The GardenThe Garden

Big Tits

I take your hand and lead you out, across the patio, into the garden. We are high up on the hill, in Italy, looking down over acres of vineyard. It is a warm, sunny day, but the air is crisp and clean to breathe.We face each other and cuddle closely, your head against my chest. You look up at me and smile and start to unbutton my shirt, pushing it back over my shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. Your hands find their way to my waistband and start to undo it. You open my jeans and kneel as you pull them down to the ground, your head now level with my crotch. I step out of the jeans and your cheek presses against my cock in my briefs. It is already starting to respond.You stand again and press your body against mine, feeling the growth in my briefs. I know what you intend, but suddenly I hear a sound and realise that there are two young women sitting under an olive tree just outside our fence. They must be taking a break from working in the vineyard and are resting in the shade there, but they can see us through the open wire fence. I whisper to you, bursa escort to tell you they are watching, but you smile back and say, “Let’s give them a good show then!”You kneel again and rub your face against my briefs, pulling my body against you. We hear muffled giggles from beyond the fence, but as my cock grows out above the waistband, our audience goes quiet again. You lick the tip of my cock and press your mouth against it as you pull my briefs down and throw them aside. I think I hear a slight gasp from the olive tree.You grasp the shaft of my cock and point it down towards you; you have to force it down because it wants to reach for the sky. But you have your mouth over the head now, just the head, and one hand on the shaft, while the other plays with my balls. They are so hard and tight! You swirl your tongue around the head and suck me as hard as you can, while one hand moves up and down the shaft, very slowly. You reach both hands round behind me, with just the head of my cock in your mouth and begin to pull me towards you. My cock is edging slowly into bursa escort bayan your mouth now and I grasp your head. There are murmurings from below the olive tree.I press your head against me, pushing deeper into your mouth. I can feel the tip pressing against the back of your throat now and you almost gag. Moving steadily in and out now, your hands are always pulling me in and I have to press against them to withdraw. I don’t want to choke you, but the feeling of reaching into your throat is overwhelming and I can’t resist pressing further in. There are gasps and more murmurs from under the olive tree, as I pull out of your mouth, and my cock springs upwards, at full attention.You look up at me and say, “Do you want to show them how much cum you have? I can feel your balls swelling with it.””No,” I say, “I want to fill your pussy with cum.”I separate from you and walk over to the pool to pick up a towel. Our audience can see my cock standing proud as I walk back to you and spread the towel on the ground. I turn you away from me and make you kneel, then escort bursa lean forwards. I kneel behind you between your legs and spread them wide apart.I am completely naked, kneeling behind you on the ground. You are still dressed in a light shift dress and I slip my hands up under the hem, lifting it above your waist and fondling your breasts. Your nipples are hard and erect with desire; I cup your breasts and play with your nipples with my thumbs. Then lift your dress over your head and throw it aside. You are kneeling in front of me wearing just your panties now.My hand slides down to your waist and then up between your legs. I pull the crotch of your panties to one side and my other hand explores your pussy, feeling the wetness oozing from you. I push one finger carefully inside you and you groan loudly; I think our audience does too.I can’t wait much longer now and ask you to stand while I pull your panties down, and off, and toss them aside. Again, I make you kneel facing away, in front of me, and you push back against my hard cock, feeling it between your buttocks, and squeezing it with them. I push your shoulders forward, down to the ground and kneel between your legs. You are completely exposed to me now and to our audience. You look back toward them and smile.

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