.” This confession made mike pause his strokes on both his cock and the boy’s ass. “What… do you mean like, you like it when the men shoot—” “Yeah, Daddy. Sometimes they were those silly things on their cocks, but I don’t like that. I like when the boys get the sperm right up their ass.” “You—you do?” Mike swallows hard. When was the last time he’d fucked without a condom? It had been years… “Yes! Daddy… what does `breeding’ mean?” Oh God, Mike thinks. He hadn’t been prepared for that question. How to answer it? “Well…. I— breeding is when…” Mike chokes on his words. Fortunately, his brother is there to save him. “Well, Isaac,” Bruce says, stepping forward from the shadows at the bottom of the stairs. “I think what your dad is trying to say is, breeding happens when a nice man…or two…decides to shove his entire enormous cock up your cunt, and then release his seed inside you as deep as it can possibly go.” “Oh, Bruce!” Mike says, unceremoniously yanking his slimy fingers from his son’s hungry hole for the second time that night. “It’s not what it looks like?” Bruce steps forward again, and now they can both see what he’s wearing. The answer is not much. He’s only got on a pair of plaid boxers, and the shaft of his cock is already peaking through the fly. He’s got no shirt on, so his beefy, hairy body is on full display. For Isaac, he can now see how different the men are, even though they look alike—Uncle Bruce has a lot more gray hair all over his body, and a bigger belly than his more slim daddy. “Really?” Bruce says scoffing as he steps forward. “It’s not what it looks like? That’s too bad, because what it looked like was that you had three fingers stuffed up your little son’s cunt, and that he was begging for more.” Both father and son were rendered speechless by this turn of events. So Bruce filled the silence by looking Isaac in the eye and asking, “So, tell me, Isaac. In any of those fun movies you’ve been enjoying, did you ever see a boy take on TWO men with giant cocks?” Isaac sits up a little, but his legs are still splayed back like a whore. “Oh yes, Uncle Bruce!” he says cheerfully. “Sometimes the guys—” But Isaac’s words fall short as his little brain pieces together what Bruce is really asking. Of course, Bruce is also sending some pretty obvious signals to the boy. He’s squeezing his growing erection through his briefs, so that it’s almost bursting out. “Bruce, this is stupid…” Mike says, stammering, trying to stand between his brother and his son. “Why don’t we all just go to bed and think this over…” “No!” comes a cry from Isaac, who has never said no to his dad before. But the boy is up on his feet now and heading between the two men. He drops to his knees, and before Mike can stop him, gives a hard yank on Uncle Bruce’s boxers to reveal the prize inside. Since Uncle Bruce has been watching the scene for some time, he’s already fully hard—and Isaac is so happy to see that big cocks seem to run in the family. Bruce is cut like his brother, but the similarities end there. Whereas Mike’s cock is thick from top to bottom, Bruce’s seems to get thicker the closer it gets to his bush of salt and pepper pubes. The head on his cock isn’t as round as Mike’s—more pointed, but still flared and big. Like his brother, he has veins throbbing on his cock, and they accentuate the slight curve to the right of his gruff-looking meat. Needless to say, Isaac is in awe. So is Mike. And there’s a long moment of silence before Isaac reaches up and begins stroking both big cocks. He looks up at his father and uncle, the adult cocks on either side of his face, and says sweetly, “So, will you both breed me?” “No!” Mike cries “Yes,” Bruce says decisively. The two brothers look at each other. “We can’t,” Mike says. “He’s my son! And besides, we’ll never fit.” “I’ll be the judge of that,” Bruce says. “After all, you know I’ve seen more crazy shit in my day.” This was true. While Mike had married young and had a son, Bruce has travelled the world for business and been a single man most of his life. It was a point of contention between the brothers, and Bruce was now using it to his advantage as he ordered his nephew to get back into position on the couch. Now the scene was soaring to new heights of lewdness. The impossibly small young boy on his back on a mini pink couch, his legs spread wide, as his father and uncle stroked their gargantuan cocks and debated the reality of breeding this boy in front of them. Finally, Isaac can’t take it anymore. By this point, his father and his uncle both have two fingers in him, for a total of four. And as the two men chat about the future of this boy’s cherry, they stretch and yank at it, giving Isaac just a taste of that stretching sensation he so desperately craves. “Cock!” he cries, looking at the two older men. “No more fingers! I need raw, bareback cock!” The men both stop—Mike looks horrified hearing these words come out of his son, but Bruce just has a big smile. Both men withdraw their fingers. “The kid needs cock,” he says to the man. “And if you aren’t up for it, I am.” To accentuate his point, Bruce lifts himself up on his knees and slaps his cock head up against the boy’s hole. Mike gulps. Could he stop this now, if he wanted to? He looks down at his brother’s fat cock against the kid’s hole, and shudders. He can’t let him do it. He tells himself its because he knows his brother would be too rough with the kid, but he knows the real reason. He doesn’t want anyone else popping his son’s cherry except himself. “No… no, I’ll do it,” Mike says solemnly. “Yaaaay!” Isaac cries, as if his dad has just said they can stop for ice cream. “So…. How do we do this?” Mike asks his brother. He has no idea why he’s asking his brother for guidance, but it feels right. He supposes it was like old times, back when they were kids—Bruce always was the leader back then. And now, he was about to lead all three of them over a new threshold. “Lube up my boy pussy first!” came a tiny voice that caught both men off guard. Isaac just looks at them innocently. “Wh-what did you call it?” Mike says under his breath. “My boy pussy!” Isaac said, spreading his legs wider to accentuate his point. “We don’t call it a pussy,” Mike said sternly. “We call it a—” “Fuck man, loosen up.” Bruce puts a firm hand on his brother’s shoulders. “The kid called it what it is. Because he knows what it’s for.” He shifts his gaze to the little boy on the tiny couch. “What is that boy pussy for?” he asks, the first direct thing he’s said to his nephew since the airport. “Getting fucked!” Isaac says with a giggle. He’s happy he knows this one—he’s heard it on a few of his favorite videos. “My pussy is for getting stuffed with big cock!” he goes on, quoting more pornos. “Shove them up there and breed me!” “Isaac!” Mike barks, interrupting his horny son’s little rant. But Isaac is still laughing, because Bruce is as well. “He’s right though,” the mans says through his chuckle. “I mean look at it.” Both men pause to look down at the winking little pink hole. After a moment, Bruce lobs a big glob of spit right into the pink hole. He lets it drip down a moment, then grabs his brothers hand and pull sit over to the cunt in front of them. He guides Mike’s fingers to his son’s ass and has him rub the slimy saliva up and down over the button. “Feel that?” he growls in his brother’s ear. “You can’t deny what it feels like. So tight. So wet. So fucking hungry for cock. I know you felt it grip around your fingers and loved it. I know you can feel that hot burning heat right inside this bitch’s little stomach.” “Bruce!” Mike cries, tears nearly in his eyes as he strokes his dong. “He’s my son!” “Well, be that as it may,” Bruce counters, now reaching over to grab Mike’s throbbing erection by its base. “Your son is acting like a bitch in heat. So excuse me if I call him all of the things he’s going to be over the next hour—a bitch. A whore. A hole. A piece of meat. A faggot. A—” “Faggot!” Isaac cries out. “I know that one. I like that one. It’s good for boys like me.” Bruce smiles at this admission from the boy. He’s now rubbing the purple mushroom head of Mike’s cock up and down the boy’s crack, pausing every so often at the hole. Mike is watching this movement intensely, and each time it passes over the little pink button, he winces at the size difference between his cock and his son’s virgin-ish hole. “Do you, faggot?” Bruce asks. “Do you even know what that means? What happens to faggots?” “Uh huh!” Isaac says proudly, staring at the lewd men through his raised ankles. “Faggots get cock! They love cock and can’t get enough of it stuffed up their holes. They don’t care how big the cock is, or whose it is, they just want it inside them and they want the cum inside too!” “Well fuck!” Mike says. Something in him snapped—perhaps the last of his parental instinct. But something about hearing his shy, quiet, innocent little son speak so vulgarly, and say so much, makes him lose control. “If he wants to be treated like a faggot, let’s treat him like a faggot.” Mike reaches down and took hold of his own cock from his brother, and lines it up with the slimy little pink button. Then he spits on his dick, landing a glob of it right on his swollen head, and begins to push forward. “Yes!” cheers Bruce, staring down at the intersection of cock and hole as he strokes his own meaty monster. “Do it!” “I’m gonna bust open this tight little pussy,” Mike mumbles to his son. If he weren’t so deliriously horny, he would be disgusted at his own words. “Pop that cherry open and fill you with way more cock than you can handle” Now, Mike should have known that `way more cock’ than his son could handle at that moment would have been the first inch of his dick. But the man was broken by his horniness, by the sheer insanity of what was happening, that he goes much further than that first inch. All at once, each of the three people in that room make a different noise. “Uhhh FUCK YEAH!” Mike grunts as he pops his cock through his son’s sphincter and rips out the boy’s virginity. “Oh, JESUS!” Bruce shouts as he watches his brother push into his nephew. He is in shock at how quickly the little hole swallows up Mike’s fat cock head and several inches of throbbing shaft. And as for Isaac? Well, once he catches his breath, he makes a noise that you may never have heard before. It is the sound of someone who claimes to be a size queen coming to terms with what that really means. There are no similar human noises I can describe to explain it. Imagine a series of wails, squeals, grunts, and whimpers as the little boy tries to cope with a column of porn-sized dad cock filling nooks and crannies that he didn’t even know existed. The two men in the room patiently wait until the boy calms down some. He is still squirming and squealing about the intrusion in his guts, but he at least has gotten his screaming under control. “Uh, I think you might need to pull out…” Bruce said quietly. He was almost in as much shock as Isaac, seeing his brother transform from a gentle, caring father to a brutal hole abuser. Perhaps he had been too encouraging? Or perhaps his words, combined with the begging of Isaac, had been too much for the man. “Why?” Mike says, shuddering as he feels the hole wrapped around his cock pulse slightly. “My son said he was a size queen. He said he wanted enormous cocks shoved up his little cunt. Are you telling me that a slut who would say that to his istanbul travesti own goddamn father wouldn’t want this?” Bruce watches in horror as his brother thrusts his hips forward on the word THIS, sliding another three inches of thick, veiny dad meat into the squealing boy. “I just think that he needs to warm up a little—” And then, something happens that surprises both the men in the room. The little boy pipes up. “N-no…” Isaac says weakly. “See?” Bruce cries, almost frantic about what is happening to his nephew. “He wants you to stop.” “No!” Isaac says. “Don’t… don’t stop.” The little boy lifts his head to look up at the two men taking his virginity. His little mop of brown hair is plastered to his sweaty forehead as he manages to say, “Daddy… you’re right. It’s… it’s what I want…” and then, with his last ounce of breath, he says quite clearly: “More.” Bruce and Mike look at each other. They both shrug and exchange a look that only brothers can exchange. Without words, they communicate the same thought. With the boy’s consent now officially stated so clearly, there is really nothing left to do but give the little guy the many inches of cock he craves. The child’s father makes little angry thrusts into his son’s rear end, not caring about the noises the boy emits as each thrust introduces more penis into the boy’s body. Bruce is watching with a leering look on his face, stroking his own cock as he sees his brother’s massive meat disappear into the hole before them until it is two thirds of the way inside. That is when finally, Mike seems to reach Isaac’s bottom. “Pretty good, faggot,” Mike says, not even hearing his own voice as he gives the kid’s tiny ass a slap. “Let’s see if your uncle can do any better before I accidentally nut in you.” Mike withdraws the length of his cock without much warning, making the boy whimper. “Want in?” he asks his brother. “Fuck yeah I do,” Bruce says, stepping forward, his own veiny cock frothing with precum. “But let’s see if we can try a different position.” Mike and Isaac watch their house guest kick a few toys out of the way, then lay down on the floor and hold his cock straight up in the air. “Let’s see how much of a size queen the boy really is,” Bruce says. “Get over here and show me how much cock you want in you.” Now that he is devoid of cock, Isaac suddenly transforms back into the shy boy he had been for most of his short life. Even though his legs were still over his head, showing his slightly puffy but still unbelievably tiny hole, the look in his eyes was a mixture of extreme childlike horniness, exhaustion, and timidity. “Come on, son,” Mike says. Unlike his son, he hasn’t had a transformation. His pig-animal brain is still in charge as he strokes his slimy cock and starts to lower his son’s legs down. “Go show your uncle like a good boy.” Those words give little Isaac a bit more courage as he gets up onto his wobbly legs. His dad steadies him with one hand (still stroking with the other), until the boy is able to take a few ginger steps over to where his uncle lay on the floor. “That’s it, faggot,” Mike says to his son. “Get on your uncle’s cock and take it up your hole.” Despite the pain and horror he’d just experienced, Isaac doesn’t hesitate. That’s what makes him a true size queen. Without a word, he carefully lifts his legs and positions his tiny, pale ass over the column of fleshy uncle cock pointing up. It is a good thing that Uncle Bruce is such a big precummer, because everyone in the room is so horny that they’ve forgotten about traditional lube. The slime spewing from his cock is enough that the boy, with a few yelps, is finally able to get the tip into himself. “Oooh fuck it’s still so tight,” Bruce moans. He looks up at his brother, who is standing over them stroking. “I can’t believe I’m fucking your son.” “You’re not fucking him yet,” Mike says. “He’s barely got any of you in him. Come on, son.” Mike leaned down to kneel next to them, so that he could growl in his son’s ear. “Be a good little size queen faggot and take that cock.” With his father’s encouraging words, Isaac slowly starts to lower himself down the pole. From Mike’s position, the view is obscenely lewd. He can’t see his son’s face, only the boy’s impossibly small back and his little pale cheeks being cleaved open by an incredibly thick, veiny cock. Eventually, the trio fall into somewhat of a rhythm. Isaac squeals as he slid down a few inches, then he pauses or backs up a little. If he waits too long, his dad and Uncle would start commenting to encourage him. “Come on, I thought you wanted my big cock?” his uncle would tease. “Show me what that little faggot ass can do,” his father would growl as he sucked on his son’s tiny ear. Unfortunately, Isaac is pretty inexperienced at this point. He’d only had about 22 inches of meat in the last hour. But even a size queen like Isaac couldn’t force himself to do the impossible—in this case, take the last three inches of his uncle’s enormous piece. “Down,” Mike commands his son, who is already so full of cock. “I—I can’t daddy,” Isaac whined. “Can’t isn’t a word we use in this house,” Mike says, parroting some of the cheesy dad-advice he often gave his son. But this time, he means to prove it. Mike places his two hands on the boy’s shoulders and starts to push. “Daddy—what??” Isaac says, shocked as he feels the weight of his father’s hands. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Mike…” Bruce says, but he does nothing to stop his brother from doing it. But Mike isn’t listening. His horny son had broken something in him, and now, he would see to it that the boy took every inch of his uncle’s cock. So he pushes, and pushes, and after nearly a full minute of struggling, there is a loud POP, accompanied by one of Isaac’s signature high-pitched cries, and the rest of Bruce’s cock vanishes inside the boy. Bruce’s salt-and-pepper pubes look obscene pressed right up against the kid’s milky ass. Once again, both men wait for the boy’s wailing and whining to subside. But this time, it doesn’t subside. It gets more frantic and intense, more breathy, more moaning. “Wh-wh-what’s h-h-happ…” Isaac tries to ask as he bucks on Uncle’ Bruce’s fuck stick. But neither man can answer him, even though they both have the same suspicion. The way the boy is writhing and moaning, the way his stretched out little cunt is spasming, the way his body is now covered in a thin sheen of sweat… “Is he… is he cumming?” Mike asks. “I think… I think so!” The men were right. Isaac, the smallest and youngest member of the man lover’s club, is also the first boy to experience an boygasm. And though Isaac’s little brain couldn’t grasp anything of what was happening to his body, he was indeed learning an important lesson. You see, boygasms are not like man orgasms. Men can cum when they want, how they want. But boys… well they have triggers. It all depends on what the boy truly wants and needs at his core. And apparently for little Isaac, what he needed most was to be impaled by every inch of cock any man had to offer. “Wh-what was that??” Isaac says, still shuddering around the fully erect cock in his ass. “You came,” Bruce and Mike say at the same time. “I… I what?” Neither of the men have it in them right now to explain to the boy what that means. In fact, neither of them could—they’d never encountered someone, let alone a little boy, who achieved a hands-free, cum-free orgasm by taking way too much cock to the hilt. Bruce instead decides to focus on his own needs. “I need to nut up this butt.” “Hold on,” Mike interjects, ignoring his son who is still trying to figure out what just happened to his body. “You’re not gonna seed that cunt before I do.” “I don’t know man, I’m really fucking close—the way he spasmed on me…” Bruce began to do little thrusts up into his nephew. The boy was about as deep as he could go, though, so mostly Bruce was just giving the kid a full-throttle bucking bronco ride. Despite this new movement, Mike is still able to press his slimy purple mushroom head up against the exact spot where Isaac’s stretched little broken-cherry ring meets the base of his uncle’s fat, throbbing shaft. “Pull out, man,” Mike orders his brother. “He’s my son! I get to nut in him first.” “I can’t pull out now, bro,” Bruce says, and it was clear by the strain in his voice that he really couldn’t pull out if he wanted to. It just felt too damn good. “Why don’t’ you… why don’t you just join me…” he panted. Mike is stunned silent, even though the same thought had just popped into his head. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he’d already been picturing sharing his own son’s tiny hole with his brother. “Do… do you think he could?” Mike asks, watching precum leak from his cock head and drip down into his brother’s pubes, which are pressed firm against Isaac’s filled little ass. “The boy said he was a size queen,” Bruce offers. “And size queens love to DP. I’m sure he’s seen it on his videos before…” Unfortunately, Isaac can’t confirm or deny his uncle’s suspicions. His mind is already overheating trying to understand the boygasm he’d just experienced, not to mention coping with his uncle’s nearly footlong cock lodged all the way up inside him. And so, since Isaac can’t weigh in, Mike has a decision to make. Would he let his brother nut in the boy first, patiently wait his turn, and get sloppy seconds? Or would he attempt the impossible—to slide his own girthy, bloated penis in alongside his brother’s, and DP his only son? The decision isn’t as hard to make as you might think. Because as he is mulling it over, his cock is already at the boy’s stretched opening. And though the hole looks absolutely obscene stretched around the thick uncle cock, he has a suspicion that if he just pushes hard enough… It’s a good thing the family had moved down to the basement, because the sounds Isaac makes when he feels his father’s cock breach his already-stuffed hole are really something else. His screams are more animal than human, though they are cut short when Uncle Bruce helps out by grabbing the boy’s face and burying it in his armpit. Mike is stupid horny and assumes the boy’s muffled screams are an invitation to keep going. And so he pushes forward, until first his giant purple head, and then a good majority of his shaft are inside the child. And once that is in, he leans forward, until tiny little Isaac is sandwiched between his father on top and his uncle beneath him. If anyone had walked into the basement at that moment, they would have thought Bruce and Mike were wrestling on the floor naked together. The men are so much larger than the boy, the kid is completely smothered by their sweaty, hairy bodies. But that isn’t the most stressful thing going on with Isaac’s body. That, of course, is what’s happening inside his digestive tract. Somehow, the boy’s vital organs had found a way to make room the two full-porn-sized penises fighting each other inside him. This sweaty, smothering sex fest goes on for some time—all three of the participants seem to lose track of time. Much of the fucking is what you might call “rooting”—the type of brutal animal sex that happens when incestuous anal sex will bring out in any man. Isaac’s dad doesn’t even realize that he has a bright yellow Lego stuck to his hairy ass cheek as he thrust inside his kid. Every once in a while, some words would flutter up from the two men as they rooted the child. But all good double-penetrations must come to an end, and this one is headed toward a truly fantastic finish. Perhaps it’s because they are family, but somehow, all three of the squad are approaching their orgasms at the same time. But wouldn’t you know it, Isaac the DP-queen beats both the adults to the punch by just a few seconds. For the second time that night, the boy has a hands-free, anal-induced, dry orgasm. Though dry might not be the right word—the boy is sweating bullets, sandwiched between two heaving adult bodies, both of which were also covered in sweat. Though his screams are still muffled, and he isn’t able to move much, both men instantly know that the kid is having another orgasm. The intense spasms of the boy’s already stretched asshole are enough to clue them in. And just like that, both of the men felt their nuts seize up as their orgasms arrived. “He’s cumming!” Bruce yells. “FUCK! So am I!” Mike responds. “Me too!” Bruce adds. Then their words are lost in a series of loud, deep grunts and groans as both men spurted their loads into the child’s rectum. Any last ounce of awareness either man has of the boy they are using for sexual gratification is out the window as their orgasms take over their bodies and minds. The little boygasming whore can’t do much of anything about his situation except ride out his own orgasm as well as the two currently taking place in his lower intestine. But surely he has done enough research about being a size queen that he probably expected this exact scenario, right? The real show, of course, is happening where no human eyes can see. Deep inside the smallest, youngest boy in the Man Lovers Club, there is something akin to a fireworks grand finale happening. The two enormous fraternal cocks, already fighting each other for room inside the impossibly small cunt, suddenly have to make room for all of the semen these two virile are were dumping out of their balls and into the tiny boy. The scene quickly turns into a sticky, gooey mess, and if it hadn’t been for the two men and tiny boy all shouting their way through powerful orgasms, you would be able to hear the notorious sound of an immature cunt trying and failing to hold in the Niagara falls of sperm. Both spewing cocks make an absolute mess of themselves, fighting to go somehow deeper, and frothing up the boy’s shitter in the process. But all good incestuous orgasms must come to an end, eventually. Now, I’m sure you know that funny feeling after you cum while looking at or reading something depraved. You feel shy, embarrassed, maybe a little disgusted with yourself. Well, both father and uncle seem to experience that funny feeling as well, except times one million. They awkwardly jockey for position until both cocks flop out at once, leaving behind a puddle of semen that pools under the tiny, panting child. For a moment, both men stand over the little boy, watching him with wide, shell-shocked eyes. Then Bruce mumbles something about having to go to bed, and is gone and up the stairs before he’s even put his clothes back on. That leaves just Mike, the sweet and caring father, and his whorish little child. He is almost in tears watching the boy writhe on the floor, still whimpering from the brutal double fuck. He slowly crouches down, his now limp and sticky cock stretching nearly to the floor, and gently pushes some of Isaac’s curls off his sweaty forehead. “Son… I’m—” he chokes on his word. “I’m so sorry.” Isaac has to catch his breath before he can respond. After a moment, he says, “Sorry for what, Daddy?” The boy smiles weakly. “That was amazing! Just wait until the other boys in the club find out!” *** I hope you enjoyed this one. If you did, please make sure you help me out by taking this survey to plan the next chapter! Here’s the link: http://www.survey-maker/QHH53Z3SN You can also come follow or contact me: NEW Twitter: @Land_of_Dilfs NewTumbl: https://throwaway11791.newtumbl/ Email: ail Remember to donate to Nifty! And don’t cum until you finish the chapter.

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