The Girl Ch. 01The Girl Ch. 01


The girl couldn’t even remember when she stopped using a name. It was probably after she turned 21. She just figured that the johns gave her whatever name they wanted, anyway. When they called she asked two things: what they wanted from the night, and what her name would be. Tonight she was Jessie, a young, horny, babysitter. That was what the john wanted, and that is who she would be.

She had always been good at pretending. When she was a child she was someone new every day. Today she might be a circus performer, tomorrow a ballet dancer. Things really hadn’t changed much. The only real difference was, now that she was older, playtime usually ended with some kind of sex. Not always, of course. Sometimes she got the odd few that just wanted to punish her, or dress her up like a little living doll and brush her hair. Not that she minded, but she preferred the sex. With sex, she always had control of the situation. If she wanted it to end, it ended. Johns usually knew what she would put up with, and the few who didn’t, learned quickly.

Although she looked small and dainty, the girl knew how to handle herself in a rough situation. Her childhood had been full of men who wanted nothing more than to tarnish a young, sweet thing such as herself. When she was fourteen she ended up in a self defense class, and still went there today. She was also lucky enough to have a broad base of johns who knew better than to pass word about her to others who might be less gentle.

Tonight should be fun, she thought to herself as she adjusted the barrettes in her hair. Part of the fun was getting into the character, and the girl was very good at her characters. She always took the name the johns gave her and worked up a little biography about the role. Jessie was an 18 year-old honor roll student in college whose boyfriend had just broken up with her because she wouldn’t “go all the way”. Jessie wanted to, but she was afraid. “Chad”, her “boyfriend”, was too wimpy – she needed a firmer hand in the ways of love. The girl laughed at herself for sounding so cliché, but that was the kind of thing johns wanted. This particular john had been very specific when requesting a submissive babysitter, but the girl knew this particular john, and wasn’t worried about it going too far.

She looked at the clock, realizing she only had moments before the john arrived. She had left the door unlocked, and sat down on the small sofa in front of the T.V.

Her apartment was small, but was the perfect place to work out of. Over the years, it had been a hotel room, a classroom, even a dungeon. Tonight it was “Mr. P’s” house, and she had just put the kids to bed. Mr. P was about to come home early, and find Jessie watching a movie not meant for her eyes.

The girl heard the doorknob jiggle, then turn. It was show time. She turned on the porno flick, and tried to look like she was seeing it for the first time.

He came in quietly, not realizing what was on the T.V. He set his keys down on the table by the door, and the girl flicked off the power, blushing.

“Hello, Jessie. Had a bit of a headache, so I dropped Susan at the party and headed back.” Mr. P was saying. He removed his jacket, and the girl looked at him. He was one of her favorite çeşme escort johns. Not only was he quite handsome, he was also a great lover.

His brown eyes glanced at the T.V., then at Jessie as if he’d just noticed something was strange. He walked over to the couch, sat down beside the girl, and took the remote form her hand. The girl played as though she would not let go of the remote, then gave in. Mr. P pushed the power button and the screen flashed back on, showing a girl hungrily devouring a huge, thick cock. The john tried not to smile as her turned to the girl and faked shock.

“Jessie, where did you find this video?” He asked, standing to look down at her.

The girl looked back up at him shyly, ” It was in the video cabinet. I… I just wanted to see what it was. I didn’t know…”

“Are you interested in sex, Jessie? Have you and your boyfriend done it yet?”

The girl batted big blue eyes at him. “I… he… no.”

“Why not?” The man asked as he sat back down next to the girl. He ran his hands up and down the shapely legs barely hidden by the tiny skirt she was wearing. “Are you afraid?”

“Kinda… I just don’t know what to do. My parents won’t even let me watch rated R movies without them seeing the movie first to make sure it isn’t dirty. Now Chad wants to break up because I won’t… you know.”

“Fuck?” The man said matter-of-factly. The girl blushed again.


“I could teach you. ” The man’s breath was hot as he spoke right next to Jessie’s ear. “I’d be a good teacher, you’d love it.”

“But I can’t…Mrs. P…”

“…would never find out. Come on, Jessie, aren’t you curious?”

“Yes, but… I don’t want to be bad.”

“Oh, but all girls are bad. Don’t you know that? They are naughty girls, and need to be punished.” Jessie shivered at the sensation on the man’s hand drifting up towards her center. She liked being the naughty girl.

The man made a noise of surprise, as he reached the bare skin of her shaved pussy.

“See, you’re not even wearing panties. You’re just begging to be punished.” He pulled her onto his lap, and she could feel his arousal pushing against her, begging to be let out.

The man began pulling Jessie’s shirt up, exposing her modest breasts. She’d never had work done, and found that although the media seemed to think all men liked big tits, she’d never found one that complained about hers.

After pulling her shirt above her head, the man reached down and began brushing the tips of his fingers against the girl’s nipples. They quickly hardened, becoming little pearls of perfect pink skin. The girl moaned as the man leaned over and licked the tip of one, quickly drawing away. This was why she liked this john so much. He was determined to give pleasure, as well as receive it.

“I’m going to teach you so much, Jesse.” Jessie smiled at that. Men loved to think that they were trying something new. The girl hadn’t seen anything new in years, but she still enjoyed a confident man.

He pushed her abruptly off his lap, and onto the floor in front of him. Then he slowly pulled down his zipper, and he tossed the pants that slipped to his ankles to the side. He wasn’t wearing manisa escort anything underneath, and his erection stood up to its full glory. He looked down at her and she made a shocked face. Truth was that he was indeed quite impressive. A virgin would have problems with his mass, but Jessie wouldn’t.

“Come here. ” Jessie shyly crawled towards him. “Take it by the shaft, and lick the head.” She obeyed. The john grunted, as if he had been waiting for this a very long time. The moans of the girl in the video grew louder as he turned up the volume.

The girl took her time licking the head of him, then moved the mass further into her mouth, sucking. He grabbed her hair with one hand and forced her to go further, so that the tip of him was nearly touching the back of her throat. The girl heard herself begin to make small noises of need. His grip grew tighter, and he thrust into her mouth then pulled out.

“Show me that pussy. Lie on the couch and show me.” The girl managed to pick herself up and onto the couch. When she was finally there, she pulled her skirt up, baring herself to the man. He bent to her, running his thumbs over her silken lips, pushing her open wider. The girl put on her best virginal face and looked shyly up at the man hovering over her.

“That’s right, you feel dirty don’t you?” The man nearly growled, and Jessie nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you clean.”

Without any other warning, the john dove in, greedily eating at her core. The girl’s breath caught as his tongue and teeth abused her sensitive clit. The intensity of it made her whole body clench, but it felt amazing.

“Mr. P…don’t… we shouldn’t…” The girl moaned, staying in character. The john responded by pushing his tongue into her, making her cry out.

“You don’t really want me to stop, do you? I know you feel good…” The man pulled his head up and replaced his tongue with his fingers, then pulled them out, her juices nearly running down his hand. “Look at how wet you are.”

“Yes, but…”

The john pushed his fingers inside her again, and drew them out slowly, repeating the process. The waiting was almost painful. The girl moved under his hands, writhing against him. “Oh no, you don’t. You’ll come when I want you to, no sooner.”

This was one of the only times the girl let herself be bossed around. She only let certain johns do it, since newbies usually saw it as weakness and not an act. With this man it was a treat, since most sessions with him were usually vanilla.

“Do you understand me? Say ‘yes, sir’.” The man moved quicker inside her, causing her to shiver.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good,” he removed his fingers, and the girl groaned, wanting more, “now get up, and bend over the arm of the couch. I think you need to be punished.”

The girl did as she was told, looking down as if she were embarrassed. She sat there with her skirt pushed up over her ass, and felt him kneel behind her. She braced herself for what she knew was coming. A moment later a sharp slap landed against her cheek, stinging. She whimpered like a scared girl, and heard the man moan with pleasure at the sound. Each strike had more power behind it, and the man rubbed his üçyol escort hand over her reddened skin as if soothing them away.

“We’re going to make you into a good girl, so you can give your boyfriend exactly what he wants.” The girl felt him get closer, then gasped as the head of him brushed against her opening.

“Mr.P,wait…don’t…” That was as far as she got when the john pushed himself into her without any pretense. “Oh, God! It’s too big, Mr.P, it hurts… please take it out…”

Jessie played the virgin well. She knew her johns liked to think they were the biggest she had even seen, even though most were about the norm.

“You’ll take it all, Jessie, just like the naughty girl you are. I’m going to spill my come into you.”

“No, please! I’ll get pregnant!” Jessie tried to sound shocked. She couldn’t actually get pregnant, and made sure that her johns were screened for diseases before she worked with them. That way she didn’t have to worry about condoms, especially since most johns would pay more to go without.

The john responded to her fear by pushing himself far into her, hitting her cervix. This time the cry was real, since she was sensitive yet. Then he reached around and took her nipple between his fingers, squeezing hard. His breath was ragged in her ear, hot against her neck.

Jessie could feel herself growing warmer, a tingling spreading through her. She hoped he let her come soon, since she wasn’t sure if she could stop it. The man’s cock filled her nicely, and as he pounded into her she came closer and closer to finishing. She heard someone making high, keening noises, and realized they were coming from her. There was a reason this john was one of her favorites.

“Are you ready, Jessie? I want you to come with me as I fill you up.” The john growled in her ear, reaching down to her over sensitized clit.

As soon as she felt him falter and lose control, the girl let herself go. The orgasm roared through her, causing her to buck under him. She called out his name as he pounded himself to completion, filling her with his come.

Once they had slowed, the man pulled out of her, and she felt his seed leaking down her leg.

“There’s a good girl, Jessie.” The man panted, patting her bottom before sitting back, exhausted.

The girl turned around and smiled shyly at the man, “Thank you, Mr. P.”

“You’re more than welcome, Jessie.” The façade began to break down until it was no longer “Mr.P” sitting beside her, but the john once again. He smiled, and pulled her toward him, holding her in his arms. “I should be thanking you.”

“I always enjoy our time together. Will you be here next week?” The girl leaned against him, laying her head on his chest.

“Of course.”

“Good.” The girl smiled, and wondered for a moment if she was missing this closeness by not having a relationship outside of work. She didn’t ponder that thought for long, since it probably would make her feel bad.

“I should go.” The man actually sounded disappointed. He stood to go into the small bathroom to clean himself up, and the girl went over to her clothes stand and put on a thin robe.

“Next week will be here soon enough,” she called to him, “I’ll contact you before the date to get the details.”

After a while the man came out again, clean, and got dressed.

“Goodnight, Jessie.” He leaned over and kissed he cheek with a tenderness that seemed out of place after what had happened.


* * *

***Stay tuned for Part 2 of “The Girl”***

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