The Making of a TLB Pt. 01The Making of a TLB Pt. 01


Making Him A Tender Loving Bitch. Part one

This story could be placed in various spots I posted it here because of its overall storyline. Some of the processes and equipment used are not currently available but if there’s a market for it, it soon will be. Our human environment affects everything we do from the day we are born to the day we die. Real seduction or change comes from molding one’s inner mind an inch at a time. Knowing that fact a woman uses circumstances, manipulations, and natural desire in her quest to create for herself the perfect Tender Loving Bitch.

I wrote this in response to an email from a complainer who said all I could write was about things with morals and values. To that person I was in capable of writing anything else. I hope this proves you wrong.


It was Thursday Morning my wife of just under two years was scrounging through her dresser drawers looking for some old clothing that I could wear while staining the patio furniture I had just finished building. I had built a table, eight chairs, two lounge chairs with six small side tables all out of pine. I wanted to apply three coats of stain before sealing it with clear waterproof protection. I did it because it kept my mind from dealing with the worry of the unknown. I was waiting for some news and figured it would be bad.

Sherri and I had met in university during our last year and we lived at the edge of town in a barn I had converted into a home, I had bought it with my grandfather’s help during my first year of high school through a tax sale. It came with five acres of land. I had planted with his help along all the property lines Canadian hemlock a fast-growing hedge that now was over ten feet high. Over the next five years, we had slowly built a house within its outer frame. This resulted that I had a brand new three-story house hidden by the old barns structure. I had finished the first two levels and still had room for a third plus an attic. Except for the driveway entrance we had complete privacy. From the road, it still looked like an old rustic barn. People would drive by it without giving it a second look.

Sherri worked for an advertising firm, I worked for State Farm as a commission sales broker and was doing quite well. In my spare time, I wrote. I had submitted my first novel for consideration through a literary agent and was waiting to hear some news.

Sticking her head through the bathroom door Sherri spoke. “I found some old clothing of mine that will work. I wore them once as part of a Halloween costume when I dressed as a trans. After breakfast I want you to oil your body down so that when your done you can throw the clothes out and have a shower. That way any spots you get on you will easily be washed off. Oh, by the way, they were designed to be very tight, so the shorts have a sleeve to hold your tool. I want you to wear it without any underwear.”

I replied. “Okay, I’m just about done. So, after dressing I start making breakfast.”

Sherri Paula Mason walked into the kitchen just in time to catch her husband Terry Lynn Branson bent over taking the biscuits out of the oven. His image made her knee’s buckle. She captured his image with her cell. His legs were spread apart in a reverse v, his bare feet were small, his legs long and slender. Her mini short daisy may blue jean shorts that he was wearing were cut to expose as much upper thigh and rear cheeks as possible. It highlighted the slenderness of his hips while pushing his tiny butt cheeks out. The mini half halter he was wearing hung down from his tight chest making it appear from the back that he was starting to develop breasts. The way he wore his hair made him look like a totally feminine tomboy. A coming of age innocent girl who had no true knowledge of their blossoming femininity. Sheri knew if she put hair extenders in his hair and styled it right with his soft facial features a woman’s face would be revealed for all to see.

That was what caused her body to blush. It reminded her of Linda Jackson her dorm roommate and bed partner for the last two years of school. Terry could be Linda with just a little touch-up. She wondered for a moment if he could be made mentally ready to enjoy discovering his hidden femininity. When he turned, she saw that the shorts hid his manhood well. There was no way anyone catching a glance would assume he was not a female. She got a mental picture in her mind of how he would look dressed and turned out with a full set of breasts.

Mother had always said the best way to keep your man in line is having him wearing your panties full time. To this day her parents still regularly had their lady’s night out. Mom said she had the best of both worlds a man who would switch into becoming her feminine bitch as needed. Every man she believed had a woman hidden inside of him. The key to bringing it out was getting them cultivating it. Sherri decided at that moment it was time for her to bring his feminine side out. Terry like her father would be a natural at being tecavüz porno both sexes when needed.

As soon as she got to work Sherri had printed out an eight by ten photo of Terry and had placed it over the picture of him, she had on her desk. Her coworkers had asked her during the morning who her new girlfriend was. She explained that her husband’s sister was visiting. She got so tied up in her work that she missed her husband’s text.

Over lunch with the girls where she got questioned repeatedly about her new girlfriend implying that there was more going on than she was saying. The smiles on her face made the teasing worse. It was as if she admitted it. That was when she decided for sure that she was going to turn him like Linda, and she had discussed. Just as she headed back, she called Terry to apologize.

He had received an offer of acceptance if he could rewrite the main female character side in three months. They saw her as being too masculine and lacking femininity. If it was rewritten as if it was from a woman’s view, they felt the novel would be a huge commercial hit. Sherri was thrilled. The problem was the publishers wanted the rewrite done in three months. His novel contained over five hundred pages and was a coming of age story of a boy and girl who later became a man and wife.

Sherri had met Terry by accident. Her girlfriend and she had been invited to a meet and greet the first week of their last year. Linda a dominate lesbian and a friend with benefits had been attracted by him first. She had pointed him out to her because of his slender frame. She thought he was a tall girl that she would love to explore more. As Linda stated I could ride that tight tiny ass all night with a double dildo. Then he turned around Linda was shocked.

By the time she turned into their driveway, she had it all planned out. It had come to her after stopping at KFC’s to get a couple of their chicken bowls. Terry had often got her to role-play male parts with him to work some scenes out. She wondered if he would do role play to help him rewrite the female’s part.

Terry was shocked when he got out of the shower because he had gotten a dark tan while working which left a couple of white spots were he had clothing standing out. It caused him to realize how naked it made a woman feel when they were tanned like this. After putting on some clothing on he headed down to await her arrival.

Over dinner, they figured out that he would have to work full time on the book if he was going to get it done on time. She had suggested that if he was going to do that that perhaps he should spend the time while at home discovering how different a woman’s life was from a man? He asked her how he could achieve that? She suggested that he live as a woman full time when at home. He said that was impossible! She replied why we have privacy galore. If the contract is signed the advance would be more than enough for us to live on so he could quit his job. How many visitors to the house have we had over the last six months?

“Come on be serious,” I replied. “There is no way I would pass as a woman.”

“Look you have very little body hair, and only need to shave twice a week. You still look a lot younger than your age. With hair extenders, your eyes brows trimmed and with a little touch of makeup I’m sure no one could tell.” Sherri replied. “Let’s take a chance, it’s early so we can experiment. If I’m wrong, we can change you back. If not, you have started your female life tonight.”

I don’t know.” I moaned. “Would I look stupid as a girl?”

“Since your main character is a tomboy you could incorporate your experience tonight as if you were a female beginning to discover her own femininity and write about it fresh in the morning,” Sherri suggested


She caught me with that, so I said yes. After squealing in delight, she pulled a joint out from our stash lighting it. We only used them on very special occasions. After lighting it she took a puff then shared it with me her lips. Then I took a puff and returned the favor. We stood there sharing it until the joint was done. Sherri asked me to bring up a bottle of wine with glasses after cleaning up the kitchen while she prepared the bedroom. Explaining that she wanted to cover the mirrors so that I could not see myself as I was being transformed. When I arrived upstairs with the items requested, I learned she had our claw bathtub half-filled with bubbly bath oil in it.

“I’ll pour us some wine while you shave then I want you to climb into the tub,” Sherri stated.

I could see by the look in her eyes that she was getting sexually excited. I got the impression that it was going to be a very good night. After shaving, and undressing Sherri took my body’s measurements. Sherri whistled and made fun of my very white tush. For some reason, she could not keep her hands off it. I couldn’t help getting stiff when she slid her finger between my rear cheeks fold while running it up and down its üvey anne porno length.

Sherri whispered in my ear. “For us females, our tushes is one of our most erotic spots. Men don’t appreciate that fact, so it often gets ignored. The simplest soft gentle touch on this part of a woman’s body can create such desires in us that will give us a soft burn all night.”

It stopped when I climbed in the deep oversized tub with its own wrap around shower curtain. Sherri brought us our glass of wine and sat on the edge. I was soaking in water up to my neck We talked for a few minutes while drinking a glass of wine until the water started getting cold. While I added more water, she brought in some black hair extensions she had and had me sit up. Using a comb, she began adding them in.

“After getting out I want you to wash your hair using the shower so I can style it. What I added to the bath has by now removed all your body hair.” Sherri said. “It also will give me time to pick something feminine for you to wear.”

Before leaving she leaned down and gave me the most sensual kiss of the night.

When I got out of the shower, she helped me dry off my hair and my body taking her time as she was reexamining my body. I wondered why until I remembered that all my body hair was gone. When I saw my private area, I felt very exposed. My skin felt softer and smelled like lilacs. She got down on her knees and I felt her lips kissing my tush along the area where the two cheeks met. My body could not help responding in a positive manner. Using her tongue, she teased my tushes rosebud causing me to moan. I felt myself getting hard.

I began to understand that she was teaching me how to be a better lover for her by showing me what every woman wants. But she made my knee’s buckle when she used her tongue to explore my rosebud. Being touched this way was intense. I had never known that this could be so erotic.

She had tied my hair up with a towel, I was told to lift my arms up, so I did. Before I knew it, she had slid a tight black almost see-through slip over my 5 ft 11inch frame that barely covered my lower private parts.

“Terry my love, trust me. Allow me to show you what I see,” she said as she led me to her makeup table.

After sitting me down she started shaping my eyebrows, thickening and lengthening my eyelashes, adding some light blush on my face, then she put red smear-proof lipstick on my lips. I felt the dampness of my hair as it fell against my face. I listened to her as she figured out how she going to style my hair. Finally, when Sherri was done she slid my feet into a pair of one-inch black heels. After removing the blanket off the full-length mirror, I finally was shown my new look.

As I stood there taking myself in, I was in shock. Sherri stood there at my side with her hand resting on my tush as her finger pressed the slip into its fold. I could feel the material sliding up and down against my bare flesh. I looked like a girl I would like to fuck but it was my eyes that spoke volumes. They looked like they could investigate anyone’s inner soul. I saw a younger version of my mother looking back at me. I had always felt she’d been hot. The whiteness of the untanned parts of my body enhanced the femininity of my look. Sherri captured a picture of me looking in the mirror with my image looking back. When I viewed the image, to me there was no doubt that no one seeing me like this would believe I was ever a male.

As she stood behind me, I soaked the image of my femininity in. Sherri moved her hands, so they rested on top of my waist just above my hips and instructed to bend over towards the mirror. The image became spellbinding. It now appeared that I had the start of some cleavage. There was no doubt in my mind that I looked like a female ready to be plucked.

It took me a few moments to realize that Sherri was nude. I felt her hand slide up under my slip. Then her finger slipped between the rear cheeks fold running it up and down causing my body to respond.

“Imagine my new girlfriend how you will look with a nice set of breasts. Even you will end up believing your all-female,” she said. “If we go forward you will have to let me take the lead. My mother helped me develop my femininity as I started maturing. Right now, you’re a young girl discovering for the first time how beautiful you are.” Sherri said. “If you want to go forward in becoming the female we now see. Join me in our bed keeping everything on but your heels.”

Sherri had changed the sheets on the bed. I was surprised to see her climb into my side. As I headed towards our queen size bed, I noticed she had already picked out clothing for me to wear the next day. I left the heels beside the chair she had them sitting on and climbed into her side and turned towards her. She looked into my eyes in a way I had never seen before. The love the lust and passion in hers were extreme. It was if she was seeing me for the first time.

Sherri was üvey erkek kardeş porno thrilled with herself. She had brought Terry further in one night then she had ever dreamed. In her mind, she was already pondering the pleasure of deflowering her new girlfriend’s rosebud as she taught her new bitch in training to sing a new feminine song. The fact that he always had large stiff nipples was an added plus. She had seen them pushing against the slip as she had him bent over. The slip had hidden his manhood well. A corset would help to give him some added curves. The question was could she mold Terry into the feminine sensual sexual female she desired. One who wanted to and needed to be fucked.

She moved into me and slowly started giving me soft butterfly kisses along the length of my neck. Moving from the base up. Sucking and nibbling my earlobes. Every time I started to respond with my hands, Sherri stopped me.

“Terry.” Sherri whispered “Lay back experience this as the young woman you are. You need to learn as a female the sensuality a woman loves to feel from her body. Discover it like I did when I first started wearing slips. My mother spent the night teaching me about my blooming femininity. Tonight, I am doing the same for my new girlfriend who’s just starting to discover how feminine she really is. Consider this night your first show and tell”

Sherri moved back facing me then began using her lips pulling my lips into hers holding them tight for a moment than losing it. Using the tip of her tongue she explored my lips softly without pushing it into my mouth. Her right hand played with my nipple by rubbing her palm over its top in a soft gentle touch knowing she was reaching me in ways that I would not have felt possible. She took her time drawing my emotions out.

Looking up Sherri caught the passion building in my eyes. It brought a smile to her eyes. The sensations my body was experiencing was playing with my mind. Sherri kissed me savoring the innocence I had as a woman. Slowly using the tip of her tongue to slide around the inside of my mouths lips she touched the flesh inside of the outer part of my mouth reaching into me in ways I had never experienced as a man. Then using just her tongue she began slowly fucking my mouth. At first, she went slow then alternating what she did to keep me building to the point where my body would begin shimmering like a woman.

Slowly she slid the slip off my shoulders tugging it slowly down until my male breasts were exposed. She moved down to my right nipple and played with my breast as if I was a girl. I literally had no areola’s, so she sucked my flesh skin around the nibbles making hickeys until she had created a two-inch circle around both of my nipples before playing with the nipples directly. Her tongue flicked back and forth then with her tongues tip she explored each one. Using her teeth to grip my nipple she stretched them over and over. Sherri used her hand to push the bottom of my slip up above my hips. Sherri discovered that Terry’s body was inflamed his cock stood out erect and proud. He was already leaking. Sherri had inspired her soon to be the new girlfriend’s body completely. Terry’s blossoming femininity was on fire.

“Remember Terry as girlfriends we share everything.” Sheri said softly “Every woman loves having their breasts played with. The softer and longer the better, for the most part, is best but there are moments a woman needs to have them treated roughly. I can’t wait till I can play for hours with yours when you have a full rack.”

I was moaning like a bitch in heat. She knew I was more than ready for this first organism as a woman. Sherri moved down turning my body sideways towards her. Opening her mouth in front of my hardness as she slid her finger between the folds of my tush guiding it to her goal my rosebud. When she pressed into its tightness I lost it and started spurting as my whole body shook in its organic bliss. She swallowed what she could, Sherri felt the experience as the heat of my spill hitting her face, as my manhood jerked with each pulse. Afterward, she moved up and shared a tongue and a fluid exchanging a deep kiss with me making sure that our faces shared what was on her face. She needed me to develop a natural taste for a man’s cum.

I turned to prepare to get up to clean up, but Sherri would not let me. Instead, she pulled me back into her causing her breasts to press into my back. Then she slid her finger back into the folds of my tush moving it back and forth.

“My mother gave me my first sexual experience as a woman just like I have you. That was the first night I slept without panties. Tomorrow morning when you get up. I want you to hold your slip on your body just under your nipples then look in the mirror. I want you to see yourself as I see you. The beautiful woman you are.” Sherri whispered. “A woman’s body is very sensitive once turned on every part if touched in the right way increases her desire. We both know you have experienced this for the first time. It allows us woman to have multiple organisms before making love. Thank you, girlfriend, for giving yourself to me like this tonight. With you, like this, it’s made my fantasy come true. I’m falling in love all over again because it is bringing out the beauty of your femininity that you have kept hidden from view.”

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