The girlfriends daughter, part 3. As told by Madi.The girlfriends daughter, part 3. As told by Madi.


I had made plans to go to Stephanie’s party and then stay the night. We had planned to find a guy and rock his world with a threesome. Things changed though once the alcohol started flowing and guys started getting drunk. The majority of them were drunk within an hour of the party starting and it shot that idea down. They were groping girls and taking advantage of them. After asking them to stop and it continuing, we broke the party up just a few hours into it and left the girls upstairs in different rooms to sleep as the guys left. After the last guy left, I’d asked Stephanie to take me home, seeing all her rooms were full. Plus, I was horny and wanted to relieve myself, although I knew Stephanie wouldn’t mind helping. But I put that thought to the back of my mind as she had a house full of drunk girls and didn’t want any of them catching us.

As we pulled up in front of the house, she put the car in park. She placed her hand on my thigh and would run it to just the hem of my skirt and stop and then back down my thigh. I don’t know if she could feel the heat coming from my pussy or not but I was hot, wet and horny! She placed her other hand on my face, raised it up and leaned in to kiss me.

Our lips met, tongues danced and her hand slid up my skirt. She rubbed my pussy lips through my silk panties and a soft moan escaped when she found my clit. I couldn’t help it, I was gonna cum and she knew it. She continued to rub my clit as our tongues danced and I told her I was close. Slipping my panties to the side, she inserted two fingers into my dripping pussy and finger fucked me. I came within seconds, all over her fingers. She rubbed my clit until I literally had to pull away. She brought her fingers up, licked them clean and then kissed me again. I asked if she wanted me to return the favor and her reply was “no, I’ll get one of the girls at home.” After telling her I’d get ahold of her tomorrow, we kissed goodbye and I made my way into the house.

I went straight for my room and collapsed on my bed. What Stephanie done felt great, but I wanted a cock! I laid there, moving my hands over my body. Pinching my nipples and squeezing my breasts. Fantasizing about Scott’s hard cock drilling my wet pussy again, making me cum. I ran my hand down my stomach, slipping it into my panties, I found my wet pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet I was. My panties were soaked and I had a cum string when I removed my fingers from my pussy. I slipped my hand back into my panties and rubbed out another orgasm before drifting off to sleep.

During the night I was awoken by my bladder telling me I needed to pee or it was going to bust. As I got out of bed and made my way to my door, I could hear the sound of sex coming from downstairs. That made my situation worse as I was still horny and my panties were really soaked. I slipped off to the bathroom, peed and started back down the hall. As I got to my door, I stood there listening.

“Oh god baby, fuck my wet snatch and make me cum!” I heard mom say. Slap, slap, slap was the sound of Scott’s cock plowing moms pussy. And then squish, escort izmit squish, squish as mom was cumming all over his cock. “Yes baby, yes baby, yes baby, oh my god you feel so gooooood! Mmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” mom continued.

I couldn’t take it anymore and snuck my way down the steps. Standing just outside their door, I slipped my hand down my panties. My first orgasm came within seconds of standing there. My pussy and panties were even more wet. I slipped my shirt off, pulled my panties down and sat in the floor, legs spread. Cum was running down my thigh to my tight ass. I slipped two fingers into my wet pussy and masturbated along with mom and Scott’s fucking.

“Oh baby, your cock feels amazing! I love it when you fuck me like this! Yes, oh god I’m gonna cum again baby!” With a soft whimper and then a loud moan, mom was cumming again. And so was I. I squirted all over the kitchen floor, biting my lip hard to keep the moans from escaping and getting caught. Just as my orgasm started to die down, Scott started to cum.

“Oh God Michelle, your pussy feels great baby, I’m gonna cum. I want you to cum with me baby” Scott said. I rubbed my clit with the palm of my hand and fucked myself with my fingers. It didn’t take long and I was cummimg again. Scott was filling moms pussy as I was squirting on the floor.

“Ughgh baby, yes, take that load of cum deep in your pussy!” With a few more grunts and groans, Scott finished emptying his balls into moms snatch. God I wished it was mine. I got calmed down from my orgasms, grabbed my shirt and panties and wiped up my mess. As I went to stand up, my foot squeaked. “What was that”? Scott asked. “Lay back down here with me baby, there’s nobody else here.” Mom said.

I waited a little bit and when I heard Scott snoring, I made my way back to my room and turned on the light after closing the door. As I tossed my clothes into my hamper, I didn’t see my panties. Even after double checking to make sure they wasn’t balled up in my shirt. I know Scott was sleeping but I also knew I couldn’t go back downstairs because they thought I was going to be staying at Stephanie’s. They didn’t know I came home. I threw on a long shirt and went to bed.

I woke up around 9:30 to mom going through my drawer. Mom, can I help you with something?

“Honey, I need a shirt, I got called into work and haven’t had a chance to do my laundry. “When did you get home?” she asked. This morning, I said and lied. “Ok sweetie, you can go back to sleep, tell Scott I’ll be home sometime today.” As mom left and pulled out of the drive, I could still feel wetness between my legs. I decided to crawl out of bed and head downstairs.

As I made my way into the kitchen, Scott and moms door was cracked. Scott was snoring loudly, which meant he was sleeping pretty good. I walked over to take a peek and as I looked through the door, he was naked and uncovered. His cock was hard. He had one hand above his head, the other across his abdomen. As I’m standing there admiring his hard cock, I saw my panties laying on the floor beside the bed.

My izmit escort first thought was he knew I was home. My other thoughts were why are they and why did he have them? I crept into the bedroom and bent down to pick my panties up. In doing so, Scott rolled over onto his side. His cock was right in front of my face! I couldn’t resist and started teasing his hard cock with my tongue. Licking the shaft down to his balls.

“Mmm that feels good. Quit teasing me with your tongue and wrap your lips around him and suck me baby” he said.

I obliged and took his cock in my mouth. Yes, the same cock that was pounding my moms pussy just hours earlier was now filling my mouth. I sucked him long and hard, taking him to the back of my throat and teasing the head of his cock with my tongue. Scott grabs the back of my head and works my mouth faster. I fight his hands away and stand up.

“Madison, what are you doing? Damn, ugh stop this shit now!” He was mad. “Why are you sucking my dick? Why are you even in my bedroom?” He asked.

Why were my panties laying beside the bed? I asked. Why stop me now after sucking your hard cock already? I’m horny daddy and I want you to fuck me. Fuck me like you fucked me the night you thought I was mom. Remember that night daddy? Laying on the futon, filling my pussy with your hard cock and then unloading in my wet pussy. Remember that night? Remember me pinning you to the floor and sucking your cock daddy? Remember that? I do. I want your cock daddy and by looking at how you are now, you want my wet pussy as well. Look how wet I am daddy, look at my pussy.

“We can’t Madison, we can’t be doing this shit anymore. What if your mom would’ve came home? How do you think she’d feel if she caught us? You know I love your mother and don’t want anything to happen to us.”

But daddy, I want your hard cock in my wet pussy I said. Taking off my shirt and reaching for the sheet, I pull it off him. I straddle him and grab his hard cock. I rub it on my pussy lips, getting his cock head wet with my juices.

Do you feel that daddy? Do your feel your little girls wet pussy? My pussy wants your hard cock daddy, I want you to fuck me. My pussy has been like this since last night daddy when Stephanie made me cum. Yes daddy, your little girls no and Stephanie made me cum. Daddy is gonna fuck me or I’m telling mom he had my panties laying beside the bed. I’m gonna tell mom he was jacking off to my panties. You want me to tell mom daddy? I will if you don’t give me what I want.

“Madison, God your pussy is wet.” And what do you mean “you’ve been like that since Stephanie made you cum?” he asked.

Yes daddy, Stephanie made me cum and now you’re gonna make me cum. Stephanie fingered me in her car daddy and I cum all over her fingers. His cock throbbed. Guess what she did after I cum all over her fingers daddy, guess.

“What did she do Madi? What did Stephanie do?” he asked as I slid his cock in my pussy. She licked her fingers clean daddy. Then she kissed me. His cock throbbed again and I could feel my pussy izmit kendi evi olan escort stuffed. In just a few seconds he was balls deep in my pussy.

Riding him cowgirl, he runs his hands across my body. Pinching my nipples and squeezing my breasts. He runs his hand down my belly and finds my clit. Rubbing my clit with his hard cock in my pussy doesn’t take long to make me cum.

Oh God daddy, you’re gonna make me cum I say as he’s rubbing my clit. He rubs faster and harder, his cock slamming my pussy. I flood him with my pussy juice. I can feel it splashing up to my tight ass. I lean over him, kissing him passionately as he fucks me with his hard cock. His fingers find my tight ass.

“Can I fuck your ass Madi? Do you like anal?” He asks. Mmmm daddy, you can fuck my ass after you loosen it up with your fingers I said. He slowly works a finger into my tight ass and my second orgasm hits. I raise up off his cock as I finish flooding him and take him in my mouth. Licking and sucking my juices from his hard shaft, I look up at him and his eyes are rolled back.

Do you wanna fuck my tight ass daddy? Do you want your little girls tight ass on your cock? I want you to fill my tight ass with your cock daddy. Fuck my ass daddy I said as I got on a fours. His hands grip my cheeks and he lines his cock up with my tight asshole. I can feel the head poking my ass.

As he starts to enter my ass, he withdraws. I then feel his tongue along my slit. “Madi your pussy tastes delicious, let me lick you before fucking you” he says. His tongue probes my tight asshole. I can feel myself opening up to him as he tongue fucks me.

Daddy you’re gonna make me cum again, don’t stop I said. I reach under and rub my clit as he tongues me. I squirt in his face and he takes as much as he can. Sliding back up his cock is once again at my tight hole. He works the head in and I beg him to fuck me.

Fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl I said. “Ugh god your tight ass feels great baby. Do you like my hard cock in your tight ass baby?” He asks. Yes daddy, fuck me! Fuck my tight asshole. God make me cum again daddy! I said as my next orgasm builds. His cock was thick and it filled my tight ass. Yea it hurt but it felt great at the same time. He finally goes balls deep in my tight hole and as I’m rubbing my clit I cum again.

I reach back to play with his balls and as I grab them I notice they are tight. Is daddy gonna cum? I ask. Is daddy gonna fill my tight asshole with his hot cum? His cock throbs and I can sense his orgasm building as I’m playing with his balls.

With a guttural moan he starts to unload in my tight ass. Stream after stream of hot cum blasts my insides as we cum together. I bounce my ass on his cock a few more times and he pulls out. I spin sound and take his cock in my mouth, cleaning his shaft of our juices.

Mmmm daddy, that was great! I loved the feel of your hard cock throbbing in my ass as you filled me with your cum. Look at that daddy, my tight ass is full I said as I climbed off the bed. If daddy don’t want me telling mom you had my panties, you’ll give me what I want.

“Fine Madison, fine. Play that game” he said. Oh I will daddy, I will I said as I grabbed my shirt and my panties and headed for my room.

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