The Girl who Swallowed a BattalionThe Girl who Swallowed a Battalion


She was so beautiful and sexy. We were both at the races with other people and made eyes at each other. We talked. Immediately, she said she was very perceptive and we had nothing in common because she’d backed the favourite and I’d backed the nag, she drank white and I drank red. I made her promise to call me. Which she didn’t. I called her, said a breathless hello and said I was dying to meet her again.

She hung up on me.

But she called back, said sorry that I was dying.

I said, “I think you owe me the courtesy of another meeting, don’t you?”

“I’m doing that now, by phone.”

I talked her into a physical meeting.

I chose the coffee shop. I sat down at the red table and, in defiance, she chose the white table but it had wonky legs so she had to came over.

“So, you like red, I like white,” she said. “It’s not going to work, is it?”

“Try not to analyse everything,” I said. “Just make recommendations. I can either approve or disapprove your recommendations.”

She studied my face. “You’re weird.”

“Ditto,” I replied.

“Listen,” she said, “the core of me is pink ooze. Exterior of me is independent. I am a survivor. I want love in my life.”

“And you think I’m weird?”

She continued. “You’ve been with domineering women all your life. I can tell. Your journey in life is how to live with a strong woman. I don’t want a provider. I’m not interested in wealthy men. You obviously want to be a provider. You don’t want love. You don’t need love. You just need someone to look after.”

“So, what’s your recommendation?”

“Recommendation? Okay. Fuck off.”

“How absurd. We’ve just met. We are in a café.” I thought for moment. “Oh, I get it. Already you’re trying to say goodbye even though we’ve never lived together. You’re rehearsing for the goodbye. How novel.”

“You might say that.”

“I just did,” I said, rather cynically. “But I’ll never finish my book if you say goodbye now, the book which I hoped to write if we lived together.”

“A book? Oh, puleease. Leave me alone.”

She stormed off but I followed her. “Was that all serious or was it just for the book.”

“Why don’t you just pick me up and fuck me.”

“No, that would just be a display of my male dominance.”

“Just do it! Bench me!” She looked across the road at a park. “There’s a bench. Bench me!”

“No. I won’t be told when I should bench you. Besides, we’re in the street outside a café. People will notice.”

She took me home and spooned me all night, both of us stark naked. No hands wandered nor were they allowed to wander. I never slept. It was getting weirder and weirder.

Next morning, she whispered that she was awake. She said it was almost daybreak and let out a small groan of pleasure as she started recounting the story of “the party that she had attended”. I’m sure she was exciting herself with her fingers. When I tried to join in she pushed my hand away.

Somewhere in Chicago it was, she said. At the party she drank too much, crashed on a bed in someone’s bedroom. She told Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir me she loved telling stories, particularly this one.

“It happened at dawn. Daybreak actually,” she said. “Daybreak. Luscious daybreak.” She squirmed as she whispered in my ear.

I was already erect and she sensed it. Her hands, already slick with her juice, softly stroked my chest and my stomach but kept away from my raging phallus. She placed her fingers under my nose and allowed me to smell her sex on them as she continued.

“I woke up to someone sliding my knickers off.”

“When did it happen?”

“Last week. I have them on now… the same knickers.”

She lay back and showed me. They were skimpy lace knickers.

“I haven’t washed them.”

“Get them off,” I said.

She slipped them off and put them up to her nose.

Then to mine.

I could smell the sex.

I allowed the sheet to fall away and my cock thrust upwards but she did not touch it. Rather, she devoured it with her eyes but she still did not touch it.

She continued. “I did actually wear them to the party in the hope that they would be taken off by some hairy goat-god. During the party, I kissed one young man, who was eighteen or nineteen years old. Very good looking. I allowed him to touch my nipples through my blouse. He lifted my blouse and kiss them. People at the party watched. If anyone sucks my nipples, my legs open. So, I allowed him to finger me. I love being fingered but when it came time to pull out his stiff cock, people were still watching and he got shy. It happens sometimes. Teenagers and alcohol! Anyway, like I said, I drank too much, crashed in someone’s bedroom. At dawn, I woke up with a hand sliding my knickers down. Two hands actually. I pretended to be still asleep. I allowed the hands to draw down the knickers past my knees and then over my ankles. I sensed someone was gazing at my cunt. I spread my legs wide apart and I could feel my cunt lips part. You know when you open your mouth sometimes, there’s sometimes saliva that forms a sort of bubble between your lips. That’s what my cunt’s like. I’ve looked in the mirror when I’m excited. There’s always a bit of wetness that’s like saliva between the opening lips. Men love seeing that. I felt the bed sag as he got onto the bed between my legs and I lifted my knees and I moaned as though I was still half asleep. He put something between my cunt lips. His finger and then he obviously couldn’t wait. His cock entered. It was big. He slid it slowly into me right up to the hilt but I couldn’t keep up the pretence. I opened my eyes. It was the same young man. We kissed and he fucked his cock all the way in and out, in and out pumping me madly. He started cumming and pumped my hips to meet his thrusts. Then I saw movement beside the bed. Another boy was sitting in a chair watching us, masturbating. I held out my hand to him and pointed at my mouth. He got up and came over. I took his cock in my mouth and fingered his balls. I felt the first one finish spurting, İstanbul Escort his balls pulsing on my arse. Then he rolled off and the other one jumped on and slid his cock into me. They both came in my cunt, dripping spunk out of my cunt, covering my arse in slippery man-juice. Men love hearing that, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes.”

“I love that too. I even licked both cocks clean and made them put their cocks back in my cunt and out again so I could lick and swallow more sperm. Did you know that sperm is very nutritious? It’s absolutely chock a block full of vitamins, full of little wriggly things that give me glowing skin and more of that lovely clear mucus in my pussy.”

“Tell me another story,” I said, excitement rising inside me. I was ready to climax. “Quick… and touch me please.”

“No, I will not,” she said, thinking. “I’ll tell you another one if you tell me my skin glows.”

I looked at her face. It was the glowingest skin I’d ever seen.

I said, “How much spunk do you swallow?”

“A lot. I swallowed a whole Battalion’s sperm.”

“A Battalion? An Army Battalion? That’s eight hundred men.”

“Five hundred actually. Two a week for five years. Best years of my life. Just over five hundred if you include the Colonel. I remember every one. At least how big their cocks were and how much cum they spurted, how much ran out over my arse. The fastest fuck I had. The most fucks in one night with one man. How many licked my arse. And the biggest and the skinniest cock. Skinny cocks are good for doggie position. They hit my g-spot.”

I was aghast. But I was totally excited. I felt millions of wriggly things gathering at the exit near my balls, clammering, climbing over each other, eager to be delivered at high speed along my penis and into her cunt. Any cunt. They didn’t care, just as long as it was a cunt. Or a mouth. A hand. Anything. Even a left sock, my favorite left sock which I had used many times before.

She said, “I remember an old boyfriend. Two actually.”

“Yes. Tell me that one. Please.”

“They were both asleep…”


“John and Gerry. They had a room together at the snow, both in single beds.”

“It was Aspen I think. John and I had finished the relationship months before that night. Gerry was sleeping in John’s room. I was in another one up the hall. I walked into John’s room in the morning and I lifted the sheet that covered him to have a look at his cock. I like doing that, you know, being a voyeur.”

“Were they both in the same bed?”

“No, I told you. Separate.”

‘It has to be true. Don’t make it up.”

‘I’m not. John’s cock was stiff and he let me hop in beside him. The veins running along his cock were blue and big. I loved his cock. HeeHe was already fingering me. Oh, how I love being fingered.”

“Oh yeah,” I said. “Keep going.”

“I was a bit scared he might find out that another guy’s cock had been in there that same night.”

“Another guy? In Aspen?”

“The son of a friend. Young guy. We fuck sometimes, Escort İstanbul whenever he wants. Young guys are so horny.”

“Wow,” I said, trying to stop my hips from thrusting any higher.

She put her fingers within an inch of my throbbing cock and I think my cock actually touched her fingers. I couldn’t be sure. She studied my cock with a look of adoration. “It’s lovely. Big and proud. Drop of pre-cum on the tip,” she said and went on with the story. “We started fucking. It was like the party I told you about. I saw movement. I looked across and Gerry was awake, lying there smiling, watching us. Then he pulled the sheet back and showed me his penis. It was smaller than John’s but I wanted to suck it… to make it as big but I didn’t know how John would react. My dream, two men kissing my lips, sucking my nipples, fingering me and licking me and fucking me one after the other, in rhythm, in concert as I pleased, one fucking, one thrusting into my mouth, both spurting their hot sperm into my cunt, pulling out, spraying onto my asshole and rimming my asshole so some goes inside.”

“Did they?”

“John’s cum reached the furthest. Up to my tits. Gerry actually licked me clean of both their second cums. First man to actually do that. It was funny. Take this, my cock, Gerry said when I sucked him, sup it well.”

“Sup it well?’

“That’s what he said. I think he might be religious.”

I had to touch her. I grabbed her arse. “My fingers are parting your arse. Can you feel that?”

She whispered, “Oh, yees… but no further.”

I whispered in her vear, “I want you to feel my wet shaft sliding in and out of your amazing cunt. Milk me when I cum, milk me with your muscle control until I am completely empty and all of my spunk is inside you, oozing out into our pubic hair and down your arse.”

She moaned. “John used to groan and pull his penis out, ever so slowly from my cunt. Oh, cock in cunt. I used to watch my cunt lips grip his shaft. I watched the huge head of his cock form a ripple under my sex lips as his cock emerged. He showed it to me, shimmering with wetness. A drop of clear pre-cum always dripped from his cock’s eye so I always licked it off. Pre-cum tastes the best. He loved staying there, kneeling between my legs, showing me his cock standing there ready to spurt, for me to worship, my hot vagina still open and ready for re-entry. A cock is beautiful. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck it into me.” she pleaded. Then she said. “Let’s get another man.”

I still didn’t have my cock anywhere near her cunt. I said, “I don’t know how I’d feel.”

“But you’ve done it before no doubt,” she said.

“Oh, yeah. Like, when I was single. Like, a thousand years ago.”

“Well I was single too. Oh, I love cocks but I’ve never had more than two at a time. I wish I could lick three at the same time.”

I thought, my cock is still standing to attention near her hand. We still hadn’t fucked and she wants to lick three cocks clean? Jesus.

But, I thought, who am I to stand in her way?

That’s when my wrigglies exited the eye of my cock at lightning speed.

“Ohh, my,” she said as she watched the cum pump from my cock. She allowed some to shoot onto her fingers and she licked it off.

“That was big,” she said. “But you still haven’t fucked me and… you know what, I going to make you wait.”


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