The Last of the Business TripThe Last of the Business Trip


The next morning, I awoke to the smell of stale sex and fresh coffee. A tray with two cups, bagels, and some fruit was on the nightstand. I could hear water running and assumed Maeve was having a shower. I rolled out of bed and went to the washroom door, pushing it open. Maeve had a large walk-in shower, roomy enough for at least three people. As I was doing my morning business, the shower door opened and Maeve peeked around it. “Morning!” she sang, looking me up and down. “You look pretty good for an old guy!”“I’ll give you old guy!” I said, as I reached over to the sink and turned on the hot water full blast, causing the shower to go ice cold.“Ahhhhh!” she screamed as she tried to pull herself away from the now cold stream of water. I relented and turned off the water, “Thank you!” she breathed.“I have to get a move on,” I called, “I have to get back to my hotel and finish packing. My flight leaves at two and it’s about a 45-minute drive to the airport.”“Don’t worry about it,” Maeve said, her hand reaching out and grasping mine, pulling me towards the shower. “April took your room key and went to your hotel after she left here last night. Your bags are all packed and downstairs, she dropped them off this morning.”Well, you two have thought of everything!” I laughed, stepping into the shower and wrapping Maeve in a bear-hug, lifting her off the floor. She kicked her heels up behind her as I spun her around and we started kissing.“I could really get used to this,” she breathed, taking the soap and lathering her hands before starting to wash me. By the time she was finished lathering my body, I was rock hard. “You really do have amazing powers of recovery,” she said, turning me so I would be rinsed clean before she dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. “I really like sucking your cock!”“So it’s vulgar talk day today, is it?” I groaned. I had never had sex with anyone while talking in that way. “Fair enough, I really like having you suck my cock!” Maeve took me deeper and moaned as I said it. Every so often she would take her mouth off me and stroke me with her hand, saying such things as, “You gonna come all over my face?” “You gonna fill my mouth with your hot come?” “Come on Stuart, fuck my mouth!”. Before long I was ready to burst. Placing my hands at the side of her face, I held her head, thrusting into it. Giving her no warning, I pushed my hips forward, my cock slipping into her throat. Spasm after spasm took over as I spurted my load into her mouth, Maeve pulled her mouth back and let my seed into her mouth. After I finished, she pulled her mouth off me and opened it wide, pushing her tongue out, letting me see the fruit of our labor. Closing her mouth, she swallowed, then she opened her mouth and showed me that she had taken it all down her throat, except for one drop that was on the corner of her mouth. “You missed a drop,” I said, pointing to it. She collected it with her fingertip and then, standing up, rolled it from her fingertip onto her tongue, showing it to me. I expected her to swallow it as well but she surprised me by moving forward and kissing me, transferring my come from her tongue to mine. It didn’t taste like much, a bit salty perhaps, but it had a slippery consistency as I swallowed it down.“Never had a guy swallow his own spunk before,” she giggled. Reaching around behind her, she pulled a toy and a tube of lubricant off of the shelf. This one had two silicone cocks that came out almost parallel, one larger than the other, separated at the base by an inch or so with a suction cup on the base. Handing it to me, she turned around, stuck her ass out, and said, “You know what to do with this?” “I think so,” I replied. “You always shower with a sex toy?” I asked, taking the lubricant and slicking up both fake cocks.“It’s always in here, April really likes it when I fuck her with it,” she answered, her breathing getting quicker. bahis siteleri “I mean really likes it! She squirts every time! What are you waiting for? Put it in me!” I knelt down behind her and placed the ends of the toy, one at each opening. She pushed her hips back and impaled herself in one quick stroke. She held her hips firmly back against my hand as she reached between her legs and started playing with herself.“You want me to fuck you with this?” I growled, pushing it into her and drawing it out. She just bowed her head forward and nodded. “Fuck you hard, like that?” I asked, stroking it into her repeatedly, driving it home until the space between the fake cocks slammed against her perineum.I slapped her ass cheek with my free hand, Maeve cried out, “Oh, that’s it!” I lost my grip on the toy a couple of times as her ass shook when I slapped it. Switching from cheek to cheek, I slapped one cheek then the other, not hard enough for it to hurt but it must have stung her. Bracing against the shower wall with her free hand, her right was a blur as she stimulated her clit. I turned and crouched down so she was almost over my knee, grasping her hip with one arm as I pounded the double-dicked toy into her cunt and ass, her whole body quivering each time I drove it home. I could feel her large round breasts bouncing against my leg. A dozen or so more strokes and she pushed my hand away from the toy. Using it herself, she pulled it from inside her as she came, hard, letting out wails of pleasure as her pussy squirted, loudly enough to be heard over the water from the showerhead. A brief respite to allow her squirt to subside and she plunged the toy back into herself, both ends of the toy going exactly where they were intended to. A few more quick pounding strokes and she let out another wail as she squirted again. Twice more she plunged the toy into her depths front and rear for a few quick thrusts before pulling it out and letting the squirting juices spout from her pussy. Finally, she let the toy drop onto the shower floor and she collapsed against me. I reached down to hold her, pulling her up beside me, “Holy fuck Maeve, that was intense!” I breathed as she buried her face into my shoulder. Had I not been holding her up I am certain she would have just collapsed into a puddle on the floor. Her breathing slowed and she eventually recovered enough for her legs to bear her own weight.She finally turned and kissed me. “And THAT,” she panted, “Is how we do shower sex!” I just held her as we both started laughing, eventually hysterically collapsing to the floor in each other’s arms. We shook as we laughed, her full and heavy breasts heaving, her rounded tummy quivering, her thighs, hips, and ass jiggling as she laughed uncontrollably.As we slowly recovered, we stood up, holding each other tightly in post climactic bliss, each of us completely and unashamedly sated. Our kisses became soft again, it seemed to me that they had been full of promise before, now they seemed to try to convey our gratitude toward the other for a week of incredible intimacy, discovery, and uninhibited, raw sex. “And that,” I whispered, “is how you end a business trip!”Maeve looked up at me and smiled her million-dollar smile, “I hope there are many more business trips!” We washed each other again, preferring to wash our own naughty bits. I turned off the shower and we got out, slowly and carefully drying each other off. Maeve grabbed two robes off a hook beside the shower, handing one to me before wrapping the other around herself. “I’ll go get our clothes and help you get dressed.” She left the room, returning a moment later with underwear, socks, slacks, and a button-down shirt.“I can dress myself, you know,” I said, reaching to take the clothes from her. She pulled them away.“Let me dress you,” she said, walking into the bedroom and placing the clothes on the bed. “Have you ever had canlı bahis siteleri a woman dress you?” she asked. I shook my head. “If you think being undressed by a woman is erotic, wait till you see this!” She pushed the robe off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. Taking my underwear, she held them in front of my feet so I could step into them. She then drew it slowly up my legs, kissing her way up each one as she did. Getting close to my crotch she placed soft little nibbles with her lips along the insides of my thighs until she reached my manhood. “This is to hold you over until we meet again,” she whispered as she drew me into her mouth for a long slow suck, letting me slowly draw from her lips until it popped free. Pulling my underwear the rest of the way up, she reached for my pants and repeated the process, this time pacing a soft kiss on the end of my cock through my underwear before pulling my pants all the way up.She then pushed me back onto the bed, putting my socks on one, then the other, caressing my feet and calves with her hands. Finally, she stood up and pulled me up in front of her. She slipped the left sleeve of my shirt over my arm, then the right, adjusting it so the collar was positioned just so. Then, starting at my belt buckle, I felt her lips placing soft little kisses on my stomach, slowly working their way up. She nibbled at each of my nipples, suckling on them causing me to draw in a sharp breath. She looked at me and smiled as she started buttoning my shirt, going completely by feel as her eyes never left mine. Lastly, she tucked in my shirt, kneeling in front of me to gather it at the sides before doing up my pants and belt. When she was done, she placed a quick kiss on my penis and she stood up and kissed my mouth. “Told you,” she whispered, I just stood there, dumbfounded at how erotic the experience was.“Now you do me,” she said, gathering her clothes from her dresser and nearby closet. First came her stockings, white and sheer as I rolled them up her legs, copying her kisses as I did. Then a thong, sliding it up and turning her so it nestled between her beautifully round buttocks, the string teasing her still gaping ass hole. Making sure it was adjusted at the front so that it was perfectly straight, I kissed her mons, “You learn quick,” she breathed. She handed me her garter, placing it around her waist, I turned her again so I could fasten the clasps in the rear, kissing all over her lovely round buttocks as she turned. Taking the clips, I fastened them to the tops of her stockings, placing a soft kiss on her thighs on either side of each clip. She sighed, I could smell her scent.She handed me her bra next and I wrapped it around her, fastening the front clasp before kissing each full, heavy breast and drawing each nipple into my mouth briefly before positioning each one into its cup, just so. I took each of her hands and guided it through the side opening, drawing the straps over her shoulder. Making sure each breast was perfectly situated, I placed my hands underneath them, hefting them, feeling their weight before declaring, “Magnificent!” She blushed.I took her dress from its hanger, slipping her hands into the sleeves before drawing it onto her from the front. Moving around behind her, I drew up the zipper as slowly as I could get away with. Last came the little button and hook at the top, which I fastened before stepping into her from behind and, tilting her head to the side, placing a long kiss on her neck. Maeve leaned back into me, “It’s a shame you have to leave, I’m about ready to fuck again!”“Save it for Lauren,” I replied. Maeve wrapped her arms under her breasts.“Good idea,” she said. She turned and we held each other for a few minutes, saying nothing. Her phone ringing broke our intimate embrace, it was April looking to video chat. Maeve answered it, turning in front of me, pressing her butt against canlı bahis my cock, she held it so we were both facing the phone screen.“Morning beautiful, morning handsome!” she said cheerfully, “You two done ravishing each other yet?”“Just about,” Maeve said, “We were just finishing dressing each other. Shame you weren’t there to help!”“Next time,” she promised. “You guys want to grab some brunch before we head to the airport?”“How about at the Waffle House by the Renaissance? I feel the need for some Waffle House pancakes!” Maeve replied. I just laughed. We finished the call and went downstairs, on a small table just inside the door was a vase with roses. Maeve picked up the card and opened it, a photograph fell out. “For my Love and for my Lover!” she read, “Thank you both for an unforgettable weekend. Love, April.” She turned the card towards me to show me the bright pink lip print April had left on the card. I picked up the photo, there the three of us were, the girls in a sixty-nine and me fucking April’s ass from behind. I turned it over to see another pink set of lip prints and a caption, “Unforgettable!” We both laughed.“I still need to go back to my hotel to check out and get my car,” I said. Maeve shook her head, her russet hair flying back and forth.“Nope, already looked after!” she said, picking up my car keys from behind the vase. I opened up the door and there was my car in Maeve’s driveway. I just shook my head.“Looks like you two have thought of everything.” I picked up my suitcase and headed for the door. “Meet you there,” I said. Maeve shook her head.“How about I ride with you?” she bubbled, “I’ll make my own way home.” I shrugged my shoulders to say ok.The ride to the airport was spent mostly quiet, Maeve was holding my hand and looking at the ring I had bought her. “If I got you a similar ring, would you wear it?” she asked.“Why not, but I’d want something a bit more masculine than that one,” I replied. Maeve just smiled, squeezed my hand, and settled into the seat. Twenty minutes later we arrived at the restaurant, April was standing by her car, talking on her phone.I pulled in beside her and we got out, Maeve ran excitedly up to April and whispered in her ear. April’s face broke into a huge grin, she looked at me and winked. “What do you think of our version of shower sex?” she asked, still grinning. Remembering when she had asked me about wanting to watch two women have sex, I just gave her two thumbs-up and grinned right back.“Only way it could be better is if you two were doing it as I watched!” I answered, grasping my cock. It was getting hard again.“We only have one of those toys,” Maeve mused, “we’d have to buy another one.” We all laughed before going inside. We got seated at a booth and ordered our meals. While we waited, Maeve went to the ladies’ room. While she was gone, April reached out and held my hand.“She probably pretty sore this morning,” she said very quietly, “she told me you fucked her real good last night! And the shower sex this morning! Did she squirt?” I nodded, holding up four fingers. “I can’t wait to see the video!” April squealed.When she returned, she quietly described the events of last evening to April, sparing no details. She must have been overheard by an older couple at a nearby table because every so often they would whisper something to each other and shake their heads. After we finished, we paid our bill, leaving just after the older couple did. The man helped his wife into their car and then came toward us. “Uh-oh,” I thought as the girls huddled behind me.“Excuse me,” he said, “I don’t mean to pry. My wife thinks I’m over here telling you folks off for talking about your sex lives in public so I’m going to look angry, but I have to know, did you just spend the night with these two lovely ladies here?”“No, Sir,” I replied, drawing Maeve up beside me and pulling her to my side. “I spent the night with this lovely lady right here.” I kissed her cheek. “I spent the evening with both of them, in fact, I’ve spent most of the past week within one or both of them and we satisfied our every carnal desire together!” I said proudly.

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