The Gift That Keeps On GivingThe Gift That Keeps On Giving


This is my first story

here or anywhere.

lt was cooked up up with a dash of experience

a healthy handful of fantasy

a touch of deceit

simmered slowly in new found time on my hands

and a big pile of patience and persistence

from my editor and new found friend

Tim Watkins. I can’t thank him enough.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Things were looking up.

I had recently broken off a very rocky relationship that had dragged on for four years. I had taken on a bigger job with the company, which came with more money and a truck. The company has met and exceeded projections for the last two quarters since I took over the position. The division manager himself had recently told me he was quite happy with my work. I was still playing hockey three to four nights a week, which helped me stay in shape and keep the partying down a bit. I had dated here and there but was a little gun-shy, after four years of hell.

A month ago I was going to my teammate’s wedding. God, I hated going to weddings! And it seemed as though I had been at one every time I turned around, for the last year. The chicken dance…the tossing of the bride’s flowers…It was like the movie Groundhog Day! But he was a good friend, so I got my suit cleaned and went.

The church was old, with high arched ceilings and beautiful stained glass windows. As the ceremony droned on, the sunlight danced through the windows and my mind drifted, thinking how close I had come to doing this myself. Suddenly, the organ fired up the wedding march and we all stood to watch the newlyweds leave the church.

After the ceremony, we all got in our cars and headed to the reception, which was at a grand hotel on the highway, with its own function rooms and a nightclub. I was seated at a table with three of my teammates, and their significant others, and one other solo guy I didn’t know.

As usual, all the groom’s people were on one side of the room and the bride’s guests on the other. As dinner was winding down, the band came on and encouraged people to dance. There is nothing in life I do worse, except sing. This is usually where I find my way to the bar, mingle for a while and go for a walk, then come back in time for the bride and groom dancing with their parents.

Unfortunately, our table was tucked way in the back and I would have to wind my way through all the tables to get there. I was scouting out a path across the room when I saw her. I know I stopped thinking and may have stopped breathing, for a minute or more.

She was perfection. Maybe 5’4″, with small breasts and green mesmerizing eyes. Her light, sandy-brown hair was tied back with a dark-green ribbon. It flowed over a sash of the same color and down her white summer dress, stopping at the top of her spectacular bottom. The dress was not overly tight or skimpy. It flowed over her figure, to maybe three inches above her knees, just enough to highlight her thin muscular legs and tiny feet, in matching low heels with ankle straps. I made a bet with myself that she was a long distance runner or a dancer, maybe both.

I tried not to stare as she put her hands on the shoulders of two small boys and whispered in their ears, as they nodded in agreement. I thought, ‘Oh no, she has kids!!’ Just then, a couple came to the table from the wedding party and the kids were ecstatic, the resemblance to their father unmistakable. And then, my dream girl seated herself at the end of the table, alone… Hallelujah!

My heart was in my throat! I didn’t have any idea what to say as I worked my way through the tables. As I neared her seat, the people at the next table had spread out a little, making it impassable. I stopped and looked down at her. A thousand things raced through my mind…and I came out with, “Cute kids. Are you the volunteer auntie for the day?” She smiled and said, “Yes, but it’s not an enormous deal, they’re well behaved.”

“Yeah, seems that way. I, um, was just working my way out to the bar. Can I get you anything?”

“Actually, a diet coke would be good right now. I’m ‘on duty’.”

“I’ll be back in a flash.”

When I got back, the two little ones were seated on her right, chair-dancing with her. The closest one was holding her hand, all three smiling as they rocked in their seats. Most of the table had gone dancing, but a couple of people were snapping pictures of her and the kids. I’m sure those will end up in the wedding album.

I took the empty chair on her left and introduced myself. “I’m Billy, a teammate of the groom.” She said, “Sandra.” That was it… back to swaying with the children. I knew the song was ending and started to speak, when she gave me the eye movement indicating that small ears were listening closely. I said, “Nice to meet you, Sandra” and started to get up, when she reached her hand across and dropped one of the name cards from the table in my lap.

When I got back to my seat, I looked at the card. On the back was a phone number and underneath it said ‘Text me when the kids are gone.’ My heart raced. Haramidere Escort This divine beauty wants to talk with me. I am so glad I didn’t blow off this wedding invitation. I’m sure my friends at the table engaged me in conversations, I just couldn’t tell you what was said. My mind was focused on what I would say to her when I got the chance, trying not to look so obvious as I watched her from across the hall, occasionally catching her eye. I realized the children would be there for the duration of the reception. I drifted off to the other side past the function bar and over to the regular bar slash night club. I took a seat where I could see the front entrance and the parking lot so I would know when the guests began leaving. I ordered another beer and waited. Almost an hour went by before they headed out.

I sent a text, telling her where I was. She replied, “Sorrrrry… it took so long that I have to take a ride with the friends I came with and check on my mother. I’ll tell them I’m not going back out. It won’t take but thirty minutes.” What was I going to say… no? I replied, “OK, I will be right here.” I signaled the bartender for another beer. I said, “Seems quiet, maybe it’s too early.” He said, “It will pick up a little later but Friday night is when you want to be here. Great DJ really pulls them in from all over: the universities… the airport… everywhere, really.” After forty-five minutes, I stood up, thinking, ‘oh well, she has dumped me.’

That’s when I saw her scrambling in the front door, scanning the room. Breathing a sigh of relief when she saw me, she sat next to me on the stool and started apologizing again but I put my finger up to her lips. “I didn’t think you were coming but you’re here now and I am a happy camper. Take a deep breath and let me get you a drink, and you can tell me all about it.” She said, “Thank you, you’re a very patient guy.”

I got the bartender and she asked for a vodka soda with a twist of lime. “So Sandra, I’m Bill Mackenzie.” She said, “Bonner, Sandra Bonner. What were you going to say back at the table?”

“I was going to ask if you would give me the next slow dance.”

“Well, I would be happy to dance, but why a slow dance?”

I looked at her with a straight face and said, because any other kind would put you in great peril of laughing so hard you might fall off your high heels and get hurt! I just couldn’t be responsible for that.”

She let go with a peel of laughter and that beautiful smile. After a couple more drinks, and chatting on about who knows what, I took her hand and asked if she would come home with me. “We could slow dance in my living room.” I could sense her hesitation as I gave her a little peck on the forehead and looked into her eyes. “Please Sandra, I really don’t want to wake up your mother.” She snorted and gave me a little punch on the arm. Then she said, “I’ll follow you, what are you driving?” “The red pick up,” I replied. “I’ll wait for you at the entrance. I have my silver Corolla.”

We arrived at my house, a small single near the end of a cul-de-sac, with a double-wide driveway and a small pathway that led out back to the fenced-in yard and pool. I opened the door for her and switched on the lights as she looked around and said, “Very nice!” “Thank you, it’s small but plenty big for a single guy.” I took her jacket and hung it on the rack. Just as I was about to kiss her She said, “I need to use the bathroom, I’ll be right back.”

I took out my phone and cued some Barry White and Van Morrison’s ‘Into The Mystic’, then dimmed the lights to set the mood. I don’t particularly care for Barry at all ,but more than one girl has told me that something in the timber of his voice gets them hot. Into the mystic was for me.When she came out, I told her I had vodka but not soda or lime. ” I do have red or white wine if you like.” She smiled “white, thank you.” I handed her wine to her and clicked my glass of beer to hers in a little toast. Then I put my hand out and asked her if I could have this dance. We twirled slowly to the music as she whispered, “You fibbed, you’re a fine dancer!” I joked, “Don’t distract me, your feet are at risk!”

My arousal was threatening to push past my belt buckle and break free. As Van pined on, I got her earlobe between my lips and whispered, “I’m so glad I went today. I got the best gift in the entire wedding.”

She responded by going up on her toes and pulling me into a deep, torrid kiss. “Mmmmmmmm!” It was now our tongues doing the dancing and our desire turning up the heat in the room. I don’t know how long we kissed but I know the song ended a while ago.

Then she pushed back a little, with one hand on my chest and the other holding my hand. She tilted her head and said, “Come… it’s time to unwrap your gift!” With that, she turned and towed me around the corner into the bedroom. At the foot of the bed, she stopped and backed into me. Stroking my cock up and down through my pants, she said, “Yummmm, looks like I have my own gift to unwrap! Unzip me, baby.” I Haramidere Escort Bayan unzipped the dress down the back and under the sash, to the top of that luscious ass. Still facing away from me, she stepped forward, letting the shoulders of the dress fall down to her waist, while she unhooked the bra from the front and let that fall to the floor. Bending forward, she then slid the dress to the floor and stepped out of it, leaving her in just the tiniest little panties, with a bow on each hip, and her heels. Then, she turned to me and pulled my shirt out from my pants. I pulled it over my head and tossed it away. Then she kissed my chest and licked my nipple, as she looked up and asked with a little hissing voice, “Do you like your gift, baby?”

I was speechless. She traced the outline of my cock with her fingernail, then smiled and said, “don’t worry it was a rhetorical question, anyway.” I turned and sat back on the bed, kicking my shoes off and reaching for my belt buckle but she slapped my hand away. “Noooooooooooo baby, I want to unwrap my own gift!” With that, she unbuckled and unzipped me. I lifted my butt while she pulled my pants and boxers to the floor. Then she climbed on the bed next to me, at my side. She cupped my balls with one hand and stroked the length of my cock with the other. “Oh, my! So big ‘n fat ‘n aroused!” Then she gently squeezed my balls and said, “…and sooo full of cum. We’ll have to remedy that! Can’t have you too excited for the main event, can we?”

With that, she laid her cheek on my stomach and began swirling her tongue all around my helmet. Her hand left my balls and stroked my shaft. Then she lifted her head up and continued swirling her way down and down my cock. ‘Intense’ would be a gross understatement. Hands clenching, I swear I thought my balls would be vacuumed right through my shaft. I couldn’t take much more, I had the bed sheet in a death grip, as my ass levitated upwards. I could not hold on anymore. I heard my own voice yelling, “Oooh! Y…aah! Fuck yaaah, get it all,” as I pumped everything into her throat and mouth.She said yummy as she scooped some excess from her chin and licked it up. I was still sensitive and it made me shake, as she licked all the excess that dripped down onto my stomach and my sack. She cooed, “Ooh, he was very full of cummies! Baby, you must feel better now?” The gleam in her eyes told me she was very happy with her work as she continued to get me hard all over again.

I was still trying to catch my breath as I pulled her on top of me. I grabbed her butt cheeks and slid her upward onto my chest until I could kiss and nibble her neck… and then a little more, so I could suckle and pull her nipples, as her hands pulled me by the hair into her chest. “Ooooh, mm-mm! So nice! Suck my little titties, baby!”

I pushed her upright, so she was sitting on my rib cage and a little further back, so she had to place her hands on my hips to hold her balance. I locked my eyes on hers as I slowly lifted her legs up and put her pretty high heels on my shoulders. She continued to watch me as I stroked her thighs and then slid my upturned hands under her ass and lifted her easily, moving her all the way up to sit on my collarbone.

I sucked and licked my way up her inner thigh until she could feel my heated breath through the fabric of her sopping wet panties. Her hips began to slowly gyrate as she pulled at my hair. “You bastard, you are an unmerciful tease!” With that I looked up at her and smiled while I slipped fingers under the waistband of her panties and ripped outward from both sides. The flimsy barrier out of my way, I gripped her ass cheeks hard and assaulted her sopping wet sex. Licking and suckling her folds from top to bottom and back.

Her breathing was much faster and her hips started to really move and there was a tremor in her voice. “Oh, ya! Ya! Ya right there, riiiight there!” I moved my right hand and slipped two fingers in and began moving them in circles directly behind the clit that I had sucked into my lips and swirled my tongue all over. That did it! My head felt like I stuck it in the spin cycle and my hair was being pulled. I heard a high-pitched string of unintelligible curse words. She froze and arched her back for a few seconds, then collapsed backward and rolled off me. She was still breathing hard and her leg was trembling. When I reached for her, she pushed my hand away, so I waited a few seconds before I spooned up to her, kissing softly on her shoulder and cheek. I said, “Come, I’ll get us some ice water and we can shower off.”

We sipped our ice water and kissed for a minute, then I led her into the shower and we let the warm water cascade over us, while we soaped each other up. We kissed and held each other for a long time. I hardened again, as she used some soap and slowly rubbed my cock up and down against her stomach. She pulled me down to her and breathed the words into my mouth as we kissed, “Oh god! I want you in me, now!” I shut the water off and we dried ourselves. We fell onto the bed and Escort Haramidere I knelt between her legs. She gripped me and ran the head of my cock up and down her opening. Her eyes were half closed as she murmured, “Come on baby! Fill me! make me yours!”

I pushed inside her slowly as she groaned, “Ooh, ooh! That’s it!” I backed out slowly, all the way back to the tip, then thrust only halfway in and out, picking up the pace just a little. “Oh, god! That feels nice!”

I thrust all the way in and back, a little faster. I reached down and took her hands in mine as I kept this pace for a while. Her tongue was licking her lower lip and her head went to one side. “Mmmm, sooooo good! I wanted to make this last but you feel so damn good, I can’t wait.” I let go of her hand and lifted her a little, as we both watched my cock sawing in and out of her wet pussy. I could feel her spasms clutching my cock. I knew it would make me cum soon, so I decided to let fly, kick it into top gear and just keep going.

I went faster and I could hear my balls slapping up against her. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, give it all to me, baby! I want it right now!!” I could feel her rise up as her heels pushed into the bed. Then I felt my load leaving and I didn’t care, I just kept going. Her vocal cords strained as her hands were slapping wildly on the bed sheet. She let out a long, screeching wail, punctuated by my body slamming into hers. Then her head dropped to one side and we both collapsed.

I woke to a soft, snoring sound coming from my shoulder as she slept all curled up into me. It was so peaceful I didn’t want to disturb her but I had to get to the bathroom. When I got back, she was already getting dressed. She said, “I didn’t realize the time! I have to get back before she wakes up or I’ll be interrogated about being out all night. Then I have to get her breakfast and make sure she takes her medications.”

“Oh, my poor undies, you’re an animal!” I just laughed as she threw them in the trash. It seemed like she was in and out of the bathroom and headed for the door in nanoseconds. Then she backed her car out and was gone.

I actually felt abandoned, which surprised me. What was I expecting, I only met her twelve or thirteen hours ago. So I cleaned the house, washed all the bedding, made myself some coffee and toast and passed out on the sofa. I woke up in the afternoon and remembered I had to get my skates sharpened before I headed for my game.

After the game, I was having a beer with a couple of friends when my phone chirped with a text message: ‘Sorry I had to rush out, miss you already!’…with a kissy-lips emoji. That made me feel a little better. I went back to my beer and the conversation. One of my friends, who had gone to the wedding, said, “It’s a good thing the little hottie in the sundress put our boy here on ignore. I’m sure we would have been shorthanded tonight.” They all got a laugh out of that, then my phone chirped again, ‘Soooo sore! soooo happy!’ [smiley faces]. I just smiled and said nothing. “Oh well, got to answer the bell for work early, see ya Tuesday night.”

When I walked into the house, my phone chirped again, ‘Call me??’

I flopped on the sofa and hit dial and she picked up on the second ring. “Hi! Nice to hear your voice!”

“Yours, too! Are you okay? You sound a little nervous for some reason.”

“You didn’t respond to my texts. I wasn’t sure what to think.”

“I was just leaving my hockey game. A lot of people were around and I was driving the truck. Just no good places to use my phone. Believe me, I was happy to hear from you! Just couldn’t call back fast enough when I saw that one. I want you back in my arms, soon!”

She sighed, “that will be nice.” We talked about getting together but our busy schedules did not line up. Finally, she said she would get her sister to come on Saturday and she would have the entire afternoon.

We talked a couple of times, during the week. Apparently, her mother was onto her, dropping brief hints about her mood improving since last weekend.

Saturday morning rolled around. I cleaned the house and went out to pick up some sandwiches and some wine and beer. As I was pulling in the driveway, my phone chirped, ‘On my way, my sister got here early.’

I wasn’t planning anything fancy, just sitting around the pool, maybe listening to music and maybe a swim. I wanted to, at least, be a gentleman and not just pounce on her when she arrived. She pulled in the driveway before I could really get anything set up. I opened the front door to greet her as she exited the car, wearing Daisy Dook’s cutoffs and what looked like a dress shirt, with sunglasses and sandals. She had her hair down. The shirt was tied in the front under her breasts, showing off her flat tummy and beautiful legs. I hoped I wasn’t drooling too much as she came up the walkway.

I spotted my neighbor and some time drinking buddy Larry removing bags from the trunk of his car. He gave me this exaggerated smile and a thumbs up behind her back. We went into the house and I got a big kiss before she looked around and went into whirlwind mode. She cut up the sandwiches and arranged them on the plate, poured our drinks, put the pickles in a bowl and put all the excess neatly away. I just leaned back on the counter and said, “You know, you look amazing again today. I take it the swimsuit is underneath?”

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