The k**nappedThe k**napped


The k**nappedThe k**napped 1===============I had heard of carjacking but it never occured to me that it could happen in oursmall town. I had just picked up Marcia from her aerobics class and was on myway home. She is thirteen now and her body is changing so she wanted to lose herbaby fat.We stopped for a traffic light and suddenly the rear door was jerked open and ablack guy jumped into the back seat holding a gun. He pressed it into my neckand said, “Just be cool lady. I just need a ride. As soon as we get where we aregoing you can go on your merry way.”I was frightened to death and it was all I could do to drive. Poor Marcia beganto cry and I tried to console her by saying, “We’ll be alright Honey. You heardthe man he just needs a ride.”The man said “What is your names?”I said, “I am Allene and this is my daughter Marcia.””No shit. You look more like sisters. My name is Joe.””I was only fifteen when she was born. I was ****d when I was a c***d and ourchurch did not allow abortions.””So Marcia is what? Sixteen?””No thirteen.””No shit. I have seen twenty year olds with tits smaller than hers.”Marcia Blushed and sobbed so I said, “Please don’t get personal. You areembarrassing her. It is in the genes I developed early too.””Yeah you are really developed what are your boobs? Like thirtysix D,s””Please don’t get personal. I am trying to be cooperative.”He just laughed and said,”Ok lady. get on the next entrance to the freeway.”We drove on and I said, “Look. You don’t need us. Why don’t you just drop us offand take the car.””No fuckin way. With my luck the first car that came up on you would be a statecop. Just keep driving.”We drove way up in the mountains then he had me turn off on a dirt road leadinginto the forest. We drove about another half hour turning off for one dirt roadand then others until I became so confused I didn’t know if I could find my wayback. Finally he spotted an old farmhouse and barn that looked as if it had beendeserted for years.He had us get out and walk to and into the front door. There were two other mensitting on an old couch drinking beer. They were white which somehow made mefeel better.Joe pointed to us and said, “This is Allene and that is Marcia. Allene has beenreal cooperative.””Good we can use some cooperative bitches. My mame is Bill and this is Ben butyou can just call us Sir. Let me tell you what the deal is. We robbed a bank afew days ago and we need to hide out until the heat is off. We got enough foodfor a month and we have a spring for water and oil lamps for light.”” I heard about that. They think you went south. Oh God. You aren’t going tokeep us here for a month. Are you?””That is the plan. As you can imagine it gets pretty boring sitting around here.Since they are just looking for two white guys Joe volunteered to hitch intotown and get us some women to cook and entertain us.””Joe said, “Yeah I stood on that damn street corner for hours looking for a fewgood lookin girls and you were it.””I can cook but what do you mean about entertainment?””Are you stupid or what. We are going to fuck your brains out.””No you can’t Marcia is only thirteen! You are already in trouble you don’t wantto add **** and k**napping.””Really? Well she is sure big enough. Look bitch we killed a guard in thatrobbery. What more can they do to us if we are caught.””No. don’t touch her. I’ll do anything you want.””Good. That is all we want. A little cooperation. So for starters why don’t youget off all those clothes so we can see what you look like.””No. Not in front of my daughter. Can’t she be in another room?””No fuckin way. We want to keep you both in sight. The windows are knocked outand she could get away.”Now start stripping or we will strip Marcia. Marcia panicked and pleaded,”Please Mama.”I could see no way out and unfortunately it was going to be a long degradingstrip because I was wearing a suit, blouse, slip and underwear.”I started by reaching under my skirt to unhook my stocking to put off nudity aslong as possible but Ben said, Hold it. we’ll tell you what to take off. Takeoff the suit jacket.”I took it off and saw an old kitchen chair to put it on then stood there.Waitng for the next command.Bill said, With that body you should never wear a jacket. Now the skirt.”I blushed because the compliment only meant they would want me naked or nearnaked all the time. I took off the skirt and then the blouse leaving me only inmy slip and underwear.Ben said,”Shit this is taking forever. the bitch is wearing a whole store.”Bill laughed and said, “That’s okay. I like a slow strip. Take off the slipBaby. Real slow.”I blushed as I slowly lifted the slip suddenly remembering I didn’t take off myclothes for my husband in this bright light. I was raised to be modest andchanged clothes in the privacy of my bathroom. Even in our bedroom for theoccasional sex I didn’t take off my nightie until the lights were out.As the slip went over my head Joe said, “Christ. Check out that body. How do youkeep in such great shape?”I blushed again and said, “I exercise everyday to exercise programs on TV.””Well they are workin. Make a few slow turns so we can check you out.””No. I am taking off my clothes that is enough.””Okay. Ben pull off Marcias Sweater. Marcia made and agonized “Mom. Don’t letthem.”I said, “No. Don’t. I’ll do it.””Too late Babe I told you what would happen if you didn’t cooperate.”Marcia struggled but she was no match for the two men. They jerked it over herhead. and she quickly folded her arms over her chest but they would not alloweven that much dignity and told her to put her hands in her lap.To my surprise and chagrin she took her anger out on me.”Mom! Damnit. Do what they tell you! What kind of Mother are you?I got a little mad myself thinking what an ungrateful little bitch she was butthen remembered she had a point. It was a Mother’s duty to protect her c***d.Bill said, “Ok Allene lets see you walk. Do it sexy. Make your hips sway.”God I felt like some kind of slutty stripper but I tried. After a couple ofcircles Ben said, “Let’s see some poses. Face away from us and touch your toes. I hesitated at that humiliation but did it to hear Joe say, “That is one fineass.Nice and round and firm. I think that is what they call a spankable ass.”That shook me. I hoped they would not dwell on that. I hadn’t been spanked sinceI was about five but I remembered it hurt and was really humiliating.Ben changed the subject by saying, “Okay babe. The bra.”I hesitated again but slowly took it off. Bill said, “Great tits. Look hardlyany sag at all. You don’t need a bra Babe.”I blushed thinking the reason they didn’t sag was because I always wore a bra.Then they had me do poses again. First with my arms overhead to lift and tightenmy boobs and then bent over. They had me waggle my shoulders to make them swayas they hung straight down and I blushed some more reminded of slutty strippers.Then Bill said, “Okay take off the panties.”I started to take off the garter belt so I could but he stopped me. “”No leavethe garter belt on. I like broads in black stockings and garter belts.I explained I couldn’t take off the panties without removing the belt but hesaid, “Yes you can. Come here.”When I went to him he pulled a knife out of his pocket and cut off my panties.That really bothered me since I knew that now I would never be wearing them.They stared at my most private part and Joe said, Check it out! she has trimmedher pussy hair. Who would guess such an uptight bitch would do that to lookslutty.”That made me angry and I said, I didn’t do it to look slutty. I did it so nohair would show around my bathing suit. That would be gross.”Bill said, “Whatever. Anyway I like the look. Maybe we will take off the rest ofthe hair.”I whined, “Oh no.” thinking even that little hair kept me from being totallynaked.Ben grinned and said,”That bothers you huh? We are definitely going to have todo it some day.”At least it was in the future not now and maybe we would be rescued before then.They had me do some more posing I suddenly remembered an adult film one of myhusband’s gross friend had shown at his party. The girl was dressed just likeme. Naturally I had gone to another room with one of the other women. The poseswere absolutely obscene holding my legs apart and bending over and having tolift and squeeze my boobs with my hands. Even that wasn’t enough.They wanted meto put my fingers into my slit and pull it open so they could see the pinkinside. Naturally I balked and Ben said, “Marcia’s skirt.” Marcia fought themand wailed, “Mom. How could you do this to me.”Now she was sitting between them in only panties and bra looking completelymortified. I said I was sorry but it was too late.Then Bill asked, “Odd man?”Joe said, “Sounds fine to me.”They pulled coins out of their pocket and flipped them to land on their wrists.They looked at the coins and Joe yelled. “Yes! I finally won something.”He came over to me and said. “Get on your knees baby I have a nice blackpopsicle for you to suck.”I stepped back in horror Saying, Never! I won’t even do that for my husband.””Obviously he hasn’t trained you right. We can’t have this stubborness. Lets seewhat kind of Mom you are. Marcias bra or ten spanks on that spankable ass.”I whined, “Oh God. The spanks I guess.””Good bring the chair over here and lean over the back with your butt to yourappreciative audience.”At least Marcia had the grace to say, “Thank you Mom.”I leaned over it with my thighs clenched together to keep as much modesty aspossible but he would not allow that and bent down to jerk my ankles apart. Isobbed knowing I was totally exposed.I asumed he would spank me with his hand. That was always the way I was spankedbefore and looked at him in horror while he slid the belt out of his pants. Helaid it on my back then moved to my face to pick up my chin to look at him andsaid, “Okay here are the rules. Take a good grip on the chair because if you letgo and stand up. I start over. If you do it twice I will use the belt on thosenice tits.”I just nodded horrified at the thought of that belt hitting my sensitiveboobies.”He stepped back and said,”Ready?”I nodded then heard a whirring sound just before a terrible sting and burnacross both buttcheeks. My knuckeles went white as I gripped the chair andscreamed.”He rubbed across my butt and said, “Nice even stripe. Let’s see if I can getanother just below it.”The second was just as bad and they didn’t get better. I almost made it but onthe last one he pulled back and let the tip rip into my pussy. I screamed andjumped up to hold my poor pussy.He said,”Aw too bad. You almost made it.” His grin made his sympathy totallyphoney. I moaned as I rubbed my pussy, “Please. No more. I’ll be good.””Sorry Baby. You heard the rules. get back over the chair.” I gripped it in adeath grip knowing I had to stay there no matter what.I think the first round was better. At least it was over fast. This time he tookhis time to aim carefully to make the tip enter my butt crack and the last fivewere on the juncture of my hips to my thighs which was not only more sensitivebut let the belt sting the lips of my pussy.It was a miracle I was able to hang on and he seemed a little disappointed afterthe last extra hard one did not make me let go.He said, “You ready to suck my dick or do you want more.”I couldn’t talk between sobbing and gasping for air. so I just nodded and slidoff the chair to get on my knees.He pulled his dick out of his pants and I was amazed. I had never seen a blackdick before and I was suddenly reminded of the black dick of the burro Grandpahad given me to pull a cart. They both had big heads.He had me open my mouth then pushed it past my lips. I just let him slide it inand out of my mouth until he said “Suck it Bitch and use your tongue.”I was afraid of his anger and did my best. Just as he came he jerked it out ofmy mouth and shot his cum all over my face and eyes. I was so huniliated I criedlike a baby but he had no sympathey. He said, “I’ll clean you up Baby.” Hesc****d the cum off my face with his finger and stuck his finger in my mouth tosuck it clean. It was by far the most humiliating moment of my life. I think Iwent a bit crazy remembering the time I spilled wine on my dress and cried inembarrassment. I had no idea then what humiliation was.Bill said, “I like to be comfortable. I can last longer. Come over to thecouch.”I crawled over as he slid his pants and shorts down to his ankles to revealanother huge dick. I was not sure whether they were abnormally large or myhusband was abnormally small.That seemed worse because Marcia was right there so close her naked thighs weretouching his. I sucked and licked him furiously to get it over with as soon aspossible but I think Marcia got the wrong impression. I looked up at her and shewas staring at me in utter disgust as if I was enjoying myself.He was different. My only warning was a grunt then he grabbed the back of myhead and jammed in his dick so deep it went into my throat making me gag and Itwisted my head trying to get some air. Finally he let go and I leaned backgasping in air.Ben also wanted to be comfortable and when I saw his dick I knew my husbands hadto be small since this seemed to be the norm at about eight inches. I noticedMarcia was looking back and forth at Ben’s hard dick and Bill’s soft one intotal fascination.Ben liked to be teased he wanted me to lick his balls to move them around in thesack and lick Aliağa Escort his dick all over before putting it in my mouth. I again tried tosuck hard and fast to get it over with but he would not allow that pulling myhead back by my hair to lick his balls some more. That seemed to make it lastforever and I couldn’t bear to look at Marcia who I knew was staring at me.Finally he came and had me drink every drop.By then it was getting dark and Joe lit a couple of oil lamps.We might as well hit the sack. We don’t have a lot of oil. I don’t want to haveto guard the girls. I am going out to the barn I saw some rope out there we canuse to tie them.”He came back with several pieces of rope.From about four feet to ten or more.Then to our dismay Ben said. “I am not going to bed without seeing Marcianaked.”I protested, “No that is not fair. I did what you wanted. You promised to leaveher alone.””Life is not fair Baby. We lied. What can I tell you.”He had Marcia stand up and slowly removed her bra then again slowly pulled downher panties revealing her inch by inch. It suddenly struck me that I had notseen her naked since she had learned to dress herself. Her body was fantasticand I wondered why she thought she needed aerobics.When he had the panties at her feet and had her step out of them he looked up ather and said awsomely, “My God Honey you are fucking beautiful.”To my surprise she smiled at him. He turned her around to face me and the othersand said, “Think Mom has short hair on her pussy. Check this out.”I looked and was amazed to see her pussy was totally bald. I said,”Why did youdo that?”She said “Hair shows up in my white leotard.””But the panties should hide it.””I know. I don’t wear panties under it.”I was disgusted I had gone though all that and now found my daughter was anexhibitionist. She didn’t mind at all when they turned her around and opened herlegs and when they gathered around her to fondle he butt, boobs and pussy shejust moaned with a depraved look on her face.Bill said I think I would like some girl-girl action. Mom why don’t you lick herpussy for us. I was furious at her and said, “No. Make her lick mine.”Ben grinned and said, “I think Mama is coming around. Okay Marcia. Do it.”Marcia said, “No fucking way. That is gross.”Ben said, “Oh I think you will be begging us to let you do it. Bring her out tothe center of the room and hold her.” He picked up one of the thicker ropes andstuck it between her legs and told Bill to grab it. Then he told him to bring itup into the crack of her ass while he brought his end into her pussy. Joe tookone hand off her long enough to pull her lips open to let the rope in. It wasone of thse soft ropes they use on a****ls to keep them from being chafed. Theybegan sawing it back and forth rubbing her anus and the whole length of herpussy including the clit. I actually think she liked it at first but then therope was tightened even more to force her up on tiptoes.Ben said, “We will saw her in two if we have to.”she began to whimper then yelled.”Stop it. I’ll do it.”Ben said, “No.Beg us to let you do it.””Please let me do it.””Do what?””Lick her pussy.Please let me lick her pussy.”At that they dropped the rope and she sank to flat footed with a look of purerelief.Bill said, “She is a brave Girl. I think she should get some pleasure. Lets havethem 69.”I didn’t know what they were talking about but Marcia did and murmured, “Thatwould be better.”I found out. They had me lie on my back on the dirty rug and picked her up toplace her on top of me with her pussy right over my mouth and her head at mypussy.Bill said, “We will give you an incentive to do a good job. First one to cumgets a tittie whipping from the other.”I thought it was too bad it was not the other way around. I had faked so manyorgasms with my husband I was sure I could fool them.Ben said, “Now.” and I felt her face hit my pussy and her tongue began toflutter on my clit. I was sure she had done this before. It was easy to tellwhat felt the best do I did the same thing to her but she was making me crazy. Her tongue never stopped as her lips sucked my inner lips. I found I was gaspingfrom the excitement more than I was licking. I tried to hide my orgasm but theybecame stronger and I guess it became obvious to them. Joe said, “Momma isdefinitely cumming.”They lifted Marcia off me but she moaned, “No not yet. I am almost there.”Bill said, “I’ll help you baby. He laid her on her back and drove his massivedick into her. She clutched at him desperately and began bucking as fast as shecould driving his dick in as far as it could possibly go only to come out alittle to be driven in again. She was began having orgasms and must have hadseveral before he came and fell on top of her. She kissed his ear and said, “Ohthank you.”I was furious at her. I said I went to all that to protect you and you turn outto be a slut.””I swear Mama. I was virgin. Oh except with some play with my girlfriends and adildo. I never fucked before. I had no idea it was so wonderful. Besides youcame from your own little daughter licking you. How slutty is that?”Now I had to pay the penalty. They had me kneel with my hands on my head andtold me that if I took my hands down they would all take a turn. They told herthat if my boobs didn’t jump she would be next.Joe said. They have given us a lot of fun. Let’s only give her six lashes threeto a tit.”Bill said “Yeah, I guess she deserves a break.”Marcia hit my left breast hard enough to make it slap against the other.A stingand ache enveloped it. She stopped to say grinning. “Like that?’To my amazement my breast had let the belt sink in to just make a sting notnearly as bad as what he had done to my butt.Bill said, “Yeah like that. Now hit the other one to make it slap then hit thecleavage to make them jump out finally move to the side to put the last twoacross both nipples.It wasn’t too bad but then it was time for my nipples and I found that was thereally bad part about a breast whipping.Marcia looked amazed. “Wow. They sunk into her tits then popped back out hard.”She gave me the last and I grunted as I forced my hands to stay on my head.They took us to a bedroom with a dirty mattress on the floor. They laid us downon it then tied our arms around each other and our ankles together so our boobswere mashed together. then they threw a blanket over us and said, “sleep tighttomorrow will be a busy day.”When they left Marcia said, “Are your boobies real sore?””Of course they are. You hit real hard.””I’m sorry but you know if I hadn’t they would have done it to both of us andGod knows how hard they would have hit.””I suppose you are right.” I knew she was right but I still thought that if theyhad me hit her I wouldn’t show her any mercy either.She said, “Here. I’ll rub your boobs so they will feel better.”I didn’t know how she could do that with her hands tied behind my back but Ifound out.She began sliding her boobs across mine. I could feel her little pink nipplesharden snd slide over mine. It did feel good. Too good it was turning me on andwhen she brought her thigh up to rub on my pussy I really got excited. SuddenlyI knew how perverse this was and moaned, “No. Honey. This isn’t right.”She just giggled and said, “Who would have guessed you would be so sexy. You gotmy thigh wet. Don’t feel bad. I do this with my girlfriend and I know it feelsgreat.””I said, “Oh my God. Are you a lesbian?””Oh no.It is just that we can’t find any boys that we want to have sex with.They are too young and silly.””But you aren’t supposed to be thinking about sex.You are too young.””Shit Mom! Get real. Three of the girls in my class got knocked up and had toget abortions.””God I never even thought about sex at your age.””Yeah. I heard girls were pretty bacward back then.””I don’t care it isn’t right. Now we better get to sleep. We need to be restedin case we get a chance to escape.””Yeah or to have our brains fucked out.”I didn’t answer. In a short time my exhaustion let me drift ino sleep.k**napped 2=========I awoke realizing Marcia was rubbing herself on me. I could feel her hard littlenipples against mine then realized she had been doing it for some time becausemy thigh was wet from the juices of her pussy.I was shocked and said, “Jesus, Marcia quit that. What has gotten into you.”She blushed at being caught then said, “Sorry Mom but I got to thinking aboutyou licking me and getting fucked and I got so horny I couldn’t help it.””My God girl are you crazy. These men are vicious a****ls. You should befrightened not horny.””I suppose but they haven’t hurt me yet and I don’t intend to resist like youand get hurt.””But what if they ask you to suck them?””It can’t be all that bad. You didn’t seem to mind doing it.””That isn’t true. I only did it to keep us from being hurt.””Maybe, but you have to admit it is a lot better than the belt.””Yes, I don’t want that again.”Marcia started rubbing on me again and before I could stop her Ben walked in onus. He whistled and said, “Check this out. Little Marcia seems to be rubbingherself off.”He pulled us apart and said, “Yep and it looks like she made it. Mama’s thigh iswet, and Marcia’s pussy is dripping.”Bill was behind him and said, “Well Marcia doesn’t seem to mind being k**nappedmuch. Check out Mama.”With no warning he suddenly jammed his finger into my pussy then said, “Nope.Mama is dry as a bone.””Well, bring them out and we’ll get some action.”They tied my arms behind me but let Marcia be untied. They led us out to thefront room and told me to stand in front of them. They had Marcia sit betweenBill and Ben in the decrepit old couch and began fondling her breasts and pussy.The little slut just put her arms behind their necks and smiled while they tookindecent liberties with her. I knew better than protest but I could not helpfrowning at her in disgust.Joe looked at me and said, “It looks like Mama does not appreciate her willingdaughter.”Ben said, “Yeah. I think she needs a change in attitude.”That frightened me and in spite of my feelings I said, “No. It’s okay. Dowhatever you want with her.”Bill said, “Really? Then why don’t you tell her to suck my dick.”In spite of everything I just couldn’t do that. I sobbed, “No please? I can’t dothat. She is my only daughter and I love her.”Ben said, “Yep she needs a change in attitude and I have an idea that may doit.”He went to the pile of ropes and picked one then got on a chair to tie one endto a rafter exposed by the fallen plaster ceiling.He came to me and said, “How long can you stand on tiptoes, sweetheart?””I don’t know. Why?””I think you will be able to do it longer than you ever imagined.”He passed it between my legs then put the chair under another rafter in front ofme. He flipped the rope over the rafter then said, “Tiptoes.”I got up on my toes not too frightened since Marcia had not seemed to mind therope on her pussy much. The rope was tightened. It pressed against my slit and Isuddenly realized that this was not the soft rope they had used on Marcia. Itwas made of hemp and little stickers stuck me all through the crack of my buttand on my pussy lips. I realized the tiny pricks would be much worse if I sankdown to flat feet so I strained to keep myself as high as I could. Ben made itworse by coming to me to pull my outer lips open to let the rope touch thetender inner lips and terribly close to my clit.They sat on the couch watching intently as I whimpered and my legs trembled fromthe strain.Joe said, “This is turning me on. I guess I will fuck Marcia.””Bill said, “No way. We are going to wait until Mama says we can do it.”In a short time my legs began to cramp and I would have to let down only toraise up again as little needles stuck me all through my crotch. Finally Icouldn’t get back on my toes and I stood there flatfooted sobbing as needlespunctured my most sensitive places.I shifted a little to get a needle away from my clit and Joe said, “I think sheis getting to like it. She is moving on it like Marcia.”Then Marcia said, “Yeah the rope doesn’t hurt much if you are still. You have torub on it to get sore.”I could not believe her betrayal.I was sure they would get up to jerk on therope but Ben came up with something even worse.Ben said, “Yeah Marcia is right. Bill grab a couple of that cedar kindling. Thestickers on it should get her moving.”They stood on each side of me and Bill said, “You then me.”Bill hit my ass with the kindling stick to make a loud “Whap!” and instantly Iexperienced a multitude of pains. Along with the terrible sting wood splintersdrove into my ass and the pain made me slide forward to rip the little stickersthrough my pussy. At the end of my slide Ben brought his stick diagonally downto cross the top of my lips driving splinters into them and making me slide backmaking the rope tear at my slit.At first the pain was so bad I could only scream but I finally came to my sensesand screamed, “Stop. I will make her do anything you want!”Thankfully they stopped and even though my pussy was raw it felt better not tomove.Bill said, “Okay. What should she do first?””Suck your dicks.”He jerked on the rope and said, “Something more?”I gasped and thought desperately for something that may satisfy him and thenrealized there were two things I had refused my husband that I thought weretotally repugnant.I said “While she sucks one of you the other could fuck her asshole.”Marcia Alsancak Escort blanched and moaned, “Mom. There is no way I could take their big dicksin my ass.”Bill laughed and said, “I think you have something but we need to keep Joebusy.”I said, “Maybe he could whip her boobs with a willow switch until you all cum.”Bill said, “I like that. Joe go cut a real limber switch so when you hit herback it can curl around to hit both tits.”Marcia wailed, “Mom! How could you!”While Joe rushed out Bill said, “Marcia you don’t mind doing this to make ushappy. Do you?”She knew refusal may cause something even worse so whined, “I guess not. If Ihave to.””Good girl. I knew you were smarter than your Mom.””Speaking of Mom. I like your idea so much I am going to loosen your rope.”He climbed on the chair and untied the rope to let it fall. The relief wasfantastic.I pushed my luck and said, “Sir. My pussy is real raw. I have some cream in mypurse. Could you untie my hands so I can rub some on me.”He said, “Sure. You might as well get a little pleasure from your great idea.”He untied my wrists and I ran to get the cream noticing they had removed my Macefrom the purse.They watched intently as I slathered the cream into my pussy and the crack of mybutt. I was long past worrying about modesty.Bill said, “Marcia, since you have been good I will give you a break. I have theskinniest dick and you can get it good and wet with your mouth so it will slipinto your ass easy.”She was smart and quickly knelt to lick and suck on his dick until her salivawas dripping off his balls which no doubt lessened her ordeal.Joe returned and they put her on her hands and knees to get in front and behindher to slide their dicks into her ass and mouth. When Bill’s dick was buried inher ass he nodded to Joe.Joe brought the switch down hard to leave a red line on her back and the switchcurled around to dig into her boobs. The pain must have been terrible becauseshe jumped and Bill yelled, “Right on Joe. Make her buck.”It seemed to go on forever. Soon there was no white left on her back and breastsand welts began crossing to leave tiny drops of blood at the intersections. Itgot no better for her. She bucked at each lash.I know how terrible this sounds. Even now I am shamed but seeing their dickssliding in to her mouth and butt while the switch made her breasts jump andquiver combined with my hands sliding in my crotch made me orgasm over and over.Finally they came and Joe came to me to suck his dick so he could cum too. Afterall I had been through I was grateful that was all he wanted and he was soexcited it was only a few seconds before he was flooding my mouth.Bill said, “How are you doing Marcia?””My boobs and asshole really hurt.””I bet they do. Mama. put some of that cream on her. Start with her asshole.”Marcia got up n her knees to spread her legs and put her head down on her armsto give me access.I began putting the cream on her now red anus but bill said, “Get it inside.That is where it hurts.”I pushed a little in with my finger but he said, “No, use three fingers. She hasroom for them now.”To my surprise my fingers slipped in easily and as I was told I began twistingthem making my knuckles move the lips of her pussy. She sighed, “Oh God thatfeels good. Don’t ever stop.”I thought that if any one would have suggested I ram three fingers into myc***d’s butt I would have thrown up but now I was just glad she liked it.They grabbed the cream and began rubbing it on her boobs and back. She simplymoaned. “Good. Oh so good.”They decided they were hungry so they had me make coffee, eggs and pancakeswhile they sat around the rickety table on a couple of old chairs and boxes.Bill said, “Marcia I am proud of you. I was sure you would try to get your titson the floor to protect them but you didn’t.””I thought about it. It was really hurting terribly but I was afraid you mightcome up with something even worse. You know something weird happened. The painwas just awful at first but for some reason toward the end it just seemed tomake my orgasms stronger.””Oh yeah. A buddy in prison who was a POW told me that you can only hurt so badthen it doesn’t hurt anymore. Marathon runners get the same thing. They call ita “runners high.””I don’t know about that I am just glad to know I can only be hurt so much andno more.”I had never heard of that. Obviously they had not brought me to that point yetand I didn’t think I wanted to reach it. I just kept quiet and ate ravenouslyamazed I could be so hungry.Everyone sat back sipping coffee and then Bill looked at me and said, “Can youimagine how that switch felt on Marcia’s boobs?””No but it must have been pretty terrible.””Well, I am going to let you know how it feels. Ask me nicely to give you fivelashes on your tits.””Oh please. Can’t I do something else. I’ll suck your cock, lick your balls,anything.””You’ll do that anyway. If you argue it will be ten.””Just five? You promise?””Just five unless you piss me off by stalling.”It seemed awful to have to ask for pain. I swear it would have been better if hehad just tied me and done it but I sure didn’t want to piss him off.”Please, Sir. Will you give me five lashes on my breasts with the switch?””Sure baby. Go get the switch.”I got it and on the way back thought that I would never have believed a few daysago I would be asking for lashes and bringing the instrument to him that wouldcause me great pain.I handed it to him and as instructed put my wrists on the top of my head to liftmy boobs for him. Then he made it even worse by telling me to ask for them bysaying “One” then “Two” etc. I was to count to twenty between each request.At “One” he brought the switch up to the underside of my breasts to sink indeeply and actually lift them and make them quiver. The pain was indescribable.I almost forgot the count to twenty but remembered when he poked a nipple withthe switch. The count to twenty was diabolical. Each count brought me closer toyet another terrible pain.At “Two” he hit the fullest part just below my nipples.The pain went in deep asJoe said, “God the switch went in out of sight.”By then I was sobbing the slow count to twenty. At “Three” he hit just above thenipples to sink it in again and leave them throbbing in pain.Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I started the count and at “Four” theswitch was brought down to push my tits down and quivering.Then he said, “Good girl. This is the last and worst. Take a deep breath andpush them out for me.”I took the breath and felt the skin tighten making me sure the punishment wascausing them to swell. At “Five” he swung as hard as he could right on mynipples. I thought the pain could not get worse but I was wrong. The pain to mynipples was so bad it took my breath away and I could only gasp.He had me kneel and then started putting cream on my welted boobs while he said,”Good girl. I am so proud of you.”It sounds stupid now but at the time I was grateful for the compliment and said,”Thank you Sir.””Good. Feel better now?””Yes the cream and rubbing help.””Good. Now go to Ben for his five.””No that is not fair you said only five.””I meant I would only give you five.We can’t cheat Ben, Joe, and Marcia.”I was terrorized. I knew Marcia would be especially mean for good reason and shewould be last when I was at my sorest point.I cried, “I can’t do it. I know I will faint.”Marcia came to my defense.”She is probably right Bill.All those delays make itworse. Why don’t you give her a break and hang her upside down so she won’tfaint and give the last fifteen fast so she can get it over with.”The only thing that registered was getting it over with fast. I actuallypleaded, “Please tie me.””Maybe. Would you take six instead of five?”What Marcia had proposed would make me a victim again rather than a willingparticipant so it seemed worth it. I mumbled, “Yes.””How about seven?””Yes damnit if that will make you happy.”My hands were tied behind my back then I laid on the floor while the soft ropewas wrapped around my ankle. The rope was thrown over two rafters about two feetapart then Bill lifted me by my hips while Joe tied the rope to my other ankle.That left me with my boobs waist high to them.Marcia caused a delay when she said, “Isn’t this a great idea. look how thehanging has made her body look great. Her tummy is in so far her ribs and hipbones show and you can get to every inch of her tits. Feel how tight she is.”They all had to come over to feel my tight tummy and my boobs which I am surewere swollen from the first five.Then they started whipping me only with only a five or ten second delay betweenlashes. Marcia had really done me a favor. By the fifteenth or sixteenth thelashes did not hurt anymore. In fact they were exciting and I wanted more.WhenMarcia finished I was having the most powerful orgasms of my life.I heard Marcia say from a great distance. “Check this out. I knew this would bebetter for her.”I felt pressure in my vagina and looked up to see Marcia had put her thumb inher palm and was pushing her whole hand into my pussy giggling as she pulled itout to have my juices fall off of it to drip on my stomach.Bill marvelled, “Jesus. The bitch got off on all that pain.””I didn’t care. I was so exhausted from the pain and orgasms all I wanted to dowas sleep which they fortunately let me do.k**NAPPED 3============I must have slept over 12 hours. I woke just as the sun was coming up andstretched on the dirty mattress feeling completely refreshed. Then I rememberedyesterday and looked down at my breasts. They were almost completely black andblue but amazingly they didn’t hurt.I heard Marcia sob, and looked over at her. She had her wrists tied to a two byfour in the wall exposed by the fallen plaster and her legs were tied wide apartby a rope coming through knot holes in the floor. If that wasn’t bad enough shewas sitting on a pile of pine cones. I was sure the sharp edges must havepunctured the skin of her butt.When she saw I was awake she moaned, “Oh God, Mom. We have to get out of here.They are getting terribly mean. Look at what they did to my poor nipples.”I looked and saw a nail sticking through each nipple. I said, “Oh my God. Howdid they do that. Nails are too dull just to push through.””It was awful. They tied strings to my nipples then pulled them across a workbench in the barn so hard my boobies looked like ice cream cones. Then theyfound a couple of nails and pounded them through my nipples with a rock.I havenever hurt so bad in my life. Then they took turns fucking my ass. I tried notto move but I couldnt help jerking on my poor nipples.””Oh Darling. I am so sorry.””There is more. After they put you to bed I told them you had been very bravebecause it was worse to have to order your own punishment that way. Thatintrigued them so they said we would go exploring. They had me lie on my tummyon the gravel road then grabbed my arms and legs and slid me back and forthuntil I was sure all my skin would be gone. See, my front is still red.””Then they found some nettles and wrapped them around my boobs and made like athong to cover my whole pussy and fill my asscrack. That wasn’t too bad at firstbut the longer they stayed on the more they itched and burned.””Finally they took them off and we continued our “Nature Study.” They found somecockleburs and made me stick them inside my pussy while they held the lips open.I swear I could feel the pain clear to my womb. I had to walk around like thatuntil they found something else. Watching me limp and cry turned them on so theytook out the burrs to fuck me on a bed of pine cones.”Then they saw a blackberry bush and cut off a limb about three feet long andtold me to whip myself with it. They said if I didn’t do a good job they wouldgive my pussy forty lashes with it. Oh God Mom I hit myself so hard hoping Iwould get the release but somehow you can’t do that to yourself. They let mequit when they saw I was crying so hard I couldn’t aim anymore.””They let me come back to the house and let me sleep since I was so exhaustedthey said it was like fucking a dead girl.””When I woke up they made me crawl under the house and stick the rope endsthrough these knotholes to tie me and finally made me sit on these pinecones. Thankfully most are mashed down now so they don’t stick me as much.””Oh poor baby. I wish there was something I could do.””Your time is coming. Think of a way for us to get away!””I have been thinking about it. I think our only escape would be to get to thecar and push the ONSTAR button. ONSTAR can locate us by satellite and sendhelp.””God. Why didn’t you punch that when he got in the car.””I couldn’t. It asks you what your problem is and he would have heard andprobably killed us on the spot.””How in Hell are we going to get to the car? They are with us every second.””I think our only hope is to convince them we want to be their slaves. Maybethen they will trust us enough to let one of us outside alone. It only takes asecond to push the button on the dash.””I don’t know. They know the only reason we agree to things is because we arescared they will do something worse. But it is worth a try.””Yes. Agree to anything willingly. We might even make suggestions of things theycould do to us.””They would love that. Remember how turned on they got by your telling me tosuck their cocks.””Yes and I am sure we may have to suggest something worse. Just remember Balçova Escort nomatter what you suggest they do to me. I won’t hate you for it.””Me either, Mom.”A little later Bill came to the doorand said, “Time to get up girls. we arehungry.”He untied us and led us to the kitchen. This time it was bacon, eggs, and friedpotatoes. I tried to turn the bacon real easy so it would not spatter on mynaked belly but some did to make me squeal.”Ben said, “Whats the problem?””Some grease spattered on my belly.””Oh but it is worth it to make us a nice breakfast. Isn’t it?””Yes I don’t mind as long as I can make you happy. See the little polkadots itmade on my belly?””Yeah. Stand closer to the stove.”I forced a smile and moved closer. He laughed at my squeals as more grease hitme until I thought my belly was on fire.Then Joe said, “I saw something in the barn that would be perfect for ourserving girl.”He came back with a metal tray with twine hanging off holes he had punched witha nail around the perimeter. He had Marcia go to him and took the twine at theback of the tray to hang around her neck. Then he pulled the nails out evenly onher nipples which made her grimace and wound the twine around them. Adjustinguntil the tray was sticking out horizontally and level. The tray was stretchingher nipples but she was able to say, “Good idea. I can serve all of you atonce.”The food was done and Marcia came to me to load the plates on her tray. ThankGod they were just plastic plates but still the five plates of food stretchedher nipples so far I saw the holes in them become oval shaped.She thanked me and went to them to deliver the plates. Naturally the meanbastards pushed down on the tray as they removed their plate but Marcia managedto stand it with only a gasp and a smile as they said, “Thanks.”They left the tray on her so she could take the plates, silverware and cups tothe sink for washing.As we ate Bill said, “Marcia. How did you like your pinecone bed? I see it madea bunch of cuts on your ass.”Marcia forced a smile and said, “It was awful at first but it got better. MaybeMom should try it.”I saw an opportunity so I smiled and said, “Yes. Would you like me to go out andgather some cones?””Thanks for the offer but I already got a sack full with one special one.”He went to the sack and picked up a cone on the floor. He brought it back andshowed it to me saying, “This one is not much thicker than my dick. It shouldfit real well in your pussy.”I cringed as I looked at it and realized I was faced with a dilemma. Cones growwith leaves pointing to the skinny end. If I put the skinny end in first itwould tear at my channel but if I put the thick end in first it would beterrible taking it out.I fought back my fear and said, “Oh yes. That should be wild. Can Marcia help meput it in. Her fingers are slender enough to get both hands in to open me up.””Oh sure. We love Mama, daughter cooperation.”I got down on the floor and opened my legs as far as I could then Marcia put thebacks of her hands together and shoved them in to then pull them apart to make agaping hole of my slit. I was afraid it may rip but fortunately vaginas are madeto stretch. I made the decision to put the little end in first to make it easierto take out knowing my poor pussy would be sore in no time.Marcia was so good. She left her fingers in deep so the stickers sc****d on theback of her fingers to save my innerlips but still I was stuck on the perineumand my clit.They had me walk around enjoying my look of pain as I hobbled around with mylegs open to minimize the pressure on the cone.Ben had me walk over to the corner and get some duct tape while Joe took offMarcia’s tray. He folded pieces of the duct tape to make double stick tape thenbegan sticking cones to it. I shuddered realizing what he planned. Soon when Iwalked I would be getting stuck on the undersides of my boobs as well as mypussy.He had Marcia get behind me and told her to lift my tits by the nipples while heput on the tray. She did but he wasn’t satisfied saying, “No higher. Get hernipples up to her chin.”My boobs are pretty big so Marcia really had to pinch to keep the nipples fromslipping from her fingers which hurt horribly.He tied the back of the tray around my back high enough for the cones to scratchmy boobs then tied the front around my neck to make it horizontal then addedduct tape to my chest and back of the tray so it could not slip down.He told Marcia to let go of my nipples and bless her she let them down slowly sothe bottom of my boobs flattened on the cones to stick every inch of them.I screwed up my courage and said, “This is a wonderful idea. I will be stuck atevery step.””I was thinking of more than just walking. Would you like to do about tenjumping jacks for me?”I felt sick at the thought but remembered our goal and said quaveringly, “Oh yesbut wouldn’t you like me to do twenty?””Hell of an idea. Lets see them. Jump high and spread your legs wide.”God the pain was unreal. Everytime I hit the floor my boobs would be ripped bythe cones and my pussy was ripped both at opening and closing of my legs. Bytwenty I was drenched in sweat from the effort and pain and just stood therepanting which kept my boobs scr****g on the cones.He said, “Good girl. You are a hell of an entertainer. Lets get that tray offand the cone out of your snatch.”I had made the right decision. The cone slipped out of my pussy relatively easyand the relief when the tray was off was wonderful. I panted “I am glad youenjoyed my show. If it made you hard I will be glad to suck you.””Another great idea. Get on your knees.”I went to him to kneel and as lovingly as possible unzipped his pants and gentlypulled out his dick but he said, “No. Take them down. I want you to be able tolick my nuts and asshole.”I gagged at that thought but pulled them down to his ankles so he could step outof them and open his legs. Joe and Bill were not going to be left out so theytold Marcia to suck both of them at once. Her mouth was not big enough to getthem both in so she went from one to the other while Joe said, “Let’s have acompetition. Last one to cum gets to have his asshole reamed out with hertongue.”Ben wanted to make it last. He had me lick his inner thighs, his balls, hisanus, the shaft, and the head before having me take it in my mouth to suck andmake my tongue swirl around it.When he came he jerked out to flood my face then he sc****d it off with hisfinger and fed it to me. It was like eating snot but I smiled and told him hiscum tasted wonderful.Marcia was not so lucky, some of their cum spilled on the filthy floor and shehad to lick it up before the degrading act of sticking her tongue as deep aspossible in Joe’s ass and swirling it around. When he was satisfied her lipswere brown but they made no objection when she wiped it off with the back of herhand.We took a break at that time and I made some more coffee and bologna sandwiches.After we ate and was drinking coffee Marcia said, “Mom’s tits and pussy must besuper tender from the cones. Should I go get a willow switch and whip them foryou?”I didn’t hate her because I knew she was just trying to get to the car.Ben said, “No. She was a real sport on the jumping jacks. I think she should getthe switch for you.”He handed me his knife and said, “There is a climbing rose bush by the barn. Gocut a branch about as tall as you are while we get Marcia ready.”Our plan worked I ran to the car and pushed the button. When the voice came on Isaid, “Get the Police here fast.”Then I ran to the bush before they became suspicious. I cut it off the endswhere the thorns were not as big and ran back. As my boobs jumped and swayed Iflashed back to the tray.When I got back They were just finishing hanging Marcia from the ceiling withher legs spread wide.Ben said, “Go up and down from her tits to her asshole. I want to see drops ofblood all over her front.”I began hitting her lightly noting even easy lashes were enough for the thornsto bring blood. We were all amazed when she yelled, “Harder! Faster! I can’t getover.”I did it until her front was a mass of blood and she was obviously in orgasm.They let her hang there moaning while I got a wet rag to wipe off the blood. Amazingly there was little damage under the blood. Just hundreds of little pinpricks.Two hours went by while they had us do every degrading act they could think of.The one scary thing was when Bill decided my pussy should be bare like Marcias. I thought he would shave it but he just took out his cigarette lighter andburned off the hair. Amazingly it didn’t hurt. The instant the burning hair hitskin it went out and it just left my pussy red and hot like a little sunburn.Then suddenly a bull horn loudly stated, “This is the Police. You aresurrounded. Come out with your hands up.”I was relieved when Bill said, “Shit. Jim must have told them about this place.”I was sure if he had known I was the cause I would have been killed on the spot.Joe looked out the window and said, “We don’t have a chance. Everywhere I lookthere is a cop.”Ben agreed and they started walking out with their hands on their head unlikeall the movies I had seen with fierce gun fights. Marcia and I ran to thebedroom to get some clothes on settling for just blouses and skirts to savetime.My husband John came running to the house to hug us as we came out and asked howwe were. We told him we were all right and just wanted to go home. He insistedwe go to a hospital but they just said we had minor damage that would be curedin a short time.When we left the hospital he asked what they meant by minor damage. I told himwe would show him when we got home.He was amazed and embarrassed when we got home and calmly stripped since both ofus had been extremely modest. We turned slowly in front of him stark naked inthe brightly lit room to show the many bruises welts and little scabs from thecones.He cleared his throat and blushed saying, “I am surprised you are showing methis. You always undressed in the dark or in the bathroom and I haven’t seenMarcia naked since she was three years old.””We have changed Darling. We haven’t had clothes since we were k**napped and areused to being naked. Do you mind?””No you are beautiful. It just might not be nice for me to see Marcia.”Marcia said, “Don’t be silly Daddy. Nudist families see their daughters nakedall the time and in Europe and Japan there are family spas.””I guess it is alright as long as no-one else knows.””Oh good. I have wanted to show you how grown up I am getting. The aerobics havemade me firm too. All the babyfat is gone. Feel my butt and tummy.”I frowned at her thinking she had gone too far and was relieved when he smiledand began stroking her butt and then her tummy.He smiled more broadly and said, “Oh yes Honey. You are as firm as your Mom andyou inherited her beauty. I love your round firm breasts. I am sure the holes inyour nipples will soon heal shut.”She said, “I may not let them. I think I will get gold rings for them since theholes are already there. Do you think that is too slutty?””I guess not. Piercing is in right now and if you change your mind the holeswill close.””Oh good. I think it will feel sexy to have them rubbing on my clothes.”Since things were going so well I took a chance and said, “There are otherchanges. We have learned to be obedient. We will do anything you wish and if wedon’t we will expect you to spank or whip us.””You must be k**ding. You mean something like sex slaves? I have had fantasiesabout that.””Yes exactly like sex slaves. Anything you want.””Even sex stuff you always refused?””Yes. I will suck your dick and you can have anal sex.””He blushed to have Marcia hear that but it faded when Marcia said, “Me tooDaddy.””Really? That is i****t and i*****l.””We won’t tell anyone if you don’t.””I still think you must be putting me on.””We’ll prove it. I’ll suck your dick while you spank Marcia.”He moaned,”Oh God.” and shifted the bulge in his pants.”Marcia went to the back of the couch to lean over it and said, “Is this okay formy spanking.””But you haven’t done anything wrong.””I know, This is just a demonstration.”He hesitated but her lucious round buns were too much for him and he got up tostand by her. I went to him to undo his pants and pull his shorts and pants tohis ankles and started giving him the blow job I had been trained to do. I swearhis dick had never been that hard before. I heard slaps then Marcia say, “HarderDaddy and faster.”In a few moment he flooded my mouth and I began licking him clean. Marciadropped down beside me to help lick him off while he gently held his hands onour heads moaning, “Oh Jesus. I am in heaven.”Afterward he said, “That was wonderful but I feel so guilty.””No darling. We are the guilty ones. We had sex with all three of those men andenjoyed it. We should be punished until we have reached total atonement. That isthe only way we will ever feel better about ourselves.””Well maybe but I think you should both go to a psychiatrist.”We agreed but it was a waste of time. Neither of us wanted to be cured of ourobsession with sex and pain and the only thing we accomplished at the doctorsoffice was enjoying the obvious erections we gave him as we told our stories.The cops wanted us to testify against our k**nappers but we told them it wouldbe dumb to end up in tabloids since they were getting life anyway for themurder. They argued for a while then gave up.Our only problem is that poor John is not up to servicing two horny girls. Wehave been able to convince him we could have orgasms just from pain and manualstimulation but we are hoping he will eventually bring in some friends or a malehooker to help. He has said that we are amazing and that he would like to showus off to a few good friends.I think everything will work out.

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