The Making Of Melissa (Part 1) – Melissa’s First StepsThe Making Of Melissa (Part 1) – Melissa’s First Steps


Melissa looked at the paint peeling from the doorframe; her clenched fist tightened as it was about to bang on the wooden door. She checked the number once more. It was number nine and this was Fleetwood Street. She had too many questions running around in her head. Why was she standing here? How had she gotten herself into this situation? Who was behind this?She knew why, of course, but she didn’t understand how she had been caught out and more to the point who was now pulling on her strings of life.She did know one thing. This wasn’t blackmailing. Well, it was a kind of blackmail on paper. In black and white – it was. In colour though, she could have taken the consequences and just accepted her fate. But she didn’t want to do that – did she. No, Melissa wanted to push herself even though it could make things a lot worse for her in the end. Especially when…She knocked on the door. A wicked grin appeared on her face as her alter-ego emerged from the shadows.Slowly the door opened. A gentleman in his forties, handsome with short brown hair and brown eyes and with a good-looking body under his shirt and trousers stood looking at her. She wondered whether it was a known fact that she had a thing for blokes that dressed smartly or was his attire just a coincidence.Melissa looked at him closely. She didn’t recognise him and she was thankful for that. So many questions surfaced in her mind. Where did he work? Did he know the same people that she knew? Did he know her? Did he know her husband? Or her boss? But those questions didn’t come out of her mouth for fear of frightening him off.“You must be Melissa, I hope you’re wearing what I told you to wear.” The tone of his voice was commanding and cold.She was a little shocked that he seemed to know so much. From the messages, she only knew two things about him. His address, obviously and that his name was Paul. She was also told what to wear and to ensure he had a good time.She saw his eyes flow over her body. Up and down, side to side. His little grin informed her that he liked what he saw. But it was that little grin that caused Melissa to question whether she should step through the door that was being held open for her. She knew she wanted to. But should she?ooOooIt was such a nice evening before Melissa’s life started to fall apart. A dinner party for six. Two of their best friends, Patrick and Maggie and their partners joined them for an à la kaçak iddaa carte meal that they had painstakingly prepared. The chatter was open and friendly. The wine flowed, too quickly at times. John, her husband was the perfect host with an unlimited number of clever and intriguing stories. And the rest of the guests were equally vibrant.The atmosphere was upbeat, even during those times when the discussion was heated. At one point, Melissa had to raise her voice to put Jenny, Patrick’s new and half-his-age girlfriend back in her place on the topic of submissiveness. Making it clear to her that it wasn’t always the man wanting power or being a bully or making the woman’s life hell. That the woman’s attitude could equally come from inside.Her viewpoint raised a few eyebrows, to say the least, even from her husband. As the somewhat quiet exchange of views between Melissa and Jenny at one end of the table continued, the others changed the subject and started laughing.Melissa and Jenny soon left their soul-searching topic of conversation and joined them. The laughter grew louder and louder until it was time for dessert.ooOooPaul led Melissa straight into the bedroom. From the outset, it was clear that the arrangement was simply sexual. There were no pre-nerve drinks, no idle chat, no getting-to-know-you sort of thing. It seemed evident that whoever had arranged this meeting had one thing in mind. Sex.Melissa slipped her jacket off and placed it over a chair in the bedroom together with her bag. She walked towards the bed, hands-on-hips with her simple black dress swaying as it covered her curvy body. The only other garment was a bra to hold her large breasts in place, stockings and the obligatory heels. The latter two were from the instructions she received. It was her that decided not to wear any panties.Melissa watched Paul as he walked slowly towards her but stopped just in front of her. She perceived that he didn’t seem nervous but was confident and had that look like he knew what he wanted. His hand slipped around her waist before it moved to grasp her bum, giving it a squeeze and a playful spank. Melissa bit her lip.Paul looked into her eyes and could see that she enjoyed that playful spank. The next one was harder causing her to moan out loud and their bodies to collide briefly. The kiss was awkward at first before their tongues started to play with each other.Melissa found it difficult kaçak bahis to get into the rhythm of the way he kissed. She thought that perhaps it was nervous tension on her part or his, but he didn’t look nervous. The kisses finally settled down into a soothing rhythm causing Melissa to moan softly and push her body, especially her tits, against his chest. She wanted him to feel her up and wanted his hands to roam over her voluptuous body.Suddenly the kiss was broken. The dress unzipped at the back with such ease as if he had done this a thousand times before. He quickly pulled it over her head and dropped it on the floor. Her bra was discarded in seconds to the same fate. His hands worked quickly and as soon as her bra was discarded he made light work of kneading her breasts before one hand slipped over her tummy and onto her moist pussy.Melissa bit her lip as two fingers slid into her. His mouth descended on a nipple and, sucking hard, he proceeded to finger fuck her needy little hole. She felt instantly excited and full of lust, brought to the boil quickly and effortlessly. Several thoughts surfaced as he played her body: the need to have him inside her, wanting him to use her and wanting his cum in her.Paul had talented fingers that worked quickly inside her pussy together with his thumb rubbing on her clit. Melissa felt herself hanging onto his neck with each suck of her nipple and each thrust of his fingers into her cunt. Within moments she was close to climaxing. So close that she suggested he use three fingers in her honey pot. She was nearly at the orgasmic door when Paul pulled his fingers from her and stopped sucking her nipple.“Not yet my horny slut,” he said, sporting an evil and wicked grin.ooOooMelissa had cleared the plates away, stashing them in the dishwasher as soon as they were finished. She needed to put the finishing touches on the sweet pear and vanilla Chantilly cream dessert that she had prepared.Brian, Maggie’s husband stood in the doorway. “Need any help?” he asked.Melissa looked over her shoulder and smiled. She knew that the only reason Brian was standing in the doorway was to look at her arse or tits. She knew he had no intention of helping her out. Maggie was her best friend and she had known both of them since university. Brian was a self-confessed pervert then and had not grown out of it; at fifty, he was still a pervert.She let him drool over her bottom that illegal bahis was suspended in the tight black dress that clung to her curves like a limpet. She knew that if she turned to face him, his eyes would pop. They had been transfixed to every sexual part of her body all through the evening. Even Maggie noticed. But then Melissa did dress to impress the boys more than anything else. Hell, she even got a few interesting looks from Jenny when they first arrived.Melissa chatted to Brian as best she could but her preparation of the dessert was all that mattered to her. “Here, make yourself useful,” she said, handing two of the desserts to him to take into the dining room.By the time he came back for another two, Melissa was staring intently at her phone.The colour from her cheeks had drained. Her red lips quivered with dread and her hands were almost on the point of visibly shaking. She clenched the phone and put it face down on the table. She handed two more dishes to Brian, “here you go,” she said, the fake smile falling from her lips as soon as he grasped the dishes.“Melissa, are you alright?” he asked, taking the dishes from her, his head cocked to one side with a concerned look on his face.“Yes, I’m just a little hot,” she nodded, “I’ll be right there.”She looked once more at the messages and emails on her phone. Who were they from?  How did they get her email address?Melissa switched the phone off. This was a mistake, spam, a phishing text and email, nothing more than that.Her heart started beating faster than normal as she picked up the remaining sweet pear desserts.ooOooPaul stood back from Melissa to look admiringly at her curvy body. Again, it was a lascivious stare from head to toe. It caused Melissa to shiver as she stood naked in front of him. She looked into his eyes despite him being in the process of unbuttoning his trousers and pushing them to the floor. Melissa’s stare dropped when his cock popped out. Very suckable, very impressive, it’s nice to start with a decent-sized cock, she thought.“Suck it!” Her eyes snapped forward at the sudden command and before she knew it she was on her knees sucking his cock into her mouth; his hand on her head and shoulders for encouragement. Not that she needed any. Not with a cock that nice.Melissa held his dick upright as she licked his shaft while caressing his balls. She started to bob her head up and down like a good little cocksucker that she was; taking him as deep as she could before releasing it to lick the shaft once more. She sucked and sucked and pushed as much down her throat as she could. She seemed desperate to take it all.

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