The Initiation (750 Word Project)The Initiation (750 Word Project)


The air was heavy with the scent of warm incense and erotic anticipation.

The hand was soft, almost urgent but still gentle, caressing up over the curve of Nicole’s hip and onwards towards her 36C breasts. To Nicole’s right a brunette glided closer, slipping her hand across my wife’s belly and down towards the shaven pussy I had known over 25 years. This though, was a first.

The women were naked but for their full-face masquerade masks. Nicole’s blue eyes flashed around the candle lit circle seeking mine; she gasped loudly as the blonde woman slipped a finger inside her, her knees buckled slightly revealing her true arousal behind the expressionless mask. Her own hands stroked across the bare skin of the two women.

Through my own mask I could see that several of the men were already sporting erections, my own member bobbing since the moment we were told to remove the robes. It took all my effort not to stroke myself as I watched wife being skillfully aroused.

The women guided my wife backwards to lay on the black velvet padded bench. Spreading Nicole’s legs, the blonde stroked her fingers etimesgut escort across the glistening wetness. My body twitched involuntarily as if I was tasting the raspberry-cinnamon of Nicole’s juices. She arched her back, quivering as the blonde massaged two fingers in and out of her, gliding firmly back and forth in time with the muffled but rhythmic music.

At some hidden signal, two men coordinated their movements to stand either side of Nicole.

The brunette appeared before me, dark brown eyes peering into mine; her hand, wrapped around my cock, tugging me forwards. I took a step, then another. She led me to stand between Nicole’s thighs. The two women each held my wife’s legs.

Rock hard, I barely needed to guide myself, the head of my cock rested against my wife’s pussy lips. Nicole groped animatedly until she grasped an impressive erection in each hand, readying herself. The women spread Nicole’s legs a fraction more to open her lips invitingly; male hands descended on her breasts as she hissed “Yes…”

I thrust forward, burying etlik escort myself to the hilt inside my wife. A guttural cry emanated from behind her mask. Tentacles of pleasure spread like warmth from my groin speeding up through my body. Nicole pulled greedily on the two men, moaning again as they teasingly tweaked her nipples. Tantalizing strokes up and down Nicole”s legs by the women added to her already heightened sensations.

“Now fuck her!” The blonde whispered, loud enough to elicit murmurs of agreement.

Swinging my hips back slowly, my cock inched out of my wife until only the very tip remained inside. A hand on my lower back pushed me forward in one smooth motion until our bodies slapped against each other. Sounds of appreciation escaped from beneath our masks.

”Again…” The brunette this time. I obliged. Slowly. Again.

Female hands traversed Nicole’s abdomen, her mons; a frustrated moan, I could imagine my wife biting her lip. As I once more emerged from Nicole, the brunette bobbed down licking at my wife’s clit, provoking a muted scream eve gelen escort of pleasure. The hand on my back nudged me forward again, my cock slid under the tongue and into Nicole, a rapture of sensations ran up my spine.

On the next outstroke, the brunette gripped my cock pulling it completely out and then forward into her mouth, as warm and wet as Nicole’s pussy but nonetheless wildly different. She guided me out directing my cock back into my wife. Nicole whimpered each time I withdrew, and purred each time I thrust back inside her.

Bodies pressed closer in. Hands roamed across Nicole’s body. Groans of lust filtered out through the masks. Breasts pressed against my back urged me forward, repetitively, harder, faster, into my wife as she too was drowning in the sensations.

Nicole’s strawberry blonde hair spread wildly across the dark material, her head rolling in ecstasy as we climbed in unison. So many hands on my wife. So much skin contact. Sounds of sex all around us. Tension rising in my cock, like a balloon inflating, stretching, about to burst. Intense. I couldn’t hold back, animalistic lust overpowering me as I fucked Nicole, our orgasms building inexorably. I exploded inside my shaking, shuddering wife, muscles spasming, as fireworks exploded inside my head.

A long drawn out “Aaaaaaaaah…” from Nicole. Mouths descended upon her.

Masks were being removed.

The initiation was over. The evening begun.

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