The House Slave Training , Auction Chapter 15 and 16The House Slave Training , Auction Chapter 15 and 16


Chapter 15

Master J Michael and Molly

I go into my office to meet with J who is here to pick up his slave and Molly I give him a hug and a kiss as I tell him that it’s been to long since I have seen him. He looks at the monitor as he sees his boy and the girl working with my helper. I tell him that the boy has been in a chastity belt for a week and it has helped him I tell him also I think that being around Molly has helped they have become friends she has helped him and he has helped her. I also tell him that he likes to be beat and that he must be the one who says when he has had enough his mother did a number on him he looks at me.

J- I know he has been through a lot and I tried to do the right thing by leaving him with that bitch I should have took him with me when I first found him. I wanted him to gain some control did it work she looks at me and says yes, he did! She also tells me that he thinks that I am going to get rid of him and I look at her and ask why would he think that? She asks me to if I told him how I feel and I tell her that people like us don’t express our feeling! I look at the monitor again and I see that they are talking about the spanking bench she asks if I want to go in and I say yes. We get up to go to the dungeon when she opens the door and they are both looking down I reach my boy and stroke head and pull it back and his eyes go wide I tell him he may speak and he tells me that he missed me.

Michael- I can’t believe that Master is here he looks so good as I smile up at him he is wearing jeans and a button-down shirt. He goes over to Molly and pulls her head back and she smiles up at him.

J- Hello Molly I am Master J and I am Michael’s Master and now I am yours. I tell them to stand with their hands behind their backs. I unbutton my shirt and take it off I tell Michael to stand by the cross I am ready to play I look at Liz as she sits down in a chair across the room. I tell Molly to get on the bed I tell Michael that I want to test his control and that this is not a punishment as I chain him to the cross I go to the cabinet and get a small whip I start my hitting his ass as I tell him how much I have missed him I move down his legs and thighs and he begins to moan and groan I know that he wants to cum I hit him harder I am surprised that he is not begging to cum like he did in the past I ask him if he wants to cum and he surprise me by saying only if I want him to I tell him good boy and I unhook him and move him to the couch and I cuddle him and tell him that I am proud of him for being my good boy I see that he is in subspace and I wrap him in a blanket when I look down I see that his cock is hard so I ask if he wants to play with Molly and he says only if I want him to. I tell him that I want him to fuck her mouth after I play with her. I tell Molly to go over the spanking bench as I pick up the small whip and I run my hands over her ass its nice so I swing the whip and hit her I her gasp so I swing and hit her again as her ass turns red. I hear her moan and I reach between her legs and feel how wet she is and my dick gets rock hard I look over at Michael and see that he is looking at my dick with lust in his eyes. I release Molly from the bench and tell her to suck my boys dick she goes to her knee but I tell her to stay and have him come stand in front of her I look at him and realize that he is not hard to I go to the cabinet and get a plug that vibrates and some lube and I tell him to bend over I lube my fingers and push them into him and then I lube the plug and push it into him and I take the remote and I stand behind her as I tell her to suck him. I place my hands on her ass and I push my fingers into her pussy she is wet so I take my dick out and slam into her she is tight and I slow down to let her get use to me I began moving slower and I reached and turned the plug on and I heard my boy moan as I slap the girl on the ass I tell her that she better not cum until I tell her to she begins moaning and pushing back on me and I know that she is close I reach under and pinch her clit and tell her to cum and she does I tell Michael that he better cum before I do or he will have to hold it until we get home and he moans. I began slamming into her I feel her walls tightening around my dick like a vice I know she wants to cum again so I tell her to do as she takes me with her. I pull out of her and take my pants and shirt off I tell each of them to go into the bathroom and turn the water on as they leave I tell Liz that I will talk to her after I have a shower. When I go into the bathroom I see that they are kissing and when they see me that pull away I tell them that it is okay if they both know that they are mine and that my needs come first so I tell them that we are going to take a shower together.

I tell them to go to their room and make sure it is clean and someone will bring them so clothes and I go talk to Liz who is in her office. Once I get to her office I knock and she tells me to come in where I am surprised to find a young guy who introduces himself and Andre he stands to leave and I shake his hand. I look at Liz and she tells me that it’s not what I think that he is a Dom that was just trained. I tell her that my plane leaves in an hour and I wanted to thank her for her help with the boy I also give her payment for the girl and an extra payment as a bonus I also ask her about the girls past and she gives me a file as I sit down and open it. I see that he she never knew her father her mother was a drug addict who had a string of bad boyfriends and the last one did kill the mother and sold her she is from Oklahoma but went to Texas looking for her mother who she thought went to see a friend when she was taken. I ask Liz how do she think the girl would do and she tells me that she thinks Molly will do fine she was a straight A student with all she was going through I ask if I knock her out for the trip home and she says no Molly wants to be loved and to have someone to care for her she hasn’t been a problem and she really likes Michael I say ok and close the file as a knock on the door I look up to see D has entered and I shake his hand. He tells me that the boy and the girl a ready I thank him. He tells me that he got the shipment that I sent and that he is very pleased. I stand to leave when I congratulate him and he says thank I told him that I wanted to make it but I got tied up in Asia on business. I say goodbye and head out.

As we sit on the plane I look at Michael and Molly and I tell them that I want to talk to them. I ask Molly if she has any questions she says no! I tell her that Yenimahalle Escort once we get home she will be shown to her room she says she thought that she would sleep with me and Michael I tell her that she will but there will be times when she will need her own space. I ask her if Michael told her about attending college and she says no I tell her that I have looked at her grades and I want her to pick in online school for her to attend in the fall and a major she tells me that she always wanted to go into the medical field and I tell her that she will have to pick something else and she tells me that once she had taken off and was taken that she knew she wouldn’t get a chance to do that. She says that she was always good in math and maybe she can be an accountant and this surprises me. I tell her that Michael is getting a business degree. I tell her that I own a lot of businesses some illegal and some legit and because of that I have bodyguards and that I do a lot of business with people who are off the radar. I also tell her that trust is everything to me and that if you break it I will put a bullet into her I also tell her that she will have no way off the island unless I take her the guard won’t help her. She looks me straight in the eye and tells me that she is not looking to go or do anything that I don’t won’t her to I like her strength she tells me that her old life sucked and not in the enjoyable way. I tell Michael that I got his grades and he got a B in his math class and he groans. I tell Molly that I have a grading system for rewards or corrections that she will follow and that Michael can’t seem to get his grade up in his math class so he will be punished for it she looks at him and tells him maybe she can help him with it. I tell Molly to have dinner and that I needed to see Michael alone I also tell both that there will be no jealousy or fighting for my time or they will be punished and no going behind anyone’s back. I take into my bedroom and tell him to strip. I ask him what he thinks about Molly and he says that he really likes her I ask him if he fucked her and says no! I ask him why although I know he tells me that he can’t get it up for a woman. I tell him to get on his knees and suck me and he does. I hand him the lube and tell him to get himself ready for me and opens the cap and put some on his fingers and begins to work them into his ass. I tell him to stop and bend over the bed as I lube up my cock and began pushing into him as he begins to rock back taking more of my dick I tell him to take it and he does. I begin to fuck him long slow deep thrust I missed him so much. I pinch him on his hip and he groans. Reach under and tug on his balls and his ass tightens around me I begin stroking his dick as I know that he is about to cum I tell him to hold hit as I thrust in him hard I feel my balls draw up and I begin to cum as I spank his ass and tell him to cum and he does I feel like I am about to pass out he is squeezing my dick so hard. I pull out of him and kiss him before he starts cleaning my dick. I tell him to lay down and take a nap as I go to clean up. I go back out to see Molly is awake and ask her why she is not sleep and she tells me that she is too excited to sleep. I tell her that Michael pasted out. I ask her how does she feel about having kids she says that she likes them I tell her that she will be having my babies and maybe one or two for Michael she looks at me and says that Michael told her he can’t have sex with a woman and I tell her that we can do it with the help of a doctor. I tell her to relax the shot they gave her is good for the next two months so it won’t happen right away. I tell her that the kids will won’t for nothing I also tell her that this is not the only home I own and that she and Michael will come with me on certain business trips I tell her that she won’t always be kept at home for me to use and abuse but I expect for her to follow my rules no matter where we are and she agrees. I look out the window to see we are almost home and I go wake Michael up. When he gets off the plane my car and driver are waiting and we get in I tell Molly that she will be friendly to my staff I tell her that she doesn’t have to cook unless she wants to but in a few months, I expect her to start acting like the woman of the house and with that she will treat everyone one like she wants to be treated. We pull up to the gate and as it opens her eyes go wide she tells me that Michael told her it was a big house but she had no idea it was this big and I tell them both welcome home.

Chapter 16

Mistress Ann Eric and Natalia

Nat- Mistress tells me that I will be moving today I want to be with her and Eric although I don’t know where I will fit in but I am willing to try. Mistress told me that I will be going back to school in the fall. I look up to see Eric is smiling at me as he tells me that we will be leaving and going to their house. He tells me that Mistress will be waiting for us she had some business to do and couldn’t come to get me herself. He takes me out a door that I didn’t know was there to a waiting car where he gets into the driver seat and he turns to me with a blindfold and tells me that he must put it on me and I let him. Eric- She is so pretty I can’t wait to fuck her Mistress hasn’t let me cum in three days and my dick is so hard it’s going to be hard to drive we don’t have to go very far. As I pull the jeep out onto the road the gate closes behind me and I turn right and drive the two blocks to the house. I ask her if she has any questions she says no. I pull up to the gate and punch in the code and it swings open. I pull up to the front of the house I tell her she can take the blindfold off and when she does she looks around and gasp at the site of the house I tell her I had it built a few years ago. She looks at me and I tell her that we will all be sitting down to talk soon and that for now I will be showing her to her room as I have a business call to make. Nat- Eric shows me to my room and I look around as we walk up the stairs this is a nice house. I look at my room it is nice and has a bathroom I look into the closet and see that it has clothes and shoes I hear the door open and I look up to see Mistress comes in she is in sweats and a t shirt with no makeup she looks so young she says hello and tells me to come to her and I go and begin to get on my knees but she pulls me in for a hug and kisses me when she pulls back she tells me to come down with her. We go into the most beautiful kitchen that I have ever seen she tells me to take a seat while she Ulus Escort goes to the fridge and pull out a beer and ask me if I want anything and I say soda and she has is coke ok and I say yes, she tells me that she has sandwich’s in the family room she shows me where it is and she tells me that she will show me around later when we get there it really looks comfortable with couches and a big screen tv and a shelf full of movies she tells me to help myself and I pick up a sandwich and a bag of chips as I am eating she tells me that when Eric comes out of his office he will join us and we will go of the rules and what she expects of me. When Eric comes in her says that he is starving and picks up a beer and a sandwich and opens some chips. Ann- I look at Eric as he eats I ask Nat if she remembers what happened to my last sub and she says yes, I say good! I look at her as I tell her that Eric is not just my slave but he is also my husband and she is here to serve both of us she will be respectful always not only to us but the staff as well. I also tell her that although she has her own room she will be sleeping with either him or me most of the time. I ask if she has any questions and she says yes so, I tell her go ahead we are not formal now she can take freely. She ask why we don’t sleep together I tell her that although we are married I am gay and Eric is bi and although we love each other we didn’t marry for love I married him because his family was trying to ruin his business and him because he had a boyfriend and was kinky I use to whip men for money and Eric was one of them one day he came to me crying tell me what is father and brother and sister where trying to do and when he heard that they were trying to get a doctor to say he was crazy to commit him we got married and I became CEO of his company and when they showed up at his house I was waiting on them with my 380 they called me names and said I married him for his money and after I had my lawyer show them a prenup they realized that I had just as much money as he had and when his brother thought he could force me to do it let’s just say they are still looking for him.

Eric- I had a tough time saying no I was even paying them I design computer software and security systems I sold the software company for a cool 2 Billion now I still own the security systems company and I am going to law school she looks at me and says really, I tell her yes. I run the company from home but sometimes I need to travel not a lot maybe once or twice a year and I love Mistress and she loves me but I want to have kids so any slave that we have will be having my babies and one for Mistress or carry hers for her. I also want to make it clear that we are a team a packaged the deal is two for one I know you said yes to Mistress but I want to ask you. Do you want to be with me also she says yes?

Mistress- Also since Eric and I don’t have sex I did allow him to be with other’s and at least once a week he gets to go be other men although with you here he will be fucking you so he has no need to be with other women but I am going to let him be with other men but this time it will be different I will be choosing the men because he will be training the male subs at The House he looks up and smiles and he says I won’t be needing to go to the bar and I say no you won’t and maybe one day he may have a male sub. I also tell her that once school starts she will be on a daily schedule and that she will be required to get good grades and after she graduates she will pick an online college I also tell her that she will get an allowance once a week to buy things online she will have a laptop and a e reader she looks at me I tell her that the house is monitored with cameras. I also tell her that I want to talk to her about her parents and she says that she never wants to see them again and she says that she wishes they were dead and I tell her that can be arranged and she says I want to kill them myself and this surprises both of us. I tell her that we have a cook and a cleaning lady as well has people to take care of the outside although we both like to cook she says that she can’t cook Eric tells her that he will teach her if she wants to learn. He also tells her that once she starts having kids he will set up money for her and all the kids and that if anything happens to either of us she will be taken care of she looks at us.

Nat- I ask them if they did all of this for the last one and Mistress says no? Ann- I tell her about that bitch she was only with a for a few months we were looking at someone else when we asked her she said no so she was sold to someone else I trained Jill she heard me talking one day and ask if she could be my slave she was pretty although not as pretty as you so I told her I would give her a try she was really sweet and did everything I said and when Eric met her he liked her she wasn’t a virgin and she was into everything I wanted to do to her. So, we picked her at first, she agreed to everything we wanted, but when we brought her home she changed she was 18 and didn’t want to go back to school so we said ok she wanted to wait to have kids a year and although Eric wasn’t ok with it I was fine because I could pay someone to carry a baby for me. Than one day while I was at the house her and Eric were having sex and she thought it was a clever idea to tell him it would be better if I wasn’t in the picture once she found out he wasn’t just my slave what she didn’t know was that he didn’t trust her and turned on the camera before they had sex. Also, she was showing signs that she wanted to be in charge I punished her a few times for trying to tell me what to do also she just didn’t feel right also about a month after she was with us one of the other subs told us that she forced the other sub to say no to us she bullied her and I don’t like people who bully others so when Eric told me what she said and showed me the tape I told him to pretend like I don’t know and she continued to be disrespectful to the staff and to me and when she started trying to talk to guys online I had had enough of her so I played her the tape while she was strapped to across and played her the tape she begged and pleaded but she had to go. To make a long story short we trust that are nothing like her and besides I bought you myself or at least I paid to have you they thought I was a man.

Also, we have been watching you for almost 6 months Jill was pissed that she was taken and thought that because she was pretty she thought that she could use it to get ahead and you don’t act or think that way you only want to be loved also you are very grateful for the things like food and I haven’t heard you complain about anything. So here is how school will go since you got C’s and your GPA needs to go up you will go to school online including the summer classes start in a week we have written down the rules for you in your room also you will call Eric Sir. Nat- Mistress told me to go to my room and change into some jeans and a t-shirt and put on the boots they bought me I open the draws and they are full of clothes and so is the closet. When I get back down stairs they are both dressed in the same thing and are waiting for me.

We get into the car with Eric driving and once again I am blindfolded as we drive I hear them talking about teaching me self-defense after I have been with them for a while. When the car stops I hear doors opening and I feel a hand on my shoulder as Eric tells me to get out he takes the blindfold off and I see a gun in his hand as he puts it in his back. We move to the door and I am told to stay behind Eric as we go into the warehouse I see two people are chained up naked a man and a woman and as we get closer I see my mother and step-father. Ann- I go to stand in front of these two bitches and I call the my girl over and she looks at them and at me I tell her that they wanted to get her back and pimp her out with that she attacked she started hitting the woman in the face and body I told her to let me do it I snapped the whip and the man raised his head and his eyes went wide so you are awake let’s see how you like being fucked in the ass and with that he let out a scream as Eric shoved a large dildo up his ass than I struck the whip hit him across his chest and he screamed again I tell the girl to pick her weapon and begin working on the bitch she grabs a cane and starts in on the bitches who is screaming saying I’m your mother and I tell her she should have thought about that before she let this piece of shit touch as my girl slaps her and tells her to shut up and that what you told me when he fucked me in the ass. She slaps her across the face as I begin whipping her step-father as Eric starts slapping him with a paddle while moving the dildo in and out of his ass. I look over as my girl has a large dildo going in and out of the bitch as she is crying these two are getting on my nerves and I want to put a bullet in both their heads but I know that my girl needs this so I let her do some work as she raises the cane and strikes the bitch across her chest and works her way up and down her body after about twenty minutes of this where both have passed up I say It’s time for plan B.

When we get them down I tell them that I am going to give them something to help with the pain as I shoot them both up with pure heroin just enough so that they don’t know what they are doing I open the back of the warehouse where we keep pet’s I look over to see three hungry looking sharks they don’t eat much as Eric is help the guy over he slips and they are all over him the bitch looks and says that looks fun I tell her good because she may be joining soon. I grab her by the arm and tell her that she needs to show that she is sorry to Nat and she ask me who is that and I slap her when she falls I kick her and tell her to get her sorry ass up when she does I punch her in the face as she falls back Nat pushes her forward by hitting her in the back of the head she is crying and begging as I continue to beat her I tell her that she has one more chance and I might let her go when she turns to Nat she says that she is sorry and I slap her again as I tell her that it was the last time that she will ever see her again I look over and see that the sharks are done with their meal and are ready for another as I give my gun to my girl and tell her it’s up to her and she doesn’t even blink she shoots her in both legs and says she wants her to suffer as she pushes her in the shark tank. When we get back to the house I tell her to take a shower and come into my room as. I ask Eric if he is ready I told him that the doctor didn’t give her the shot so he may knock her up his dick his hard and he palms it and tells me that he is ready I tell him that we won’t play this first time but they will be getting me off. I go into my bathroom to take a shower as Eric leaves to go to his room as I turn on the water I think about the warehouse and how the girl handled it she didn’t cry or anything.

When I come out of the bathroom Eric and Nat are on my bed kissing and touching each other Eric holds his hand out to me and ask if he can kiss me and I say yes. After the kiss, I tell Nat to lay down as I begin to kiss her and suck in her nipples they are rock hard I kiss my way down to her pussy it’s wet and swollen her clit is out so I lick it as I look up to see Eric sucking on her nipples she tastes so good as I swirl my tongue around her hole I suck on her lips as I gently lick her clit as I begin to suck it into my mouth she is moaning and groaning as I tell her she can cum when she wants to she begins to shake as I suck her clit harder and I run my finger in side her. I look up to see Eric stroking his dick he is hard as a rock and then she begins to cum squirting her juices in my mouth when she comes se is looking at me with lust in her eyes. I get up and Eric switches places with me. Nat- That felt so good I can’t believe that I am going to be fucked I hope that it doesn’t hurt. Eric- I look at her and think I am glad I rub one out in the shower or else this would have been over quickly. I spread the legs wider and I put my dick to her entrance I tell her to look at me as I begin to push in and I come to her hymen and I pull back and push in hard and fast as she screams I stop and let her get use to me Mistress is sucking her breast so I begin rubbing her clit and I feel her getting wetter and I feel her relax as I begin to move I begin moving deeper until I feel that I against her cervix as I push into it as she screams again as I continue to rub her clit I feel her walls begin to squeeze me and as she convulses when I look up I see that Mistress is putting her pussy on her face as I take one of her breast in my mouth. I begin to fuck her long and hard as Mistress is moaning and cumming I feel my balls begin to draw up and I feel the tingling in my balls and when she comes again I unload and it feel my eyes roll back in my head I am shaking when I look down Mistress is still on top of her and she cums again also. Nat- That felt so good after the pain I want to do it again when Eric moves I continue to lick Mistress pussy she taste so good and when she cums she soaks my face and climbs off me I look down and see blood in the bed I get scared and she looks at me and says its ok I knew it was going to happen. I am so tired she tells me to go to sleep and I roll over and sleep in her arms.

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