The Itch

By Pink Panther

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It”s the summer holidays. In a couple of weeks” time, we”ll be heading back to school. I”ll be starting Year Eight; I”ll be thirteen a few weeks after we go back. Right now, though, I”ve got an itch up my bum. I need a guy”s cock up there. Normally, I”d call my friend Blake, and he”d be more than happy to take care of it, but this week he”s gone to stay with his cousin Leonard who lives a hundred miles away.

Blake”s just turned fourteen. He”s very good-looking and has a beautiful cock. Two years ago, he was the one who got me into this stuff. He was very keen to show me the sort of things boys can do together. I loved it! Once Blake knew I was cool, he introduced me to some other boys. It”s just gone on from there.

We live in a nice area out in the suburbs. There are no gangs, and no crime to speak of, and there”s plenty for us to do, with two well-equipped parks for us to play in, and woods to explore. Best of all, there”s a swimming pool and fitness centre right next to St Anthony”s Collegiate, the private boys” prep school that I and most of my friends go to.

Our parents all have good jobs, but they do work pretty long hours, so after school and during the holidays, we”re largely trusted to look after ourselves. We don”t get into any trouble that they”re going to find out about, so as far as they know, it works fine. They don”t have a clue what some of us get up to!

The swimming pool was where I met Brad. He”s in his mid-twenties, quite good-looking, a swimming instructor and one of the duty managers. And he likes boys. During the school holidays, they run Kids” Fun Sessions in the afternoons. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, when Brad”s in charge, he lets us use the club changing room rather than the public one. There are nine or ten of us when everyone”s there.

After we come out of the pool, we get up to all sorts of stuff: sucking, fucking, whatever. Brad always comes to check on us. Sometimes he joins in; other times he just watches. It depends on who”s there and what we”re doing.

I live with Mum and Dad and my brother Tom, who”s ten. His birthday is a month after mine, so there”s just over two years between us. The thing about him being my little brother is that he always wants to do what I”m doing. For the year after Blake taught me about sex, I managed to fend him off, but last summer, he started to get upset that I was excluding him from stuff. So, after making him promise not to tell anyone, I let him in on the secret. Well, guess what? He took to it exactly the same way I did.

During that summer, Brad invited me to visit his house. I”d enjoyed it when he”d fucked me in the club changing room, so I agreed. He lives right where the suburbs end and the countryside begins. The house is single storey and not all that big, but it stands on a large plot of land and is surrounded by mature trees, so it”s pretty isolated.

When I got there, Brad introduced me to his partner Keith, who”s a few years older, a fitness instructor and a big guy. As well as teaching classes at the fitness centre, he works one-to-one with some rich private clients.

Well, he took a shine to me straightaway! I liked him too. Despite his size, he was gentle, very friendly and great fun to be with. He made me feel totally at home.

The problem was that being a big guy, he was big down there too, and he wanted to fuck me. Now I”m not talking humungous; I”d have turned him down straightaway. But he is well above average. I was very nervous, but eventually I agreed to let him.

It did hurt when he stuck it in me. But once I”d got past that, I was well into it! It was so exciting! Afterwards, my bum was sore for a couple of days, but I wasn”t worried about that. Nobody else had made me feel the way he did. It was an amazing experience! That”s how it”s been ever since.

Since last year when I began Year Seven, my boy-bits have grown a lot! By the time we broke up for the summer vacation, my cock was the biggest of all the boys in my year. I”ve been able to cum since January, and these days, I shoot proper white spunk.

For the past few months, I”ve spent most of my free time fucking the younger kids, like Tom and his mates. I really love that! But just occasionally � like now � I get the itch to have a cock up my arse.

With Blake away, there”s nobody obvious among the other boys. Andrew, who”s a few months older than me, loves to fuck and would do it in a heartbeat. He makes lots of spunk too, but his dick”s not as big as mine. Right now, that just wouldn”t do it for me.

My thoughts turn to Keith. I”m nervous again because I know it”ll hurt, but there really isn”t anyone else. I take out my phone and call him. He answers on the third ring.

“Hi Josh!” he says brightly. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I”ve got an itch that really needs scratching.”

“Hmmm! I thought Blake usually sorted that out for you.”

“He does, but this week he”s staying with his cousin.”

“Well, you”re welcome to come over. Tell me, is Tom there?”

“Yeah, he”s playing video games.”

“Any chance you could bring him with you? It”s Brad”s day off, so we”re both here.”

“Let me go and talk to him. I”ll call you back, yeah?”


Ending the call, I make my way to the living room. Brad really likes Tom. When he comes into the club changing room, Tom”s one of the boys that he always looks for. He”s actually fucked him a few times.

We haven”t talked about it, but I”m pretty sure that Tom likes Brad too. aksaray escort As Brad”s cock is only slightly bigger than Blake”s, Tom has no issue taking it. I find him playing Grand Theft Auto.

“Hi bruv!” I say. “I”m going over the see Keith this afternoon. He asked if you could come with me. Brad”s not working today, so he”ll be there too.”

“Are you going there because Blake”s away?” he asks, smirking at me.


“Okay then! I”m up for it! Brad”s cool!”

After confirming with Keith, I make us some lunch. As soon as we finish eating, I check the bus app on my phone.

“There”s a bus due in ten minutes,” I announce.

A few minutes later, we head to the bus stop, Tom dressed in his football kit, while I”m wearing a football top with cargo shorts, boxers and Nike trainers. Because I have pockets and he doesn”t, I take charge of the house keys, which I”d do anyway, and take care of Tom”s money.

Getting off the bus, we make the short walk to Keith”s place. As soon as we get there, I call him.

“We”re just walking up the drive,” I say when he answers. “We”ll be a couple of minutes.”

“Okay, I”ll leave the front door open for you. Lock it behind you and come through to the living room.”

We follow the instructions to the letter. Around three minutes later, I usher Tom into the living room, where Keith is sitting in his favourite armchair, while Brad is on the sofa. On the large screen TV, a slim, well-developed teenager is pounding the arse of a kid who”d I”d guess to be around Tom”s age. As soon as we appear, Keith turns off the TV.

“We don”t need that now we”ve got the real thing!” he says, grinning.

While Tom joins Brad on the sofa, I go and stand in front of Keith.

“Mmmmm!” he purrs, getting to his feet. “You”re looking as delicious as always!”

Without saying another word, we begin undressing each other. My football top is the first to go, followed by Keith”s polo shirt, my cargo shorts and Keith”s jeans. I”m not hard just yet; I guess I”m too nervous.

“Beautiful!” Keith breathes, sitting back down. “I think it”s time these came off,” he adds, hooking his fingers into the waistband of my red boxer shorts.

A moment later, he skins them down my legs, allowing me to step out of them.

“Mmmmm!” he repeats, fondling my semi-hard dick. “You are getting to be a big boy!”

He reaches out, gently fondling my still-soft prick. Leaning forwards, he takes it into his mouth and begins to suck, working his tongue all over it. Now that does get me hard! At the same time, he runs his hands up the backs of my thighs and onto my bum. Letting me go, he stands up.

“Come on!” he urges. “You know what to do!”

Grinning, I return the favour, exposing his magnificent cock. The last time I was here, we took a tape measure to it. It was 20cm long (almost 8″) and 18cm around. It”s way bigger than any of the others I”ve taken. Mine”s 14cm long and 12cm around, but that”s pretty good for a kid my age.

“Now suck me,” he says quietly.

Kneeling on the floor, I take his hard cock into my mouth and begin to suck. I can only get about halfway, but he seems happy enough.

“That”s wonderful!” he purrs, his fingers gently stroking my hair.

After a couple of minutes, I start to struggle. I guess he can sense it.

“Okay, that”s enough for today,” he says. “Now stand up and come over here,” he continues as I let his cock slide out from between my lips.

Leading me to the dining area, he pulls out one of the chairs, and indicates for me to sit facing the wrong way. He”s had me do this before, and there”s a trick to it. After slipping my right leg between the stainless-steel uprights that support the back of the chair, I sit down, leaving my left leg on the outside. It seems to work!

Keith sits down behind me, his legs outside mine, his arms wrapped around me, his hard cock pressing against my back. We sit there for some time, Keith gently running his big hands all over my chest and stomach, his fingers tweaking my nipples and playing with my cock. Finally, he leans forwards.

“As far as I”m concerned,” he whispers, nuzzling my ear, “you”ve got the most fuckable arse out there!”

He stands up again and returns to his armchair. As I stand in front of him, he takes a small electric razor from the side table and skilfully removes the little pubic hairs that have started to appear above my dick. Replacing the cap on the razor, he hands it to me.

“Put this in your shorts and hide it when you get home. Use it to keep yourself nice and smooth, like Blake does.”

I quickly do as he says.

“Okay, now sit on my lap!” Keith urges.

I sit down diagonally across him, his left arm around my shoulder.

“I hear you”ve been practising our religion!” he says, grinning.

“What?” I respond, turning so I can look at him.

“Sticking your cock into younger boys” bums!” he explains.

“Oh, that! Yeah, well once I could cum, I just had to! Whenever I”m with the younger kids, that”s what I end up doing. I love it! But sometimes, I need . . . you know!”

“Yes, I understand,” he says gently. “Now tell me about this cousin that Blake”s gone to stay with?”

“His name”s Leonard, he”s a few months younger than me, dark hair, not bad-looking, actually. They were busy with family stuff most of the time he was here, so we only saw them a few times.”

“And is he into this?”

“Oh, yeah! One evening, we met at Blake”s place because all the grown-ups had gone out. You should have seen them, man! Blake and Leonard were down on the floor. Leonard was lying on his side with Blake spooned up behind him, his one leg cocked over Blake”s. Blake was giving him a real pounding! It was amazing! We could see everything!”

“And how did Leonard react?”

“Oh, he loved it! He was rock-hard all the time Blake was fucking him!”

“Sounds wonderful! Did you fuck him?”

“Not that night, but I did one of the other times we met.”


“I had him on all fours. He wasn”t the tightest because he”d been getting Blake”s two or three times a day, but it was still pretty exciting. He even squirted a few drops.”

“Sounds very nice! So how many boys have you fucked?”

“Including Leonard, I think it”s eight.”

“Wow! You have been a busy boy! So who were alsancak escort the others?”

“Tom and Liam, obviously; Caleb, Jacob, Sebastian, Dima, and this new kid that I met at the skate park last week. I can”t even remember his name.”

“Why is it obvious that you”d have been with Liam?”

“Because Aidan”s in my class and Liam”s in Tom”s, so we have `swap” sessions. I love it! Aidan”s cock isn”t as big as mine, so Liam”s always really tight when I fuck him!”

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense!”

“I remember seeing you fucking Dima in the changing room,” Brad comments. “You had him with his back to the wall, with you holding his thighs up so you could fuck him from underneath.”

“Yeah! He was well into it! He was kissing me all the time I was up him!”

“I take it you do it properly,” Keith says, “and shoot your spunk into them?”

“All except Sebastian. He asked me not to, so when I was ready to cum, I pulled out and spurted on his back.”

“You didn”t mention Lincoln,” Brad queries. “I thought he was a friend of yours?”

“He is, but he keeps putting it off. He thinks I”m too big and I”ll hurt him. He”s taken Jacob”s cock, but I don”t think that counts, because Jacob”s quite small, and he can”t cum.”

“Quite right!” Keith confirms. “You haven”t lost your cherry until you”ve had a guy shoot his spunk into you.”

“It”s okay though,” I say, smiling. “I”m sure Lincoln will let me do it once we get back to school.”

“Possibly with the assistance of Mr Steinmetz,” Brad suggests.

“Maybe!” I agree, grinning.

Mr Steinmetz teaches creative arts. It seems that he and Brad know each other. You could say they have very similar interests!

“If you go into the spare bedroom,” Keith says quietly. “You”ll find some clothes on the bed that I”d like you to put on. Will you do that for me please?”

Getting off his lap, I give him a big smile and head out of the living room. On the sofa, Brad and Tom are naked too, Tom with his mouth around the swimming instructor”s cock, and the guy”s finger up his arse. `Are they going to watch me get fucked?” I wonder. I guess they probably are.

Keith asked me to do this once before. He”d got me a red mini-dress and long pink socks that came up past my knees. No panties though. I soon found out why he wanted me to wear them. When I went back to the living room, he bent me over a chair, lifted up the skirt and gave me the most amazing fuck!

I wonder what it”s going to be this time. The same again, maybe? Strolling into the spare room, I can see it definitely isn”t. There is something on the bed, but it”s black, and it”s not a dress. I pick it up. It”s a pair of fishnet stockings.

Yeah, it”s a bit weird, but if that”s what he wants, I”m not going to argue. I pull them on. I don”t know how he knew the size, but they come right to the tops of my thighs, and are tight enough to stay up on their own. I check myself in the mirror. I have to admit, they do make me look sexy!

I head back across the entrance hall with no more than a hint of a semi. We”re coming towards the scary part, and I”m getting nervous again. I reach the entrance to the living room. Stopping where Keith can see me, I rest one arm against the wall and cheekily run my tongue over my upper front teeth.

“Come here, sexy boy!” he orders, grinning.

Smiling back, I stroll across to him. Getting to his feet, he leads me onto the tiled floor of the dining area, where one of the chairs is standing on its own.

“Bend over there,” he tells me.

I do as he asks. Almost before I know it, he”s kneeling behind me, licking me out. Fuck! If I wasn”t so nervous, I”d have a hard-on to end all hard-ons!

After a couple of minutes, he pulls away. Standing up, he starts working some lube into my arse, beginning with one finger, then adding a second. Finally, both fingers slide slowly out. I think I know what”s going to happen next, only it doesn”t.

Instead, he gives me a sharp smack across the bum, quickly followed by a second one. They sting like hell! But before I have chance to recover, his big cock is spearing into me. Holy shit! I hadn”t expected that!

As I try to process what just happened. Keith stays exactly where he is, the head of his cock firmly lodged inside me.

“Good boy!” he whispers. “Just relax! You”re going to love this!”

For maybe twenty seconds, he keeps perfectly still, the stinging sensations and the pain of having my bum-hole stretched slowly ebbing away.

“Okay!” he says finally. “It”s time to give you the rest of it.”

Holding me around the tops of my thighs, he begins to push, his cock advancing deeper and deeper into my bum until I”ve taken the whole thing. After a short pause, he starts to fuck me with long, powerful thrusts. It”s the most amazing feeling possible. Within a few seconds, my dick is as hard as it gets.

“This is what you came here for, isn”t it Josh?” Keith demands, his voice quiet and raspy.

“Oh, yeah!” I gasp. “Fuck me, Keith! Fuck me hard! This is the best ever!”

He keeps right at it, pounding me remorselessly. The sensations are unreal! It”s like he”s got me teetering on the edge without actually pushing me over. Unexpectedly, his right hand slides off my thigh. As his fingers wrap themselves around my throbbing prick, he starts to wank me off.

It only takes a few strokes. I buck like a wild animal, my whole body wracked by crazy spasms. My dick jerks into action, my spunk spurting all over the tiled floor, some of it landing several feet in front of me.

“Oh yes!” Keith growls. “You really needed this! Now take my cum, you naughty boy! Take it all!”

Moments later, I feel his warm, sticky man-cream flooding into my arse. Wow! He was right! This definitely was what I came for!

After a few long seconds, he gently pulls out.

“Josh!” Tom calls excitedly. “That was awesome! Your spunk shot all over the place!”

“I”ll clean that up later,” Keith says, nodding towards where my spunk splattered over the floor.

“That was weird, man!” I say quietly, grinning up at him. “After you”d spanked me, your cock went in much easier than it usually does.”

“Yeah!” he agrees, smiling back. “That”s why I did it.”

“Our turn now!” Brad announces, licking Tom”s ear. “Come on! Let”s take it to the amasya escort bedroom!”

Having helped Tom up off the sofa, he ushers him out of the living room.

“Do you want to watch?” Keith asks, smiling.

“Sure!” I respond, grinning back.

We follow Brad and Tom towards the spare bedroom. Keith”s spunk is already starting to leak out of my boy-hole and trickle down my legs. I really ought to use the toilet first, but I don”t want to miss anything. Sure, I”ll make a mess on the stockings, but Keith doesn”t seem to mind, so that”s cool, I guess.

When we get there, Tom”s lying face-down on the bed, his legs apart. He”s stretched out completely flat, not even a pillow under him. I wince slightly. Brad”s fucked me like this a couple of times. It was okay, but it”s not the most comfortable way of taking it.

Standing on the floor behind, Brad smears some lube over his six and a bit inches. Then he gets down on top, guiding it onto my brother”s bum-hole, and stuffs it in.

“Ooooff!” Tom gasps.

“I”m going to take my weight off you now,” Brad says quietly. “As I do, I want you to push your arse up so you keep my cock inside you.”

Placing his hands below Tom”s armpits, Brad slowly pushes right up until his elbows are locked out. As instructed, Tom stays right with him, his feet flicking up off the bed to keep him balanced.

I”m impressed. With his knees resting on the bottom of the mattress and his toes on the floor, Brad”s whole body from his shoulders down to his heels is in an almost perfect straight line. He must be very strong to hold that position!

Pumping his hips, Brad begins to fuck. Beneath him, Tom”s moaning and whimpering, but he”s keeping his bum in the air, and his willy”s rock hard, so he”s obviously enjoying it.

“Oh yes!” Brad growls. “You love having my cock up your tight little arse!”

I”m completely transfixed, my eyes glued to the action, my stiff penis throbbing with my heartbeat. Standing next to me, Keith gently strokes my bum. Quickly grinning up at him, I immediately return my attention to what”s happening on the bed. When I”m not doing it myself, I love watching one of the cute younger boys getting fucked, and it doesn”t get any hotter than this!

On it goes, Brad pounding my little brother harder and harder. Suddenly, Tom begins to gasp, his breathing becoming harsh and irregular. A moment later, he shudders from head to toe, his fingers clawing at the mattress. Fuck! Without anyone even touching his prick, he”s had a dry cum! That”s amazing!

“Ohhhh!” Brad rasps. “You are so sexy! Here it comes! I”m going to fill your boy-hole!”

He makes a series of short, hard downward thrusts, pumping his hot cream into Tom”s arse. A few seconds later, he carefully withdraws. Tom”s hole is gaping open, with Brad”s spunk beginning to seep out. Helping him off the bed, I gently guide him to the bathroom.

“Are you having a shower?” I ask, parking him on the toilet.

“Can”t we have one when we get home?” he counters, giving me a knowing grin. “You know, together?”

“I guess we can if you want,” I respond, grinning back. Fuck! If he”s up for it, I”m not going to say `No”!

As soon as Tom”s finished, I peel off the stockings and take his place. Having expelled Keith”s spunk, I head to the living room to collect our clothes. Returning to the bathroom, I separate Tom”s stuff from mine. That”s when I notice.

“Why weren”t you wearing underpants?” I demand. “You knew what we”d be doing.”

“Sorry, I forgot.”

That means he”ll have to go home wearing only his skimpy football shorts. Without underpants on, he could easily stain them. Fortunately, they”re navy blue, so I guess it shouldn”t be that obvious.

“Put your shorts into the wash as soon as you get home,” I tell him. “And don”t forget!”

As soon as we”re washed and dressed, we make our way back to the living room. To my surprise, Keith and Brad seem quite happy for us to stay around for a while, serving us ice cream and some really yummy brownies, and chatting about all sorts of stuff.

“Tell us about the new boy that you met at the skatepark,” Brad says.

“I was there with Blake,” I explain. “He came and started chatting to us. Like I said, I can”t remember what he said his name was. Anyway, we could tell from the way he was looking at us that he was up for it, so we took him back to my place.”

“How old?”

“He said he was eleven.”

“And what happened?”

“We all got naked. He”s got a great body! Anyway, after we”d messed around for a bit, I got him on his back with his legs up and stuck my cock up him,” I explain. “Then Blake got behind me, and we had a chain-fuck. It was awesome! The kid had a dry-cum, so I filled his arse, and Blake spurted in mine!”

“Sounds wonderful!” Brad agrees.

“Yeah! Blake and I have done that with a few of the younger kids. We love it!”

“I can imagine! So where was Tom while this was going on?”

“Oh, he”d gone to Caleb”s place with a couple of his mates.”

After another few minutes, I check the bus app on my phone. It”s not that I”m in a rush to leave, but if Tom and I are going to shower together when we get home, we can”t stay too long.

“There”ll be a bus soon,” I say grinning at Tom. “We”ll get to the stop in time if we go now.”

“Are you leaving us?” Keith asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Sorry!” I say, smiling. “We”ve got chores to do when we get back.”

Fifteen minutes later, Tom and I are on the bus that takes us towards home. We grin at each other. We both know what we”re going to do when we get there.

Back at the house, we head straight to our shared bathroom. We strip off our clothes, Tom making a big show of throwing his shorts into the wash. As we step into the shower, I”m about to turn it on, but Tom stops me.

“We can do that afterwards,” he says, grinning. “Now will you fuck me like you did with Dima?”

I might have guessed that”d be what he wanted. He”ll be heavier than Dima was, but not by much. I know I can do it.

“Sure!” I say casually. “If that”s what you want.”

With his back to the shower wall, I lift him up, my hands under his thighs, until his face is level with mine. As I slowly lower him, he reaches behind, takes hold of my cock and guides himself onto it. Over the next few seconds, he steadily works his way down until it”s deep inside him.

“Come on, Josh!” he urges. “Fuck me hard! I want your spunk up my bum!”

I start pumping my hips, my cock pistoning in and out. It feels amazing! More important than that, it”s what he asked for. I”m not going to disappoint him!

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