The Knight and the Acolyte Book 8, Chapter 2: Cuckolded by the OrcThe Knight and the Acolyte Book 8, Chapter 2: Cuckolded by the Orc


The Knight and the Acolyte
Book Eight: Labyrinth of Love
Chapter Two: Cuckolded by the Orc
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Xerathalasia – Uchmehn Oasis, Halani Desert

“What is this trick?” Asma asked, the petite, ebony-skinned girl frowned as she stared at me stretched out naked in the new tent. Her head cocked to the side, then she glanced at Minx who had a mischievous grin.

At a glance, Minx looked like a child next to Asma, the halfling’s head coming up to Asma’s flat stomach. The halfling held Asma’s hand, metallic-bronze wrapped in dark ebony. But nothing about Minx’s body, clad in tight britches and a breast band, was childish. She had a woman’s curve sized to match her small proportions.

“Oh, you’ll love it,” Minx said, letting go of Asma’s hand and reaching behind her back to untie her breast band, her small, round breasts spilling out. She had such a fetching, metallic sheen to her skin, her nipples a dark bronze.

Asma frowned. We had only met her…today, yesterday? It was hard to say. We entered the Mirage Gardens to both rescue our kidnapped companions, Sophia and Xandra, and to find the fourth piece of the High King’s blade. The Gardens were controlled by the efreet Riad who had a harem of women, mostly jinn, but there were also three human women he owned. When we killed Riad, the three human women were stranded in the desert with us. We thought we were in there at most a few hours. hours Turned out it was over three days in there.

So it was hard to judge how long I had known Asma.

The caravan we ventured into the desert with had abandoned us, but they had left our belongings behind, perhaps hoping we would emerge from the Mirage Gardens or to keep from being thieves. Xandra conjured us elemental mounts, and we traveled to the nearest oasis before we died of dehydration in the harsh sun. Autumn meant little in the Halani Desert.

With the loot taken from the Mirage Gardens, we had secured new supplies—including this tent and the bedrolls I lay upon—and fresh camels to carry us back to Hargone so we could venture onto our next destination. In the process, we would return Asma, Yasmine, and Nadiyya back to their people so they could rebuild their lives.

“So what is this naughty trick?” I asked with a purr, my long ears twitching. I ran a hand up my pale skin, tinged with green, from my belly to my large breasts. My nipples ached. Minx wiggled out of her tight britches, baring her landing strip of metallic-red hair leading to her tight pussy.

Minx flashed me a mischievous grin as she dug into her pouch. She pulled out a small jar. A hot flush went through my body. I rubbed my thighs together, my ears twitching more. I felt the four-leaf clover—a gift from a faerie princess which I carried tucked behind my right ear—rubbing against my scalp.

It represented a boon. I could make a wish, and Princess Siona would grant it.

“What’s in the jar?” Asma asked, eyes narrowing with suspicion.

“Something wicked,” giggled Minx as she fell to her knees beside me. “Get naked, Asma. Let’s have fun.”

“So the surprise is sex?” Asma asked. “I had enough lesbian sex in the harem. When Riad wasn’t taking us, we were left to amuse ourselves. I think he did something to make us horny all the time.”

“Ooh, naughty,” Minx grinned. “When I’m rich, I’ll have a huge harem of hermaphrodites. I hope they’ll be horny all the time.”

“Hermaphrodites?” frowned Asma. “Like the nixie traders from Orcona?”

“Yes. And a gnome or three, and maybe a few elves.” Her eyes flashed to me.

An excited flutter spasmed my heart. Her grin was so intoxicating. I pictured being a part of her harem, surrounded by other hermaphroditic races, making love to Minx, to each other. My cheeks blushed.

It would be adultery. I was married. Making love to Minx, or another member of a duel-sex race, was safe. I couldn’t impregnate them. But it would be adultery with a nixie or a gnome or even a poor sylph if I came in their pussies. And I wouldn’t cheat on my wife.

Atharilesia was back home raising our daughter. I hoped we would be successful in slaying the Dragon. Then I would return and hold my daughter in my arms for the first time. I bet she was just so beautiful. I was glad my sister, Nyonthilasara, was watching over my wife and daughter.

“Xera’s interested,” giggled Minx. “You can be one of my harem wives. I’ll be the only halfling woman to have a harem. All the men will be so jealous.”

“Why?” Asma asked as she pulled off her pantaloons, baring a dark triangle of hair pointing at her pussy.

“There are so many more halfling females than males,” Minx answered, opening her jar. “About seven to one. So most halfling males have harems of wives. But they’re so horny, they can handle it. But I like hermaphrodites. Girls with dicks. Soooo hot.”

She scooped out the reddish-white ointment. It clung to her finger. I trembled, parting my legs to give her access to my clit. The substance was whipped up by an alchemist in Baraconia. Minx and I didn’t use it often, so it was always something special when we did. Something to be savored.

I shuddered as the cool ointment made contact with my clit. Minx, her tongue thrust out the side of her mouth, massaged the substance into my throbbing nub. I groaned, the cream growing hot on my clit. My heart beat faster. My nipples ached. I arched my back and then let out an explosive moan as my clit swelled.

Normally, I went into heat for three days out of the month, growing a cock to fertilize another elf or other member of the five hermaphroditic races. My back arched, my dick bobbing and swaying as it grew longer and harder.

“Seljan’s gray beard,” gasped Asma. “She grew a cock.”

Minx carefully put the lid back on her jar and slipped it away into her pouch, her eyes salivating over my cock. “Uh-huh. Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”

“Yes,” gasped Asma, falling to her knees, her small, firm breasts bounced. “Pater’s cock, how?”

“She’s an elf,” Minx purred, her hand stroking the dick. “And the ointment triggers her heat, sprouting her cock.”

“Yes,” I moaned, my hips aching, my tip throbbing with painful need. “Suck my cock. I need to cum so badly.”

My hands squeezed my pillowy tits as Minx rubbed her thumb across the crown of my dick. My pussy clenched as the pleasure shot down my shaft. I moaned, eyes rolling. The ointment was so intense, driving me wild with lusts.

“She has a pussy,” groaned Asma, her eyes as wide as the moon.

Minx grabbed Asma’s short, thick hair, pulling the girl down. She bent over, her ebony head sliding between my pale thighs. Her hands stroked me as she leaned close to my pussy, my dick throbbing in Minx’s hand. She inhaled, smelling my pussy.

“Like flowers,” groaned Asma.

“Marigolds,” Minx purred and then licked her tongue across the crown of my dick.

I moaned, my fingers digging into my fleshy mounds. “Yes.”

My ears twitched as a second tongue licked me. Asma nuzzled at my pussy lips, her tongue sliding through my folds while Minx swirled her smaller tongue across the crown of my dick. Her lips opened wide. Her mouth was too small to engulf my cock, so she just sucked on as much as she could, her tongue nuzzling at the slit at the tip of my dick.

“Matar’s cock,” I moaned, shifting, humping against Asma’s wonderful mouth.

The girl licked and nuzzled at my folds, her tongue growing bold and skilled. She flicked up to the base of my cock, nuzzling at the folds of my pussy wrapped about the base. She sucked on my labia, teasing me while Minx moaned, her voice humming around my dick.

The pleasures were wonderful. Duel delights shuddering through me. I loved how they washed and splashed through me. Two separate but amazing sensations. Asma probed a finger into my pussy, my hot flesh clutching at it, savoring the penetration.

“Oh, this is amazing,” Asma purred pumping her finger in and out of my pussy, the hot flesh clenching and relaxing.

“Uh-huh,” I groaned. “Add more fingers. Mmm, stretch out my cunt.”

Asma did, slipping two more fingers into my depths. The Halanian girl reamed my cunt as her tongue licked up through my folds and found the base of my hard cock. She licked up it and brushed my frenulum, fluttering against the flaring crown. Minx sucked harder, her lips wrapped about the top portion of my crown.

Asma’s tongue danced around my dick’s crown beneath Minx’s lips. The two separate mouths, one sucking one licking, drove me wild. My pussy clenched on the pumping fingers while my back arched. My fingers found my hard nipples. I pulled on them.

“Gods, yes,” I moaned. “Matar’s big dick, yes. Oh, love my cock. I…I…”

My ears twitched violently as my hips undulated. My pussy spasmed. The pressure exploded out of the depths of my body, shooting hot cum into Minx’s mouth. My lover moaned as my cum flooded her mouth, hot pulses filling her with jizz. Asma’s three fingers pumped faster as my orgasm rippled through me, stimulating my pussy while Minx sucked so hard, gulping down my cum.

I moaned and shuddered. The hot bliss washing through me. My eyes rolled back into my head. I groaned through my teeth. The wonderful release left me gasping. I loved cumming with my dick. Especially when Minx drank it down, moaning her enjoyment.

She popped her mouth off my dick, cheeks bulging like a squirrel. I panted and savored my orgasm peaking, my pussy still shuddering with the final moments of bliss. Minx kissed Asma hard, her small mouth working against the Halanian girl. Their tongues met, pink, coated in my cum. They passed it back and forth, my dick throbbing.

“Sweet Matar, that is lovely,” I moaned, my dick still throbbing. I had to cum again. “Yes, yes, share my cum, you naughty sluts.”

Asma broke the kiss, jizz staining her lips. “Oh, wow, that was good. I can’t believe it. A real hermaphrodite. I always thought they were just sailor’s tales.”

“Nope,” beamed Minx. She flicked her tongue out. “Xera is the real thing. And her dick… Ooh, you have to feel it in you.”

“She’s still hard,” Asma gasped, then a smile grew on her lips.

Before Minx could claim my dick, Asma was on me, straddling me, her small tits bouncing as she slammed her hot cunt down my shaft. I gasped, bucking upward as my cock was engulfed in hot, tight cunt, the crown still sensitive from my orgasm.

“Hey!” Minx gasped.

Asma giggled, her dark pussy lips wrapped tight about my cock. “Oh, a girl-cock is nice. Mmm, you are thick, Xera.”

“And you’re so tight,” I groaned, my eyes fluttering, my ears twitching. It was amazing. So hot and tight, clinging to me.

Asma giggled and raised her arms over her head, posing like a Halanian belly dancer. Her small breasts jiggled as she rose slowly up my cock. I groaned so hard, and then her hips writhed and wiggled, moving almost independently of the rest of her body, sliding her pussy around my dick, stimulating the clit.

I groaned, savoring the heavenly delight of her snatch as she sank down my cock again, a mysterious, sensual smile on her lips. Her dark eyelashes fluttered as she rose again, a Sultangazi Escort soft moan escaping her lips. Her hips undulated, dancing, shaking to a music only she could hear.

“Wow,” Minx said, her eyes wide as she snuggled up against me, resting her small head on my pillowy breasts.

“Uh-huh,” I said, my hand cupping her round ass. I gave her a squeeze, my eyes entranced by the girl belly-dancing on my dick.

Her hips moved and writhed as she slid up and down my dick. Her pussy was hot silk. I groaned, my fingers kneading and groping Minx’s small ass as the pleasure shot down my shaft and built in my pussy.

Asma moaned louder as she slowly picked up the pace of her dancing. Her pussy rose, leaving my cock smeared in her juices. The tangy musk of her pussy filled my nose, mixing with Minx’s lavender scent. It was intoxicating. My nipples flared.

“Gods, your cock is amazing. It’s so inspiring.”

“I can see that,” Minx said, a touch of awe in her voice. “Shake those hips as your ride my elf’s cock.”

My hand twitched, groping Minx’s ass again, my heartbeat speeding up. A moan escaped my lips as Asma’s dark hips rolled, her pussy massaging my cock. The silky friction of her cunt had my toes curling and my cunt clenching, the pleasure building in my depths, driving me wild. I groaned, my eyes fluttering, ears twitching.

Minx’s finger played with my hard nipple, teasing it as she circled my areola. It was a small sensation, adding to the delight of Asma’s pussy sliding up and down my cock. My own fingers moved into Minx’s butt-crack, loving the warmth as I searched for her asshole. She sucked in a breath when I found her sphincter.

I pressed my long, middle finger into Minx’s tight bowels. The halfling humped, her pussy rubbing on my hip. Hot and juicy, smearing lavender-perfumed cream on my flesh. I drank in the sensation, probing my finger deeper.

“Yes,” Minx sighed.

Asma let out a moan, her head arching, staring up at the tent’s ceiling. “This is a cock to rival a god’s, Xera. Oh, yes. Oh, I love it. You are so thick.”

“Are you going to cum dancing on her dick?” Minx asked. “Are you going to cum on my elf’s dick.”

“Yes,” moaned Asma, her hips moving faster as the beat of the song she danced to, heard only by her, increased. Her hips rolled and undulated. The friction became ecstatic.

Pleasure flooded through my body. My heart’s beat carried the rapture through to every part of me. I shoved a second finger into Minx’s ass, fingering her fast and hard, loving how she ground her hard clit into my hip every time my fingers dived into the depths of her bowels. Minx moaned, shuddered, her own pleasure growing as she watched the dance.

Asma brought her arms down to cup her small breasts. Her fingers sank into firm mounds. Then she pinched her nipples. They were a lighter shade of brown than her ebony skin and so hard, thrusting long before her. She pulled and tugged on them, her pussy clenching.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Asma moaned. “Oh, Elf, I love your cock.”

“Cum on her,” hissed Minx. She humped so hard, grinding on me, her bowels clenching on my fingers.

“Yes, yes, cum on me. Let me see the climax of your dance.”

“Gods, yes.” Asma slammed her pussy down my cock, her hips swaying and undulating, circling my dick. She massaged the entire shaft with her pussy, grinding her clit into my groin. The pressure swelled in my clit.

“This is hypnotic,” groaned Minx. “Cum, Asma!”


The girl’s head snapped back. She rose, her pussy spasming as her orgasm erupted in her depths. She swirled her convulsing cunt around the tip of my dick and slammed down again, her body bucking and swaying in sensual motions. My cock ached in her depths.

“Matar’s big dick!”

The cum erupted hard out of my cock. The powerful blasts sent rapture shooting to my mind. I thrashed and groaned, my pussy squirting juices hot on my thighs. Blasts of elf-jizz squirted into Asma’s spasming cunt, basting her with my seed while my head tossed back and forth. I moaned and gasped, my body heaving while Asma kept dancing on my cumming shaft, milking me.

“Oh, that’s so hot,” Minx moaned. “Oh, yes. You’re so enchanting. I feel like I’m staring at that illusion of gold Riad used to trap me in the Garden. Oh, wow, this is beautiful.”

Asma shuddered, her pussy writhing. My dick spurted its final blast. I groaned, my fingers jamming deep into Minx’s cunt. My halfling lover threw herself across my body, her stomach pressing on my breasts, her small lips kissing me hard.

I tasted the salty residue of my cum.

“Oh, Xera, that was so hot,” Minx moaned, kissing me over and over, quick, hot pecks that had me trembling.

“Gods,” panted Asma. “Oh, Gods, that was amazing.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted between kisses.

Minx’s bright sapphire eyes stared into mine. “Ooh, yes, that was almost as enchanting as all the gold Riad conjured.”

I giggled. “You were so enchanted, I had to fuck you with a dick to snap you out of it.”

“An illusionary dick,” Minx pointed out. “So why did you have a dick? What did Riad show you to tempt you?”

“I was back in my home forest,” I smiled, stroking her hair as Asma shuddered a final time on me, her pussy clenching hard. “I was teaching you how to track, but, of course, you wanted to fuck my cock.”

“Oh, I was with you? Not anyone from your forest?”

“No,” I said as Minx sat up. I frowned at that. Why hadn’t he shown me my wife and daughter? Why had I seen Minx? Everyone else was shone what they desired. Minx found treasure. Thrak saved his dead wife. Angela thought she had the sword.

“My turn,” Minx said as she spun on me. “Off, Asma.”

“Mmm,” murmured the Halanian girl. “Oh, yes. Sorry. Oh, that was amazing.”

I groaned as Asma slid off my dick. My thoughts whirled. I glanced at Minx’s tight ass and brought my fingers to my mouth, sucking the sour flavor of her ass off of them. Why Minx? What did that mean? She was special. I enjoyed being—

A loud, bloodthirsty bellow exploded from Thrak’s tent. A meaty crunch, the sound of fist striking flesh. I bolted up, my ears twitching. Canvas rustled. Wood snapped. A tent collapsed. Thrak bellowed again.

“Oh, no,” I gasped, sitting up and spilling Minx off of me.

“Oww, Xera!” she gasped.

“Thrak’s under attack,” I cried and snatched my bow and quiver. Outside, I heard canvas rip apart as he ripped himself free of the collapsed tent. Footsteps thudded at us. Thrak’s footsteps.

I dived out of the tent’s opening and came face to face with Thrak. The orc was naked, his cock thrusting hard before him. He was a swarthy hulk, his body covered in scars. His hands were clenched into fists the size of Minx’s head. They drew back.

And punched at me.

I gasped, ducking. His fist struck me a glancing blow to my side and threw me hard to the Sandy ground. My thoughts rang, my ribs cracking. I groaned, rolling onto my back. The orc stood above me, his eyes wild, foam flecking about his lips.

He roared rage and raised his foot to stomp down and crush my head.


Knight-Errant Angela

I sprang into action the moment I heard Thrak’s bellows. I rolled away from the tangle of feminine flesh. I had brought Nadiyya into our tent to have fun with Sophia and a pair of nipple clamps. And had so much fun. But now something attacked us.

Seizing my shield and sword, I dived naked out of my tent into the cooling, night air of the oasis. Palm trees grew around us. The oasis’s water was a dark mirror reflecting the stars above. I cast my gaze around and spotted Thrak raising his foot to crush…

“Xera!” I screamed.

There was nothing I could do. I was too far away. I charged forward. Everything happened so slowly. Thrak raged, his naked body trembling with fury. His foot slammed down for Xera’s head. He would crush her like a ripe melon. He was too strong. She lay dazed, struggling to move.

Minx burst out of the Xera’s tent, naked, gripping a dagger. She crashed into Thrak’s chest and stabbed her dagger into his chest. Thrak roared as the dagger scored across his ribs, cutting his flesh open. He stumbled, his foot crashing down, missing Xera’s head by inches.

“Why is he raging?” I shouted. What had set him off?

Once Thrak raged, only sex or death could stop him. He would kill everyone, not caring if they were his enemies or friends or lovers. Thrak hated his rage. He kept it bottled up. I had only seen him use it once, and he had butchered so many orcs before he almost killed me.

Thrak batted Minx away like she was a bug. The small halfling cried out as she hurtled off into the dark brush, crashing to the ground. Thrak took two steps after her and then stopped, seeing me charging at him, weapon in hand.

“You think you can fight Thrak!” he bellowed, spittle flying.

“It’s me! Angela!” I called out even as the orc charged at me. I stopped, bare feet throbbing in pain on the rough ground, and set myself to strike. I had to cut him down. If I wounded him badly enough, disabling him, Sophia could heal him once his rage had stilled. She had her healing potions.

Right? Did we use them all yesterday after she was captured by Riad?

Thrak rushed at me, a moving wall of muscles. His every step conveyed his mammoth strength. I took a deep breath. I was trained to fight monsters—ogres, trolls, giants. Things bigger and stronger than me. I was fast, swift.

Before he could strike, I stepped forward and slashed hard with my sword, keeping my kite shield raised to parry. My blade hissed at his collar bone. If I broke that, his right arm would be useless. Maybe the pain would incapacitate him.

Thrak’s hand snaked out. He caught my blade in his grip. Blood trickled out of his palm. He wrenched the sword out of my hand. I gasped in horror as he twisted his hand, staring at my blade.

“Pathetic. This is what you bring to kill Thrak of the Red Eye Orcs?” He hurtled my blade. It whisked past me.

Behind me, Sophia gasped, “Slata’s cunt!”

I risked a glance. Winced. My acolyte lay sprawled on her belly. My sword had torn through our tent’s canvas above her. Sophia had ducked in time. I turned back to Thrak and—

His fist slammed into my shield. My entire left arm went numb as the force of the blow threw me back a foot. I stumbled, tripped, landed on my ass. Thrak howled his rage, falling on me, raising his fists up high, and pummeled them down on my shield.

Music strummed through the night as I screamed in pain, my forearm snapping under the strength of Thrak’s blows.



I sang a calming song as I strode naked from the tent, leaving Xandra and Yasmine behind. I had no idea what was going on or why Thrak raged? The tent he shared with Faoril lay collapsed. I didn’t see the mage anywhere.

Had something attacked them, hurting her? Thrak loved Faoril. He would embrace his inner rage to defend her.

My voice sang with confidence, my fingers thrumming across my lyre, directing my song at Thrak as he battered poor Angela. The knight lay on her back, cowering beneath her shield, screaming Escort Sultangazi in pain. Wood splintered and cracked. Angela’s shield split in half, held together only by the band of metal along the edge.

Thrak bellowed his rage.

I sang louder.

“Stop that!” Sophia rose from the ground and threw stones at Thrak, striking him in the face.

Out of the brush, Minx appeared, leaves clinging to her naked flesh. She held a dagger in hand, racing at Thrak. She came in behind him and stabbed him in the lower back. Thrak didn’t even flinch. He punched again, striking the shattered remains of Angela’s shield.

“Cernere’s nimble fingers,” Minx groaned, ripping her short blade from Thrak’s back and stabbing again.

His leg kicked out, striking the halfling thief in the stomach. She tumbled back with a groan, her dagger flying. I sang with a softer croon, now a lullaby strumming out of my lyre. He had to calm down. My music was so soothing.

“Oh, no,” Xandra gasped behind me.

I threw a look and saw my naked wife holding her totem pouch. Her eyes were so wide with fear. She fumbled at her pouch, pulling out her totems. She produced one carved with long, straight lines. She concentrated on it, bending over, lips moving.

The ground rumbled. Thrak clenched both his fists together, forming a massive battering ram. He lifted them over his head, prepared to finish off Angela’s shield. The knight whimpered in pain. She struggled to crawl backward, but Thrak’s knee pinned her leg.

An earth elemental burst out of the ground by the orc. Dirt fell off of it as the dark collection of rocks, vaguely shaped like a man, slammed into Thrak. The orc’s doubled-up fists slammed into the elemental instead of Angela. Bits of stone splintered off the elemental’s form.

The elemental knocked Thrak from Angela. He sprawled onto his back, rage twisting his pierced face into something monstrous.

“Get to safety, Angela,” Xandra cried out in her musical voice.

“Yes,” Angela groaned, her shield arm twisted and broken. She struggled to her feet. Sophia darted forward, throwing her arm around her Mistress’s waist and pulling her to safety.

“Chaun, what do we do?” Xandra asked, voice wavering.

“Try to calm him,” growled Chaun. “His rage has to be emptied by exhaustion, death, or lust.”

“Lust?” Xandra asked as she puppeteered her elemental to swing rocky fists at Thrak.

“Yes. That’s one way to satiate the rage, or so I’m told. Angela should have offered her body to him instead of fighting him.”

Thrak swung his fists, slamming them into the elemental, driving it back long enough for him to gain his feet. Xandra gasped in shock as the orc’s fists were brutal, pummeling her elemental, driving it back. Chunks of rock broke off. Thrak’s knuckles bloodied, cut open by hitting the stone directly.

“Doesn’t that hurt him?” Xandra asked.

“He won’t feel pain,” I said. Calming wasn’t working.

I switched to a lusty song. Maybe he would masturbate himself into exhaustion. The filthy words of the ballad spilled from my lips:

“The miller had a lusty wife,
a saucy wench who savored life.
She rolled her hips and showed her tits
to every man who crossed her path.
She hardened dicks with wanton tricks
while the miller worked so hard.”

Thrak tore through the elemental, rubble falling to the ground, and let out a roar of rage and lust. His dick throbbed even harder before him. He cast his gaze about, then saw Angela and Sophia hastening away. His fists curled, blood dripping from them.

“She took her love with wanton pride
and her hips did roll from side-to-side
as she worked her hole up’n down his pole.”

“He needs a woman to fuck,” Xandra shouted, then she darted naked past me. “Oh, Thrak. You need a wet hole to satiate your hard pole?”

My stomach clenched as I watched my wife throw herself at the raging orc. Her light-blue hair trailed behind her frail, lithe body. My fingers faltered on my lyre’s strings. She was throwing herself at another man? But what about her marriage vows?

She had resisted all my urgings to lie with other men. I had seduced her towards it with great care, even taking Thrak’s form when fucking her. But she didn’t want to break her vows to Luben. The closest she had come was with Xera and her elf-cock, and what a hot threesome that had been.

And yet now, watching her throw herself at Thrak, fear clenched my stomach. What was she doing? This wasn’t my wife. She wasn’t a wanton slut. I knew. I had tried hard to change her. She didn’t throw herself at men.

But who else would satiate Thrak’s lusts? Xera lay stunned on the ground. Minx gasped and groaned on the ground, her ribs probably broken by Thrak’s hard kick. Sophia’s vow to her Goddess prevented her from doing it, and Angela was far too injured. There was no sign of Faoril, and the three Halanian girls sobbed in fear in the tents.

“Wait, Xandra,” I shouted as Thrak turned to face her.

“Yes, you want me,” Xandra purred as she fell onto her back upon the ground. She sounded so wanton, so whorish. Her neck arched, her eyes meeting mine for a second. “This is what you want. Isn’t it, Thrak? To plunge your cock into my hot cunt.” Her fingers stroked her thighs, sliding up to her pussy.

Thrak stared at her. I couldn’t tell if it was with rage or lust. My stomach clenched for my wife. I felt sick even as my cock throbbed so hard. She wanted another man to fuck her. She sounded so certain, so wanton.

I hated seeing Riad fuck her in the Garden, using my form to trick her into breaking her vows to Luben. This was far worse.

“Xandra, no,” I shouted.

Thrak moved to her. Blood dripped from his clenched fists. Would he kill her or would he fuck her?

I couldn’t let him fuck her. I strummed my fingers across the lyre and kept singing about the naughty wife. “Her lover’s cock rammed into wife’s hot flesh.”

Thrak fell on my wife. I watched Xandra, so small beneath his massive form, her legs spread wide. Her back arched as he rammed his thick cock into her cunt. She let out such a wanton moan of pure pleasure. It echoed through the night, her eyes squeezing shut. Her voice sang her passion as Thrak drew back and slammed in again.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me,” moaned Xandra. Her eyes opened, staring at me as she writhed beneath the orc.

My dick ached so hard in my pants. My hands slipped from my lyre, the song faltering on my lips. I reached down, finding my dick still wet with Yasmine’s cunt. I stroked it as I watched my wife gasp and moan.

Did she moan louder for Thrak than she did for me? Did she enjoy his cock more than mine?

Her arms and thighs wrapped tight about his wide, muscular torso. Her hips bucked into his thrusts. His mighty balls thwacked against her flesh, the slaps echoing through the night. She gasped and moaned, loving his girth.

My hand flew on my dick as a hot shame twisted through my guts. She humped and shuddered, hips bucking. She sang out so beautifully. She loved his cock. It was a thick dick, bigger than mine was naturally.

“I love your cock, Thrak,” she sang. “Oh, yes. Fuck my cunt. Satiate your lusts in me.”

“Slut! Whore!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

My pure, innocent wife was a slut. My balls ached, my dick throbbed. I fell to my knees, jerking so hard, staring into her sapphire eyes as she savored the orc ravishing her flesh. Her face contorted, an orgasm building in her.

I stroked my cock so hard, so fast, my balls boiling.



“Oh, yes, Thrak, fuck me,” I moaned, my insides twisting with shame and guilt.

I loved it. I was cheating on my husband, breaking my vows to Luben, and I loved it. My pussy savored the thick cock reaming it. And the bone ring sliding in and out of my pussy. I loved how it massaged the hot, wet flesh of my cunt. I loved fucking his cock as much as I loved fucking Riad’s.

I stared at Chaun, his hand jerking his cock. He knew I was a whore. He wanted me to be a whore. He had wanted this. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut. Just knowing he was watching me be so filthy, for being a shameful whore, only made the pleasure ripple out of my cunt stronger, headier.

My body heaved and gasped. The orc fucked me so hard. I shuddered, my orgasm building in me. I was such a slut. A low, filthy whore who cheated on her husband. Who violated her vows to Luben. I should have known it wasn’t Chaun in the Mirage Garden.

“Slut, whore!” grunted Thrak. “Take my cock. Oh, yes. You’ve wanted it. Slut. I saw you. Watching me with hungry eyes.”

“I did,” I moaned. “I wanted your cock so badly.”

Just saying those words made my pussy clench on his dick. I bucked up against his strong, muscular flesh. My clit and nipples rasped against his hard body. I groaned, drinking in every drop of pleasure, savoring the sound of my husband’s hand sliding up and down his cock. He watched me be a whore.

“Cum in me,” I groaned, the ultimate betrayal. I could conceive a child, grow an egg that wasn’t fertilized by my husband. Only the lowest whore, an avian female who couldn’t transform into a bird, would do something so shameful.

My orgasm exploded through me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I sang out. “Oh, your cock made me cum, Thrak. I love it! Pound me! Cum in me!”

“Xandra,” my husband groaned.

I opened my eyes, staring at his midnight-black face, his violet eyes. His silvery-white hair swayed in the light breeze as he jerked-off so hard. My toes curled. I opened my mouth wide, singing out my pleasure, letting Chaun know I was his slut-wife. A whore.

He grunted. His cock fountained. His cum spilled onto the ground as my pussy milked Thrak’s cock. The pleasure boiled through my mind. It was intense, hot. Rapture engulfed me. My entire body heaved.

“Whore,” Thrak grunted as he thrust his hips forward.

His cum splashed into me. The first man’s cum, other than my husband’s, filled my pussy. I shuddered, another orgasm bursting through me at my final act of betrayal, violating all customs of my people, all decrees of the God Luben.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “Luben’s sacred vow, yes. Flood my slutty, married cunt.”

“Xandra,” groaned Chaun again as Thrak slammed his dick into me a final time.

And then the orc slumped on me. I trembled beneath him, tears burning in my eyes. I cheated on my husband and loved it. I was a disgusting, filthy wife. No true avian would have done this. Yes, it was to calm Thrak down.

But that was only my excuse. I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to feel his cock in my wanton pussy. I was a hussy. A slut. A whore-wife.

“Faoril,” Thrak suddenly cried out, his voice strangled with grief.

I gasped as his massive dick ripped out of me, leaving my pussy suddenly empty. I panted, lying there. I didn’t have the energy to move as Thrak charged off into the darkness. I shuddered, tears burning hotter.

“Xandra?” Chaun said, his voice warbling, cracking.

“Luben, what did I just do?” I whispered, realizing my husband must despise me truly now. He wanted me to be a whore, and now he had seen just how slutty I truly was. Sultangazi Escort Bayan Chaun never should have looked up as I danced before him. I wasn’t worthy to be his wife. Anyone’s wife.

“You okay?” Chaun asked, his voice strained. He knelt beside me. “Xandra?”

“I’m fine,” I lied, then forced on a huge smile. “Did you enjoy it, Chaun? Did you enjoy watching me fuck Thrak just like you wanted?” I felt so vile for saying those words.

Chaun stared at me, and then he helped me stand. “Let’s get you bathed. You’re filthy.”

I saw it in his eyes. The distaste. Maybe he had been only testing my commitment to our marriage, seeing if I was a whore. Maybe he never wanted me to be with other men. And…and…now he knew what I truly was. No wonder I couldn’t change into a bird.

I wasn’t a true avian. No avian female would have done what I just did. No avian female would have another man’s seed trickling down her thighs.


Warlock Faoril

“Nadiyya, Yasmine, and Asma are settled in at the trader camp,” Chaun said, returning out of the darkness. “They won’t go near Thrak again.”

Thrak grunted, and I winced.

I was still stunned, the lingering taste of Sophia’s breast milk on my lips. The acolyte had to heal half the party. Thrak would have killed us all if Xandra hadn’t used her body to satiate his lusts. The poor avian girl sat mutely, hugging her thighs to her chest. She had to break her marriage vows to save us. No race was monogamous the way the avian’s were.

What had it cost her to fix my mistake?

“What happened?” Angela asked now that Chaun had arrived. He sat beside his wife and put a hand on her shoulder. It was a light grip, his face flat, expressionless. He didn’t seem as dashingly handsome as usual.

“It’s my fault,” I said. “I was working on Thrak’s rage, trying to find a way to harness it so he could use it without fear of”—I cast my arms around—“this happening.”

“Faoril!” Sophia gasped. “Didn’t you learn from Rel…the palace?”

“I thought I could control it,” I continued, squirming with guilt as I replayed what happened in the tent. I remembered burrowing the life magic into Thrak’s mind. I found the rage. It was there, nesting in his mind. I extrapolated Fireeyes’s research into mental domination, and shifted it to try and give that domination to Thrak, to let him control his own rage or, if need be, to allow me to control it. I had the bindings around it. I thought it was perfect.

Then I stimulated it.

I was wrong. It ripped through my magic without effort and seized control of his body. Before I knew what was happening, his fist struck me in the side of the head. I think the only reason I lived was the tent collapsed.

It distracted him.

I swallowed, shuddering. “I am very sorry everyone.”

“Why would you mess with that?” demanded Sophia, her eyes flaring. “I thought you learned your lesson about mental magic after…”

Sophia bit her words off as I flinched. Tears burned in my eyes. I clenched my fists. “I…made a mistake. I thought I had his rage bound.” I took a deep breath. “Thrak’s rages could be useful if he can control them. Then we wouldn’t have to fear them. He wouldn’t…”

I trailed off as Thrak rose and marched into the darkness, heading for the shore of the oasis. I reached out to grab him, but he moved too swiftly. My arm remained extended, fingers half-curled as I watched him depart. My stomach curdled.

“It was reckless. You should have warned us,” Sophia continued.

“She is right,” Xera said.

“I thought I had it under control!” I took a deep breath. “I am deeply sorry.” I glanced at Xandra. Her eyes were downcast. I bit my lip. I wanted to hug her. “I thought I was doing the right thing.” I shook my head. “No, this was the right thing.”

“Is it?” Sophia asked. “Thrak is a superb fighter without his rage. We don’t need him putting us all in danger again.”

“He needs this, Sophia,” I snapped. “I know he’s just a man to you, but he has feelings. He hates his rage. He fears it. He grapples with it all the time. I wanted to free him from that, to help the man I love.”

“I…I know he has feelings,” Sophia whined, glancing at Angela. “I like Thrak. I don’t hate men, Faoril. I…”

I took a deep breath. “He needs this. My research will continue. But I will take precautions.” I glanced at Thrak standing on the shore. “Excuse me.”

I stood up, leaving them to talk. I hurried into the dark after Thrak. He stood at the edge of the oasis, staring at the mirror-black surface. I came up to him, reaching out with a hesitant hand to touch his arm. He was still stained with blood. Though he was healed by Sophia’s potion, he hadn’t cleaned up yet.


He didn’t answer.

“I’m sorry, Thrak.”

He shook his head. “I know.”

“I thought I had it under control. I really did.” I moved closer to him, sliding my hand up his arm.
“This was a mistake.”

“Controlling your rage isn’t a mistake. My failing to take safeguards was. I was too certain I understood the magic necessary to control it.”

“I almost killed you. I hurt you.”

“So we are even. Reciprocity achieved between us.”

He looked at me, brow furrowing. His fierce face, adorned with bone piercings, terrified those who didn’t know how to read his emotions. “What?”

“In Baraconia. I almost killed you when I lost control of my magic. So we’re even now.”

“It doesn’t work like that.” His body tensed. “It never should work like that.”

“No.” I leaned in closer, resting my head against his upper arm. “Next time, I’ll take precautions so you won’t hurt anyone.”

“There won’t be a next time.”

“There will be.” I stroked his arm. “You need this. Tell me you don’t want to live without the fear. I understand, Thrak. I really do.” For several days, I was terrified of my own magic, of accidentally killing someone I cared for. At least I could control my power. Thrak couldn’t. His fears were justified.

“And if you make another mistake. I could kill you next time.”

I still had a reserve of Thrak’s cum warming my belly. I seized the wind as I stepped back from him. He grunted as his arms were yanked over his head and his ankles were forced together. He would have fallen, thrown off balance, but I held him up with more air. “Not even you are strong enough to escape my magic.”

He grunted.

“Besides, you might like being tied up.” I ran a finger up his muscular chest. “So strong, so helpless. Sophia and Captain Thyrna both enjoy it. Maybe you will, too. And I’ll be there, ready to calm your lusts with my body while you lie there, bound, unmoving, unable to do anything I don’t want you to.”

He shivered.


He stared at me and I saw the love in his eyes. I stood up on my tiptoes and kissed my orc on his brutish lips. I would free him from his fear.


Chaun – The Free City of Hargone

For the six days it took us to reach Hargone, I had tried to talk to my wife about what was wrong with her. I could see the pain in her eyes, the way she flinched when I touched her, the way she looked guilty whenever I noticed her staring at Thrak.

She wanted to be with Thrak again. I could tell. She had cum so hard on his dick. She had screamed out her passion. The question was on her lip. Every time she opened her mouth to speak but didn’t, I knew what she wanted to say.

She wanted Thrak. She wanted to writhe beneath him.

And it twisted my stomach. I had thought this was what I wanted, to open my wife’s eyes to the joys of sex. I thought that just because she loved me and I loved her that we could still enjoy other partners. Sharing them together or enjoying them apart. I wanted it to be okay so I could seduce other women, especially married women, following the compulsion in my loins left by my race’s creation by Las’s seed.

But now… I didn’t want to share her. I wanted her all to myself. I didn’t want her to be with Thrak because…

She had cum so hard. She wanted him more than she wanted me.

Even though only I shone in her thoughts, proving that she hadn’t come to consider Thrak as her lover, yet, I still feared it. I didn’t know what to say to her. And it hurt her, too. The desire. She wanted to be faithful, and she couldn’t be.

Not now. Not after she had experienced another man. Her blood burned hot. In our tent at night, she gasped and shuddered beneath me. I kept expecting her to call out Thrak’s name as I took her, pleasured her.

I tried my best to satiate her. But I couldn’t.

She wanted Thrak.

“Xandra,” I said, riding my camel beside her. We had to talk about this. Communication was important. That was what I had heard about relationships. In our tent, she would distract me with sex. She had even brought Minx and Xera on two separate nights.

Did she want me to be distracted with the other women so she could sneak into Thrak’s bed?
I hated these thoughts.

“Chaun,” she answered, her eyes downcast, her shoulders slumped. She couldn’t look at me. “Yes?”

“I…” I swallowed and my words trailed off. I didn’t know what to say. Maybe there was a song. The sounds of Hargone grew louder as we approached the city. Our shadows stretched out before us, the sun setting. Already, the shanty slums reached towards us, the mud-brick building just beyond, walls painted orange. “We should talk about…Thrak.”

She stiffened. Color pinked her cheeks. “I…I…” She glanced back at Thrak walking beside Faoril’s camel. The pair were still experimenting on fixing his rage. At night, you could hear his passionate roars as he lost control and Faoril had to tame him. Xandra let out a squeak and tore her gaze away. She wanted to satiate his rages. “I…I hope he masters his rages.”

“Are you?” I asked, trembling. “Maybe…” Sweat broke out on her forehead. “You want him…to lose control and…”

She bit her lip. “Chaun. What are you asking me?” Her eyes pleaded with me. I wasn’t sure why. “I don’t want him to…”

I wanted to shout liar. I drew in a breath, struggling to control my emotions. Angry jealousy surged through me. It was so obvious she panted after him with a wet cunt. She wanted that cock again. “You can’t wait to—”

“Angela ev’Xarin,” boomed a loud, man’s voice.

I wrenched my gaze from my wife. Astride a warhorse at the next intersection sat a knight in full platemail, the sun painting fire across the breastplate and pauldrons. He wore no helmet, dark-brown hair flowed about his shoulders. He had a handsome, dashing face, chiseled chin, dark eyes. The epitome of the knight adventurer. The man who rescued princesses and slew dragons.

And I recognized him. Every woman had a man dancing in her thoughts, her husband or lover or both. And in Angela’s there was this man. Kevin. I had assumed his form to seduce Angela when we first met, only it hadn’t worked. Despite her loving this man, she had forgotten him. She had paid the Lesbius Oracle her memories of this man for the prophecy that guided our quest.

“You are attainted and stricken from the lists of the Knights Deute for your unlawful actions against Aurelius, the Doge of Raratha,” Kevin continued, his voice demanding. “Surrender and face lawful justice.”

Angela tensed, hefting her repaired shield, fixed by Faoril’s magic. Her hand moved to her sword as she faced her forgotten lover.

To be continued…

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