The Guitar Player Gets A Personal LessonThe Guitar Player Gets A Personal Lesson


THE GUITAR PLAYER GETS A PERSONAL LESSON I was an 18 year old senior in high school and lead guitarist and vocalist in a good rock band that played at least four or five gigs a month locally, making good music and better money than we used to make cutting grass or washing cars. We were getting a rep as a good party band! We were the happiest guys in school — and I was soon to learn there is more to music than I thought! We played a birthday party for one of the popular chicks, Jody, in school and we impressed her and her mom to the point where her mom, Jo, asked me over to the parents table for a discussion on doing a grownup party the next weekend. Heavy stuff for us as til then we mainly did school stuff and backyard get togethers with lots of chaperons to keep the action down between the kids. Some of the dancers could get pretty graphic in front of us and also in the shadows where some real action with lips and hands was going on, into places we all dreamed about in the band. Anyway Jo, the 40ish blond mom with a dynamite body, was wearing a lowcut sundress that barely kept her breasts from coming out had motioned me to sit next to her and while sipping from a glass of wine said, “I’m having a get Kartal Escort together with my bridge club next Saturday late in the afternoon and was wondering if you could just bring your guitar and sing some of those love songs you seem so good at?” I asked if she did not like the whole band and she said, “ I love them but this is a small group of the mom’s who like to drink wine and talk and maybe dance, so all of you would be a little too much. Just you and your guitar would spice them up and besides, I just love the way you sing.” I agreed to be there and must have looked confused to her but she again winked at me and smiled as I got up to leave. I was startled when her daughter Jody walked up beside me, grabbed my arm in hers put her lips to my ear and said, “Mom likes the way you sing and her friends love the way you sway and look at them – just like you were singing for them alone! I’d be careful around some of them!” Licking my ear ever so quickly she winked at me and walk off to join her friends. I felt a tickling in my penis similar to what I get when thinking of Jody when I’m in bed trying to sleep. That hand just slides all by itself to my manhood and Kartal Escort Bayan begins stroking and squeezing my shaft until my imagination does its dirty little trick and I feel that wonderful sensation of warmth and pleasure that young men learn to control if they’re lucky and edge up to an orgasm that gives the only release they can get! For the next five days I fantasized at night about being around a group of grown women –especially Jo who I saw at the drug store in a tennis outfit that revealed a body from an underwear magazine my sister gets. She even struck a pose that gave me a chubby right there at the register. Coming up to me so close I could smell a cologne that reeked of, “Take me; I am a very sexy sensuous woman!” She said they were all sooo looking forward to Friday. She reminded me to practice up as she mentioned that all her friends who were interested in my talent could not wait until Friday. Then said, “Oh yes, dress is beach or pool wear. See ya!” I was so aroused I went to my car and in two minutes ejaculated into my gym socks. Friday evening arrived and I set up a small amp and mike by the pool and I was singing a warm up number to Escort Kartal get a sound check when Jody came out and told me her mom changed her mind and wanted the party in the den as several friends had said they would be late getting there and she was heading to the mall with friends. “Have fun, Jack!” No problem, in five minutes I was ready in the den when Jody walked in with a glass of wine wearing a very silky robe that was loosely tied at her tummy and showed every curve and outline on her gorgeous figure! I felt a rising in my bathing suit that made sitting uncompfortable so I stood up to say, “Hi, Mrs. Jo, I’m here and ready whenever you say!” “Oh, you are you? That’s wonderful! My friends misunderstood the time and will be a little later but you’ll still get full pay!” She sat on one of the love seats and patted the sofa arm next to her. “Bring your guitar over and lets discuss music.” I brought my acoustic over and sat on the sofa arm next to her noticing the top of the robe had parted just enough to show a gentle swell of her cleavage that made my mouth go dry. “Sing me your favorite love song, honey, you know, a private concert!” I started strumming a slow bluesy original and closed my eyes to better concentrate on NOT looking at her gorgeous chest that had become a little more exposed as she stretched and got comfortable. When I opened my eyes again her eyes were closed and she was smiling and stretching her arms up and then out to her sides and gently swaying to the words and music.

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