The ListThe List


“Hey, here you go. Here’s a list of women’s ten most common sexual fantasies,” Michelle said, looking up from her laptop to see the reaction of her coworker.

Nate looked at her blankly, but he fully intended her to get the idea that he was listening and interested.

“The top three are: sex at work; sex in an elevator; and, being forced to have sex or forcing somebody to have sex.”

Nate remained expressionless. “I suppose you’ve done them all.”

“I have NOT!” the beautiful brunette replied briskly.

“Two out of three?”

“Stop it, Nate. This is why they are listed as fantasies,” Michelle said.

Nate smiled. “So, you’ve at least thought about doing them.”

Michelle shrugged. “Maybe.”

If anybody at the company knew what Michelle fantasized about, it was Nate. In the two years they worked together, they dated in phases ranging from occasional acquaintances to virtually domestic partners. Each cycle ended with an extended cooling down period. And oddly, at no time had they ever actually had sex.

The current phase was heating up and weeks of sexual tension had been building between the marketing department whiz kids. Michelle with her cheerleader body and face and Nate with his classic big city good looks seemed made for each other, at least in the eyes of their fellow employees.

They worked for another twenty minutes before Michelle announced she was heading to the snack room for a candy bar. Nate watched her lovely ass sway inside her short skirt as she turned the corner. He listened to her heels click in the hallway, each step getting softer until silence returned to the office.

Michelle suspected they were alone. It wasn’t unusual when they were working on a deadline project. Since they were both single, leaving at seven or eight was not the end of the world and the company was good at making it up to them. Besides, they liked each others company…most of the time.

She inserted her dollar and made a selection. The candy bar rattled to the bottom of the vending machine and she pulled it out. Michelle began opening it on the way back to the office, oblivious to her surroundings.

She took one bite as she approached the reception area. Michelle heard, or sensed, the oncoming footsteps behind her, but didn’t have time to turn before the hands were on her.

“Put the candy bar down, Michelle. I have something much better for you than that.”

Nate didn’t try to disguise his voice. Perhaps that was what kept Michelle from crying out at the surprise of his ‘attack’. She put the candy bar on the top of the receptionist’s desk and allowed Nate to push her steadily toward the elevators.

He had her by both arms, pulled slightly behind her. Nothing about his actions hurt her, but Michelle was powerless in his strong grip. They neared the elevator doors.

“Push the up button,” Nate said.

He let go of one hand and Michelle complied. He quickly took hold of her again. They waited in silence for a few seconds, and then the door slid open. Nate pushed Michelle into the dimly lit, mirrored space.

She could feel her heart pounding faster. Fear mixed with anticipation. Part of Michelle suspected Nate was being playful, but another small part of her didn’t know. The elevator door closed behind them.

In the mirror, she saw him slam his palm against the big, red Stop button.

“Nate. What are you…,” she began to say.

“I think it’s time we start working on your list,” he said.

“My list?”

“Your sexual fantasies. If we do this right, the top three can be scratched off right now. You are going to be forced to have sex, at work, in an elevator,” Nate said, pressing hard enough into Michelle’s back that she was driven against the wall.

Michelle felt the unmistakable hardness of his erection on her ass. Nate ground himself into her a little more and moved his hands to the front of her blouse.

“If that article is true, and if you’re honest about your own fantasies, then they should be able to hear you in the next building by the time we’re done,” Nate said.

His hand cupped her right breast. He felt her bra under the thin material of the blouse and he rolled his palm over the fullness of her twenty eight year old chest. Nate buried his face in her neck, under the flowing brown hair.

“Pretend I’m that VP you’ve been lusting after. Charles. Isn’t that his name, Michelle? Pretend I’m Charles and he wants to talk to you about a promotion. You’d do anything to work for him, wouldn’t you Michelle?”

She tried not to smile at Nate’s use of her own confessions against her. She was about to speak when she felt his hands unbuttoning the top of her blouse. He had released some of the pressure against her body, but Michelle continued to press her hands against the mirrored wall. She peered straight ahead, but was looking into the intense eyes of her colleague.

Michelle watched the top two buttons being undone. She saw her white bra come into view and Nate’s hand slide inside the blouse, sex hikayeleri coming to rest on her left breast. The sense of being violated was lessened by her awareness of the ‘assailant’. However, Michelle found the whole experience still to be incredibly stimulating.

Nate lingered inside her blouse before quickly opening the remaining buttons and yanking the shirt out of Michelle’s skirt. She saw him admiring her chest in the mirror. Their eyes met, and the lust was obvious.

Nate reached up and unhooked Michelle’s bra. The release of the tension on her ample breasts was welcomed, but that was quickly overshadowed by Nate’s lifting of her bra and squeezing of her ultra-sensitive nipples.

“Oh God, Nate. No! Not here. Somebody might…oh God! Nate!”

Prior instances of foreplay by the couple had taken them this far. Nate knew Michelle was putty in his hands if he concentrated on her nipples. Now it was time to take her to the next level.

“Yes, Michelle. Here…and now,” he whispered in her ear while playing with her tits. “It’s your fantasy and I’m going to make it come true.”

His left hand continued to massage her breast. But Nate’s right hand drifted down her body and onto her leg. He reached for the bottom of her skirt and slid his fingers up the inside of her thigh. He could feel her body stiffen. His cock responded in kind.

Unconsciously, Michelle dropped a hand behind her and clutched at Nate’s crotch. Once she had the outline of his cock firmly in her palm, she gripped him harder. They both moaned for the first time.

Nate’s hand had risen to the bottom of her panties. A quick move onto her pussy confirmed what he suspected: she was soaking wet.

“Ohhhh. So you DO like this?” he said to her.

Michelle didn’t answer. At least, not verbally. When Nate’s fingers began probing the moist surroundings of her pussy and clit, she let her body talk for her. She gyrated under his touch, simultaneously trying to avoid his fingers and seeking them out. Meanwhile, she stroked him faster and he reached maximum erection.

Nate lifted her skirt with both hands. He let it collect around her waist, the tiny panties underneath now in full view. He clutched at her ass, squeezing the cheeks until Michelle squealed with pleasure.

Little time was wasted. Nate grabbed the panties and yanked them down her legs while the outline of his fingers could still be seen on her cheeks. Michelle felt the cool air of the elevator rush up her legs and loiter around her pussy. Her juices intensified the sudden rush of air. She felt vulnerable, and very naked.

Close beside them, the whoosh of the other elevator flying past reminded them where they were…and what they were doing.

“I think it’s time to officially mark these things off the list, Michelle. Are you ready? Are you ready to be fucked?” Nate asked while pressing his body against her.

Michelle shook her head.

“Good girl,” Nate said softly. “Don’t give in. Because I’m going to force you to enjoy this. I’m going to MAKE you scream when you cum.”

It took him half a minute to open his pants and pull out his cock. Michelle couldn’t see it yet, but she certainly felt it when Nate finally rested the cock on top of her bare ass. The warm shaft fell into the crack of her ass and she felt her entire body shudder.

Nate grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back.

“Spread your legs,” he demanded.

Michelle complied, adding to her sense of a complete lack of control. She leaned on the wall.

She felt the tip of Nate’s cock at the entrance to her cunt. She’d never had sex like this before—from behind, standing. She wondered for an instant how it would feel. Would it be better? Worse? Did she have to do anything different?

The answers came quickly. Nate pushed forward with a sudden, near-violent thrust and his cock entered Michelle with surprising ease.

“Oh God!” Michelle shouted.

Nate held her in place, his balls resting on her ass during the couple of seconds before he pulled out. He re-entered her and Michelle gasped a second time. Then the fucking began in earnest.

Nate grunted with each thrust. Michelle exhaled in rhythm with Nate’s piston-like cock. The size and rigidity of the shaft shocked her, but she couldn’t deny the effect it was having on her. The smell of their sex began to fill the small space.

When Nate was confident Michelle was firmly in place and capable of accepting his rapid-fire fucking, he moved his hands back up to her tits and massaged them roughly.

In the mirrored wall, he saw her mouth hang open, although no words came out.

“C’mon, Michelle. Accept it. You’re going to cum and you can’t stop it. Your nipples are about to explode and your clit is throbbing. I can feel your juices running down my cock. Now cum!”

Her mind fought him. Her body screamed out for more. His hands seemed to be everywhere, and everywhere he touched made her want to orgasm. But not here; not now.

Michelle was practically in tears porno hikayeleri by the time her body gave in. She felt the familiar tightening in the pit of her stomach. She felt it deep inside her pussy. It was like a wave with nothing in its way. Michelle couldn’t prevent it from crashing over her.

“Fuck, no! Nate! Stop! Ahhhhhh!”

“Yes, Michelle,” Nate said in the loudest voice he had used so far. “Yes! You’re going to cum. Fight it as much as you want.”

Instead, she forced her ass back into Nate’s body. His throbbing cock filled her cunt and slammed along the walls of her vagina. Fingers rolled her nipples and pulled on them while she yelled her approval.

Finally, she cried out and was lost in the most intense orgasm she ever had. Her little hands clung to the wooden railing. Her cunt gladly accepted the full pounding provided by Nate’s cock. Michelle wobbled on uncertain legs as the orgasm rose and fell, returned and subsided, never near the end.

In time, Nate was literally holding her up by smashing her against the wall, continuing to propel his cock up into her soaking wet cunt. Just when she seemed ready to collapse, Michelle lifted herself off Nate’s cock and rotated to face him. She fell to her knees and opened her mouth. Before he knew what was happening, she had her lips around his cock.

Nate watched her long brown hair flop in all directions as Michelle frantically sucked him off. He was already close to cumming, and the tightness of her mouth made it impossible for him not to orgasm.

The first shot of cum caught her by surprise with its force and volume. She gagged momentarily, allowed excess semen to drip out the sides of her mouth, and accepted the next couple blasts without faltering. By the time Nate thought he was done, Michelle’s mouth and chin were covered with white cum.

He watched in amazement as Michelle used her tongue and forefinger to clean up the mess. Then she kissed his cock and looked up at her coworker.

“Holy shit!” Nate moaned.

“Think anybody heard us?” Michelle asked as she rose to her feet.

“Who the fuck cares. Get dressed and I’ll get us out of here,” Nate said.


As with most young dating couples, trust was a major stumbling block with Michelle and Nate. Up until the elevator ‘incident’, Michelle was not willing to confide in Nate the amount of trust needed for her to prolong the relationship. But that single event changed her attitude considerably.

She enjoyed his spontaneity, not to mention the unbelievable sexual gratification he provided her. She was ready to follow him nearly anywhere after that.

“So, what’s next on the list?” he asked her two days later at work.

Michelle looked surprised. “Well, I don’t…I don’t know. I mean, I’ll have to look that up again.”

“Do it.”

She clicked away on the keyboard for a few minutes and managed to reproduce the article in question. “Ahh. Here we go,” she said.

“Well?” Nate asked.

She read for a minute.

“OK. Number four is: ‘Having sex with a person visiting the home, such as a person repairing the television or a sales person.'”

Nate looked at her intently, without saying a word. She understood his meaning immediately.

“Yeah. I think about that sometimes,” she admitted.

Nate smiled. “I like this list more and more. How are you going to do it?”

Michelle shrugged. “Didn’t I already tell you I’m having a home security system installed in the condo?”

Nate’s eyes widened. “No. You never said anything to me. That’s it!”

“But what if the guy is, like, eighty and fat and…,” she started to say.

“C’mon, Michelle. These companies hire kids at minimum wage, or young guys out of work from other jobs. He may not be GQ material, but I bet you wouldn’t turn him down,” Nate said. “Besides, the fantasy is in the seduction. Let him fuck you. Have a good orgasm. Send him on his way never to be seen again.”

“Where’s the fun for you?” Michelle asked.

Nate grinned. “Why, thank you for thinking of me, and asking. I already thought about that. You’re going to video the whole thing. Secretly, of course.”

“Nate! Isn’t that illegal or something?”

“Not if you use if for purely personal purposes,” he replied, having no clue if that was factually sound or not.

Michelle stared at him, but he sensed she was buying it.

“I have the right to refuse if this guy’s a loser,” she said.

“Absolutely. Otherwise, I expect a good show.”

Michelle threw a pen at him, hitting him squarely in the crotch.


Michelle truly didn’t know how to dress to seduce a home security installer. Scenes from movies and TV shows flashed through her mind. She wavered between showing up in nothing but a thong, to some full-length coat that she could fling open to reveal her nakedness.

But Michelle wasn’t an ‘in your face’ kind of girl when it came to tempting men. She preferred to offer glimpses of what lie beneath and let the guy decide whether it was worth pursuing sikiş hikayeleri or not. Of course, in this case, Michelle had somewhat of an obligation to make it work…and provide Nate with the video evidence.

It was this quandary that led her to pull out a pair of her skimpiest panties and her favorite football jersey. The jersey was definitely feminine; with a very low cut v-neck. It was a size too big, and any leaning forward on her part allowed a considerable view of Michelle’s breasts. The shirt hung not quite halfway down her thighs. In all regards, it met her criteria of tempting, but not quite worthy of ‘Desperate Housewives’.

Nate had provided the video camera, as well as instructions on how to start it. They decided a wide shot of the family room would be best. The installer would be working at both doors in the room, and there was plenty of furniture available for Michelle to use when the time was right.

She was a little torn between hoping he was a cute dude, and fuckable, and hoping he was an ugly, old man so she didn’t have to go through with it. The installation company had given her a three hour window when he might show up, and a fitful half an hour passed before Michelle heard the door of his truck slam shut in the driveway.

Michelle turned on the camera and waited anxiously for the doorbell to ring. When it finally did, she took a deep breath, turned the knob, and opened the door.

Her heart was in her throat when she saw the face of the thirty year old man on her porch. He was almost cute; certainly fuckable. She allowed her eyes to quickly take in his tall, lean body while she let him in.

With the door closed behind them, Michelle realized she was now committed to making this guy want to have sex with her. He introduced himself as Jeff, and Michelle led him into the kitchen eating area where he could put his stuff on the table. She felt strangely slutty in her jersey and panties—and it excited her.

Jeff spent a few minutes explaining what he would be installing. Michelle was only half listening, unable to think of any questions for him when he asked if she had any. She was far more intent on watching his eyes capture brief glimpses of her body when he thought she wasn’t looking. She, in turn, locked in on his crotch without being so coy about it. The game was on.

While Jeff began work on the sensor at the front door, Michelle made sure to do her chores well within his sight. They never exchanged words and Michelle avoided making eye contact. But her presence, alone, was enough to lay the groundwork for later.

In due course, Jeff made his way to the door leading from the family room to the back porch. This was Michelle’s cue to pick up the pace and begin her pursuit in earnest. She waited for him to be on a ladder before starting the quest.

She walked over to the door and stood directly below him, her hands on her hips.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” she asked, peering up at him.

“No, thanks. I’m fine,” he said.

Just as she had planned, his glance downward was prolonged by a clear view down her jersey. Jeff’s eyes seemed to be locked in place, long after he responded.

“How many of these do you have to do today?” Michelle asked.

Jeff’s head jerked up as if he had been in a trance. With eye contact made once again, he replied, “Oh, uh, two more.”

“Are they all the same? Or have you had any…interesting experiences?”

Michelle tilted her head to the side as she spoke and her meaning was obvious.

“Nah,” Jeff said, drilling another screw into the door frame. “Nothing too interesting.”

“Then all those stories must not be true,” Michelle said as she made her way up into the kitchen.

“What stories?” Jeff said.

Michelle was in the refrigerator. “The stories of home repair guys having sex with their customers,” she yelled out to him.

“Never happened to me,” he replied.

He heard the refrigerator door slam shut and made the last adjustment to the sensor he just installed. When he looked down, Michelle was back in her place by the ladder, a bottle of beer in her hand. Jeff climbed down as Michelle took a drink, erotically slipping the bottle between her lips and back out again.

“It’s hard to believe a woman hasn’t tried to seduce a good looking guy like you,” Michelle said.

Jeff grabbed the ladder and moved it across the room to the other door, Michelle trailing right behind. When Jeff looked at her again, she was holding the bottle against her breast on the outside of her jersey. He watched her rub the nipple, and then move the bottle to her other breast. By the time she was done, the cold moisture from the bottle had transferred through the jersey and both nipples were prominently displayed.

She took a drink, tilting her head back and jutting her breasts out even more.

“I guess I’m just unlucky,” Jeff said, stepping up onto the ladder.

He was turned in such a way that Michelle had easy access to his crotch, which was now just below her eye level. She moved the bottle forward and dragged it slowly across the front of Jeff’s jeans. The bulge of his cock was unmistakable. She moved over it twice.

“Sure you don’t want anything?” she asked again.

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