The Key ClubThe Key Club


The Key ClubWe started with just two couples, but it soon grew to five.I’m married to a gorgeous Latino. Veronica has very long black hair, dark eyes, sensuous lips, and the best body I’ve ever seen. And her sex drive was wearing me out! She would want sex in the morning before I left for work, then again as soon as I came through the door every afternoon. She would be all over me, kissing me, rubbing on me, rubbing my cock, until I took care of her. Then at bedtime, she would want me again! I guess her clit was too large or too exposed or something because she was never satisfied.Now all of you guys reading this are saying, “I wish I had your problem!” Be careful what you wish for. Believe me, Veronica was wearing me out and I had to do something!“Babe, your libido is off the chart. I think you know that.”“I know, Hun, but you take care of me so well. I’m not complaining.”“Would you ever consider having a guy on the side to sort of help out? Maybe we could try wife swapping or something to, you know, spice things up.”She ran her finger along her lower lip in that sexy way she did when she was horny and said, “You’d do that? Let me fuck another guy?”“Well, if we found a couple to swap with every once in a while, we’d both get variety…don’t you think?”We had just made love, she’d had two orgasms, and now she was horny again!”Mmm. Maybe that would be fun. I’d have two cocks to play with any time I wanted. Maybe you’d find a blonde. I know you love blondes.”She was kissing my chest and stomach, working her way down to my flaccid cock, intent on having sex again. I knew that once she took me into her mouth, she’d get her wish…again! She sucked me into her mouth, swallowed, and it slipped down her throat. She left it there as it grew into the hard, nine-inch cock she was used to.“Mmm! I love your cock, Honey. I love the way it feels as it grows in my mouth.”Now that I was hard again, Veronica sat up, hovered over it, and lowered her body onto it. She was now in her element. Riding my cock was one of her favorite things to do. She had a way of grinding on it that made me harder and made her have one orgasm after another.It took twenty minutes, but I finally blew my load for her. She moaned loudly when she felt it, then jumped off and sucked me until I was dry. That was pretty much our nightly routine…and not only was I getting exhausted, I was also getting bored. I had to ask myself how I could get bored having sex with such a gorgeous and sexy woman like Veronica?So, I got on my computer and did a little searching. It didn’t take long to find another couple who was looking for some fun. The girl’s name was Trisha. She was blonde, gorgeous, and had an amazing body. Her posted photo got my juices flowing and I could easily see myself fucking her brains out. And her husband, Todd, looked like a real stud, so I was sure that Veronica would be thrilled with him.She was very interested, so I contacted them and we got together for dinner. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Trisha and Todd couldn’t take his eyes off of Veronica. I could tell that this swap was going to be fun. So, we all agreed to swap wives the following weekend. I would go to their house and Todd would come to ours.- – – – -Trisha came to the door wearing a black dress with more holes in it than material. It revealed her body in such a sexy way that my cock güvenilir bahis immediately came to attention. I stood there just drinking in her loveliness. She was a fest for my eyes and she knew it.“I think you like what you see, Bill.”“Wow! That’s a gross understatement. You look…amazing!”“Thank you. Now come in and take me to bed. I’ve been thinking about you ever since dinner the other night.””Ditto, Trisha. I took Viagra to make sure I could keep you satisfied.”She led me into the bedroom and did a slow striptease for me. By the time she was nude, my cock was hard. Then she came over, put her arms around my neck and we kissed hungrily.“I would just bet that you love a good blowjob, Bill. Am I right?”I put both hands on her firm ass and pulled her crotch to mine and said, “You’re right.”Then she slowly knelt down, unzipped my pants, and pulled my cock out.“Mmm, Bill. This is just what I need,” she said as she stroked my shaft.I sunk both hands into her gorgeous blonde hair and pulled her face to my cock. She opened wide and let it slide all the way down. She clamped down tightly with her lips and I started to pump. Trisha obviously loved to give head and was very good at it. But before I shot off, I pulled out and had her get on the bed. Then I went down on her for a good ten minutes until she had a wonderful intense orgasm.“Oh, Bill! You are really good at that. I’m so glad we advertised on Craig’s List.”“So am I. I’ll bet Veronica is wearing Todd out about now,” I said as I crawled up between her legs.“Don’t worry about him. Worry about me.”As I pushed my cock into Trisha, she wrapped her legs around my waist and we fucked for thirty minutes. I shot my load after about two minutes, but thanks to the Viagra, my cock remained hard long enough to give her four more orgasms.“Wow, Bill! You could wear a girl out!” she said as she tried to catch her breath. “We have another couple that we swap with, Jim and Cathy. The six of us should get together sometime. We could form a key club with another couple.”“A key club?”“Yeah, you know. We’d all put our house keys in a bowl and the girls each draw one out. That determines who spends the night with who.”“That sounds like fun.”“Before we moved here, we were in a key club with twenty-six couples!”“Jeez! Sounds very interesting.”“Yeah. We decided the best way to ensure that everyone slept with everyone was to make a list and run through the list. Each couple got a new partner every week for twenty-five weeks, then we’d start over. It worked well…and a lot of variety.”“I would think so!”“Look at you! That Viagra is still working!”“So it is. How about some doggie?”“Mmm. Now you’re talking.”- – – – -Two weeks later, we met up with Todd, Trisha, Jim, and Cathy. We met at the local Olive Garden for dinner. Cathy was another gorgeous blonde with a gorgeous body to go with it. Over dinner we decided to take the list approach so that I would go with Cathy, Jim would go with Trisha, and Todd would go with Veronica again. Then the following week we’d move down the list. That way a couple would never end up with their spouse.That worked great for three weeks, then Jim said he’d found two additional couples who wanted to join our club. Carl and Nancy were from Melbourne and she was a redhead, which would add a nice variety to the group. The other couple was Chin and Aimi. They were güvenilir bahis siteleri Asian and Aimi was lovely with very long, straight black hair that flowed around her shoulders in such a way that really turned me on. I couldn’t wait to get my hands into it.As if Aimi wasn’t already attractive, she was also very shy and had never been with anyone but her husband. When we mixed up the names, my name came up next to Aimi’s. I would be fucking her that night.When she looked at me and realized that I would be her lover, she looked down and blushed. Damn! My cock responded by jerking and squirming to full hardness, making me yearn to push it into her blushing mouth. I could imagine her being hesitant, so I would have to make her suck me off. It wouldn’t be until we were in sixty-nine that she would come out of her shell and turn into a sex kitten, ready to do everything.And that’s just about what happened when I was alone with Aimi. She remained very shy when I put my arms around her from behind and pulled her nice little ass to the bulge in my pants. I buried my face in her silky black hair and kissed the back of her neck.“Do you like oral sex, Aimi?” I whispered in her ear.“I guess so.”“Your hair is so gorgeous! All I could think about during dinner was taking two handfuls of it while you’re on your knees sucking me off.”Aimi’s face blushed and she didn’t respond as I humped her ass.“I also want to fuck you from the back. Do you like it that way?”“I guess…a little.”I could see that Aimi was going to be a hard nut to crack. I would have to just do what I wanted to with her and hope she was okay with it. So, I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She couldn’t have weighed more than ninety pounds. She had tiny, but firm tits, a flat tummy, and a beautiful shaved pussy. As soon as I saw it, I decided that I would eat her first.“Why don’t you lie down on the bed?”“Okay,” she said shyly. After spreading her hair out above her head, she put her hands over her crotch.My nine-inch cock was hard and standing straight out. When Aimi saw it, her eyes got large as saucers and she looked away; her face blushed again.I crawled on the bed, pulled her legs apart, and started to kiss my way up the inside of her toned thighs. She moaned but kept her hands over her pussy.By the time I reached her upper thighs, Aimi was getting aroused. Her breathing was heavier and her hips were thrusting slightly. I pushed her hands aside and started to lick her pussy. It was wet and sticky with her fluids as I ran my tongue up and down her folds. She was moaning and thrusting her hips and even took my head in her hands.“Bill, Chin has never done that to me.”“Really? Do you like it?”“Yes, I do.”That’s when I licked her clit for the first time. She flinched, moaned loudly, and pulled my head, so I kept licking it up and down; sucking on it; and pressing it hard.Within minutes, little Aimi had a hardly noticeable orgasm. Her legs quivered with slight spasms and she moaned softly, but that was it. It may have been her first orgasm ever.Next, I had her turn completely around so we could have some sixty-nine. As I hovered over her, Aimi took my cock in her fingers and guided it into her small mouth. I lowered myself down and buried my face in her pussy again. As I licked her pussy up and down, Aimi raised her head and sucked my iddaa siteleri cock like it was something she’d always wanted to do. She was moaning and gulping on it, trying to take as much of it as she could.It didn’t take long for her to have a second orgasm, only that one was more vocal. She moaned loudly with my cock in her mouth, sending vibrations up into my balls. That almost immediately made me shoot off. When she felt my cum spurt into her mouth, she gagged but didn’t pull away as I thought she might. My cock kept pumping cum into Aimi’s mouth until it started to run out and down her cheek. She quickly gulped it down and sucked hard to get more. Aimi was quite good at sucking cock when she wanted to be.I licked her clit until she had another orgasm, then turned around and held her in my arms. She cuddled into me and put her head on my shoulder.“Bill, I’ve never let Chin cum in my mouth before, but I wanted you to do it. I even liked it.”“Really? What kinds of things do you do?”“Just the normal position with him on top of me.”“He’s never fucked you from behind?”“No. I wouldn’t let him. I was raised to think it wasn’t normal.”“Do you still think that?”“I don’t know. Maybe.”“Maybe we’ll try it later.”“Okay.”- – – – -We went to sleep and slept for almost three hours before I woke up to find Aimi’s head still on my shoulder. Her long silky hair was flowing down my arm as I ran my fingers through it. She woke up a few minutes later and kissed me hungrily while sliding her hand down to my growing cock.Then she said, “You can fuck me from behind now if you want to.”I kissed her nose and eyelids and said, “Lay face down on the bed with your legs hanging off.”Aimi got into position and her feet didn’t even touch the floor. She threw her hair to one side and laid her head down. She had me so aroused that I had to be careful to not hurt her. My urge was to ram her hard; ram my cock all the way into her as quickly and as hard as I could. That would have felt the best for me. But this was her first time from behind and I didn’t want to ruin it for her, so I eased my hard cock into Aimi’s pussy, going all the way in.“Mmm, Bill, you feel really hard this way. You can fuck me now.”I reached forward and ran my hand over her smooth head, then grabbed her shoulders and started to fuck her. She moaned with each deep thrust I made into her body. The deeper I thrust, the louder she moaned.“Oh, Bill! I love it this way. Fuck me all night this way!”Aimi had three orgasms before I pulled out of her pussy and slowly pushed my cock into her ass. To my surprise, she didn’t protest one bit. She just moaned and raised her ass to give me better entry.“Mmm. This is a first for me, too. I like it, Bill.”I slowly eased my total nine inches up Aimi’s ass. It was tight and warm and wet. I pumped on her for only two or three minutes before blowing my load.“Oh, Bill! I feel you cumming inside me! It’s so sexy!” Aimi’s sphincter was tight as I pulled out. It seemed to squeeze me so tight that it pulled more cum from me.“Oh!” Aimi moaned when it slipped out.I crawled up on the bed and she cuddled up to me again. “I liked what you did. You know…from the back and in my ass. Everything you do to me is new.”“That’s really special for me, Aimi.”“It is for me, too. I want to save those things just for you. Okay?”“Okay. That would be nice,”Aimi had become my special, almost exclusive fuck partner.- – – – -The next morning in the shower, I shampooed Aimi’s hair as she gave me a blowjob. She was getting so good at it that I thought maybe I’d eventually get her to take my cock down her throat.

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