The Institute of Technology and Science Pt. 05The Institute of Technology and Science Pt. 05


“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Authors Note: This story is set in the same location as the previous chapters but is told from another person’s perspective.


I was lying in bed early one morning. That time between sleep and awake when nothing seems real. Too early to get up, too late to get any more sleep.

My eyes were closed and I was just thinking about getting up when there was a knock at my bedroom door. I was too relaxed to respond so I just stayed in bed.

I heard the door open.

“Darren, it’s time to…Holy Fucking Hell!” her voice had jumped two octaves before she fell silent. It was at that moment that I realized that I had kicked off the covers during the night. I was lying on my back, completely exposed to her staring eyes.

And I knew the reason for her reaction!

I’m a phys-ed teacher at the local middle school so I work out constantly. Less than 10% body fat, muscular and defined. I was pretty good looking in addition to having a very well defined, muscular body. Before my relationship with Chelsea had gotten serious I had no trouble getting dates. This morning my sister-in-law-to-be was getting an unobstructed view of my pecs, my washboard abs and solid muscular legs. And my morning woody! She knew that I was muscular. She wouldn’t have known that I was endowed. Well endowed. Hell, I was REALLY well endowed! Over a foot long, my cock, when fully distended, was thicker than I could reach around with my hand!

Some of the girls I had dated had backed off when they had been confronted with my erection. Others had gone ape-shit! Those were the fun ones!

I was just about to cover myself up when I felt the bed sag under the weight of Veronica sitting down on the edge of the bed. She grasped my cockshaft just above my balls with one hand.

“What a cock,” she muttered as she gently held my now rock hard dick. “I never imagined…” Her voice faded as she kept fondling me.

“Uh,” I groaned which caused Veronica to freeze in place.

“That feels good, Chelsea,” I mumbled. Chelsea was my visitor’s sister. My live-in girlfriend.

Veronica started back up. She thought I was having a dream. Her grip was firm and warm while she worked. From time to time she would use both hands. But mostly she just ran one hand up and down my cock shaft.

Veronica is my girlfriend’s older sister. Older by five years, she had just gotten a position as an Assistant Librarian at The Institute of Technology and Science here in town. She was staying with us until she could find a place of her own. We had a spare bedroom so it was no trouble.

And she is a frump. Layers of denim, flannel and tweed. She never wore makeup, her hair was always pulled into a messy knot at the back of her head. She was unattractive at best. But she seemed to know how to give a hand job! She was doing a great job on my dick, for sure.

I was just about to “wake up” and scare the shit out of her when she leaned down over my groin.

“What a big dick,” she whispered. “I can’t help myself.” Her mouth made contact with the head of my cock!

Veronica moaned deep in her chest. She was gasping while she worked. Before I could react her lips and tongue went crazy on my big hard shaft and dick head. With-in seconds there was saliva running down my rod to cool my suddenly overheated ball sack. She was jacking me furiously while she lipped and kissed my dick head. Then she started to run her mouth up and down the massive cock that was quivering in front of her. She was gasping and moaning, whimpering and mewling while she worked.

I hadn’t had that many blow jobs, Chelsea was sort of tentative. A lot of my earlier girlfriends had blown me. But thIs was the best blow job I had ever gotten! From my girlfriend’s frump of a sister!

And before I knew it I was blowing my load! Veronica never missed a beat. She slid her open mouth over my dick head and took it all! Again and again I filled her mouth with cum. Again and again she gulped it down and sucked hard to pull more cum out of me!

Finally, I had no more to give her. I was breathing deeply, still trying to pretend that I was asleep. She was running her tongue around my dick head and lapping up any cum that she had let slide down my shaft. I was rapidly going soft in her grip. She placed one last kiss softly on my dick and straightened up.

“I can’t believe I did that,” she murmured. “I can’t believe it felt so good! And I can’t believe that my sister’s boyfriend has the biggest dick I’ve ever heard of. So long! So good! Oh, God, I can’t let this happen again,” she declared as she snuck out the door.

Twenty minutes later I was showered and out the door. I hadn’t seen Veronica, Chelsea said she’d left early for work. I wondered if she was thinking about me as she went about her day.

When I got home that evening Veronica pretty much avoided me. But she kept sneaking glances when she thought I Avcılar Escort wasn’t looking. She kept peeking at my crotch! It was almost funny!

The next day Veronica came to dinner with her hair down. It was a change from her usual coif. Chelsea made a point of complimenting her on the “new look”. Chelsea had always been after Veronica to try to be a little more fashion conscious.

“You should try a little harder, Ronnie,” she would say. “It’s not good for you to just work and spend so much time in that musty old library. You catch more flies with honey, you know!”

“You catch even more with horse shit!” Veronica would respond. “What’s your point?”

“That it’s not normal for a woman in her mid twenties to never date!” She would shoot back. It was an old argument between them.

Since Veronica had never evinced any interest in improving her looks in the past, Chelsea took it as a positive step that Veronica had begun to comb out her hair. That night as we were cuddling she brought it up.

“Did you notice that Veronica let her hair down today? I thought it looked good. I wish she would take more interest in her appearance. It’s not natural to be a virgin in your late twenties!”

“Really?” I asked. “A virgin?” She hadn’t sucked my dick like a virgin the other morning! She had gone wild on it. Best blow job I’d ever had!

“I’m sure of it. She never dated in high school. She hasn’t spoken of seeing anyone since. And now she spends all her time at the library down at the college. Why don’t you tell her that she looks good the next time she combs out her hair. It might encourage her.”?

The next morning at breakfast Veronica appeared and again her hair was combed out. It fell to the middle of her back in waves. It really did look good.

“Veronica, with your hair down like that it really softens your appearance! You look nice,” I told her.

She mumbled something and I thought I saw her start to blush but she was gone before I could be sure.

Over the next several days her hair remained down and I caught her looking at me when she thought I wan’t paying attention. She would gaze at my crotch or butt. It was a little unsetting but also a little flattering.

One day she wore mascara. And then she added lipstick. And then blush appeared. With in a week she was wearing make up all the time. And Chelsea continued to encourage her, telling her that she was looking fine. Chelsea was also still asking me to compliment her and I did so when the time was right.

Veronica kept glancing at my crotch. And once or twice, when I had a chubby she would just flat stare. I have to admit I liked it. What guy wouldn’t enjoy having a girl checking him out. And Veronica was looking better and better every day. In addition to the make up, her posture had improved and her clothing was changing. Fewer layers, more hints at the figure that had always remained hidden under those layers.

One day I was watching TV when Veronica walked into the room on the way to her bedroom. As she passed I took note of her figure. It was a real change for me. Veronica had a figure! She had Honest To God Curves! There were noticeable breasts, a waist and hips on display! I actually watched her walk in front of me and as she walked down the hall to her room. She had an uncharacteristic wiggle to her walk! She stopped at her door way and looked back at me. Seeing me still looking at her she smiled and blew me a little kiss!

That night, for the first time in a long time, Chelsea reached for me in bed. We hadn’t had sex in a while and I admit I was surprised but ready. Sex with Chelsea was okay but it wasn’t the main reason I was with her. She wasn’t eager, or enthusiastic most of the time. To be honest the best two words to describe our sex life would be hum and drum. I mean it was okay, I suppose. Chelsea usually seemed to enjoy it unless I lost control and tried to drive too deep into her. She usually wrapped a hand or two around my shaft to make sure that I didn’t over fill her cunt. You would think that having a really big dick was a wonderful thing. Not so much in real life, I’m afraid.

Anyway, there we were, beavering away. Chelsea underneath me, little yips of pleasure being forced from her as I vary the speed and pressure of my cock strokes. We had been going at it for a while. Chelsea had had an orgasm a couple of minutes ago and I was going slow to let her catch her breath and regain interest in getting her cunt fucked.

I glance up and there is Veronica, standing to one side of the doorway watching us fuck! I almost freak but the look on her face stops me from doing anything. She’s just staring at us. She’s not looking at my face, or Chelsea’s. She’s just looking at where my dick is sliding in and out of Chelsea’s sopping wet cunt. It’s like she is in a trance, focused completely on our hips working together.

What the hell, I think. Let her look! Let her get a real good look!

I slide back from Chelsea, pulling Beylikdüzü Escort my rampant dick from her clasping pussy lips.

“No, please, more, don’t stop,” she moans while reaching out for me. For once Chelsea isn’t ready to stop and neither am I!

Grasping my dick at the root I slap it against her abdomen. Showing how far up her I could be going if not for her being so protective. I make sure that Veronica can see just how long, how hard and how thick my dick is. Smacking Chelsea again and again the meaty thumps echo in the room.

I can see Veronica starting to flush. One of her hands is digging deep between her legs while the other has dived under her top and is mauling her breast, pulling and squeezing as I watch. Slowly Veronica becomes aware that I’m watching her. I expect she’s going to bolt and run but she fools me!

She keeps playing with herself as I watch. And she’s smiling at me while her gaze moves from my face to my dick and back again! Her tongue is sticking out one side of her mouth while she’s watching us.

I glance back down at Chelsea who is looking down at my dick still twitching above our groins. Both hands are running up and down my shaft and she is trying to pull me back between her pussy lips.

I move back and let Chelsea socket my dick in her cunt.

“Fuck me, Darren, fuck me! I need it, please. I need to cum again, fuck me!” she pleads. Not the normal conversation from Chelsea, but I’m more than willing to do as she wishes.

I lie back down on her with my head turned to the door way and our observer. “Do you want it?” I ask, “Do you want it now?” I’m not sure which one I’m asking.

“Ohhh, yes, yes!” sighs Chelsea while Veronica nods her head at the same time.

“Here it is you hot, foxy bitch,” I say. It’s one of the things that Chelsea likes to hear me say to her while we are fucking.

And I see that it has an effect on Ronnie as well.

As I continue to plow Chelsea I’m watching Veronica watch us. While I watch she blatantly runs her tongue around her lips, purses them and then makes kissing motions at me.

She smiles a really nasty smile and, using both hands, pulls her left breast out of her bra! That tit is bigger than I would have guessed. She had always hidden her figure and I was surprised how large she is. Even both hands aren’t enough to completely contain it!

She lifts it up to where she can run her tongue around her nipple. She sucks on that nub for a few seconds and then drops it back to hang heavily in front of her. Her one hand pulls and plucks her exposed nipple while the other hand returns to her cunt.

She smirks at me, pursing her lips, licking her lips. She’s pulling her tit out and letting it snap back to wobble and shake in front of her. Using one hand she bobbles it up and down, bouncing her boob for me to admire!

I’m giving Chelsea long slow strokes now and I can tell that she is rising fast to another climax. I’m going as deep into her as she will let me.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I announce.

“Me too,” replies Chelsea. Veronica is partially bent over. One hand still between her legs while that one big tit is swinging back and forth in front of her getting mauled by her other hand.

Just as Chelsea cries out in orgasm I pull myself out of her and, while I mash the root of my cock against her clitoris. I use both hands to stroke myself. Jet after jet of cum rockets out, shooting over her head, and then onto her face, neck and between her modest breasts. Veronica is staring at my dick, her mouth hanging open. Her is tongue pushed out to one side of her mouth as she watches, entranced by my ejaculation.

“Ugh, why do you do that?” Chelsea complained. “You know I don’t like that! It’s rude!” She grabs a couple of tissues from the bedside table and cleans her self off. With a moue of disgust she tosses them in the trash and turns over to go to sleep.

In the door way I can see Ronnie running her lips around her mouth as if she was licking the cum off my dick. She seems to enjoy the fantasy running thru her head.

Veronica slowly pulls herself together. She tucks her boob back into her bra and straightens up her clothing a little. Smiling at me she runs her tongue around her lips again, blows me a kiss, and turns to leave. She was trying to be cool about it but I saw that she had to put her hand out to brace against the wall as she walked away. She must of had a huge orgasm! But thankfully it was a silent one.

Veronica’s metamorphoses continued over the next few days. She began to wear what I can only describe as ‘normal’ clothing. Her figure, while not put on display does become more evident.

One day at breakfast Veronica asked Chelsea to go shopping with her.

“I need to get some new clothes. I’ve been losing weight and nothing fits right any more. And I have no idea what sizes to get or what is current. Won’t you help, sis?”

“Of course, honey! I’m so glad that you want to update. Esenyurt Escort Everything you have is so, well, ‘Librarian’, you know!”

When I get back they are in Veronica’s room going over all the stuff that she bought. Both of them seem pleased with the loot.

That evening, before drifting off to sleep, Chelsea filled me in on the shopping trip. “You know, Veronica looked a lot different than I remember. I’m sure that she will attract some attention when she starts wearing her new outfits. I sort of got her to admit that she is trying to catch the attention of some guy that has caught her eye! I was surprised but I told her to go for it! She bought some new lingerie, too! I was amazed! She had to get a E-cup bra! That’s larger than I am. She was always kind of flat chested when we were young. Not as busty as I was. Even though she was the older sister. But now she’s a couple of cup sizes larger than I am!” With that she rolled over and went to sleep.

I lay there for a few minutes going over what she had said. E-cup bra? New lingerie?

The next day was a Saturday. We were all just hanging out. The three of us had planned to watch a movie that evening but now we were just lounging around the house.

“Darren, can you give me a hand,” Veronica called from her bedroom.”

I looked at Chelsea and raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, go help the girl. She won’t bite!” She really had no idea, I thought as I heaved myself up from the couch.

“What’s up?” I asked as I entered the room.

“I can’t get this drawer to open,” she complained. She was wearing a low cut blouse. It wasn’t all that crazy, but compared to what she usually wore it was amazingly revealing. For the first time I could get a sense of just how large her bosom was. And it was sizable! Larger than Chelsea’s C-cup endowments.

“Let me take a look,” I was trying not to stare at her chest.

“Anytime you want,” she smirked up at me. Was she flirting with me? That was really out of character for her.

The drawer had popped off the rail and it was an easy fix. I had it working in just a few moments.

As I rose to my feet Veronica hugged herself to me and declared, “My hero! Thanks so much!”

She let me go and stood back from me. She leaned forward with her hands clasped in front of her. Without thinking I glanced down at her exposed cleavage. Her upper arms were pushing her boobs together, forcing them up and out of the blouse. Now her blouse revealed inches of creamy breast flesh that was quivering with her breath. I couldn’t look away. So beautiful! So large and firm! For a moment I tried to figure out how big they were but I had no idea. Chelsea had said E-cup. I realized that I was staring and I quickly looked up into Ronnie’s eyes.

She was smiling at me. As she straightened up she pulled her shoulders back a little and inhaled. She was making her boobs look even better, bigger!

“Do you like them, Darren? Do you like looking at my chest?” She still had that smile on her face. “Bigger than Chelsea, aren’t I? Do you like breasts like these? How do you feel about these titties?” She was gently shaking her shoulders which caused those beautiful titties to bounce and quiver, shimmy and slosh back and forth. Damn!

Despite myself I didn’t look away. I couldn’t look away. Veronica was showing off her breasts to me. She was asking me if I liked them.

Gently she reached out and took my hand. “See what they feel like, Darren. I want to know what you think of them.” She carefully placed my hand on the side of her boob.

I glanced into her eyes as I slowly squeezed. Her eyes closed as she smiled and let out a soft whimper. “Oh, I like that,” she husked. “I like that a LOT!” Still smiling at me she reached out for my other hand. “Squeeze me, Darren, squeeze my big, solid titties for me. Let me feel you handling my titties!”

Taking her at her word I put my hands on the outside of those big, solid knockers and pressed my hands together. Her boobs rode up into her cleavage. Mounds of breast flesh surged together, pressed upward, and formed a deep, deep cleavage that beckoned me.

Again and again I pushed and pressed. I watched as her cleavage surged, rising and falling back. Quivering as I released them, her boobs jostled together. Moving my hands to the front of those titties, I kept on squeezing, feeling how firm and sold they were. No matter how I pressed, prodded or worked them over they bounced back to their original shape. Big, pointy ovoids, they felt amazing!

Veronica was breathing heavily now as I worked over her boobs. Her nipples were at full strength, visible thru bra and blouse, they had swollen to the size of large thimbles.

As I stopped to admire her boobs Ronnie reached out and pulled me to her for a scorching kiss. Her tongue forced it’s way into my mouth and explored. I returned the favor and we stood moving slowly against each other as we kissed.

I came up for air after a minute or two. Before I could catch my breath Veronica used both hands and drew my head down into her cleavage. She pulled the front of her blouse down lower to expose more of that warm, creamy division between her mounds. Taking the hint I drove myself as deep between her breasts as I could. Shaking my head left and right I felt those boobs quivering and shaking as I worked.

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