The Instructress (Ch. 01)The Instructress (Ch. 01)


“Hi,” Sam called as he strode confidently into the hall, “Is the teacher here yet?”Donna looked up irritably and tightened the black belt that wrapped around her white martial arts kimono. She flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder and slipped on a hair elastic. “She is,” she snapped.Donna was almost six-foot-tall and almost eighty kilograms. Now in her mid-twenties, she loved anything that used her natural strength and agility; immersing herself in everything from yoga to martial arts.Her glare softened slightly as the guy smiled and lined up in front of her. Tall, slim, and attractive, he had the look of a model with a gym-toned body and the relaxed confidence that she had never had.“Okay, let’s go,” he smiled.She felt a pickle run up her spine. She was the instructor; this was her class.The overconfident man followed her warmup routine, but when his first press up didn’t touch the mat, Donna placed a bare foot on his shoulder and pressed down.“Hey, that’s not fair,” Sam grinned from the mat.“Well, neither is this…” Her words drifted away as she sat on his back and pulled his arms up behind his back and trapped them between her thighs.“Okay,” Sam panted, the weight of the woman heavy on his back and his arms completely jammed.“Okay? The only way out of a lotus lock is to part my legs with your twisted arms. Think you can do that?”“Sure.”Donna rolled her big brown eyes, enjoying the satisfying moans from below as she easily squeezed her legs together with Sam’s arms still wedged between.As a kid she had always had a temper and standing out as being taller and stronger had made it worse. Cute boys at school, and now cute men like Sam, had always found her too intense and intimidating. Fuck. She had known Sam for less than ten minutes and already he was moaning in pain beneath her. She composed herself, gently released her hold, and placed his arms back on the mat.-The following week Sam arrived to find Donna stretching on the mats wearing only short red gym shorts and a white tee-shirt. She looked around in surprise, “Oh, I didn’t think you were coming,” she said springing back to her feet and into an instinctive fighting pose “I’m not dressed…”“It looks almanbahis cool.”“Yes, but it’s not appropriate for some holds,” she tugged self-consciously at the shorts that barely covered her bottom. Despite her athletic physique, she had long since convinced herself that men did not find her attractive. “Presumptuous of you. This week I may win.”Donna smiled, annoyed with herself for liking this guy.As before, the warmup left Sam exhausted and he was breathing hard as they started to spar. Despite the newly leant evasion techniques, Donna quickly caught his wrist and twisted until she had Sam on his knees. She stepped over his shoulder so that his arm was caught between her legs and his head was bowed down level with her calf.“You must watch for the wrist,” Donna coached, “otherwise you’ll be a whole world of pain.”She caught herself smiling again at the prostrate man moaning beneath her. This was fun. She knew the next move was cruel and would completely incapacitate him, but she couldn’t help herself as she slowly dropped to one knee.With Sam’s shoulder at the end of its range of movement and with Donna’s weight on his shoulder, he was helpless to stop her taking him to the mat. She controlled him carefully until he was now lying with his arm held awkwardly above him and his head resting in the fold between her thigh and her calf.His panting breath against her leg was making her tingle. It had been too long since she had been this close to a man, and his moans of pain seemed strangely erotic.“So, let’s talk through the evasion techniques again,” Donna breathed calmly, in no hurry to return his freedom.“While I’m like this?” Sam panted.“Yes,” Donna breathed, “or next time, your opponent might do this.” Controlling her breath, she slowly sat back on her haunches, her butt crashing down on to Sam’s head.Her shorts were sitting on the side of his head and while Donna’s hold didn’t hurt, it was totally immobilising and humiliating. With the intransigent woman refusing to release him, Sam had no choice but to try to remember what she had taught him, his words muffled by the back of her leg.“And what else?” she asked, looking down to check that her victim had not succumbed almanbahis yeni giriş to the crushing force of her thigh. Sam continued.“Good,” she smiled, impressed that Sam had listened to her, “and now you also know why it’s so important.” She allowed herself to smile again, “Cos it’s not easy to get out once I slip you into this.”“It’s impossible,” Sam moaned, breathing hard under her unyielding pressure.“Mmm… and if I wasn’t a nice girl, I could snap your arm or crush you… or even fart in your face.”Sam didn’t dare move. The woman’s hold gave him only one position that wasn’t excruciatingly painful and that position was bowing prostrate on the floor beneath her.“Give up?” Donna breathed.“No…”Donna was tingling with arousal, her captive man trapped down between her legs. She sat back on his head with more weight until her red shorts moulded around his head, his gorgeous features now contorted down in the nether regions of her lusting body. She studied their joined reflection in the mirror and from her angle, it looked as though her body had devoured his head. She felt like a goddess who had conquered her nemesis and she freed her blonde hair from its elastic to complete the look.Neither spoke as Donna held Sam beneath her, a certain sexual tension in the silent hall. Donna sighed, the temptation to thrust down thymically onto his head was becoming uncontrollably, and so she reluctantly released her student’s arm and stood up leaving the cute but crumpled man to climb to his knees.“Again?” Sam panted, still on all fours.Donna found herself grinning back, “Really? Next time I might keep you…”Intrigued by what she meant by this, Sam climbed to his feet, ready to start again.He started well but less than a minute later found himself on his back and seconds after that, Donna’s legs appeared behind him. She forced his neck into the V of her crotch and slipped on a figure-four headlock. Her thighs closed around his neck, her left leg tucked tightly under her right thigh, and pulled into her side to lock her lower body in place.“You don’t want to get caught between my thunder thighs,” Donna puffed, reliving a painful insult that others had used on her.“Your almanbahis giriş thighs…” Sam tried to reply but was cut off in mid-gasp as Donna, too shy to hear his response, gave him a sudden squeeze. That always worked and Sam stopped wriggling and lay obediently on the mat looking up at her from between her thighs.“You show me the holds, but never how to escape from them,” Sam croaked.“A properly locked figure-four is impossible to escape from,” Donna’s voice was becoming increasingly breathy. “Once your opponent slips you in, you’re hers until she decides to release.”“At least it doesn’t hurt.”“Oh, it could,” she replied, fighting to hold back blonde hair, “Your head is joined to my hips. If I thrust, you would be in agony.”Sam instinctively reached for her legs but stopped unsure whether he could touch her.Donna could see his predicament. “Yes, I really shouldn’t have worn these shorts!”“You have amazing legs,” he croaked under their pressure.“Thank you,” Donna muttered shyly, easing the pressure around her student’s neck. She really was starting to like this guy. The touch of his skin against her bare legs felt nice, and unlike most people she fought, he wasn’t desperately trying to escape her body.“Even nicer now,” Sam smiled.Donna was embarrassed by the unexpected compliments and, despite his chat-up lines being completely inappropriate, she didn’t want to let go.“It’s okay, you can try to get out.”Sam wrapped his hands around Donna’s thighs and pulled, but the woman’s body tightened further, her legs starting to close in on his breathing. Donna moaned quietly as her student’s hands now caressed her thighs, sliding higher until his fingers slipped inside her shorts. “Oh yes,” she mouthed as she watched the bulge from his erection.“Keep going… I’m not going to let you out.”Sam’s gorgeous hands were gently tickling her and pushing further inside her shorts. She swallowed nervously. Such intimate and uninvited touch from a stranger would normally have resulted in her breaking his arm or even his neck, a single flick of her hips and he would be dead, but Sam was different. His touch was in danger of overwhelming her body and her cheeks were reddening.“Let me show you an armbar,” she trembled.Donna lay on her back and nestled her shorts up against the side of Sam’s head. She placed one leg over his neck and the other over his chest and pulled down on the arm that ran up between her thighs.

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