The Graveyard ShiftThe Graveyard Shift


Another night at work, another night away from him, her mind constantly imagining, imagining his face, his body, his voice, her thoughts drifting, but the sound of his voice is so real, “Honey..”, the voice getting louder, a gentle touch on her shoulder, reality hits her, she turns around in surprise as she listen to his voice saying “Honey..” once more. She holds him, squeezing, “Boo, what are you doing here ?” Looking at her, her thick hips, showing beautifully in her sweats, her tank top on, her body thicker than any other, looking her in the eyes, he leans to kiss her, slowly, passionately, he says to her, “I came to check up on you !” She blushes and turns around, he goes close behind her, pulling her close by the waist, she starts grinding on his dick.

Pulling her closer, she’s grinding harder, leaning, kissing her on the cheek, she put her pen in her clip board, holding onto his chin, she whispers into his ears, “You want me don’t you ?”, grinding harder on his dick, he smiles, chuckles, whispering to her, “Yes, I want you, be in my arms every second of the day!” She turns to kiss him, biting on his bottom lip, pushing her ass back harder on him, he pulls her ever closer. Taking him by the hand, walking to the ladies rest room, he scouts around behind him, making sure no one is watching. She walks in, looking at him in the mirror as she washes her hands, she turns facing him, bottom lip being bitten, lifting her on the sink’s counter top, she wraps her legs around him, kissing her, hand in her hair, the other in her back, he caresses her, pulling her closer to him.

Passionately kissing him, he unhooks her legs from behind him, his hands trailing along the middle of her back, she trembles, slow taking her pants off, his fingers, pressing against her clit, kissing her yet again, she wraps his legs around him, kissing so deep, closing her eyes, she sucks on his bottom lip, her juices soaking her panties, harder, he presses against her clit, she moans softly, she tilts her head, biting on her bottom lip. Her pussy starts to cum, moans getting louder, he pulls her close, kissing, sucking on her neck, as he does, sinks her nails deep into his back, scratching him, trying to pull his skin off. He unwraps her legs, hands on her ass, pulling her panties from behind her ass, pulling the front with his teeth, licking her clit, pressing hard against it, leaning her head back, pulling on her Escort Beylikdüzü nipples and tits, her eyes rolled back, head tilting even more.

She holds his head, caressing it, he holds her waist, gripping her tighter, as he presses his tongue on her harder, she gasp, every time he hits the spot, tightening her grip on his head, thrusting her waist forward, pulling his head on harder. Moaning softly, arcing her back as she enjoys his tongue, coming up her body, kissing and caressing her more, she leans forward, unzips his pants, pushing her hands into his boxer, feeling on his dick, slowly stroking on it, kissing him just as slowly, his flaccidity getting harder by the second, she kisses him, hops off the counter top, and walks towards the door, he drops his jeans and boxers to the floor. She turns as she hears the belt buckle hit the floor, her eyes and mouth open wide, stepping to the door, she sends him a kiss, he runs after her, holds her hand as she touches the handle, he locks the door, lifts her, taking her back on the counter, his dick pushed in deep into her.

She gasp, gripping his back, scratching hard, nails deep into his skin, he pushes his dick in her, slow and hard, her moans get ever louder, shorter, biting her lips as he keeps hitting that spot, moaning loud, he goes faster, going harder, she screams stop, closing her eyes, tilting her body back, head against the wall, her screams come, pace still increasing, body shaking, lifting her off the counter top, bending her over, hands gripped on the counter top, he pushes his dick in, slowly, her pussy dripping with cum, feeling every vein on his dick, he spanks her ass, jiggling like jello. He starts fucking her, slow and easy, moaning as he fucks her, faster, harder, deeper her fucks her, her moans getting louder, ass moving like the waves in the ocean.

Tightening the grip on her waist, he fucks her harder, faster, pushing her body back on him, her arms tremble, pushing his dick into her, deep and strong. He turns her, lifting on leg on the counter, eating her pussy from behind, squeezing tightly, groping harder on her ass, she lifts her body up right, she takes her shirt off, moaning softly. His lips gliding against her ass, up the middle of her back, she shivers, he stop at her bra, caressing her shoulders, pulling her bra straps off, unhooking her bra by his teeth, pulling them Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan off her. He comes up, hands trailing on hers, soft and thick, caressing her, from her fingers to shoulders, kissing her shoulders and neck, firmly squeezing on her breast, twisting, pinching her nipples, both body to body, his dick, rock hard pressed against her ass, squeezing on her breast, firmer, stronger, she moans, kissing her neck passionately.

He bends her over, her leg still on the counter top, pushing his dick in slowly, her moans, getting louder, he starts to increase his rhythms, spanking her ass, he hold onto her ankle, other hand squeezing tightly on her waist, her cum running down his dick, creamy, white and thick, her hands in her hair, eyes rolled back, mouth wide open, she hums, biting her bottom lip. She pulls her body up, stopping him, turning him, pushing him, she makes him sit on the covered toilet, holding his dick, tongue against it, tasting her juices, a long lick, from the bottom, to the tip of his head, jacking off his dick, fingers rubbing against her clit, her lips sealed around his testicles, licking, sucking. Her lips, she seals around his head, humming, moaning on him, going up and down, quick motions, the sound of its wetness fills the room, echoing back into their ears, he moans, hand in her hair, eyes rolling to the back of his head, slowing down, sealing her lips tighter, tongue twirling on his head, she gets off her knees, climbing onto his legs.

Breast in his face, she climbs on, holding his dick, she slides on slowly, locking her legs in his, she gasp, looking deep into his eyes, bouncing up and down his dick, his lap, clapping against her thighs, his hand feeling, squeezing, caressing her ass, jiggling with every bounce, tilting her body back, he comes forward, kissing in her neck, down to the middle of her chest, kissing on her breast, licking on her nipples, caressing her back, his dick still deep in her, throbbing, her pussy, quinting, cum flowing, her eyes rollin back, moaning, he pushes his body down, pulling her body on his, hands on her waist, looking at her back as it arcs, thrusting his dick into her, quick strokes, she moans loudly, their bodies clapping on each other, her light skin turning red, thrusting faster, her moans turn to light scream, “Fuck me harder baby !”, she begs, ready for the pain, he spreads her Beylikdüzü Escort ass, pushing her down on him harder, her screams get louder, spanking and holding, squeezing on her ass tightly, cheeks still spread apart, her breathing interrupts her screams, gasping as he hits the spot, screaming just for the way he fucks her.

She climbs off his dick, legs shaking, shaking her ass for him, bouncing both cheeks, then alternating, starts giving him a wild lap dance, her ass on his abs, coming down his body, wining as she reaches his lap, dipping to the floor, she holds her ankles, pushing her ass in the air, spreading her legs, closing his, she sits on him, leaning forward, arms outstretched, bracing on the cubicle’s frame, locking her legs with his, back arced, she bounces on his dick wild, moaning, wining as she bounces. Pressing his hands deep into her waist, pulling her down on him harder, he watches her ass jiggle, clapping as she goes up, jiggles as it claps against his lap, loving the way her ass looks, spanking her, his dick throbbing harder, her pussy quinting tighter, looking at his kyrptonite, his body getting weaker, she screams, her pussy cuming harder than before, him about to climax, cum surging thru his dick, her legs trembling, getting weak, his trembling between hers, both getting weak.

She screams, his dick squirting, cum surging beep into her pussy, he moans loudly, his eyes rolling, head falling back, she pushes her body back on him, rubbing between her thick legs, wrapping his arms around her, caressing coming up her body, squeezing on her breast, playing with her nipples, caressing up her neck, turning her face, kissing her deeply. She stands, body still weak, pulling him with her, start dressing each other, she puts on his boxers, slipping his vest over his head, kissing his abs, he goes on his knees, pulling her panties up, still soaked from her juices, kissing, licking on her clit, she hooks her bra, pulling up her straps. Pulling up her sweat pants, he does the same with his jeans, she twirls, bend over showing him her ass, wrapping her hands around his neck, shaking her hips, going down his body, she turns and kisses him, eyes closed, imagination running free, putting their shirts on. She holds him by the hand, ready to step out thru the door, he pushes it, turns her around, looks deep into her eyes, kissing her, holding her tight, he whispers into her ears, as they walk out the bathroom together, “Imma be waiting for you in the morning for round two..” She looks at him, biting her lips as he walks away, grabbing for her clipboard, holding it tightly, her mind wandering, a big smile on her face, left motionless, speechless..knocked back to reality as her work starts to pick up….

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