The Liar and the Cuckquean Ch. 02The Liar and the Cuckquean Ch. 02

Amy Anderssen

We met Tom, husband to Myra, in Part 1, where he discovered the joy of cock and cheating on the wife with his married best friend Eric.

Part 2 – Her Best Friend

“Hey Josh,” Tom texted. He’d been thinking about his first encounter with a man all day. Tom and his wife, Myra, had spent Saturday morning cleaning, making breakfast, and accomplishing general house chores.

Myra noticed Tom was preoccupied all morning. She spent more time giving him direction as if he were a helpless baby than she typically had to. Men, she thought, rolling her internal eyes.

Myra didn’t know, though, that Tom was thinking about Eric’s cock, the taste of his cum, his large body, and his dark skin. Eric was his best friend for at least a decade now. To find out that this masculine married man was into dick, and helped Tom satisfy his curiosity, was both red-hot arousing and freeing.

Tom sensed he liked dick a lot. Cleaning the bathtub, Tom wondered why he felt unchanged. He’d always thought messing around with a man somehow colored your insides differently–that it would be a complete awakening to a whole new life. It might be, but not in the way Tom expected.

Since Eric and Tom had deepthroated, Tom realized he could like dick and enjoy pleasuring a man while also loving his wife. He could be attracted to other women and go about his days as if nothing had happened. No one knew or would suspect that in his 30s, he discovered the joys of the penis.

He watched his own muscular, tattooed arms wipe the grime away. His hair, untied and tucked behind his ears, felt like a cape hiding his salacious thoughts.

Tom felt little guilt about his fling with Eric. When he got home, he was surprised by the thrill of having cum in his stomach. He kissed his wife when he got home, clueless to the taste of dick on his tongue. His love for Myra hadn’t waned in the slightest. It grew stronger knowing that she loved him while he sought pleasure from someone else.

It made him friskier too. They’d had sex–glorious, earth-shattering sex–every day that week. He somehow felt more masculine, which made him more animalistic. It was almost like he was in charge. He could please both men and women and bask in his freedom to come home after making someone else orgasm, then do the same for his wife. The realization that he could please and be pleased by more people than his committed wife made him hard and hungry for more.

“Tom?” Myra hollered from the hall.

“Yeah,” Tom replied. He had to pull himself out of the deep, adulterous thoughts. He heard her approaching the bathroom.

“I’m gonna head out,” Myra said.

“Okay.” Tom scrubbed.

“You mind hanging up that new art while I’m out?”

“By myself? How am I supposed to do that?”

“I don’t know. Get Eric to come by.”

“He’s golfing,” said Tom, annoyed. He turned to face her.

“I don’t know then. Ask Josh. He never has anything to do.”

Tom thought about how Eric said he’d been fooling around with their wives’ best friend. In his mind’s eye, Tom pictured Josh’s ass–a booty that lifted every pant he wore. Josh’s jet-black, quaffed hair, high cheekbones, and smooth brown-butter skin vividly revealed themselves in his memory. Tom pictured Eric’s big black cock entering both of Josh’s holes.

“Tom? Hello?” Myra said, waving to break Josh’s spell over Tom. “You need his number?”

Tom quickly finished cleaning after Myra had gone. She’d be gone for hours. Eric mentioned keeping the wife happy would prevent any raised suspicions, so Tom thought letting Myra go on a shopping spree with friends was ideal. To some, it might seem like an unknowing bribe. If I buy you this, promise not to notice that I cheated?

Tom’s dick twitched when he thought about the word ‘cheating.’ This week, he had stood in the mirror and quietly called himself a cheater while Myra made dinner. He repeated the word many times, hoping to feel the pang of guilt required for all adulterous people. He got away with it and wanted to do it again.

Indeed others felt the same as he did. He went to the office after taking a shower. His man bun was wet and high. He sat at the desk in boxer briefs, opened the laptop, and searched for cheating experiences.

He found himself down a rabbit hole for at least thirty minutes. Many must people share the same love for cheating–from all angles and perspectives and in all manners of sexuality and types of sex.

He read posts in forums from men and women who secretly wished their spouses would cheat. He read about women who got pregnant by a stranger, only to play it off as their husband’s child. Stories about dead bedrooms and neglected spouses were aplenty. He read about men greedy for cock, taking every opportunity to take one behind their partners’ backs. Cucking and cuckqueaning and hotwifing were of particular interest to him. He read about people who cheated just for the thrill of cheating–rhyme or reason other than hedonism and emotional sadism. Many in these forums would call this ‘cruel ankara yabancı escort cheating.’ Cheating just for the sake of it. One story of a married man hooking up with a gay neighbor involved the homewrecker sucking on the man’s ring finger while getting reamed from behind.

He felt most strongly connected to the latter. He’d always gotten a hard-on when his wife cried for whatever reason. And the thought of her shedding tears, because he had sex with someone else sent heat through his chest. And to be with someone who enjoyed that he was married–that he was taken but ate his cake too–made his cock stiff in his underwear. He needed to find people like this. They were out there; he just wasn’t sure where.

Tom loved his wife–he’d swear under oath to it–and was a man of great empathy. But it was a revelation to Tom that he sometimes needed to turn the empath switch off. He needed to be cruel in some ways without actually hurting anyone. What better way to do it than find physical pleasure in it.

Tom stopped himself short of pulling out his cock. He closed the laptop, though that didn’t slow his imagination. He mindlessly wandered into the living room and saw the art he was supposed to hang up. A lightbulb went off, bright and warm above the crown of his head, the heat creeping down his torso to the center of his pelvis where the muscles ached, yearned.

Josh. Josh was married. He was fucking Eric, who was married. Tom thought Josh wouldn’t hesitate to get on his married cock. Myra would be gone for hours. She’d shop and likely go out to dinner with her friends. Tom had the house to himself and might as well make use of it.

“Hey, who’s this?” Josh texted back.

“Tom, Myra’s husband. Sorry. Lol.”

“Oh, hey! What’s up?”

Tom’s stomach churned. His balls shrank out of nervous anticipation of Josh’s texts. “Myra’s out with friends, and she asked me to hang up some art. I need help keeping them even and centered. You busy today?”

“Not at all,” Josh replied. “30 mins, okay?”

“Yeah! I appreciate it,” Tom replied. “C u soon.”

“Sweet. Omw.”

Tom, excited and nervous, ran to the bedroom to put on clothes. He looked in the mirror and didn’t like his ensemble: sweatpants and a loose-fitting shirt. He took off his shirt. He looked at his skinny but toned frame. He relished his body–not replete with abs or impressive pecs, but slender, fit, and muscular in the right places. He looked at the hair on his sternum, the only chest hair he had, save for the small tufts around his nipples. He kept his crotch and belly clean-shaven–the V was more impressive that way.

He took off his sweatpants. Then his underwear. He found some gym shorts, put them on, smiled, and nodded. The head of his dick was visible under the thin gray fabric–this was how he wanted his wife’s best friend to find him.

After a bit, Tom heard a knock on the door and answered. Josh smiled, clearly happy to see Tom’s bare chest and tattooed arms. He looked like the kind of bad boy that Josh had always desired. If he were to cheat on his clean-cut, put-together husband, he’d prefer it to be with a bad boy.

Tom smiled back, happy to see Josh so pleased with his body. They exchanged hellos, and Tom pulled Josh in for a hug that lasted longer than expected. Josh, shorter than Tom, rested his head on Tom’s bear chest. He felt Tom’s back against his soft hands. Skin-to-skin always got Josh going–it was an intimacy he lacked from his constantly traveling husband.

“Thanks for coming over,” Tom said. He squeezed Josh tightly; their bodies flush up against each other. Tom felt his dick grow slightly and pulled back for fear of coming on too strong, too fast.

Tom led Josh into the living room, where Josh caught a glimpse of Tom’s shorts-covered cock. While Tom explained what he needed to do to hang up the pictures, Josh analyzed the current situation.

Tom was shirtless, not wearing any underwear. The single piece of clothing he wore was thin, Myra wasn’t home, and Tom contacted him out of the blue–for the first time. Josh never thought Tom to be the cheating type, which is why Josh only ever minutely flirted with him. Nothing offensive or misleading. Tom was a nice guy, and Josh knew he and Myra had plenty of great sex. But these signs were unmistakable–Josh knew from experience. He’d play it safe and see where it goes.

While Josh helped Tom by giving him directions and handing him tools, he couldn’t help but stare at the muscles of Tom’s back and an ass that filled out his shorts. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Myra should go out more often.

They stood in the kitchen when they finished, drinking beers and chatting.

“Is Connor out of town again?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, almost always,” Josh answered. “But it’s fine. I can keep myself busy.”


“Oh, mostly hanging out with friends. I just came from Lisa and Eric’s. We had brunch.”

Was this the moment Tom should seize? Tom knew in bahçelievler escort his gut that Eric and Josh had fucked this morning. He had to play it cool, but imagining Eric’s cock in Josh’s ass made his cock grow. He thought about his shorts and how they might be too telling. But did it matter? Tom had a plan, and exposure might help move it along.

“Oh yeah? How’s Eric?” Tom asked. He stifled a grin.

“Good.” Josh beamed, his dark eyes twinkling. “Seemed pretty low-stress.”

“I bet.”

Something is going on here, Josh thought. He glanced at Tom’s shorts. His dick appeared sizeable this time, but perhaps Josh was seeing what he wanted to see. His cock grew at the sight of his best friend’s husband.

“I hung out with Eric the other day. It seems you two have grown close.” Tom didn’t hold his smile. His loose cock grew even more.

Josh took a sip of his beer. “I’d say Eric and I have grown closer. Closer than Lisa and I in some ways.”

Josh’s instincts told him this was only going one way. He had a full erection in his jeans and made no attempts to hide it. Tom didn’t know that Eric’s load was inside Josh’s ass at this very moment. While Lisa cooked for them, Eric and Josh stepped into the main bedroom and quietly fucked quickly on Lisa’s side of the bed. Josh was bent over, and his pants pulled down low enough to expose his hole and take dick while he looked at a picture of Lisa and Eric on the bedside table.

“Yeah, Eric seemed to say the same thing.” Tom’s cock was engorged, jutting out from his pelvis and tenting his shorts. Beating around the bush with Josh was invigorating–a kind of foreplay. He saw Josh look at his shorts, followed by a sudden feeling of heat and ease that fell over the room.

Josh adjusted his erection and, seeing that Tom noticed, said, “Did he now?”

“Indeed,” Tom’s voice lilted, more suggestive each time he spoke. He said, “Lisa, not knowing how close you two have become is fun.”

“Oh, it is.”

“Do you like having friendships with your friends’ husbands?” Tom leaned back against the counter, emphasizing how badly his cock wanted to escape the only piece of clothing he wore.

“Very much so,” Josh said and took one step towards Tom. “Especially if they’re secret.”

“Secrets are a lot of fun, aren’t they?” Tom leaned further back against the counter, resting both elbows on it.

“They are. That’s why I have a lot of them.”

“Is that right? How many secrets?” Tom hoped to get a high figure as an answer. Knowing that Josh was a cheating slut, a deep hunger grew inside him.

“Enough to warrant a divorce if my husband ever found out.”

“That’s a pretty big risk to take for a friendship.” Tom flexed his cock so that Josh saw it move under his shorts.

“Which is half the fun, don’t you think?” Josh winked.

“I have a feeling it is.” Tom slid his under the waist of his shorts and stroked his cock. Josh saw his hand move, how the head of Tom’s cock rubbed against the fabric.

“Where’s your wife?” Josh avoided Myra’s name.

“Out. For a while,” Tom said, his breath picking up.

Josh took another step closer to Tom. Then another. He gave Tom just enough room to stroke under his shorts.

“You should know,” Josh began, in a breathy voice, “that nothing turns me on more than cheating on my husband.”

Tom pulled his cock and balls out of his shorts. His cock was taut and throbbing as it was mere inches away from Myra’s best friend.

“You should know that nothing turns me on more than to cheat on my wife,” Tom said. His eyes met Josh’s, then his cock suggestively.

Josh grabbed Tom’s cock. It wasn’t as big as the one in Josh’s ass hours prior but was large by any standards. “And Myra?”

“What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her.” Tom’s grin turned into a face that was experiencing taboo pleasure. A man was stroking his cock again, and it felt incredible. Tom knew there was no going back now, even if he wanted to. But he didn’t want to. He wanted Josh.

“That’s what I always say.” Josh got on his knees and licked the underside of Tom’s dick. Precum pooled on the tip of its head. Josh suckled on it while Tom moaned his name.

Josh moaned. “I love straight married cock.”

Tom loved hearing it. He thought he might bust right then. Was this the kind of cheating he’d read about online? The super fucked up kind had gotten him aroused. “Eric said you did.”

Josh sucked in earnest now. He loved that Tom knew about him and Eric and hadn’t mentioned anything to anyone.

“Your mouth is better than Eric said,” Tom moaned. He gently put one hand on the back of Josh’s head, letting his fingers feel thick hair.

“Your wife never told me how good you taste,” Josh said, after which he deepthroated all of Tom’s 8 inches.

Tom put his hand full force on the back of Josh’s head and pressed his crotch into Josh’s face. Tom loved the feel of a chin on his balls and a nose pressed into his body. Aside from tears, Josh balgat escort didn’t struggle.

“You like that cheating cock, Josh?”

Josh moaned.

“Say it,” Tom commanded.

Josh made an unintelligible noise as his girth-stretched lips tried to make out the sounds. Tom would be in denial if he said he didn’t think this was hot.

With both hands on Josh’s head now, Tom began to thrust, eventually with long strokes that had the full extent of Tom’s cock fill Josh’s throat with each plunge.

Josh pulled out his cock from his jeans. It wasn’t as long as Tom’s but just as thick. Tom loved seeing how hard Josh was in light of his rough treatment. Tom thought about the physical sign a man’s body gave when turned on–much more evident than a woman’s. Tom was barely touching Josh, and it seemed Josh was in ecstasy with just a cock in his throat. Tom began to love men.

Josh took control, putting his hand on Tom’s dick and stroking it alongside his skilled mouth. Tom leaned back and watched the masterful work–far better than any woman he’d ever been with, including his wife. Tom loved seeing Josh’s wedding ring move up and down. His cock became more rigid.

Tom’s cock hardened. Josh pulled off. “Do you wanna fuck my married pussy?”

Before Tom could indicate he’d do so, Josh led Tom to the bedroom by grabbing his cock like a leash.

When they entered, Josh disrobed and asked, “Which side of the bed does she sleep on?”

Tom threw Josh onto Myra’s side of the bed with greedy abandon.

“You gonna eat my ass, Tom? Eat my ass and kiss her afterward.”

Tom’s heart raced. Hearing Josh’s words drove him mad with animalistic lust. How was he into this? If Myra knew what Josh was saying, much less doing, to him, she’d be heartbroken and furious–and yet, picturing Myra upset added to the experience. It was the driving factor in keeping this thrilling secret from her. Risking his marriage somehow felt like gambling, and he was becoming an addict.

For Tom, the presence of his wedding ring somehow became a sensation within itself. It tingled on his left hand. He grabbed each of Josh’s ass cheeks and rubbed them. He hoped Josh could feel the cold metal of his ring.

Tom looked at Josh’s picture-perfect hole while massaging him. It puckered, a shade darker than Josh’s Latino skin. The lines of his anus converged on his opening. It glistened, and Tom thought Josh must have lubed before coming over.

“Eat my cheating pussy, Tom,” Josh begged.

Tom leaned in and licked Josh’s perfectly round, trimmed nutsack, running his tongue up to his taint, asscrack, and finally his hole. It felt like malleable rubber against his taste buds, which sensed a strange flavor. It must be the lube, Tom thought.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Josh moaned.

Tom, his tongue pushing against the resistant texture of Josh’s hole, moaned in agreement.

Josh pushed his hole out. He wanted more of Tom’s tongue in him. The feeling of a married man–that wasn’t his husband–stiffened him. But when Josh pushed out, Tom felt a warm liquid escape him. In the throes of lust, Tom let it fall on his tongue. He swallowed it. It tasted like cum.

“You like the taste of your buddy’s load?” Josh asked with a soft voice.

Tom moaned and dove in deeper. He sounded like he was eating after fasting.

“You want more of Eric’s cum? You like tasting pussy and cum?”

“Fuck yes. Gimme that load,” Tom said voraciously and resumed his meal. He’d never experienced anything like this. Tom had swallowed Eric’s load but had never tasted it. According to porn, this was called felching. He thought it would be gross, but Josh’s clean hole smelled of musk, soap, cum, and lube. It was intoxicating and blissful.

“You like my cheating hole?” Josh goaded.

“Tastes so much better than my wife’s pussy.”

“Are you gonna fuck my pussy behind Myra’s back,” Josh said her name. It was getting personal.

“As many times as I can,” Tom said into Josh’s hole, the warm breath filling Josh’s crack. “Fuck that bitch.”

Josh began grinding on Tom’s mouth as he felched the last cum from his hole.

“I’ve wanted to steal your cock from her for so long.” Josh’s hips gyrated, his knees and palms supporting his weight on Myra’s side of the bed. “She doesn’t deserve you.”

The hem of his shorts supported Tom’s unyielding dick. He pulled them off awkwardly, committing his tongue to Josh’s anus, lifting his knees one by one to remove the lightweight fabric from his legs.

“I don’t want her,” Tom cooed. He wasn’t lying. After Eric’s cock and Josh’s hole, his wife was sexually undesirable.

“Oh my god. Fuck me, Tom. Fuck this pussy. Put a load in me and knock me up.”

Tom basked in Josh’s dirty talk. Myra never said anything as naughty as Josh. What bliss to compare his fuck toy to his wife!

“Fuck yeah, you want my DNA?” Tom loved dirty-talking into Josh’s hole.

“Make me yours, babe. Claim my ass. Take my pussy from Connor. Take it from Eric. It’s your pussy, Tom.” Josh gyrated his hips, encircling Tom’s mouth with his cheeks.

Tom, whose cock was rigid as a corpse, stood up. He held his cock and rubbed the tip on Josh’s boi pussy. Precum coated the opening as Tom realized this wasn’t just cheating on his wife. He was stealing Josh from his husband and taking Eric’s side-piece for himself. Tom’s heart was spinning in the whirlwind of deception.

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