The Great Pumpkin FuckersThe Great Pumpkin Fuckers


Do you think Castaway ever got lonely enough to fuck Wilson? When he was out there all alone on that island?It was a weird thought Jace had woken up with and it had lingered inside his head all day for some reason.”Jesus fucking christ. No, Wilson was a friend, not a lover,” Marc said shaking his head and looking all superior as if he never had thoughts like that.”There’s no rule out there that says you shouldn’t fuck friends,” Jace replied indignantly.”Thing is though if he had done that to Wilson, he would have had to cut a hole and then that would have deflated the volleyball completely. Plus, it would be murder,” Marc said, surprisingly seeming to get into the conversation.It was Jace’s turn to shake his head. “It wouldn’t be murder. That fucking volleyball isn’t alive. I bet you liked the Brave Little Toaster as a kid.””Actually I did. I liked the blanket the best. You know if you are so fucking desperate to stick your cock into something because your girlfriend is clearly not putting out, you can always use me,” Marc said.That was a surprising turn in their conversation that Jace wasn’t expecting but the thought of bending his friend over and ramming his cock inside his tight kaçak iddaa twink hole did appeal. But he didn’t want to admit that.”How would that work though; I’m not gay,” Jace said tilting his head curiously to one side and trying to imitate Michael Myers.Marc laughed hard. “Actually, your volleyball nonsense just gave me a really strange idea that I think we should try.”Moments later, they found themselves inside farmer Jed’s pumpkin patch searching for the perfect pumpkin.Finally, after dismissing several for various flaws they spotted their great pumpkin. It was large and perfectly round. Jace watched as Marc pulled out his pocket knife and began carving one hole and then another.”Are you just going to leave all those seeds and wet sloppy gunk inside of it?” Jace asked grimacing a little.”That’ll be half the fun. You remember that dude fucking the pie, right? It’s kind of like that only there’s room for both of us so it’ll only be kind of gay, not really gay. Besides isn’t this pumpkin way sexier than Wilson?” Marc teased.Marc unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his cock out which was already throbbing. Holding the pumpkin up just below his waistline he pushed into it with a loud moan.”Holy kaçak bahis fuck, dude, this feels better than I expected. Hurry up and get your cock in here so we can tag team this whore pumpkin.”Jace watched as Marc began to pump his hips with a look of pleasure on his face. Without hesitating any longer, he unzipped and pulled his thick cock out and pushed into the pumpkin’s wet gooey inviting twat.He helped Marc hold the pumpkin as they began to fuck their horny teen cocks in and out pushing past soft pumpkin guts and fucking deeper with each hard thrust inside.At first, Jace didn’t want to make much eye contact with Marc as they gourd banged but soon he was deliriously fucking without a single care in the world. This was something all best friends should do together at least once he decided. It was soul bonding.Marc and Jace moaned and groaned and pretty soon their cocks began to rub together inside of the pumpkin causing more friction and pleasure.”Oh, god… I can feel your cock throbbing against mine… it’s so fucking hot,” Jace said in a voice that almost didn’t even sound like his own anymore. He hated to admit it but this felt better than his girlfriend’s pussyTheir high-pitched illegal bahis girly moans filled the warm autumn air as they continuously buried and rammed harder and faster.The pumpkin even sounded like a wet cunt getting fucked. It was making loud squelching sounds around their cocks which only turned them on even more.With every push of their pumping hips, they pushed each other deeper into the pumpkin’s pussy and rubbed their aching cocks together. Heaven was now officially a Farmers Pumpkin Patch in Missouri.Jace was panting now close to erupting a volcano of cum. He could feel his rock-hard cock twitching against Marc’s.”Ughumpfff, I’m about to cum,” he screamed.”Do it! Cum with me. Cover my cock in hot thick cum. I need to feel it, dude,” Marc said.That was all it took. Jace gave one last final hard depraved thrust before his cock began exploding all over Marc and probably impregnating the pumpkin.Marc’s eyes rolled back in his head and his legs began to shake as he went completely over the edge cumming all over Jace’s cock and blending their cum together.After a few moments of panting and trying to catch their breath, they finally pulled out of the pumpkin, then took turns on their knees hungrily cleaning and sucking each other’s cream-covered cocks.”So, uh, does this make us Cum Brothers?” Jace said with a laugh before giving Marc a fist bump and walking off into the sunset.

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