The Look Ch. 09The Look Ch. 09

Big Tits

She woke first at about 6:45am. He was still spooning her, she could feel him warm and close. She could also feel the pleasant sensation of the plug in her arse and was wet already.

As she checked her phone, he began to stir. She could feel his morning horn stiffen behind her. She put her phone back and began to stroke his erection.

‘That’s a perfect way to wake up,’ he said, kissing her neck and shoulders, and pressing his hard cock into her arse cheeks as he stretched. Her arousal increased as he slipped his finger into her damp pussy and began to stroke her clit. What was about him that made her almost constantly wet she thought.

‘Perfect?! I can do better than that,’ she said, sacrificing what would probably have been a great fingering to turn and face him. She pushed him back on to his haunches and lowered her head down to his shiny purple glans. She wrapped her soft lips around it and began to roll her tongue over and around it, teasing his slit in between.

‘Fuck! That feels sooooo good,’ he said, enjoying the waves of pleasure her eager tongue brought.

‘I love sucking your cock. It makes me very wet but it’s a bit hairy though. I think I’ll be shaving you next,’ she said, winking at him before returning to her prize.

The thought of her shaving him only encouraged his cock to harden further. ‘You like the thought of that don’t you? I can tell,’ she teased, now licking his slit intensely.

‘But I think it needs a good shampoo before I can do anything for you. Shower with me.’ she added.

‘Really? Do we have time before work?’ he asked anxiously. He didn’t like to be late for his deliveries.

‘We really do! Your cock is perfect and I want you to fuck me in the shower. Now get up and get in the bathroom!’ she told him. ‘Unless you don’t want to of course?’ she teased, wanking his raging hard-on slowly.

He couldn’t wait and jumped out of bed. She followed him straight into the bathroom. They climbed into the bath tub and turned on the power shower.

Jets of hot water coursed over them as they kissed each other passionately and held each other close. She looked even more beautiful with wet hair and water running over her breasts.

His cock was rigid and pressed against her. As he kissed her neck and shoulders she tenderly ran her hands along his shaft. She took his bottle of shower gel and squirted some in her hand, then proceeded to rub it into his chest. His nipples were hard but not as hard as his cock below.

‘Turn around,’ she whispered.

He did as he was asked. She rubbed the soap into his back with both hands, starting at his shoulders. She had a bit of a thing for his arse sex hikaye and kept checking it out while she massaged his back. She particularly loved the white bits.

She moved her hands down his back and lathered his arse. She didn’t see this part of him very often so she was keen to make the most of it. His gasps of pleasure told him he was enjoying it.

‘Part your legs for me,’ she whispered into his ear.

He reached out to put both hands on the shower wall in order to brace himself and then spread his legs.

With her right hand she soaped his most intimate areas. As she ran her hands over his anus, he groaned in delight. ‘Bloody hell that’s lush.’

She could have given him the treat of his life at this point and fingered him but she didn’t want him to come until he was deep inside her. Another time maybe.

His balls felt tight as she cupped them and went on to lather his fat cock. As she reached forward to soap him, she kissed his back, raking her nails down him at the same time. His groans of pleasure became more intense and his cock strained in her hand.

‘You’d better not come. I want you to fuck me hard from behind.’

His hips shifted uncontrollably upon hearing those words and for a moment she thought she’d pushed him beyond the point of no return.

She knelt down behind his arse. She pulled his cock down between his legs and continued to soap him but changing her grip so it was more like a milking action.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ he moaned.

Again she raked her nails down his back and she bit his arse cheeks.

‘Stop! Or I will come!’ The hot water combined with her milking action was driving him crazy.

‘Turn around then,’ she said.

As he did so his rock solid cock almost slapped her in the face. He was very, very hard! Her pussy was aching to be filled but she couldn’t resist tormenting him a little more.

She took his cock in her mouth and bobbed her head back and forth as she tongued his shaft and slit, massaging his balls below.

The water rushed over them both and it felt sensuous. She knew she had to stop when she tasted a drop of pre-cum leaking from his glans. Pity she thought. She loved sucking his cock.

Her vulva was soaked in her own love juices, with the plug only enhancing her pleasure. She gently stroked her clit to satisfy her throbbing need for him. It felt so sensitive and she knew it wouldn’t take much for him to make her come.

‘Fuck me. I need your fat cock to fill me,’ she said as she stood up and turned around. She put both arms against the shower wall, bent over and looked him in the eyes. ‘Take me, I’m yours,’ she teased and spread her legs wider.

His porno hikayeleri eyes were drawn to the butt plug in her succulent arse. He reached down, rotated it a little to tease her and then massaged her silky smooth labia. She was wet and wanting, her juices creamy and thick.

He slipped three fingers into her and slowly prepared her for his cock. He stretched her lips and began to stroke the walls of her vagina.

‘Fuck, you’re going to make me come. Put your cock in me now!’ she instructed.

He didn’t need telling twice. He took his cock in his right hand and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. With one thrust of his hips, he buried himself deep inside her, his balls slapping against her clit briefly.

‘Aaaahhhhh, yes, yes, take me, take me, do it!’ she squealed.

He put both hands on her arse cheeks and spread them wide so she could take more of him. The butt plug pressed against his cock as he increased the speed of his thrusts.

‘Oooohhhh fuck! What do you do to me!?’ she groaned loudly.

With both her holes completely filled and him driving his cock into her at such a pace, she rubbed her swollen clit.

‘Aahhh.’ The walls of her vagina and anus tightened and clenched. She could feel herself climaxing. Her pussy was so sensitive. As she frigged herself off, she clamped hard around his cock and the plug.

‘Fuuuuuck, I’m coming!’ she cried out, in between gasps of air. Her whole body shuddered and shook as her pussy exploded in rapturous orgasm.

He felt her grip tighten around his cock. ‘Fuuuucckkk….fuck….fuck! Me too!’ As his balls released his hot seed, he thrust his spurting cock into her harder and deeper.

‘Aahhhhhhhhhhhh! Fucking hell!’ he groaned loudly, no longer worried if his neighbours might hear.

To savour the feelings of his release, he slowed the intensity of his thrusts. She pushed her hips back against him as she sought to milk all of his spunk. Eventually, he stopped completely and lowered his head to kiss and bite her back.

‘I could get used to being woken up like that every morning,’ he said, breathing deeply.

‘Mmmmmm…me too. Play your cards right and you might get another treat.’

They finished showering and dried themselves off.

‘I think we should leave for work at different times to avoid suspicion. I’ll go first and you can follow after. What do you think?’ he suggested.

‘Sounds like a plan.’ She slipped his shirt on and nothing else before heading downstairs. ‘What’s for breakfast?’ she asked.

‘Hang on and I’ll show you. Just let me get dressed.

When he got downstairs and went into the kitchen, he found her in his erotik hikaye shirt sat on the work top with her knees pulled up and legs opened wide.

‘I’m not really hungry,’ she said suggestively, ‘but I thought you might be?’

‘Eat me!’

Her bald labia were puffy, engorged and glistening from earlier. The remains of their come had mixed together and coated the entrance to her vagina.

She put two fingers on her pubis and pulled her lips taut. ‘Eat me!’ she whispered.

Her pussy looked deliciously inviting but he had never tasted his own spunk before. As a result, he was uneasy about going down on her. Besides he only had 30 minutes before he had to be at work.

‘You know you want to,’ she said, pulling the hood of her clitoris back.

‘It’s just… I’ve never tasted my own before,’ he explained awkwardly.

‘So you’re happy to lick my juices, tongue my arse and finger it but you’re shy about tasting your own jizz!? Unbelievable!’

‘Ok, ok,’ he relented, secretly aroused at her encouragement.

He leaned forward and inhaled the scent of her sex; it was divine. He lowered his lips to suck and tongue her silky smooth labia. She tasted delicious and it wasn’t long before he was lapping up their combined come.

She oohed and aaahed as he probed the depths of her pussy with his tongue and sucked on her lips. He looked up at her as he did so. His navy checked shirt was open at her neck and fitted very loosely, exposing her succulent nipples.

Unfortunately he wasn’t going to have time to do anything with them but he did slip his hand under her arse to find her plug. He played with it while he licked her clit.

She threw her head back and took deep, heavy breaths as he stimulated her. She pushed her pussy forward, eager for him to tongue her harder.

He responded by sucking her throbbing clit hard and probing her arse with the plug.

‘Aaaaarh, aahh! Fuck!’ she cried out, ‘that feels lush. I’m gonna …….aaahhhhhhh!’

His tongue had brought her off again. He looked up and saw a very flushed but satisfied face. She had to push his head to one side as her clit was too sensitive to take anymore.

‘I love you,’ he said, raising himself up to kiss and hold her in his arms.

‘I love you too,’ she said. ‘And this!’ She tapped the plug.

‘Mmmm, I thought you might. But you need to take it out. Or I do,’ he said suggestively.

She climbed down from the kitchen worktop, frowned at him and bent over. ‘If you must,’ she sighed.

He took hold of the hilt of the plug and slowly pulled it out. It was an unusual sensation but she felt horny having him do it for her. Her arsehole gaped open afterwards and he gave it a loving kiss goodbye.

‘I think you should come round again soon.’ he said.

‘Yes, you’re right. I need to shave you remember. Tonight? 8pm?’

‘It’s a date!’

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