The Maid Pt. 13The Maid Pt. 13

Big Tits

Dave, or Upskirft Dave as she fondly called him was her first and favourite client of her new hotel side-line business. There was no touching, no fucking, just his desire to see up her skirt, imagining the sweet pussy lying beneath the thin strip of material between her legs. Wanting to mix it up and make it exciting, she had a whole drawer full of different panties just for him, ranging from sheer and see-through to cotton schoolgirl.

Today, she had the former on, the near see-through panties that hugged her lips and accentuated her lovely cameltoe, Dave was going to have a very different experience today.

It made her wet just thinking about it. It wasn’t just about him looking up her dress at her panties, it was about being spied on, knowing someone was watching, imagining what her juicy wet cunt was like beneath her already damp panties.

At precisely 8.59 she left the door to her hotel suite slightly ajar and went and sat in the bedroom. She knew that at 9.00 on the dot, he would enter her suite and take his place on the chair in the living room. Waiting a minute or two, she went out, pretending not to notice him and start her domestic duties, all of which involved dusting and cleaning, bending over and giving her Dave a good look up under her dress. Ten minutes into her act, he had stopped rubbing himself through his trousers, his cock was in his hand and she was bending over offering up a wonderful view of her thick outer lips with a nice cleft between them shrouded in her thin clinging panties.

“Oh god, I feel so horny.” she said, standing with her legs Adana Escort apart, lifting up the front of her skirt. Reaching down, she began to rub hard between her legs, her finger crushing her panties onto her hard throbbing clit. Slipping out of his chair, cock in hand and eager to see up under her dress, Dave laid on his back between her legs looking up at her, watching her rubbing her aroused cunt through her panties. Aroused and wanting to cum, she reached down with other hand and pulled her panties aside, giving him a look at her shaved snatch, it’s inner lips glistening with wetness. Holding her panties aside, she began to stroke her quivering slit, smearing it with the silky wetness pooled at her opening, lubricating her throbbing clit with it as it grew hard under her touch.

“Oh fuck!!” she cried out, forcing two fingers up inside herself, needing to cum, desperately fucking herself fast as she squatted, bouncing up and down just above his face. Imagining the hard cock below her deep inside her aching aroused pussy sent her over the edge and she came, legs shuddering, wetness gushing out of her, drenching the face between her legs

He groaned for the first time she could remember, yanking his cock hard, thick strands of cum lacing his shirt as he lay bucking up under her, his mouth open, trying to taste the wetness spraying his face.

“Fuck, fuck fuck!!” she yelled, slapping her pussy and rubbing hard between her legs, her cunt juices dripping off her fingers onto him. Panting, and on shaky legs, she slowly stood up, her hand replacing Adana Escort Bayan the panties over her contracting pussy.

:Oh God, I can’t wear these, they’re ruined.” she said aloud to herself. Stepping away from him, she reached under her skirt and pulled them down, slipping them off her ankles and kicking them aside, just next to his head.

“I had better get a new pair.” she continued, walking into her bedroom. Even having cum, she knew he would be watching her. She made a fuss of bending over, exposing herself as she reached into the drawer for a new pair, putting them on slowly, making sure he got a good look at her nice wet cunt from behind. Sighing contentedly, she laid on her bed and closed her eyes and waited for the telltale sound of her front door closing.

A few minutes later, she walked back into her living room. As expected, Dave was gone, and so were her wet panties off the floor, her little present to him. They would undoubtedly take pride of place along with the countless upskirt photos she had let him take on previous occasions. It thrilled her in a way, to think of him, alone at home, sniffing her panties and looking at the photos as he jerked off, cumming to the sight and smell of her. She checked the table next to the chair and as always, there was the envelope containing her fee. She didn’t even bother to check the contents, she knew it would be correct and slipped it straight into her handbag.

Despite having cum so hard, she still had an ache between her legs, a need for a hard cock inside her. She thought of her Escort Adana employer and his massive thick cock. It was late but fuck, she wanted it, maybe he would still be up. Hailing a cab outside her hotel, she sat in the back seat, her pussy growing wetter and wetter the closer she got.

When she let herself in, the house was in darkness and her heart sank until she saw the light under the door of his study. Without knocking, she entered. Sitting behind his desk, he knew there was something different about her, a look, her heaving chest as she crossed the room.

“I need you to fuck me.” she said in a husky voice, her urgency very apparent. Taking her outstretched hand, he rose from behind the desk and let her lead him hurriedly out of the study.

In her room, they were naked in seconds, her on her back, her legs spread wide, bent at the knees and in the air, her drenched pussy open and waiting. Her need for his cock had him instantly hard and he fell, upon her, pressing his swollen head between her lips and stretching her opening wide as he pushed inside her.

“Oh fuck, yes, that’s it.” she cried out as his thickness filled her. “Fuck me!” she almost screamed as he drove his cock into her as deep and hard as he could. Gripping his forearms, she frantically tried to drive her aching cunt against him. Incensed with her excitement, he slammed into her, fucking her as hard as he could until she cried out, her body going stiff and the quivering uncontrollably on the end of his cock as she came. Pulling out and on the edge himself, he rubbed his cock frantically over her swollen clit until it spewed thick cum all over her pussy, then pushed it back inside her to let her contractions milk out the last drops.

Totally spent, she lay breathless on her back, a warm satisfied feeling flowing right through her.

Now she was done.

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