The GoddessThe Goddess


My heart pounding in my chest, all my senses heightened and alert. I walk down the pavement, assessing everyone as I pass them, surely they don’t know what’s just happened, what I’ve just done, do they? Paranoia creeping into my thoughts already… 3 hours earlier:I arrive a little earlier than planned, the journey in was quiet and I found a parking place straight away. Dressed in my favourite blue and white shirt, smart jeans, and black shoes – I check myself in the car door window again, just to make sure I look at least presentable. Walking through the lobby of the hotel, kaçak iddaa I scan quickly but know I’ll arrive first – I’m always early, for everything. Turning the corner and smiling at the receptionist who I’m sure was on last time too, I check in and collect my room key. Heading to the lounge area, I find a quiet booth by the window, I quickly check my phone and then look at the drinks menu – even though I know what I’ll be drinking. My eyes flick over to the entrance as I hear heels clicking on the floor, my heart rate quickens but it’s not my date for the afternoon.I sense kaçak bahis someone approaching the table, partly hearing but also that unnamed sense that makes you look up – I instantly smile as I see her again. She’s looking at where we sat last time, but the table is taken by a couple of businessmen, so she searches the room and finds my gaze. I see her shoulders relax a little as she changes direction and heads towards me.I don’t take my eyes off her, wearing a beautiful green and gold dress, her hair flowing over her shoulders, and the same red lipstick as last time. Her bright illegal bahis white teeth show as she smiles widely, I stand up from the seat and we embrace. She smells as inviting as I remember. Some small talk, a couple of drinks and lots of laughter. The conversation flows naturally, she makes me feel comfortable being myself, being open and safe.I feel her foot gently rubbing up the back of my calf, it was the same last time. She teases beautifully – I feel my cheeks starting to flush a little and I can’t help but smile. Eagerly I finish my drink, we make eye contact and no words are needed as I slide out from the booth and offer my hand for her to join me. The alcohol is in my blood, even after only a couple I am starting to feel that relaxation and cloud of happiness arriving.

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