The Indecisive DominantThe Indecisive Dominant


We were sat on your sofa watching tv, both fully clothed. Doing something so causal made everything more intense. The Tv was a prop the real show was happening in your mind. You were deciding what hole you would like to train first. You showed me earlier where you kept all your toys so all you had to do was ask. But we were keeping things casual and fucking away anticipation would suck and not in the good way. You look over at me remembering what we discussed in an old chat and smile.

Curling your hand behind my neck you turn my head to look at you, your thumb strokes my jaw then pulls on my lower lip opening me. Should you fuck me here? your thumb enters my hot mouth, I lick and suck coating your thumb with my saliva. Or maybe somewhere tighter? you hook your other hand into the back of my jeans and press against my tight hole, you could start plugging here? bend me over your lap and stretch me out for later, it’s always good to be prepared. Or… sliding your fingers forward Kumköy escort into my drenched folds you slip 3 fingers inside and i clench, you could hang me off the sofa and fuck my tight cunt.

Indecisive you remove your fingers from me grabbing my neck fully you order in my ear “When I come back you will be naked and knelt in front of the sofa” I smile and nod eagerly and you release me to collect your preferred props. You grab the training plugs and bondage kit which consists of tape, clamps and a ring gag deciding to keep your options open.

Returning you frown noticing me bend before the sofa undressed but with my underwear still on. I watch you impatiently and you decide then what you want to do. Striding over to me you grab my wrists behind my back and pull me against you and spank me twice hard. You tape my wrists and forearms together high and tight behind my back, my breasts prop forward with the posture, you frown at my bra and cut it off. My Kumköy escort bayan nipples are hard and you want to clamp them and whip them raw later.

You release me and get comfortable again on the sofa pressing play on the tv grabbing your drink. I stand confused. After a time you order me to kneel gesturing to your feet, I comply and await your next instruction but you remain impassive, I stare at you again confused. I feel my breasts rub against the harsh texture of your jean clad knees, i rub them to try get your attention but you continue to ignore me watching the tv instead. feeling incredibly frustrated i start to rub my face against you thigh and after a time you part your knees and pull me by the hair between them, getting into a more slouched position you force my head down on your jean clad crotch, i start to move but you hold my head still stroking my scalp passively while still watching the tv. I feel you harden under my cheek. We stay like Escort Kumköy this for a while until you remember the training pluggs, you’ll need to prep me if you want to fuck me there later.

Releasing my hair you drag me across your lap and i wriggle into place. Removing my knickers your fingers find my wet folds easily, you start to spread to moisture over my anus stroking my arse idly and I moan under you. My legs twitch and I try to spread them wider at the sensation but you grab more tape and strap my ankles and calfs together to keep me still. I’m spread helpless across your lap now as you prepare my tight hole with the lubrication of my wet cunt. Pausing to grab your drink you relax again and continue to watch the film. I moan frustrated and whimper, eventually impatience kicks in and i moan “please please touch me” distracting you from the screen. Sighing you reach for the gag and stretch my lips over the metal ring tightening the leather strap around my head, now all you can hear is gurgling and moaning as i adjust my swollen lips around the stretched ring, drool leaks from the corners of my mouth but no words.

You go back to your film, drink and absently stoke me absently spreading the moisture over my holes and arse cheeks.


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