Subject: The Lockwood Rowing Club – Part 6 Apologies for the time it took to get back to this story! I got caught up in reading a few other authors here, and was having trouble finding the inspiration. This chapter is a bit of a departure from the family relationship, getting into Jesse’s training with Tate at the club, and developing Jesse’s relationship with Will. It deals with sweat, man smell, and piss more than actual sex. In the following chapters, we’ll dive much deeper into the dad/son storyline. Right now I have about twelve total chapters planned in this series, and about three other concepts milling about. So thanks for your support, there’s a lot more to come! I really love your feedback! Knowing the parts you’re drawn to keeps me motivated to write more, and gives me ideas for future chapters. ail This story is a work of fiction and fantasy. Any similarities to real people or scenarios is purely coincidental. The actions described in this story are not real nor encouraged or condoned in real life. My intention in this writing is for erotic fantasy only. This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states, the state may have forbidden you from reading this story by law. While I typically don’t care for content warnings, this story contains scenes involving submissive/dominant fantasies, humiliation, degradation, watersports, man smells, and incest among others. Please be sure to support Nifty and keep it going with your donations. CENTRAL CHARACTERS JESSE Wickham – A young cumdump ROB Wickham – His father, a mechanic RICHARD Hampton – The wealthy owner of the Lockwood Rowing Club TATE Rockwell – A trainer at the club WILL Packard – A firefighter ETHAN Bradshaw – Will’s blonde coworker and friend ________________ Jesse awoke to the first snowfall of the season. It was the first of October, and New York was meant to be in for a brutal winter. It was already Monday, and Jesse groaned as he rolled himself onto his back, his penis tenting the sheets in front of him. Another dream of adventures to come at the Club left him with morning wood, as it had every day since he’d joined. He arched his back in a massive stretch, remembering the events of the weekend. His hands grazed down his body in the warmth of the bed, as his knees instinctively raised a bit. He felt around his hairless asshole with two fingers. It was still tender, but not sore like it had been yesterday. He remembered the pleasure of sitting at the dinner table when his mother had returned home, silently flexing his kegel muscle, his tender prostate sending waves of dull ache and pleasure up his back and neck. Stealing confident glances across the table at his father Rob, who shared his secret. Now, in his bed, his anus felt only pleasure. It was a kind of conditioning, he imagined – and soon, when he was used to taking bigger cocks, the afterglow would feel even better. He grudgingly pulled himself from his warm bed, and stood in front of his floor length mirror. All Jesse wanted was to be back at the Club. To return to the warmth of the locker room, the humid, chlorinated smell of the steam showers and the pool, the masucline energy. The subtle but rich smell of cum and leather that he now associated with the Den. He wished there was a way to make Lockwood his full time home. To make Beta servitude a kind of career. But as much as he dreaded the prospect of going to school and sitting through eight hours of classes today, he knew the distraction would make the reward even better. Jesse examined his body in the mirror, his messy mop of brown hair, his lithe body just primed for muscle definition as testosterone continued to flood his adolescent body. His erection still pointing high into the air, as rock solid as most boy’s erections are this time of morning, the foreskin just slightly pulling back from the head. Something had shifted in Jesse after being used by Will and his buddies from the fire station. A kind of passage into adulthood. In that perfect balance between being a boy, and becoming a man, Jesse had found a new kind of confidence. Harnessing his primal, sexual urges through being caged for those weeks, and now let loose at the club. Learning about his body, and his ability to bring other men pleasure. Jesse found a kind of fulfilment in these experiences, a kind of deep sense of belonging that few teenagers ever knew. He smiled a cocky smile to himself in the mirror, as he hit the shower down the hall from his bedroom. Rob had arranged for Jesse to have bi-weekly sessions with Tate, the club’s in-house personal trainer. Jesse didn’t know, but what typically would cost a few hundred dollars per hour, was gifted as an investment into one of the club’s Betas. Not only would Jesse train physically with Tate in the gym, but he’d be introduced to several other members, and their own particular breed of extracurricular activities. Every Tuesday and Thursday after school, a concierge from the club would pick Jesse up at school, and whisk him off to Lockwood. Rob was disappointed that he couldn’t be the one to drive Jesse – not only for the bonding time with his son, but as an easy excuse to spend some more time with the guys. But because the training sessions were under the guise of Jesse making the school’s invented “rowing team”, Rob would be expected at family dinners with his wife. This would fulfill Jesse’s monthly time commitment to Lockwood, in combination with his attending the club with his dad on Saturdays and occasional Sundays. Rob’s wife never batted an eye at this arrangement, as she hadn’t when Rob attended with his older son Chris, knowing that male bonding was important for young men. Plus, it gave her time to catch up on her own social life. Rob weaved his way through the tracks in the snow, pulling up to Jesse’s school before the sun had fully risen. He patted his boy on the back and gave him a knowing smile. Jesse opened his mouth, as he’d done many times before now, and his dad spit into it, some landing on Jesse’s cheek. He wiped it away, as Jesse swallowed with a smile. “Have a great week, kid.” He placed a hand on the nape of Jesse’s neck before he got out of the vehicle. Rob had been called away to consult on a major commercial job his old partner was working on over in New Jersey. It would be a long time away from his boy, especially during what was sure to be one of his most formative weeks since attending the club – but Rob was excited to reunite on Friday. Plus, he was eager for some alone time in his own hotel room, edging up a load during the week to feed to his hungry son on the weekend. Jesse could still taste his dad’s mouth as he wandered into the school, his boner up in his waistband, and hidden behind his sweatshirt. He was most looking forward to gym class today. Not only was he eager to start bulking up a bit, knowing that his gym schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday this semester was supplemented by his workouts with Tate at the club on alternating days, but the weather turning meant football and soccer would turn into indoor-friendly activities like wrestling and hockey. His newfound confidence made him anticipate the opportunity to get close to his classmates with relish. When last period hit, Jesse and his friend Adam left Mr. Wood’s math class, and made a bee-line for the men’s lockers near the large gym. His father had given him Chris’ old singlet to wear: maroon and navy, the school’s colors. Jesse felt a great deal of pride slipping on his older brother’s singlet, knowing their penises had been supported by the same patch of fabric, knowing his sweat would wet the same areas as Chris’. Jesse quickly stripped out of his street clothes, throwing them in his locker, before he realized Adam’s gaze was locked onto him. He’d forgotten that they weren’t at Lockwood, and though these boys had changed in front of each other plenty over the years, it was usually discreet, and as quick as possible. Jesse now stood naked in front of his friend for a moment, his flaccid penis resting on a taut ball sack. Almost daring him to say something. He pulled the lycra singlet over his legs, up over his ass and cock, and then looped the straps up over his shoulders. He knew it fit a bit looser than it should, his brother having stretched it out over the years. Some of the guys wore jocks or underwear under their singlets, but Jesse wanted to go commando – especially now that he knew he could control his erections. Adam took notice. “Dude, you aren’t gonna wear a cup?” “Nah man…feels better like this, and you get more movement.” Adam nervously stripped off his boxers, quickly stepping into his own teal singlet and pulling it up before any of the guys could see his dong. Both guys wrangled their penises beneath the fabric, Adam’s resting up against his stomach beneath his much tighter singlet, and Jesse’s folded under, his bulge proudly protruding in front of him as he led the way toward the gym. Behind them, Rhett’s familiar gravelly voice bellowed out. “Hey Wickham, you ready to get your ass handed to you?” Jesse turned and smiled at Rhett, flipping him the bird. “If you’re so eager to grab it man…” Jesse stole a glance at Rhett in his white and red singlet, as he adjusted the smooth bulge of his jockstrap and athletic cup. Adam stifled a laugh, unsure where Jesse’s new attitude was coming from. Rhett was much bigger than both of them, and could easily kick either of their asses. In all likelihood, Rhett would be paired with one of the bigger guys in their class for sparring, so Jesse wasn’t too worried. As they emerged from the hallway and into the gymnasium, Jesse felt a strong shove from behind throw him off balance, and sent him tumbling forward. He caught his own fall, as Adam helped him to his feet. Rhett stood grinning behind him, as Coach Wilson approached. “What the fuck, dude?” Jesse growled. “Knock it off, Garrison.” Coach Wilson barked. His hairy forearms crossed in front of his body as he consulted his clipboard. His eyes couldn’t help but dart up and notice Jesse Wickham’s prominent bulge, his penis defined from his taught nutsack behind the lycra. Most of the boys nowadays wore athletic cups for protection, as much as discretion. But some boys, like Jesse, decided to harken back to the old days when Coach Wilson was wrestling, and go commando. Damn, I can even make out his goddamn foreskin under that… Coach Wilson shook his head and distracted himself again with his clipboard. “You’re up first anyway, Conway and Garrison, hit the mat.” “Coach, I want to wrestle Jesse.” Rhett dared. “Yeah well, we pair these by weight, and judging by whatever just went down between you two, I’m thinking pairing you up may not be the best idea.” “I’ll do it.” Jesse smirked. Adam looked back at his friend, astounded, and scared for what this challenge might mean. There was absolutely no way Jesse was besting Rhett in a bout. Not only was he bigger, but he’d spent years already training, and knew his best holds. Jesse didn’t stand a chance. Coach Wilson threw his hands up in exasperation. “Your funeral, Wickham. Mat three.” Rhett led the way with a cocky smirk, his firm ass more pronounced in his jockstrap and singlet, as he strode widely towards the mat. Jesse followed, his face hot from the adrenaline of the moment. Maybe this was a huge mistake. But there was a new energy flowing through his veins. A heft in his nutsack that dared him to push further, step into frightening new territory. He knew he would lose, and a part of him wanted to lose. There was a pleasure in Jesse submitting in this way, even to a straight jock who didn’t know any better. He wanted to feel Rhett’s body against him, take control of him, unaware of the fuel he was providing Jesse. He wanted to smell his testosterone, taste his sweat. It somehow gave him the power. As some of the other boys paired off on the mats, the majority of the group circled the duo. Jesse flexed his slender arms behind his back, a futile attempt at loosening up. His body felt strangely relaxed, his face displaying a confident, almost passive grin that only fueled the fire ignited in Rhett. The boys faced off, and Coach Wilson blew his whistle. They circled each other for a moment, before Rhett lunged toward Jesse. He deked out of the way, his arms swiping around Rhett’s midsection, and gaining control over him from behind. His crotch pressed into Rhett’s firm ass as he caught his arm with his other hand, grappling him tightly from behind and attempting to throw him to the ground. Rhett’s musculature was too much for Jesse, as he heaved forward, throwing a leg out and bringing Jesse easily down to the mat. He handed with a thud, and Rhett’s powerful arms held his shoulders down. The whistle sounded, signaling Jesse’s defeat. One round of three. Rhett stood and stepped away with the same arrogant grin, clearly adjusting his cock behind his jockstrap instead of offering to help his opponent up. “Garrison one. Jesse, you’re down for referees.” Coach Wilson bellowed as he adjusted his own awakening erection, and continued on to observe the other boys. Jesse caught Adam’s eye, who was watching them intently, his hands clasped over his bulge. He wondered if Adam was enjoying the show. Jesse already broke a light sweat, as he got onto all fours, ass up in the air. Rhett assumed the position behind him, and Jesse felt his plastic athletic cup press into his ass, his thick arms wrapping around his waist. Jesse could smell the musk already building up, emanating from both their bodies. The second round went much the same way as the first. Jesse fended Rhett off for a while as they grappled on the mat, Rhett nearly knocking the wind out of Jesse with a final pin. In their third bout, Jesse had the top position over Rhett. He locked his arms around Rhett’s waist, and tried using the momentum of his own body to topple him over. But Rhett quite easily escaped, and the boys found themselves circling again. The slightest smile on Jesse’s face sent Rhett into a spiral, as he lunged toward Jesse and tackled him to the ground, the sweat from his hair sprinkling Jesse’s face. With a grunt, Rhett took one of Jesse’s legs under his arm, and pushed it up and into his chest, forcing him into submission. But Jesse didn’t relent, his eyes focussing on Rhett’s, and pushing with all his might back against the mat. In a swift motion, Jesse escaped Rhett’s clutches and found himself with the advantage, with both of Rhett’s arms pressed into the mat, straddling his upper thighs. Rhett desperately wriggled against the mat, heaving Jesse up into the air like a bucking bronco. But he was losing energy after exhausting himself in the first two rounds. As Jesse leaned in for the pin, Rhett frantically whispered in his ear. “I saw the tape of you getting fucked, faggot.” he hissed, close enough for only Jesse to hear. Jesse’s face flushed, and his heart sank, as Rhett gave a final push, throwing Jesse back to the mat where he landed with a thud. Rhett sprang into action, pushing with his last reserves of energy, and pinned Jesse to the mat for the final count. Jesse was silent, as Rhett held his gaze for a moment. This time, Rhett offered a hand to help him up off the mat, but Jesse refused, rolling onto his side, and hurrying off the mat. Rhett’s cronies gathered around him to cheer him on, as Jesse and Adam walked back toward the entrance to the gym. “Fuck, you nearly had him on that last one man. That was insane.” Adam beamed. Even though his buddy had lost, it was a far more impressive showing than anybody in the gym could have imagined. “Yeah…almost.” Jesse panted, his mind swirling as he thought about the implications of what Rhett had just revealed. There was a tape? ________________ On Tuesday, Jesse was picked up by Grayson Thomas, Mr Hampton’s personal assistant, in a jet black SUV with tinted windows. Grayson had the divider between them rolled down as he drove toward Cooper Lake. His cologne filled the cab with a masculine musk that Jesse didn’t mind, and the conversation was enough to take his mind off his impending meeting with Mr Hampton. He wasn’t sure why he was so nervous – though he suspected it had something to do with Rhett’s revealing he’d seen a tape of him being fucked on the weekend. Was Rhett bluffing? Had his father told him about it? Or was there actually a tape that existed. His growing erection at the thought betrayed the feelings of embarrassment he should have been having. It turned him on to think that Rhett had watched the proceedings from the other night. It terrified him that he could be outed at school, but the risk of it all seemed to excite him too. His mind swirled with the possibilities of what that could mean, being outed as a faggot, as a slut desperate to please Alpha men. Maybe we would stay at Lockwood permanently, in one of those cabins. Be naked 24/7, servicing the men of the club as they pleased. He inhaled deeply, and tried to shake the nervous thoughts from his head. The heated driveway at Lockwood was clearly devoid of snow and ice, as they pulled through the enormous gate, and into the underground parking reserved for upper management at the club. Inside, Jesse made his way into the elevator, and up to the second floor to Richard’s office. “Jesse! Thank you so much for coming. This shouldn’t take too long, and you can be off to your first session with Tate. Been looking forward to that, I hope?” Richard Hampton was in his usual expensive, charcoal grey suit. His grey hair was somehow immaculate and casually swept back off his face. He extended his hand to shake Jesse’s, which felt strangely formal given that the last time Jesse was here, he had Mr Hampton’s cock down his throat, as his father egged him on to swallow the older man’s load. “I have been, thank you.” “Great, great. Take a seat my boy, get comfortable.” Jesse felt overdressed, given that most of his time at the club had been spent nude, but the formality of the meeting, coupled with his being here without his father for the first time, put him more at ease with the situation. He took a seat in one of the large, leather chairs opposite Mr Hampton’s desk, as he switched on a television screen mounted in the corner of the room. JESSE WICKHAM – 1 The white letters were all that displayed against a black background. Jesse’s eyes met Richard’s gleeful gaze for a moment, as the screen switched to a view of the Den, empty at the moment. For a second, Jesse thought it may have been some kind of live security footage, until he saw himself enter the room. The camera angle switched to a closeup of Jesse’s body, his cock in it’s cage, the look of slight apprehension laced with intrigue on his face. Jesse swallowed a lump in his throat. This was from Friday night. “Jesse, I wanted to chat with you today about a potential opportunity for you. After your participation in the auction a couple weeks ago, we opened a college fund for you under your father’s name. Thirteen thousand dollars already thanks to those firefighters you got to meet the other night…” Richard gestured to the television where Jesse’s eyes remained glued, watching as his father took a seat on the couch, sipping a drink offered to him by Logan. Jesse was now on his knees on the ottoman in the middle of the room, awaiting Will and his friends. “William actually came up with the idea himself. We’ve filmed and edited your first…”exposure” to the club, as you can see. What we’re proposing is privately releasing this video to our membership, for a fee. Again, half of the proceeds from this would go directly to your college fund, which I expect to be a fairly substantial amount, given our membership numbers around the world.” Jesse now watched as Will and his friends entered the room on the television. His erection strained against his khakis, and his mouth became dry as he re-lived this still vibrant memory. He wanted the tape for himself, that was for sure. But the idea of it being distributed around the world? That, he found intimidating. “Only with your permission, of course.” My permission? Richard smiled down and Jesse who finally met his gaze again. What permission? Jesse was reminded that Rhett had clearly seen this tape, so either his father Jason had stolen a copy, or Richard had already been distributing it. Jesse opened his mouth to express these impulsive thoughts, then caught himself. Richard clocked Jesse’s hesitation, mistaking him biting his tongue as uncertainty. “Remember Jesse, our members are sworn to secrecy. The other men in the video, they’ve all consented, and they have wives, children at home. I want you to have a think about it, and–” “Yes.” “Yes?” Richard repeated. “Release the tape. I want people to see it.” Richard smiled warmly at Jesse, standing and once again extending a hand. “I’ll see that your father has a copy sent to him this evening.” Jesse couldn’t help but clock Richard’s erection straining against his grey slacks. For a moment he considered istanbul travesti asking to take down the powerful man’s load, but knew he was already running late for his session with Tate. He smiled confidently back at Mr. Hampton. As Jesse said goodbye and began his descent down the spiral staircase to the lobby, he felt strangely at ease. A revelation had struck him at that moment. If Rhett had, in fact, seen the tape – then he must know all that goes on here at the club. He must know that his father is a part of it. And as each week passed, and Jesse began to embrace his inner Beta, the stakes for him decreased, and the stakes for the married men at the club only amplified. Once again, Jesse felt powerful as he rounded the corner to the second set of stairs, leading to the locker room. Tate was pulling on his sneakers on the bench when he arrived, his leg propped up in front of him, calf muscles flexing as he laced up. He wore light grey basketball shorts and a navy tank top, with black shoes. He smiled broadly when he spotted Jesse walking toward him, and stood from the bench. Jesse’s eyes immediately gravitated to his cock which seemed to swing freely under his basketball shorts as he stood, and jogged slightly to greet him. He remembered seeing Tate’s black cock both soft when he was pissing, and hard when they’d crossed paths in the bathroom later on. Tate had smelled under his arms, and commented on the state of his unwashed penis, which at that time was still under his father’s lock and key. He smiled up at his trainer as Tate extended a hand. “Buddy, glad you could make it.” He glanced at his watch before pulling him in for a bro hug. “Not a second too early either.” “Sorry, Mr. Hampton called me up for a meeting at the last minute…” “No worries at all, bro.” Tate smiled it off, leading him back towards his open locker. It occurred to Jesse that there was every chance that Tate had already seen the video of him getting fucked, too. Had already seen him covered in cum, desperately taking his own load in his mouth at the end. His cock began to harden under his jeans as he followed his muscular trainer towards the row of lockers. Tate was incredibly attractive, with chiseled features, a light dusting of facial hair, and a clean shaved head. His bright smile created deep dimples in his cheeks. His body was of course, impeccable, as it was the face of his business. Jesse was more than aware of his incredible cock, but was now transfixed on his ass as he strode ahead of him. He knew Tate had a girlfriend, but after their encounter in the bathroom where he so liberally touched and smelled Jesse, he wondered if there may be opportunities for a different kind of training down the road. Tate called behind his shoulder as they rounded the corner. “Dude, you stink.” “What?” Jesse was confused. Their training sessions had been planned for Tuesdays and Thursdays, on account of his not having gym class on those days. He’d showered this morning, even under his foreskin, despite knowing some of the member’s fondness for that masculine smell – including Tate’s. As he dropped his backpack on the bench, he discreetly lifted an arm and smelled his woodsy deodorant through his t-shirt. “Like flowers buddy. Deodorant.” “Antiperspirant…it’s Old Spice.” Tate smiled broadly again, his hands on his hips, his pecs flexing momentarily beneath his thin tank. “Smells like a chick.” Jesse’s face flushed as he smiled back at the gentle ribbing. “When we’re in the gym, we smell like men. Especially in a place like Lockwood – where there’s no chance of any ladies strolling in and interrupting us. Part of the reason I took a job here, and not some YMCA. Walking through clouds of Axe body spray just to get to the weight bench. Nah, when it’s all guys, we can let go and be our primal selves. I know you’ve already sensed it buddy, you just gotta lean in a bit more. Let yourself go. We’ll get you washed up and changed, we’re already running late.” Jesse opened his father’s locker in the opposite row to Tate, quickly realizing that he’d neglected to bring a gym strip. Fuck. “Get naked bud.” Tate implored, watching him. “I uh…what should I wear?” Jesse stammered, embarrassed to appear like such a beginner this early in their session. Tate laughed. “Well nothing to shower, kid. But for training, I assume you wear some kind of shorts and a t-shirt? Whatever you wear in gym class.” “We’re wrestling right now, so I had my singlet at school instead of my gym strip. I totally spaced and didn’t bring anything today. I have my jock in the locker?” Jesse grabbed his black jockstrap he’d been provided at the auction last week. Tate smiled back. “I got you this week man…but bring something next time. Might as well keep a strip here for our sessions.” Tate went back to his locker, shaking his head. He was confused, as he’d seen men working out naked in the gym before at Lockwood, and had been eager to expose himself to his buff trainer. As if reading his mind, Tate continued, “Down the road you can wear whatever you like buddy, but for now, I want to keep you – and the other men at the club – focussed on the task at hand. Don’t need you parading that skinny ass all over the shop.” Jesse began to strip down, slipping his shirt over his head, dropping his pants and briefs in one motion. His penis hung just slightly off his ballsack, still plumped from his earlier discussion with Richard. Tate led the way to the showers, and again Jesse’s eyes were transfixed on Tate’s ass and legs. Maybe I should have jerked off before this… he wondered. Tate held a towel in his hands, and led Jesse to one of the showers along the wall. As Jesse got under the warm water and began rinsing himself, Tate spoke. “Let me ask you bro – you ever get a stiffy in gym class? You like sniffing a jock when you jerk off? Ever catch a whiff of a buddy’s pits when you’re wrestling, or playing football? Of course you do man. It’s natural.” Jesse’s cock began to bob to life as he listened, now soaping up under his arms, washing away his antiperspirant. “Lemme give you a biology lesson here bro. Men and women, we both emit pheromones. It’s our sweat, on our bodies. It’s nature’s way of drawing us to each other, coupling up so we can fuck and procreate. Masculine dudes who rough it, chopping wood and lifting weights, they emit more pheromones, to let women know they’re virile, that they’re healthy, able to protect them, to fight off natural predators. Now how to other straight dudes react to those pheromones? We feel it as competition for a mate. And our bodies emit more, we show off, we puff our chests, we find competition in it. In a gym like this, where it’s all dudes, that shit gets potent. Creates a space where we can thrive, feed off that power, feel off our brothers. Throw a faggot like you in the mix? Boy it’s a feeding frenzy.” Jesse’s erection was now rock hard, sticking straight up to the ceiling as he rinsed himself. “Hell, I’m about as straight as they come, but I get off on all that shit too. It’s natural pheromones. It’s what makes bonding with other dudes so much fun. Not only that, but it can fuel a killer workout, too. It’s why I live at the gym. I appreciate the stink of another dude, hell even a group of dudes coming in and out of this place all day. The kind of brotherhood we have as men, our bodies, our stench. You can feed off that energy, that testosterone – makes you perform even better, lift even more than you thought.” “Seriously?” Jesse couldn’t hide his erection now, as he continued to rinse off the soap. He knew Tate had a point – that there was some reason Jesse’s body reacted so instantaneously to a place like Lockwood. The sights, and the smells. He had imagined it was his Beta tendencies that made his body respond in such a way, but it was interesting to hear that even straight men shared a bit of this experience. “Hell yes, bro! You know how when you walk into a men’s locker room, your body kind of responds to that shift in energy? It’s just teeming with life, and potential, and testosterone. Years of men contributing to that energy, giving off their own stink. Even going into a bathroom in a stadium or an airport, just dudes upon dudes in there, mixing and vibing, and feeding off each other. Gives some dudes hardons, but it gives me the motivation and the energy to do my workout. Don’t get me wrong, my girl Alicia hates it, so I gotta shower before I see her – but when I’m here, and it’s all dudes, we gotta contribute, you know?” He passed Jesse a towel, and he began to dry himself. Tate crossed his massive arms, leaning back against the wall as he watched Jesse. He’d clocked his erection since Jesse got naked. “Women always give dudes a hard time about opening up around one another. About connecting on a level deeper than sports or video games. I think we bond in a much different way than they’d ever understand. Why do you think men use communal showers? Why we piss in open troughs? Hundred men at a stadium line up to piss next to one another. Men with wives, girlfriends, kids, checking out each other’s cocks, taking in each other’s essence. For most of us it’s not because it turns us on, it’s because it fuels us. So much deeper than weeping over some rom-com, or gossiping about work.” Tate began to wander back toward the lockers, leading Jesse, who flung the towel over his shoulder, his erection pointing ahead of him. An older man smiled his way as he passed by, and Tate continued. “But for a lil bro faggot like you Jesse, I know what those pheromones do. I know how insatiable they can make you. That’s why I’m gonna put you in my gym strip. Keep the blood flowing to your muscles and not that boy dink of yours.” Tate tossed him some black basketball shorts and tank top, which he began changing into. He flipped his erection up into the waistband, as Tate watched him, chuckling. “See, you’ve even got a boner now just hearing me talk about it man. If you’re gonna grow into a man, not only physically, but mentally as well, we gotta get you bonded. Get you to be a part of this pack here at the gym, sweating and grunting and pushing yourself further.” “You okay with me not wearing underwear in these?” “Like I said man, the smell gets me goin’. I want those drenched by the end of today, so I can wear them on Thursday for our session, you’ll see. In college, our baseball coach had us swap jockstraps every game during tournaments. Every pep talk in the locker room was followed by him passing them out, unwashed, at random. Getting another dude’s stink on our cocks, knowing we’d be sweating them up in the game, and passing them along to yet another guy the next day. It was a way to bond as a team.” Jesse’s erection throbbed against the waistband of Tate’s shorts as he finished lacing up his sneakers. All of this seemed to resonate with him. He had started to feel a transition within himself in the past few months, especially since being introduced to the club. He was indeed becoming a man, and was eager to soak up all of the testosterone and pheromones of the other Alpha men that the club had to offer. It explained his attachment to his older brother’s jockstrap and singlet, and why he was drawn to take Will’s sweaty boxers a couple weeks ago. Just the smell of that man was enough to get him off. He wished now that he had that scent to fuel his workout. Tate put his arm around Jesse, who could feel the slight dampness of Tate’s hairy pit on his shoulder, could smell his musk as they walked down the hall toward the gym. “This is gonna be fun, buddy. I think we’re gonna discover all sorts of strengths and some interests you never knew you had.” They entered through the large glass doors to the gym, which was presently empty. Now that he was acutely aware of it, Jesse took in the familiar masculine scent in a new light. The sweat of dozens of men passing through here during the day, sweating and grunting and laughing together. The scent of testosterone and masculinity permeated Jesse’s lungs as he breathed deep. It wasn’t rank – there was a kind of freshness to it, something familiar and comforting that energized the boy. “Ground rules,” Tate continued. “No more anti perspirant, deodorant, whatever. As long as you’re here at the club, you’re free to stink like a man should. Got it?” Jesse nodded his understanding. “Second, I’m gonna work you hard here. This is no joke. Yes, it’ll be fun, there will be plenty of rewards and incentives along the way, but you’re here to become a man. Zero to hero, bro. And that takes dedication, and work. If you’re willing to give me everything you’ve got, I’m gonna give it right back. Deal?” Jesse nodded, nervously, wondering exactly what Tate was willing to give him. “Deal.” Tate smiled. “Deal?” he barked out in Jesse’s face, like a military trainer. Jesse barked back louder, undermined by a hint of a smile. “Deal!” Tate laughed back, pulling Jesse’s face into his armpit and ruffling his hair. Jesse drank in the scent of Tate with a deep inhale. This could be the start of something incredible. The following hour was the most brutal and exhausting that Jesse had ever experienced. Any worry about being distracted by his cock went out the window as soon as Jesse was on his fifth set of burpees. His borrowed tank and shorts were both drenched with sweat, even his legs were soaked down to his socks. He panted and heaved as he completed the final set. Tate slapped him on the back in approval. “Fuck, didn’t know if you had it in you, lil bro. You’re a machine. Feel good?” Jesse nodded as he paced over to the water fountain on the wall for a break. “We’re gonna move on to pull ups, brother. Medium overhand grip, you’re gonna cross your legs behind you and gimme a set of ten.” Jesse panted, his hands on his hips. “I’ve never been able to do more than six in gym class.” “Well, this isn’t gym class, it’s a training ground. You trusted me to turn you into a man, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. So you’re gonna give me how many pull ups?” Jesse bent at the waist, his eyes back up at Tate. The slightest moment of hesitation, and then, “Ten.” “Atta boy, Jesse.” Tate extended a hand and pulled Jesse upright into another hug. Jesse’s shirt now damp and cool from the open door to the lake. “Take that off, bro.” Tate instructed. Jesse peeled the drenched shirt from his body, and held it out in one hand. Tate took it from him, shaking his head. “Hell yes dude. This thing is soaked.” Tate folded it in half, and then in half again, gathering it in both hands and rolling it up. “C’mere buddy. Open your mouth.” Jesse did as instructed, as Tate rang out the shirt, a few drops of sweat accumulating from the fabric, and dripping directly into Jesse’s mouth. Jesse tasted his own saltiness as he closed his mouth, his eyes meeting Tate’s whose expression was now stony and serious. “Nasty pig. Now you’re gonna punch out ten reps for me. A new personal best, right?” “Yeah.” Jesse glanced toward the pull up rack with newfound determination. His hairless chest glistened with sweat, dripping down his stomach and dampening the waistband of the black shorts. Tate walked up behind him, and on a count of three, hoisted the boy up to the bar. Jesse grabbed on, overhand grip, medium distance, as instructed. As he hoisted his chin up above the bar, Tate began to bark out the numbers behind him. “One…two…three…four…no slowing buddy, five…gimme six….seven….” Jesse was now grinning ear to ear. He was exhausted, every muscle in his body wanted to scream and give up, but having his man who believed in him so fully, who knew that he had limitless potential – it gave Jesse a kind of energy he’d never felt before. This was exactly what Tate was talking about, he thought. Feeding off the energy of another man, using his essence, his energy, his stink to fuel his workout. That, and Jesse knew he didn’t really have a choice in the matter. If he wanted to see Tate twice a week, get sweaty with him, and potentially get his hands on that enormous cock, he’d be pulling himself up three more times. “Eight!” Tate screamed, now in front of Jesse. He slapped his exposed chest as Jesse’s arms lowered him down again. Jesse let out an immense grunt as he hoisted himself up once again. “Nine!” Jesse’s grip nearly began to falter, as his eyes met Tate’s again. With a grimace, he used every ounce of energy left in his body to pull himself up one final time, then drop down from the rack with a thud. Tate nearly caught him as he landed, panting and heaving. Tate faced him, a hand on his chest pushing him upright as Jesse strained, his vision nearly blurring for a moment as he caught his breath. Tate’s face was still stoic, masculine, staring down Jesse with a fierce, brotherly pride. “Ten. Look at me, Jesse. Ten.” He pushed Jesse’s chest roughly with both hands, and Jesse stumbled back a foot. “How does that feel, fucker?” “Good…” “Say it. Ten.” “Ten.” Jesse smiled. “Ten fucking pull ups.” Tate strode toward Jesse aggressively, pulling him in for a hug, his huge arms enveloping Jesse, and breathing in the boy’s scent. Tate laughed, “You’re a fucking beast, Jesse. Get some water, take ten, you deserve it. I gotta take a piss.” “Me too.” Jesse panted, taking back his drenched tank from Tate, and tossing it over his shoulder as they paced out of the gym toward the bathroom. Tate’s stride was wide and confident, and Jesse could feel himself subconsciously imitating his walk. Tate had become a kind of older brother for Jesse, especially in the absence of his actual older brother Chris, still away at basic training. “Surprised you still have any water left in you after that workout man…” They rounded the corner to the bathroom. Being a weekday evening, the place was nearly empty. Tate strode up to the wall length metal trough urinal against the far wall. Normally, Jesse would have taken up shop in one of the stalls, fearing his erection around a straight Alpha like Tate. But currently, Jesse’s sweaty dick hung loosely over his nutsack, an erection the furthest thing from his mind as his heart rate finally began to catch up with his breathing. Out of the corner of Jesse’s eye, he saw Tate hook his thumb into the waistband of his basketball shorts, pulling them down, and hefting his enormous penis out. He then reached in again, and hauled his nutsack over the top of the elastic waistband as well, the weight of his dark, sweaty balls holding his shorts down for him. Both of his hands went immediately up to his head, his armpits exposed, as he sighed. The scent from his pits wafted toward Jesse, as he more confidently turned to watch Tate, flopping his own junk over his waistband. He swore he could feel the heat emanating from his trainer’s armpits. His prominent black dong hung loosely over his shorts, as Jesse leaned slightly forward for a better look. Tate glanced sideways, arching one of his eyebrows slightly with a smirk. “Go ahead buddy, have a look. Don’t be shy.” He turned just slightly to give Jesse a bit of a show. Jesse closed and licked his lips, as he realized his mouth was hanging agape since they’d arrived. His eyes travelled up Tate’s torso, and met his gaze. He smiled somewhat sheepishly. Neither of the men were pissing. Tate continued to grin, almost challenging Jesse to say something, see if he would make a move. Jesse knew better than to just reach out and grab him – he’d been more than clear about his sexual desire for women. But after their intense first hour of bonding, he was curious to know how far he’d be able to push it. Maintaining eye contact, Jesse very slowly lowered to his knees, his dick flipping back into his shorts as the fabric rode back up to his waist. As his knees met the cold tile, Tate turned even further to face him, almost directly now. Behind them, Ethan Bradshaw entered the bathroom in a white jockstrap, and went to the water bottle station against the opposite wall. Jesse didn’t flinch. Neither did Tate, who knowingly flashed his teeth in a broad smile. Tate began to piss, the first stream hitting Jesse in the chest, streaming down his stomach and into his already drenched shorts. Tate’s hands unclasped above his head, and went down to his penis, now aiming his stream directly up and into Jesse’s face. Jesse obligingly opened his mouth to take in Tate’s stream. It was hot and tasted only mildly bitter. He let his mouth fill before taking his first swallow, then opening again to accept more. Tate moved his girthy cockyhead further up onto Jesse’s face. He closed his eyes, as Tate began soaking his hair. “What’s on the docket today, Ethan?” Tate asked. “Ah just chest and shoulders buddy. Played 18 yesterday, so I’m taking it easy on my knee.” “I hear you man…see you in there?” “You know it, Tate.” Ethan capped his water bottle, and cheersed Tate before rounding the corner toward the gym. Jesse wanted nothing more than to ask Ethan to join the fun, but knew what kind of wrath that might bring from his trainer. As Tate’s long piss finally began to subside, Jesse leaned in closer, now only inches kadıköy travesti away from his cock, collecting the final dribbles in his mouth. He took the black tank from his shoulder, and wiped away the piss from his face and chest, then ran it through his hair like a towel, grinning up at Tate with a bit of a laugh. This was exactly the type of bonding Jesse had in mind. “Won’t be an everyday thing, kid. But you fucking earned that one.” Tate winked, making his way over to the sink to wash his hands. Jesse followed, finding some humor in washing his hands after being drenched in this Alpha stud’s piss. “You didn’t even go!” Jesse laughed to himself, shaking his head, and striding back over to the urinal. “Trying to buy more time on your break, I see.” Tate goaded. He’d genuinely forgotten he had to piss, but Tate wouldn’t pass on this opportunity to tease him like an older bro would. “Tell you what…” Tate reached over, and grabbed Jesse’s water bottle from the counter. He unscrewed the cap, and poured what was left down the drain. Walking over to Jesse, he placed it in the urinal trough in front of him. “You like the stuff so much, fill er’ up. No need letting that go to waste.” Jesse half smiled in disbelief, but shook his head and obeyed. He was surprised how quickly he was able to start pissing, given the pee shyness he’d only recently left behind. He’d quickly filled the bottle, and aimed the rest onto the wall of the trough and down the drain. The next hour in the gym was theoretically easier than the first. Tate ran him through plyometric leg exercises, and then had him run on the treadmill for a bit. Jesse had always been okay with cardio endurance, with his light frame – but he could already feel his muscles aching. Ethan occupied one of the racks against the mirrored wall, increasingly loading up plates onto his bar before taking position for a bench press. Jesse was impressed at how much he could lift, but it did make sense given his hulking frame. He imagined working out was part of his job as a firefighter. His big, muscular ass looked incredible in the white jock, covered in blonde fur. Tate noticed Jesse’s gaze drifting over to Ethan as he jogged, and turned up the speed on the treadmill. This got Jesse’s attention. “Hey!” he panted as he tried to keep pace. Tate smiled knowingly. “Yeah, you keep your eyes on the prize buddy. And I don’t mean that colt in the jockstrap over there.” Jesse began to pant wildly, trying to keep pace with the treadmill, his legs a blur for a moment beneath him. Tate adjusted back down to his previous speed as Jesse caught his breath. He eyed Ethan for a moment, who had finished his set, and was towelling off his torso and taking a swig of water. “Yo Ethan, you finished your set man?” “Yeah buddy” Ethan exhaled, catching his breath, his hands on his hips as he wandered over toward Jesse and Tate. Jesse attempted to keep his eyes glued on the mirror in front of him as he continued to jog, knowing what punishment would come if he glanced over at the imposing jock striding toward him in his periphery. “Faggot here needs some inspiration I think.” “Oh yeah? What’s he like?” “Anything you wanna give him, bro.” Tate grinned. Ethan strode closer to Jesse, right beside him. Heat emanated from his body, and sure enough, Jesse could smell the musk coming off of his body. Ethan observed him for a moment before meeting Jesse’s eyes in the mirror. The boy was run ragged, but was trying his very best to focus on the task at hand. He felt his cock beginning to harden with the new attention. “Looks like Jesse’s getting a fucking boner man,” Ethan remarked, gesturing toward Jesse’s prominent bulge which flopped up and down against his scrotum under the thin fabric of the borrowed basketball shorts. The comment only served to turn Jesse on more, as he too noticed the increasing tent in his shorts that flapped as he ran. Tate crossed his arms and smiled broadly at Ethan. “What’s turning you on so much, buddy?” Ethan asked. Jesse continued to pant, barely able to answer even if he wanted to. Ethan placed a foot on the side of the treadmill and pulled himself up, right beside Jesse. Maneuvering around to face Jesse as he ran, Ethan looked him in the eye now. “You like my stink, Jesse?” Jesse could only nod slightly, trying to contain a wry smile. Ethan raised both his arms, exposing his hairy pits to Jesse, heat and musk radiating from them and towards Jesse. He breathed in deeply as he ran, closing his eyes for a moment before falling out of beat, and scrambling to regain his footing. Once again, Tate grinned, taking a step back to observe the scene as Ethan continued to pester the boy. In a quick hop, Ethan sat up on the front of the treadmill, as Jesse continued at his pace, thumping along the tread. Ethan swung his right leg deftly over Jesse, so that both legs were resting on either side of the boy on the treadmills handrails, his jockstrapped ass perched up on the top of the display, his crotch nearly at Jesse’s eye level. He smiled down, as Jesse couldn’t help but stare at the white pouch of his jock, his ample nuts and soft cock bulging the fabric. “Like what you see pal?” Ethan implored. Jesse again met his eyes for a moment and nodded. Ethan reached down, pulling aside the fabric of the cup, and letting his ball bag slip out the side. Two heavy nuts swung down and onto the display in front of Jesse. Sweaty and full, they bobbed for a moment, then settled. Jesse’s mouth was agape, as he inhaled the scent of this Alpha on display in front of him. Ethan reached down and, pushing his balls out of the way for a moment, increased Jesse’s speed slightly. “You keep this up for one minute Jesse, you get a reward.” Jesse began to pant even harder, his breath hitching for a moment, before he found his stride, and continued on with a newfound motivation. Ethan leaned back, pushing his hips up and off the treadmill, closer to Jesse’s face. He drank in the sight and smell of his sack as he continued to push, sprinting with everything he had. Ethan laughed, impressed, as he returned to sitting, and brought the pace down to a slow jog. “Dude, you’re fucking amazing, little bro. I remember my first session with Tate, I don’t even think I lasted through half of this.” Ethan offered a hand to Jesse, who slapped it in a bro high five. Jesse smiled – he was sure this couldn’t be true, and knew Ethan could handle much more of what Tate had thrown at him. But he still beamed with pride knowing he’d made it this far. “And what’s this reward you mentioned?” Tate asked before Jesse could follow up. Ethan smiled at the hulking trainer, before rotating himself. He placed both knees on either side of the treadmill handles, and planted his arms on the display. On all fours, mounted on the treadmill, Ethan now displayed his hairy jock ass to Jesse, the cheeks parting slightly, and Ethan’s hole only inches away from Jesse’s face. The smell intensified, as Jesse couldn’t help but increase his pace slightly, moving ever closer to the display in front of him. “Got my wife to eat my ass out the other night, dude. Wouldn’t believe how good it felt. But I bet you can do better man. You hungry for some firefighter ass buddy?” Ethan pushed out slightly, his asshole moving even closer to Jesse’s face. With a quick glance back to Tate, who shot him an approving nod, Jesse leaned forward and dove in, licking up Ethan’s sweaty ass crack in one pass, taking in his earthy taste and musky scent, before intuitively reaching up to part his cheeks further, and drive his tongue toward his hole. It was right, he could tell Ethan had never really put anything up there, but he slowly worked his tongue in past the first ring. Ethan moaned in response, pressing his ass back toward the boy and driving his tongue further in. Tate had now walked up closer to chat with Ethan. “How’s that feel man? Didn’t know you were into ass stuff.” Ethan laughed, then his breath hitched as a wave of pleasure coursed through him. “Hardly “into” it man, more just…curious at this point. Wife started going south after working my nuts over, and I just didn’t stop her. Was hot. Tell me you haven’t tickled your asshole while you jerked off, bud.” “Dude I don’t know – read about it in Maxim months ago, but I don’t think Alicia would go for it.” “Nah man, good girls wouldn’t be into this nasty shit. You need a whore like Jesse here to get filthy in there. Right little buddy?” Jesse muffled a reply, and the guys laughed to each other. “Fucking slut man.” Ethan grunted. Tate took a step back for a moment and took in the scene. Somehow, Ethan seemed even more powerful in this typically subservient position on all fours. But atop the treadmill, presenting his asshole for this kid, there was a kind of cocky confidence, peacocking and making him work for his degradation. Jesse desperately tried to keep up on the treadmill, burying his face further and further into the Alpha’s crack, tasting his sweaty essence. Tate stepped closer again next to Jesse, pushing a button to slow his speed even further, allowing him to catch his breath as he continued to inhale Ethan’s scent, lapping at his hole. “You got your tongue up my buddies hole, Jesse? You like feeling his shithole stretch around your tongue man? That’s what a real man tastes like.” Tate goaded him. Jesse muffled a groan, and his erection continued to tent his shorts in front of him, throbbing as he slowed to a fast walking pace now. Tate grabbed a fistful of Jesse’s damp brown hair at the nape of his neck, and pulled his face from Ethan’s ass. Ethan turned slightly, but Tate’s hand on his lower back told him to stay put. Jesse’s eyes remained fixed on Ethan’s asshole as he braced himself back against Tate’s hand, his face glowing with the Alpha’s ass sweat. “You like how his asshole tastes, Jesse?” “Yes sir.” “You like your reward?” Tate grinned. Jesse subconsciously licked his bottom lip as he groaned a slight nod, tasting the ass sweat covering his face, his eyes still transfixed on the asshole which flexed in front of him. Both cheeks were covered in a light dusting of blonde hair, which thickened toward the crack, now matted with a mixture of Jesse’s spit and Ethan’s sweat. Around the edges of the pink hole was devoid of hair, and Jesse stared as it seemed to flex and wink slightly. He desperately wanted to taste it again. Tate locked his hand back on Jesse’s hair and pulled against him, restraining his efforts. “You wanna make out with his anus again, faggot? You like kissing his asshole?” Jesse nodded. “I wanna hear you say it. You want to make out with Ethan’s asshole.” “Yes sir, I want to kiss his asshole sir.” “Yeah you do, pervert. That’s the only way you’re gonna kiss an Alpha like Ethan, isn’t it?” Jesse nodded, as Tate slowly guided Jesse imploring head towards the jock’s ass, eventually pushing his face into the crack, his extended tongue meeting his buddies hole, and slowly driving past the first ring once again to explore further. A hand still on Ethan’s lower back, Tate pressed down firmly, and Ethan arched, extending his ass out further to meet the young boy’s face, his cheeks parting further around his face. “Shit dude, he’s gonna make me shoot if he keeps that up.” Ethan grunted after a few minutes, turning his head back to Tate as Jesse serviced his ass. Tate pulled the emergency cord on the machine, the tread slowing to a stop beneath Jesse’s feet, who took the moment to plunge his tongue deeper than before, eliciting a deep moan from Ethan. His trainer grabbed both his shoulders in his powerful hands, and led Jesse a few steps back off the treadmill, still catching his breath after the ordeal. “Then we better leave you to your workout man. Can’t tire you out before you wrap things up in here.” He grinned to Ethan, who dismounted the treadmill, his erection now sticking prominently out the side of his jockstrap pouch above his low hanging nutsack. He shook his head in playful frustration, as he placed his hands on his hips and strode back to his rack. “Well I only have two more exercises, so I’ll see you boys in there?” “You know it bro…we’ll wait up. Round two.” Tate patted Jesse on the back as he led the way back toward the locker room. As they padded past Ethan who was now loading up the bench for another set, Jesse became acutely aware of his own scent, having worked out and sweated through his clothes for two hours, not to mention being covered in Alpha piss. Ethan grinned at him as he passed, still sporting a semi-chub. Jesse smiled to himself, secretly proud that he’d almost managed to get Ethan off by eating his ass, not even touching his meaty cock. Jesse and Tate made their way back to the lockers. “So…how was day one?” “I’m going to sleep like a fucking baby tonight.” “You’re damn right you are kid. And your body is gonna be sore as shit tomorrow. But you’ll heal up before Thursday and be ready for more punishment, I promise. Proud of you.” Tate took a step toward Jesse and inhaled deeply. “Damn dude, you’re ripe. This is the shit I’m talking about man.” He could tell Tate was amped about the smell. He could see how it shifted his vibe, electrifying his energy and sparking something primal in him. Tate walked even closer and lifted Jesse’s arms. He got in close, taking in a deep whiff. “Fuck dude. You stink man.” He smiled at Jesse, brushing his nose close along Jesse’s cheek and inhaling deeply. “Fucking boy stink, and jock ass buddy.” The sheen from Ethan’s ass on his face still glowed under the lighting. “Time to hit the showers?” Jesse asked. Tate peeled off his shirt in one motion. “Nah, I got a better idea. After a workout that hard, your muscles need more than hot water little bro.” He dropped his shorts, tossing them on the bench beside them, and Jesse followed suit. He tossed his rank shirt beside it. The two nude guys made their way back down past the bathroom, Tate’s cock swinging pendulously as he paced toward the nearly opaque glass door of the steam room. Pulling it open with a rush of air, he walked into the thick humidity of the steam, with Jesse hot on his tail. The steam was immediately intense on Jesse’s face as he breathed deep, feeling a pleasant sharpness in his lungs that he quickly grew accustomed to. The steam room was the shape of a U, with two tiers of dark grey tiled seating, with the steam grate in the centre of the small room. A window opposite the seating faced out to the hall, across from which was the entrance to the gym. As Jesse found Tate through the steam and took a seat, they saw a figure walk past the fogged window. Jesse could just barely make out Ethan’s mop of sweaty blonde hair as he paced back toward the lockers. “See, this is where the real bonding happens, dude.” Tate said. He again reached his arms over his head and leaned back, spreading his legs, and letting his cock and balls hang loosely over the edge of the bench. Jesse openly admired him, just wanting to get down and suck his cock. He wanted to see him hard. Wanted to taste his sweat, his cum. Blood immediately began to rush to Jesse’s penis, which in a matter of seconds was pointing straight up to the ceiling. Through a barely open eye, Tate caught Jesse’s gaze. “Get in there bud…smell a real man.” Jesse didn’t need to be told twice. He immediately dropped to his knees on the tile, and crawled up closer to Tate’s nuts. Breathing in deeply, the mix of thick humidity, and sweaty male testosterone filled Jesse’s lungs, fuelling his erection. He very slowly reached up, and with two fingers, touched the head of Tate’s enormous cock. “Sorry bud, cock’s off limits. Got my girl at home waiting for me.” Jesse stammered. “No I know, I–I just wanted to…” Tate smiled. With one hand, he reached down and lifted his penis up, giving Jesse better access to his nutsack. “Balls are fair game bro…go to town.” Jesse took another deep inhale, before opening his mouth, and lapping at Tate’s scrotum. They tasted like musk and sweat. He licked one first, then the other, with long strokes of his tongue, feeling the motion of his balls along the skin. Looking up at Tate, he took one ball in his mouth entirely, gently pulling with his mouth as he encircled in with the tip of his tongue. Tate’s eyes closed, and his hands went back up to his head, clearly enjoying the sensation. Jesse could see Tate’s cock begin to shift and swell, as he opened his mouth and began sucking on the other nut. They were impossibly large, filling his mouth one at a time as he continued swirling them with his tongue. The door behind them opened with a reverberant squeak, as the steam swirled around them, and Ethan entered. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, as he took a seat opposite the boys to watch the show. “Damn, kid moves quick.” “Hey you’d know that better than anyone, bro…” Tate laughed to Ethan. Jesse suspected they’d all seen the tape by now, and his cock began to leak precum onto the floor below them. Tate groaned, looking down at Jesse. “You like my nuts in your mouth, little bro?” Jesse muffled his approval, as Tate began masturbating. He spat into his hand, and began massaging his cock to full length. It was thicker than Jesse could have imagined, and at least eight inches long, maybe even nine. He’d never seen anything like it, and from his perspective between Tate’s legs, it was incredibly intimidating. With slow, wet strokes, he continued jacking off in Jesse’s face. “You gonna join us buddy? I know this little dude wants a cock in his mouth bad, man. I was saving my load for Alicia, but I think this little guy deserves it after today.” Ethan stood, leaving his now damp towel behind. From the corner of his eye, Jesse saw that he was already hard as a rock, his boner bouncing as he strode toward them. He was brought immediately back to that weekend, taking Ethan’s thick uncut cock in his mouth and up his ass. His body was incredible, especially after a recent pump in the gym, his broad chest covered in blonde fur, his face with nearly enough stubble to be considered a beard. He sat down right next to Tate, throwing his arm around his buddy, and spreading his legs. Jesse reached over and took Ethan’s cock in his hand, gently sliding his foreskin up and down the shaft, his heavy balls moving up and down with the motion. Tate let out another groan as he continued to jack himself off, surveying the scene. After lapping at Tate’s nutsack one final time, Jesse moved to reposition himself, his mouth opening to take Ethan’s cock once again. But suddenly he felt a large hand grab a handful of his hair, and pull his head up and into Ethan’s armpit. It was Tate. “Already getting distracted little buddy. You’re here to soak in all the testosterone you can, right? Here’s the source man.” Jesse took in a deep whiff of Ethan’s armpit, breathing in his natural musk that he’d worked up through the day, and at the gym. It was intoxicating. Ethan’s deep voice carried through the tiled room. “Got more of that for you, kid. In fact…” He pulled Jesse’s hand away from his cock, and moved him back down onto his knees between his legs again. “I want you to clean these nuts like you did my buddy. We’re just gonna jack off on you, like you’re our little cumrag.” Jesse’s mind swirled with intense horniness, masking any disappointment he may have been feeling in that moment. His cock was stiff, and his nuts pulled tight even in the steam. He felt his asshole pulse, begging to be fucked again by one of these Alphas. But he obeyed, and his being subservient gave him a different kind of rush, a new kind of pleasure. As he tongued Ethan’s ballsack, he looked up at the two men. They were still jacking their cocks, watching each other, and occasionally looking back down at Jesse as he serviced them. Ethan’s nutsack tasted similar to Tate’s, though his balls were slightly smaller. He was at one point barely able to fit them both in his mouth, rolling them with his tongue and sending shuddering waves of pleasure up to Ethan’s cock. As Jesse licked the underside of his nuts, he began stroking his own cock very slowly, cautious not to cum. Despite his desperation to be fucked, he knew that this was not about his own body’s pleasure, but the Alpha’s domination. Desperate to taste Ethan’s musky hole again, Jesse’s tongue pushed farther below Ethan’s ballsack, finding blonde hair that led back towards his ass crack. He continued licking along his balls, pushing his luck further and further, as he made eye contact with Ethan. In a moment, he felt Ethan shift forward ever so slightly, exposing more of his ass crack for Jesse to lick. He could taste the sweat even more now, pushing his face deeper, Ethan’s ballsack now resting on Jesse’s nose. Tate reached over, and pulled Ethan’s leg up from behind his knee. Ethan responded by shifting down farther onto the bench, and lifting his other leg, placing his foot up on the bench, and fully exposing his asshole to Jesse. Jesse made eye contact with Tate for a moment. “You wanna taste more of his asshole, little bro? Didn’t get your fill out there? We bakırköy travesti got an insatiable little whore here, bro.” Tate smiled, pulling Ethan’s leg even farther up to his chest. He smiled over at Ethan, teasingly. “How’s he compare to your wife, buddy?” Ethan smiled, then looked down at Jesse, nodding his awed approval, his mouth agape. “No comparison bro. When a fag like this is so desperate to please a dude, he puts in ten times the effort…” His voice hitched and he threw his head back against the tile bench above them for a moment, his hands over his head, his eyes closing. Jesse took both hands and pulled gently as Ethan’s ass cheeks, then buried his tongue deep into Ethans hole. It tasted incredible, musky and sweaty. He took it all in, breathing through his nose as he licked in and around his hole. Ethan continued to jack off, and Tate’s cock swelled in response to the show Jesse was putting on. As he pumped his cock faster and faster above him, Jesse could feel Ethan’s ass beginning to flex and tighten around his tongue, his cockhead swelling as he neared his climax. As Ethan’s legs came down beside Jesse, he pulled back, remaining on his knees. Ethan now stood to join Tate on Jesse’s other side, both men stroking their cocks swiftly. Jesse took each of their nut sacks in his hands, massaging them gently as he felt them pulling up into their bodies. Tate let a slow stream of saliva drool down onto his cock, then continued jacking it. Ethan placed his left arm on Tate’s shoulder, leaning in towards him as they made eye contact. “You wanna blow on this kid?” His breath was shuddering as he masturbated above Jesse. “Fuck man, this boy gave it his all today, I think he deserves a little protein.” He smiled, and also placed his arm on Ethan’s shoulder, pulling each other in above Jesse. Their pits now exposed, Jesse could smell their musk emanating down from above. The sounds of their hands sliding deftly over their rock hard cocks, as Jesse gently massaged their balls. He felt Ethan’s nuts tighten again in his hand, and knew he was very close. “You tell me when bro,” Ethan barely managed to whisper. “I’m right there.” “Hell yes dude, so am I.” “Yeah?” “You wanna shoot it bro?” Tate panted. “Fuck yes dude, fucking sperm on him dude.” “Open your mouth fucking cumrag, take our seed little bro.” Jesse’s mouth already hung open between them, as they aimed their cocks into his mouth. Seemingly in sync, the men began to shoot stream after stream of semen into Jesse’s awaiting mouth. He felt some across his lips and teeth, but most managed to get right down onto his tongue. They tasted sweet, their cum mixing with the saliva in his mouth. Shot after shot, it felt like they might fill him to the brim, but he felt the warmth begin to subside as they squeezed the last few drops from the tips of their cocks. Jesse closed his eyes, as he savored the taste, then swallowed it down. Above him in the steam, the two men smiled down at him, exhausted. They clasped hands, laughing between panting breaths at a job well done. The three guys finally made their way to the showers, where both Tate and Ethan continued to chat about their plans for the week, as Jesse rubbed their bodies down with soap. He knew it was another part of his reward for his work in the gym to admire their bodies like this, rubbing down their defined torsos, down Tate’s adonis belt, to his thick dong. His nuts swung low in the hot water, as Jesse paid special attention to his penis. He loved getting one final look at Ethan’s hole as he soaped him up, Ethan bending over slightly to grant him access, before rinsing down. Jesse remained erect the entire time, his penis pointing directly skyward. This was, after all, not about his own pleasure, but the Alpha’s. Tate hung Jesse’s borrowed sweaty gym strip in his locker, and they made their way back upstairs to flag the driver and get Jesse home. The boy remained in a euphoric afterglow, even though he hadn’t cum. He had wanted so desperately to be fucked by a big cock again today, to feel that stretch in his hole, that fullness that had made him feel so complete. And yet as the black SUV weaved it’s way through the forest under the cover of night, he felt a different kind of satisfaction. His muscles were exhausted, his body was spent, and he had pleasures two Alpha’s that night. He’d go to sleep with a smile on his face, and an erection still tenting his sheets. ________________ On Thursday, Jesse returned to Lockwood for another session with Tate. As promised, Tate wore his rank gym strip from last session, slipping on the shorts, and pulling the shirt over his head before pumping his arms and slapping his chest, clearly getting off on the boy’s smell. Jesse smiled to himself, beginning to understand what Tate meant about men fueling each other here. For his part, he brought a used gym strip he’d taken from Coach Taylor’s bin in the locker room. Over the years, it had accumulated sweaty shorts and shirts left behind by boys in his class. Jesse chose a pair of grey shorts and white wifebeater, deeply inhaling their stale sweaty scent before trying them on in a cubicle at school. He had every intention of adding to their scent, and leaving them behind for Tate to show his gratitude. He remembered Tate’s instructions, and hadn’t used antiperspirant since Tuesday. Also knowing his trainer’s deep love of man smells, he kept his foreskin pulled over his penis head while he showered. On the way to the gym, Tate swung by the bathroom, stopping by the urinal and retrieving Jesse’s water bottle. It had been left in the trough without it’s lid, and throughout the week, the various men of the club had taken their turns pissing in it. It had clearly overflowed after just a few hours, but now was a potent mix of stranger’s piss, some old, some young, but all potent and virile men, sharing their essence with Jesse. Tate capped the water bottle, and handed it to Jesse who took a careful swig as he followed his trainer around the corner. It tasted surprisingly mild, with a slight acridity that stirred Jesse’s nutsack. The training was entirely new, set after set of exercises designed to confuse Jesse’s muscles, and have him working in entirely new ways. His body was still shot after 48 hours of Tate’s previous onslaught, but the new regimen for the day kept him on his toes, and feeling strong. He and Tate’s bond grew stronger, as the dominant black trainer learned the intricacies of Jesse’s psyche; what motivates him, what drives him to excel, to impress his Alpha’s. With a slut like Jesse, this motivation frequently came in the form of sexual temptation. Tate would pull up a shorts leg, letting his ample nuts fall out the side as he straddled Jesse’s face during a bench set. As Jesse performed push up after pushup, he’d begin to feel the hefty girth of Tate’s manhood touch his ass, his trainer in a squat above him, forcing him to keep perfect form, pushing further and further to meet his hanging dong. After another break, Jesse was led back to the pull up bar – the piece of equipment that both intimidated him the most, but also brought him the greatest sense of pride in Tuesday’s accomplishment. “This time, we’re going for twenty-five”. Tate states, crossed his arms and eying Jesse expectantly. Jesse stifled a laugh for a moment, unsure how Tate could possibly be serious. On Tuesday, he’d only barely completed ten. By now, his shoulders and lats were aching, and he’d be surprised to even get himself up on the bar. “Say it to me. Twenty-five.” Tate implored. Jesse hesitated. “Twenty-five?” He barely muttered. Tate strode closer to him as he positioned himself under the bar to be hoisted. He wrapped his arounds around Jesse’s damp midsection, inhaling the scent of the boys who wore this gym strip before, mixed with the kid’s own efforts. He hoisted him up onto the bar as he elaborated. “Tell you what, we’ll raise the stakes. You get to twenty five, and I’ll give you something you’ve been aching for this entire week.” As Jesse gripped the bar above him, stretching his pec and shoulder muscles, he listened intently. Tate deftly grabbed at the fabric of Jesse’s shorts, finding the seam along the back, and pressing gently until he found Jesse’s asshole. He let out the slightest moan as he hung there, and Tate ripped a small tear along the seam of his shorts, exposing Jesse’s hole. The air caught Jesse off guard, but served to motivate him further; maybe this meant Tate would finally oblige, and fuck him. Fulfill his aching emptiness he’d felt since the onslaught of the weekend’s orgy. “But if you don’t do them, the treadmill is calling your name.” Out of his periphery, Jesse saw Will enter the gym as if on cue. He gave a quick smile to Tate, and made his way over to the second treadmill. While the idea of cardio once again made Jesse weak in the knees, next to the handsome firefighter, it might not be so bad. With a firm slap on Jesse’s ass, he began hoisting himself up, his chin just barely making it over the bar before lowering himself down again. “One.” Tate bellowed. Another heave up, and Jesse completed a second rep. Soon he was crawling his way closer to ten, but twenty-five seemed an impossible way off. “Ten!” Tate shouted like an officer in the military, barking out commands to a junior cadet. Jesse mustered enough strength to hoist his chin up over the bar for two more reps, before his grip gave out, and he collapsed to the mat in a heap. Tate smiled for a moment, knowing his goal would have been impossible to meet, but also impressed at Jesse’s drive to get to twelve. He knelt, and patted Jesse on the back. “Nearly got halfway buddy. You know what that means.” Jesse laughed under his breath as he panted his way over to the treadmill beside Will. Will was a runner, Jesse could tell. He wore black shorts with an olive t-shirt, a dark patch of sweat down his back, and running from his neck over his chest in the front. He grabbed the bottom lip of his shirt and pulled it up to dab the sweat on his forehead, exposing a trail of dark hair that ran down his abs, into the waistband of his white boxers. Jesse stole a glance as Will’s gaze was transfixed on the TV above him playing a rugby game. His prominent jawline was covered in a light dusting of dark hair. His arms flexed as he kept up a face pace, totally in control. His defined calves and thighs were covered in dark hair. Jesse inhaled deeply, the familiar scent he remembered since he’d stolen Will’s blue boxers a couple weeks back. Musky and natural, the scent of a confident man. Jesse took up his spot beside Will, trying his best to seem like a confident peer of the man, and not the subservient whore who had taken his cock up his ass a few days ago, as Tate set the treadmill to match Will’s speed. When Jesse was at pace, Tate straddled the treadmill behind Jesse, hooking his fingers into the small hole he’d created in the seat of his shorts. In a swift movement, he tore open the hole even further, exposing most of his ass, and ensuring Jesse knew his place in the hierarchy here. “There…feel a bit freer?” Jesse blushed for a moment, trying to concentrate on running, as he caught Will stealing a glance in his periphery. Will smiled, enjoying the show as Tate tried his best to humiliate Jesse as punishment. “How’s it feel Jesse? Having your ass out in the air like this? Knowing any dude could just come in here and take your hole? Lift you up and just impale you on their cock, use you as their sex you? You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Tate egged Jesse on, grinning at him as he walked over to the front of the treadmill. “`Course, now that Will took your cherry, and most of the guys at the club saw you being a little faggot in that video, maybe they’ll just pass. Maybe you’ll need to beg them to get in your hole.” He playfully taunted Jesse, whose face flushed again. Will spoke up between panting breaths, “Dude, the gang at the firehouse wouldn’t need begging, they’d be lined up down the block to get a chance at that hole. Hampton said he got two new memberships from the show this kid put on.” Tate smiled to himself. He knew that Jesse’s hole was still coveted at the club, maybe even more so the firmer his body got, and the more experience he got under his belt. But Tate was finding it increasingly difficult to find new ways to punish Jesse that didn’t serve to turn him on further. He noticed Jesse give a warm smile to Will in the mirror, which the older firefighter returned, before turning his gaze back up to the game on the monitor. “How’s the new addition, Will?” Tate asked, stepping between the treadmills, and turning up Jesse’s speed just slightly. “I mean, not getting as much sleep as I used to, just trying to keep up with shit around the house between shifts. But the kid’s good. Still doing the song and dance to all the family and friends coming by to see him.” “Sounds busy dude. Your woman still taking care of you?” “Hell no, man. Jerking off every chance I get man, it’s fucking lame. I mean I get it, she’s got even more on her plate than I do with the little guy, but a dude’s got needs.” “You ever figure out what happened with those boxers you left behind here?” Tate asked, giving Will a quick knowing glance. Will hesitated, then smiled back at him slightly. “Cleaners said they never had anything turned in. No idea, some asshole probably stole them.” Jesse’s face reddened anew, as he tried to focus up at the TV screen as well. The huge rugby players grunting and manhandling each other wasn’t the distraction he was hoping for, as Tate continued. “Damn, too bad. Must be some pervert around here.” Jesse could tell that Tate was goading him at this point. How did he find out Jesse was the one who had stolen Will’s boxers? Did Will know at this point? “You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you Jesse?” he implored, smiling coyly as he tried to catch Jesse’s gaze. When the boy remained stoic, staring forward, he reached for Jesse’s water bottle in the holder beside him. “Open.” Jesse finally met his gaze, and let his mouth open slightly. Tate squeezed the bottle, sending a forceful stream of men’s piss into Jesse’s mouth, most landing inside, but some splashing onto his face. Jesse closed his eyes as he savored the mouthful and swallowed, continuing to keep pace. Tate increased the speed slightly, and asked again, “You haven’t seen Will’s sweaty, blue boxers lying around here, have you?” Jesse again tried his best to start ahead, the slightest nervous smirk forming in the corner of his mouth, as once again Tate sprayed him with the bottle, this time the stream hitting him in the chest, and soaking his white tank. “Jesse?” “I took them…I wasn’t sure if–” “You took Will’s boxers? Why would you take them?” “I wasn’t sure if you just left them behind or, if you–” Tate sprayed Jesse in the mouth with the piss again as he spoke. He sputtered for a moment, swallowing as much as he could. “Why’d you take them Jesse?” “So I could smell them. So I could smell your sweat.” “And did you masturbate to Will’s smell, Jesse?” “Y-yes sir.” He stammered. His face was beat red, in part because of the rapid pace at which Tate had set the treadmill, and in part because Will’s gaze was now fully fixed on him. “Did you wear them while you masurbated your penis?” “Yes sir.” Tate slowed Jesse’s pace to a walk, as Will smiled beside them. “Atta boy. Thank you for your honesty, slut. Open up.” Jesse obliged, and Tate emptied the rest of his water bottle into Jesse’s thirsty mouth. Jesse could only imagine which men’s piss he was drinking now. Will let out a slight chuckle. “Dude, he’s fucking with you. I left them behind for you on purpose. Saw you checking out Ethan and I when we worked out, figured I’d throw you a bone, a welcome gift. I know how dudes like you operate.” Jesse’s erection fully tented the front of his shorts, and a small wet patch showed his obvious arousal. Fuck. He had done it all on purpose. Maybe Will was feeling the same spark that Jesse was? Tate led Jesse back to the showers, where Jesse again started to wash down the god. “You did well today kid. I gotta say, you’re blowing my expectations out of the water with what you can handle. Both with the workouts, and the…other shit.” Tate smiled. Jesse felt a kind of camaraderie with Tate. Like an older brother figure, he appreciated the razzing he gave him, and welcomed the wisdom Tate had passed along. As he began to rinse down Tate’s body, the man stood with his feet further apart, to allow him access to his nuts. He crossed his arms and enjoyed the feeling of the hot water beating down on him as Jesse knelt in front, cleaning his thighs and nutsack. Will strode in with a towel over his shoulder, and took up the shower next to the guys along the wall. “Fuck man, looks nice.” he commented. Tate opened one eye and grinned at him. “Like having one of those Geisha chicks serve you at a high priced spa, buddy. Just gotta lay back and let him do the work.” Tate turned off the water, and moved back toward the entryway. Jesse grabbed a towel and moved to begin drying Tate off, when he motioned back to Will. “Why don’t you give our dude a wash? Sounds like he needs it with what’s happening at home.” Yes, Tate knew how to punish, but he also knew how to reward. And as he became more familiar with Jesse, he was becoming acutely attuned to his deepest desires. They said goodbye, and Jesse made his way back toward Will, his penis already hardening at the idea of getting his hands on the hunk again. “Do you mind if I…take over, sir?” “You can call me Will, buddy. The sir thing gets weird for me. But yeah, I’d love it man.” He stood back just as Tate had, with his legs spread, and let Jesse go to work. Pumping soap into his hand, Jesse began to lather Will up beside the stream of water. Starting with his back and arms, scrubbing at his armpits, then down his front, his pecs and abs, exploring his hairy chest and abdomen. By the time Jesse was kneeling in front of him, Will’s cock was already semi hard. He began to massage it with the soap, lathering up his pubes, and spreading the soap back under his taint and to his ass crack. Down each hairy, muscular leg, he kept the pressure up to give Will a kind of massage. Will’s eyes closed in pleasure, as his cock responded, now sticking straight out at a ninety degree angle from his body. “Fuck, that feels amazing, Jesse.” Back under the shower, Jesse began to rinse him down, his eyes transfixed on Will’s thick circumcised cock. His nuts were hanging low and heavy, and he wondered how much cum he had saved up in there. Jesse’s mind raced with the possibilities, and his mouth nearly opened to ask Will’s permission to stroke him, or take his cock into his mouth. What Jesse really wanted was for Will to grab him by the hair, lead him to the centre of the room, and fuck him doggy style. He wanted Richard Hampton and Duke Cabot, he wanted his dad and Mr Garrison to walk in and watch him, cheer him on. He wanted to take them all, one by one, opening his hole and treating him like the beta he was. But as he glanced back up from below and met Will’s eyes for a moment, his erect cock between them, he felt a nervous twinge in his stomach. A different kind of dynamic between them. Jesse couldn’t figure out why, of all the men at the club, he was most nervous around the one who had taken his hole first. He bit his tongue, and finished rinsing. Will turned off the water, and began to walk back to the lockers, tossing a towel to Jesse to dry him off. “Heard your dad is out of town for the week? Hope he’s back for Saturday!” “What’s on Saturday?” Jesse asked, as he ran the towel over Will’s athletic body. “Poker Night at the club. They run it once a month up in the pub, for dads only. Since we just had the little guy, this will be my first time attending. Apparently there are some high stakes pots, I’m nervous. Will you be there?” Jesse knew his father had a regularly scheduled poker night, but he’d never been asked along. Now that he was a member, he only hoped his dad would include him when he came back into town. “Just for dads?” “Well….and their sons, I assume.” Will smiled at Jesse, and wrapped the towel around his body as he made his way back to the lockers. “Thanks for the scrubdown, buddy” he called back to Jesse as he rounded the corner. Jesse made his way back, and took the time to wash himself down now. His entire body was exhausted, and he couldn’t wait to get home into bed to crash. With the vision of Will’s body and cock under the running water fresh in his mind, he contemplated jacking off in the shower now, but his arms were rubber. Instead, he took a moment to play with his asshole in the empty shower room, anticipating when he might be fucked again. Making his way back to the lockers, he saw that Will had made his way back upstairs. He opened his locker, and found a pair of sweaty white boxers hung on the side hook. Taking the damp underwear in his hands, Jesse pressed them to his face and inhaled deeply, knowing immediately that they were Will’s from today. He let his tongue explore the fabric, tasting the salt and sweat that the firefighter had left behind. He smiled to himself, knowing he’d see Will again on the weekend, and feeling further emboldened to ask for what he truly wanted.

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