The Latino LaborerThe Latino Laborer


“I think he’s alone,” I thought to myself as I sat at my kitchen table rubbing my cock through my pants, feeling it stiffen.

It was a Saturday morning, about 8:30 and it was already 88 degrees outside in my little rural town about 20 miles outside of Knoxville. My wife was sleeping upstairs and I shortened my ride to get home before she awoke in hopes to watch the shirtless hot Latino building the house next door. As I sat there in my tight bike shorts and colorful top, rehydrating, wiping the sweat off my face, I couldn’t believe my stroke of luck. He was carrying materials across the yard from the shed way behind the new house. And I think he was alone.

For a few moments I watched his shirtless body with broad muscular shoulders and V-shaped core walk back and forth through the window. For the last few weeks he was clad in jeans but today he was wearing cut-offs that were as high as possible, the cupped his buttocks right were the back of the leg meets the ass. He was also wearing knee high white socks with red stripes and standard construction boots. His bronzed Latino body was dripping with sweat and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Thoughts rushed through my head, I only expected to watch him and then rub one out in the shower, but he was alone, and with those shorts, I was now almost certain he was gay. I decided to go out there and strike up a conversation to see what would happen.

For the last two weeks, I spent more time than usual working in the yard. I was just being nosey, checking on the construction our future neighbors planned. However, I noticed this man right away and he had been there for about 14 days straight, always shirtless, but never alone.

It might have been in my head, but I thought we shared a few moments, and two nights before he shot me a real or perceived glance and slight smile that made my cock tingle. I was so excited I went directly to the shower to masturbate, picturing him bending me over and fucking me mercilessly. He was on my mind constantly for the next 36 hours. I woke up early that Saturday to watch him. I never imagined I would be so lucky to have him there alone, in those shorts, walking back and forth to a shed out of sight from the windows in my house and with my wife still dead asleep.

I had no idea what would happen, and oh yes, I love my wife, I would never cheat on her with another woman. But every once in a while I need something she cannot give me, a stiff cock up my ass. I always felt guilty afterwards, but there was nothing I could do, I need it. This was my chance. The only risk was that I misread his signals and he would kick my ass or tell my wife, but I was pretty sure.

I walked out of my back door and timed my approach perfectly. He was walking toward the shed and I came up from behind and called to him when he passed the trees that blocked the view of our neighbors yard from the bedroom window. As I passed the first tree I was mesmerized by his muscular behind and taught hamstrings. This was it, I was going for it.

“Excuse me,” I callled out, and the man turned around a bit startled at first but then greeted me with a big smile.

“Um, um,” I stuttered, “um I see your alone, I uh, just wondered if you, you know needed some help,” I embarrassingly continued.

“Um, sure, bahis şirketleri I guess,” he replied as I continued walking towards him.

When I got about a foot or two away from him he turned and continued towards the shed. “I’m Rob,” I said confidently as we walked.

“Jorge,” he replied in an American accent that took me by surprise, as he reached out his drenched palm. I grabbed it hastily and we shook for an extended period of time, eyes locked. My confidence grew at that moment as I was now pretty certain he was gay and attracted to me. When we ended the shake we continued the next 20 or so strides to the shed in silence.

When we entered the shed, Jorge turned to me and said with a smirk, “so Rob, what exactly do you want to ‘help me’ with,” stressing help me in a very flirtatious tone.

I didn’t respond, instead, with our gazes locked, my eyes intensified with each second. We were trying to make that final determination that men who have sex with each other are so familiar with, you know, that there’s no mistake here, the ‘ want to fuck, right’ determination. The morning sun illuminated the shed and the sweat was glistening off his large pecs, his dark brown nipples were small and hard. I slowly exhaled and subtlety touched my tongue to my top lip. We stared at each other for just another moment, there was no mistake here, I went for it. I stepped forward without breaking eye contact and stood before him. He was about two inches taller than me, so I lifted myself up slightly on my tippy toes, wrapped my left arm around his neck, reached down with my right hand to palm his bulge and opened my mouth to kiss him.

Our tongues locked and we kissed passionately for about three minutes while I gently rubbed his package over his shorts. It was so big and thick. I was imagining it’s power thrusting deep into my body. I had to see it. Still making out I reached down with both hands to unbutton his shorts. They were so tight I couldn’t get them down with our lips locked so I took step back and looked down. The shorts were open, straining at the zipper. I could see the top of his neatly trimmed pubic hair triangle and the base of that monster cock. I stepped back in and kissed him again, sticking my right hand down his pants and wrapped my fingers around his sweaty hard dick.

I had a hold of it. It was so think my hand couldn’t wrap all the way around it. And it was so swampy down there, the perspiration acted as a natural lube. I stroked and twisted it, trying to loosen it from those cut-offs, but it was too big. I wanted to drop to my knees and rip those shorts off to free it and suck it dry, but the hard concrete had nails and shit all over it. We both looked around and saw a bench. Jorge grabbed me forcefully and sat me down.

I was eye-to-cock, I couldn’t remember the last time I was so turned on. Now having better leverage, I put my hands in the waistband and began to peel off his shorts. I finally got them down and out sprung the biggest dick I ever saw, clearly over nine inches and maybe seven in circumference. It was amazing. I stared at that dark brown shaft with its swelling giant head for a few seconds in shock and awe. Then I looked up at my lover just before leaning in to take a big whiff of his musty, sweaty, large penis. I pressed my bahis firmaları face against it and inhaled through my nose deeply taking in the scent of masculinity and then sniffed his balls.

I basked in his essence for about 30 seconds and then I lifted his huge shaft upwards exposing his low hanging sack. I stuck out my toungue and rested his balls on it, they were so prominent I could feel their weight. I close my top lip on his nuts like I was taking the first bite of an ice cream cone.

His balls tasted so salty. My dick was so hard it hurt a bit as it pressed against my tight bike shorts. After a few minutes of working his nuts, I pulled the shaft down and started working my way as far down it as I could go. It was so thick, especially the bulging head, I could only make it a few inches past the ridge. I worked slowly at first to get it nice and wet and lubed, and then I grabbed the base of his dick firmly and picked up the pace.

Jorge was leaning back, with his fist in the small of his back. Looking down at my blonde head while I slobbered and gagged and choked down what I could of that monster. It was indescribable. If it wasn’t for what happened next, it would have been the most pleasurable five minutes of my life.

And then it was time for what happened next. Jorge tapped my tricep, indicating to me that I needed to get up. As I stood up he looked at me and smiled. He gave me a kiss on the lips, no toungue and then physically turned me around. He pushed the stool to the side with his foot and gently pressed me forward so that I was leaning on a table. He kicked off one of his boots so he could get his shorts off and I did the same with my sneakers. He then pulled down my bike shorts, with and little force exposing my rock hard small white ass. He picked up my shirt and kicked my feet a little wider and moved in closer to slide his monstrous shaft through the crack of my ass, teasing me. He then bent over and wispered in my ear, “is this what you want me to help you with?”

I exhaled deeply and responded, “yes, yes, give it to me,” it was the perfect thing to say. It was so hot.

Jorge spit in his hand and started to rub my asshole. It was so sweaty that between the spit and my perspiration, I figured it would work with no artificial lube. I had been nervous as I was never fucked by a dick in the ballpark of Jorge’s, and I only got fucked a few times a year. I am married after all.

I felt his finger starting to go up my ass and pulled away a bit. The pleasure was indescribable, but remember, this was unplanned, so I didn’t prepare. I was pretty clean but I felt a little subconscious. Whether he understood or not, he moved on.

Jorge again spit in his hand and rubbed it on his sweaty cock. I could hear the squishy sound he made as he readied himself to enter me. I felt the head pressed against my button, I braced, my average sized cock was pointed at the floor and felt a little too tingly, I feared a premature ejaculation coming on.

Jorge’s anaconda began its journey through my tunnel. My eyes widened as it’s huge head slipped in. I was loose enough but it was so big there was a slight pain. As he continued to slide slowly deep inside me the pain quickly turned to pleasure, than ecstasy. I didn’t last one pump, as he pressed the kaçak bahis siteleri final few inches to fill me up entirely I exploded in about four or five gushes. There was no way to stop it or control it. I just let out a loud moan and enjoyed one of the best orgasms I had in years. My lover kindly gently stroked back and forth an inch or two while remaining deep inside me to intensify the feeling. O my God.

After I came, Jorge grabbed my hips and started fucking me. Although I was finished it still felt good and I was trying to remember every second so that I could relive the moment in the shower for the rest of my life. He went slow for a minute or two and then tightened his grip. I felt his power and I knew what he wanted.

“Fuck me, fill me, use me, fuck me,” I cried out and he immediately picked the pace of his thrusts.

“Give it to me, deep, cum in me, I want it,” I continued.

Jorge fucked me so hard I can still remember the power of that horse cock pummeling my little girly hole. I was slightly nervous about how loud the slapping noises he made on impact were as well as the screams of pleasure and submission I was letting out. I could tell he was getting close and my excitement was nearly uncontrollable. The hottest guy, the biggest penis and I had not let anyone cum in me since I got married, I couldn’t wait to accept it.

As Jorge came he exhaled loudly and let out a slight grunt or four. I could feel his jizz hit the walls of my insides. As if my ass wasn’t filled with enough cock, it now had what felt to be a half cup of man juice inside of it. Jorge took a couple of cool down thrusts and then slowly began pulling out. When that monster finally slipped out of my body, some spooge came out and hit the floor with an audible splash. I took a few breaths and then turned around.

As I straightened up and turned around I could feel his cream pie dripping from my puckered butt. I looked at him and smiled. I again raised up to my tip toes and began to kiss him. We kissed for few seconds and then I grabbed a roll of paper towels to clean him off. As I wiped him down, sadly I didn’t know that was the last time I would ever see that penis. He worked for a sub contractor and it was that crew’s last day. He had been sent to clean up and do some finishing work. He didn’t tell me though. He just smiled and said, “it’s getting late, you better get back to your wife.”

I smiled and kissed him again. I pulled up my pants and thought about what I would say if my wife was up. I couldn’t go back to my house the easy way, in case she was awake and looking, she would see me coming from the neighbors yard. When I left I went behind the shed and pushed through some thick brush to get back to my yard. I would say that I was working way in the back I figured.

When I got back to the house my wife was still in bed. I had to go past the bed to get to the shower though. She was awake but intently reading her phone. I walked quickly and just hoped there were no white cum stains visible on my black shorts, although she didn’t suspect a thing so it would be unlikely she would connect a white stain with semen. So I just acted cool and kept moving. I was a little nervous but I didn’t feel guilty. People may think that’s fucked up but it is what it is. I used to, but it’s just how I feel. Even though I just took a dick up my ass and let a stranger cum it my maybe 50 yards away from where she was sleeping. I love my wife, I just need cock though. It’s an addiction and she doesn’t have one.

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