The Grocery StoreThe Grocery Store


She grits her teeth as she stares down the aisle. “I can do this,” she thinks to herself as she spots the object of her desire. There’s a jar of salsa up high on a shelf that would be no issue for a normal person. Anna however, didn’t bring a shopping cart. Arms full of all sorts of ingredients, she struggles to reach up to take the salsa without dropping anything from the big pile with her. After a tense moment and almost losing the cucumber, she successfully takes it with a smile.

A vibration in her pocket distracts her. She fumbles to grab her phone, precariously stacking the lettuce onto the cheese to do so. A smile lights up her face when she sees it’s from Matt, but the message confuses her somewhat. The emoticon of a devil looks up at her. With a shrug and the intention to text him back after checking out, she sets out to find the last couple things she needs.

Anna isn’t paying enough attention. Somehow, with craziness that comes simply from forgetting to bring a cart, she has forgotten about the plastic green friend that she has inserted inside of her. The one that Matt controls from 830 miles away.

Despite living so far from each other, Anna and Matt have been crazy about each other, resulting in many passionate nights of chatting and a yearning to feel closer until the moment they can finally meet. An outlet for them has been this small and effective form of control Matt has over her. One that he has no issue using at any time he pleases.

The smile drops from Anna’s face as a small steady vibrating begins between her thighs. The surprise is quickly overtaken by lust and panic as she realizes what his text meant. The stack of food in her arms shakes as she rushes to the front of the store, suddenly very eager to grab a cart.

She doesn’t make it very far before the vibration subtly increases. Her pussy clamps down on the toy inside of her. It is held in place by her pussy and reaches around to her clit as well. Two forms of stimulation that have her incredibly distracted from the food that she has been struggling to keep from falling already.

The cranberries fall from her stack. “Fuck,” she Esenyurt escort mutters as she bends down to retrieve the bag. Big mistake. As she bends down the toy finds better purchase inside her and the better angle sends shivers down her body. Her eyes close in a quick moment of pleasure before she remembers where she is. She shakes her head as if to shake off the lust building inside her and finally reaches the shopping carts.

The steady vibrations continue to torture Anna as she places the food inside and feels her back pocket vibrate once more. “Don’t stop shopping,” Matt’s next text is expected, and Anna’s eyes widen with a sparkle of excitement. She wants nothing more than to go to him and show him just what he’s doing to her, but knowing how far away he is she relents and obeys him. She sends back a pleading face and tries to remember what else she was looking for.

Her fingers curl around the bar on the shopping cart as the pleasure builds inside of her. Walking with crossed legs she inches towards the vegetables. She can hear her heart pounding in her ears. Her eyes scan the store, looking for any stares. She feels extremely exposed. No one seems to notice the silent but deadly vibrations deep in her pussy.

Her clit throbs in pleasure, the toy relentless in hitting her most sensitive area. She reaches the vegetables only to realize she already has the cucumber. She briefly considers stripping down and shoving it inside her to relieve herself, but shakes off the fantasy.

“What do I need? What do I need?” She can’t focus. Matt increases the vibrations once more, making them big enough to be slightly audible to the discerning ear. Anna drops to a crouch and pretends to scan the bottom shelf. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck.” Her knees tremble. Something about all of this happening in a public place under no scrutiny makes it all the more thrilling.

Anna tries to compose herself, because although the idea of getting caught makes her hot, she really doesn’t want to. But her pussy is drenched with desire and her clit is getting more and more sensitive. She wiggles to relieve the pressure, Etiler escort bayan but only results in spreading the love to every millimeter of her clit.

She almost doesn’t notice her butt vibrate once more, too distracted by the intense vibrations inside her. “What else do you still need?” Matt asks, and Anna can picture the grin on his face. Mistake. Imagining him only makes her hotter, and as she reaches up for food she brushes her breast, unable to hold herself back from the feelings of her own pleasure.

Even through the bra and t-shirt, her nipples are incredibly stiff and sensitive to touch. She wants to text Matt back but doesn’t even know the answer anymore. The list is on her phone but she can’t think of anything besides him manipulating her pleasure. She can imagine Matt sitting on his bed, hard cock in hand and the app controlling the toy on his phone next to him.

That image sticks to her brain and her pussy, drenched in juices, clamps down on the toy harder. She walks to the meat, imagining taking his cock into her mouth. Despite not needing it she finds herself reaching for the hot dogs. Matt suddenly increases the vibrations again. It had been a minute since he did that and it startles Anna.

She clamps her legs together and her hands shake as she places the big meat inside her cart. She places her hand on her stomach to keep herself from grabbing a more intimate part of her body.

Anna is both terrified and thrilled. The way Matt uses her body to give her pleasure in the most evil ways has her heart racing. The toy inside her sends her over the edge. She lifts her head to the ceiling as waves of pleasure build inside her body in the middle of a grocery store aisle. Her pussy clamps around the toy and she can’t help but lightly thrust against it, trying to make it go deeper inside her. She orgasms, her breath heavy but her noises silent. Quite the feat, since she wants nothing more than to moan in pleasure.

Someone turns down her aisle. She doesn’t even care. She just stands there, riding out her orgasm that hit fast and hard, her hands clenched around Escort Eyüp the bar on the cart and her legs slightly spread. The toy doesn’t relent, and extends her orgasm through the stranger finding what they need and leaving the aisle. Her legs are shaking and she struggles to stand normally.

Her clit is so sensitive now that the continued vibrations make it hard to focus. She quickly texts, “Fuck Matt that was so hot. I came so hard. Come here and fuck me in the middle of this grocery store I need your big cock.”

Instead of a written response the vibrations increase once more. Her clit is extremely sensitive post orgasm, and it almost hurts when the vibrating continues. Both spent and incredibly excited, she rushes to the self checkout. She couldn’t possibly face another human being while in this state. Her face is scarlet with both pleasure and embarrassment and her breathing is heavy, she can only imagine what she must look like to the casual shoppers of the store.

Scanning as fast as she can, she throws all the food into a bag and jams her credit card into the machine. Never even glancing at the price, she yanks the receipt and rushes away from the store, food in tow.

By the time she makes it to her car, the constant movement in her pussy has built to another orgasm. Her entire body shudders in pleasure as the small toy and devious man behind it relentlessly give her what she needs. She practically throws the food into the back seat, surely damaging some of the goods in the process. Half of it is randomly grabbed product she never needed and there’s plenty of items on her list left inside but she doesn’t care. She drives the car to a mostly abandoned corner of the parking lot and calls Matt. He answers, but says nothing.

“Fuck Matt,” Anna’s voice is husky and her breathing is rushed. “Matt that was so hot I-” she shuts up as he increases the vibrations once again. He joyously laughs before hanging up on her. She closes her eyes and succumbs to the pleasure, her hand moving beneath her shirt and under her bra. She opens her legs as if to give the toy more room, and grinds the air with it. Her breathing labored, she almost wishes for it to end. The pleasure is almost too much, her clit is certainly overstimulated and her panties are dripping with her cream. But she doesn’t dare remove the toy. It’s Matt’s, and she promised to take care of what’s his. She’ll ride it out with him to the end.

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