The Grid Goes DownThe Grid Goes Down


Everyone remembers where they were when the lights went out. For Jackie, it was at her sorority dinner. No one knew just what had happened but slowly people started putting the pieces together. Jackie tried to call her rich dad but of course the phones were all dead. She was upset as the Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant was to be tomorrow and that was obviously not going to be happening.

Pete had laid up for the night under a bridge. He was making his way south as winter was coming. He had been a civil war re enactor for years and had lived outdoors more than indoors most summers during the civil war battles. He had honed his skills to a fine edge.

Then the car wreck and his poverty began. He became a nomad. His pack carried his supplies. He was part hobo, part camper, part vagabond and part survivalist. A combination Rambo, Crocodile Dundee and part Postman. He came to relish the freedom.

Pete came upon Jackie in her broken down Mercedes. She was trying to get home. It was the water pump. She had been beside the highway for 7 hours when he came walking along. He offered a drink from one of his canteens. She jumped at the chance. Normally she would have never drank for another’s container. But desperate times called escort izmir for desperate measures.

He asked her what her plans were and she had none. He said he would take her along with him as his slave. Slave! But a side of her was very submissive and this just might be a chance to explore it.

They headed out together. He asked her when she had last ate. She told him that morning. He stopped right there and built a fire and with his slingshot killed a rabbit. It was very tasty. He had seasoning in his pack and some rice too.

She was beginning to like this guy. About this time a punk came along and pulled a switchblade knife on Pete. As in Crocodile Dundee, he pulled his 18″ Bowie knife and made that famous statement “That’s not a knife, this is a knife.”

She was his at that moment.

They went a ways further and he decided they would stop for the night. He strung his poncho at an angle from a tree with Bankcord. He put a tarp on the ground and made a bed of bows. He told her a storm as fixing to come in. But the lean too was secure and the two rode out the storm perfectly dry and safe. They fucked all night long. It was the first good fucking she had ever had. The frat boys were novices.

The next morning escort izmir he climbed a tree and gathered some bird eggs. He skinned a critter and made coffee in his two canteen cups. This guy was living life large. He had a portable ham radio wrapped up in aluminum foil and it still worked.

It had been an EMP. Probably Russia. The USA had not retaliated but the country was shut down. Nothing was moving. It was going to be like this for a long while.

Pete told her that he figured a nearby fire station might have some food if it had not already been taken. That was their destination. He gave her a pistol and they set off.

The fire station was abandoned. As they entered, it had been ransacked. But Pete was optimistic. The duty board shower yesterday’s schedule. It stated 6 PM, grocery shopping truck 10. Inspection of truck 10 revealed that while the groceries had been purchased, there had been no time to unload them. And it had been cool enough that most had survived. The station’s backup generator was diesel and still running. The groceries were transferred to the frig and they were set, till looters came once again.

They set up a lookout on the roof and tried to block the doors with the fire engines.

It worked when the first wave came. And for the second. But Pete said they must go before the next group of looters.

She liked being his slave and felt safe with him. They had a lot of food to carry and headed out the next morning. They went quite a distance and set up camp in the forest. At the fire station he had found a larger tarp and this was to become their tent.

They are well and had lots of sex. The age difference mattered not to her as she had always liked older men. He was good in bed and so was she. Their camp was a happy place for her.

As ir got colder he said they must find a house. And they did. On a ranch. it had a big fireplace in which they cooked and which heated them. They drew water from a well and had all they needed.

But she was not ready for what came next. A group of about 6 bikers pulled in. Pete went out and she was afraid. She watched as they talked and was surprised when he brought them into the house.

Pete told her that he had made a trade. They would be spared in return for unlimited sex. She gulped as the first biker, obviously the leader took her small hand in his and led her to the bedroom. She was taken.

After she was brought back and given to Pete who said she would saved for the next till tomorrow. So it was a new biker every day.

She learned so much about sex that she was amazed.

to be continued

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