The Futa Fairy – Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game Chapter 9: Officer Cindy , Deidre’s Hot MenageThe Futa Fairy – Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game Chapter 9: Officer Cindy , Deidre’s Hot Menage


The Futa Fairy – Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game
Chapter Nine: Officer Cindy & Deidre’s Hot Menage
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Mrs. Fatima Samara

I savored the barely legal delight of plundering Keily’s cunt. The girl squirmed beneath me as I pumped over and over into her depths. My futa-cock throbbed in her silky embrace. She quivered, her small breasts jiggling, her green eyes growing dewy with lust behind her glasses.

“Help…” She groaned. “Someone… I… Ooh… Ooh, yes!”

I smiled. Her lusts, inflamed by what the futa-fairies did to us when they gifted us our clit-dicks, swelled through her. She shuddered beneath me, her body undulating now, her hips bucking and rising to meet my thrusts.

“That’s it,” I groaned, my dusky breasts heaving above her as her snatch clenched down hard on my invading futa-dick. “Mmm, you love that, don’t you, my little delight?”

“Yes!” Keily groaned, her thighs squeezing down around my waist. “Oh, yes, yes, fuck me! I need it. Ooh, I need it so badly. You have tits like my college professor. I love it when she fucks me!”

I shuddered, leaning down, pressing my big boobs into her firm, young breasts. Those delicious titties, topped by her small nipples, caressed my lush mounds. I stared into her eyes, pumping harder and harder, her girl-dick throbbing against my stomach.

For a moment, I felt bad that she would stop being a futanari. That once Summer won, she’d go back to being a normal girl. But my harem waited for me. My sister and our daughters needed my girl-cock.

The pleasure rippled through me with every thrust, drowning my mind in lust. I shuddered, pumping so hard. Her barely legal cunt gripped my dick like a glove fitted just for my shaft. I buried to the hilt in her over and over, plundering her wonderful depths and enjoying the silky heat of her delights.

She shuddered, her thighs squeezing about my waist as she trembled beneath me. Her whimpers echoed through the room. She squirmed her hips, pumping faster and faster as I plowed into her snatch. I savored her every moan and gasp.

Her hands grabbed my rump, pulling on me. “I’m sorry, Deidre!” she whimpered. “I tried. I did! But she feels sooooo good!”

“You did try, my little cutie,” I purred, ramming my cock so hard into her depths. My pussy clenched with every thrust, the pleasure building my orgasm in my juicy depths. My ovaries tightened, another load of spunk building and building in their, aching to explode out of my clit-dick. “You tried so hard.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Keily whimpered, her body shuddering. “So good.”

“You love being fucked by a futa-MILF,” I hissed. “A futa-Mommy you want to fuck!”

“I want to fuck all the futa-MILfs,” whimpered Keily. “With Deidre! I’m going to…” Her eyes widened and her words trailed off as she stared up into the sky of Faerie.

“Yes, yes, you’re going to cum,” I groaned, burying into her cunt so hard, just a few moments from exploding into her depths, just a few more strokes to my rapture.

“It’s a superheroine!” Keily gasped, her snatch clenching hard on my dick as I drew back for my next plunge. “Like… Futagirl or something!”

“What?” I frowned as I rammed into her cunt, the friction shooting pleasure down to my ovaries, the ache swelling at the tip of my cock.

I just needed a little more and I would defeat her.

I drew back.

The wind howled and seized my body.


Deidre Reddings

I sprang up from my crotch and darted forward, Ms. Kim’s first attack crackling in the air behind me. Her next formed as icy swirls about the splayed-open fingers of her right hand. The petite, Korean futa stood defiant, her small breasts heaving, her huge cock thrust from her thick, black bush. My own clit-dick bounced before me with my round breasts as I charged across the sandy beach.

The Year’s Divide flowed and gurgled beside us. My red hair streamed behind me.

Ms. Kim raised her hand.

I pushed myself to sprint faster. I was almost on her. I couldn’t let that ice defeat me. Why did every Winter futa have to have magic powers?

She threw her arm forward. White-blue energy surged at me.

I leaped at her.

The chill struck me as I hurtled through the air. I felt the ice flash about my wrists right before I crashed into her. The cold sank into my arms as our naked bodies collided. The world spun around me as we tumbled in a tangle of limbs and hair, her black silk brushing my fiery curls. We rolled on the sandy beach, my futa-cock rubbing past hers.

The momentum pressed me forward atop her body. Our breasts slid together. I felt the kiss of her nipples on mine, shooting jolts through my sensitive body which ended at the throbbing tip of my futa-cock just as it found the rosebud opening of her asshole.

She gasped in shock as my clit-dick buried into her bowels, thrusting past her tight sphincter. She groaned as we rolled to a stop, me atop her.

“Oh, you have got to be fucking me,” Ms. Kim groaned as her velvety asshole clenched on my futa-cock, her shaft throbbing against my stomach.

The cold on my wrists had frozen them together, forming a manacle. But I had managed to get my arms around her before the spell had fully… solidified or something. Now I had her in a tight hug, her arms squeezed to her side. She struggled and squirmed which slid her asshole up and down my dick.

That felt incredible.

“Ms. Kim,” I panted, my hips pumping away at her bowels, driving my dick into her hot depths. “Mmm, your daughter, Yunjin, is always saying how much fun it is visit your business. She loves her part-time job.”

“No, no, no,” Ms. Kim groaned as my girl-cock plunged into her hot asshole. Her delicate face, her skin this lovely shade of pale olive, twisted as the pleasure rushed through her, her futa-dick throbbing against my belly. “I had you! How did you do this?”

“Just lucky!” I panted. “I mean, you’re the one whose magic has my hands pinned beneath you, forcing me to hug you.”

“I know!” She groaned, her bowels clenching down so hard on my futa-dick.

That velvety anal sheath felt so amazing around my futa-dick. I groaned, pleasure shooting through me. My ovaries ached to cum, to release a flood of jizz. All the exhaustion swimming away from Officer Cindy had generated in my limbs melted away.

How could I be tired when I was buried into Ms. Kim’s delicious bowels?

I groaned, the pleasure warming my body. She squirmed beneath me, digging my bound hands into the sand of the beach. Her arms flexed, trying to get free of my tight embrace. But she couldn’t. All she did was make her bowels feel incredible as they clenched around my girl-dick. My orgasm built faster and faster. I thrust into her asshole with a hard frenzy, my body just aching to cum in her and defeat her, to beat her and…

Beat her…

I needed to work with her. Us Summer and Winter faeries had to come together. If we didn’t fight, there had to be a way out of this. A way to force the faeries to let us all keep our girl-dicks and leave us alone. My sister, Keily, was counting on me. Neither of us wanted to lose our futa-cocks.

“Ms. Kim,” I groaned, unable to stop my hard thrusts into her bowels. I fought my pumping hips, but… It was so hard. She felt so good. “There’s a way for us both to—”

Cold surged out of her body and into me. My words cut off as icy hands seized almost every muscle in my body. My mouth lay half-open, my tongue wiggling behind my teeth. I breathed, my tits rising and falling, pressing into her small mounds.

“And of course you’re still hard,” muttered Ms. Kim. She started wiggling and thrashing harder, trying to wiggle off my dick and out of my embrace.

I groaned out wordless pleasure. I couldn’t even move my toe, let alone my lips to shape my words. Such frustration surged through me along with the ecstasy shooting out of my dick. I just wanted to work with the Winter futas.

Why did they have to be so darned stubborn?

More and more whimpers burst from my throat as she wiggled, stirring her bowels around my futa-cock. The velvety pleasure sent tingling waves of heat washing through my frozen body. My pussy clenched, juices trickling out of my snatch as she squirmed.

“Come on,” Ms. Kim moaned. “Just… Why did you have to hug me so tight?”

Her futa-dick throbbed against my belly, her precum flowing.

“I just need to… To get out… of your… embrace!” Her face contorted, her bowels clenching down hard on my dick. “Why do you have to feel so good in me?” She glared at me, such anger flashing across her features. “You won’t beat me. I’ll get free!”

All she had to do was release her magic. If she realized that… She could get out from beneath me and refreeze me. I moaned in rapture again as something widened her eyes. She stopped moving, staring up at me, a smile crossing her lips.

I whimpered, a mix of pleasure and concern.


Officer Cindy Matheson

I ripped the Arab woman off Keily with my wind. The mature futa’s dusky body writhed, her big breasts heaving. I flipped her over onto her back and yanked her legs apart. I stared between her thighs, black bush soaked by her juices, her futa-cock thrusting from the folds of her pussy. Her dick twitched, glistening with Keily’s juices.

“Officer Cindy,” whimpered the girl. Her hands grabbed her futa-dick and fisted it so hard, pumping away, lost to the lusts the futa-fairies had given us all. “You saved me.”

“It’s my job,” I said with a shrug, then stared down at the Arab futa. “Mmm, Ms. Kim was so mad at you for escaping. I bet she’ll suck my dick so hard when she learns that I beat you.”

The dusky futa fought against my winds. She slipped on the sand like it was Teflon. I had to fight to hold her in place, the sand blowing away from her as my wind gripped her wrists and ankles hard and tight.

“What?” the Arab futa gasped.

“You can hold her?” Keily said in awe. “But she can make herself so slippery, nothing can hold onto her.”

“You can’t slip away from the wind,” I said, not really caring how any of this magic crap worked. I had this Arab futa. One more down. One more step closer to winning.

And then I’d find that naughty minx. Deidre had escaped me for now. But I could fly. I could zoom upriver and find her in a minute. I would fuck her so hard and defeat her. I’d ensure that Winter’s futas kept their cocks.

Kept all the fun.

I settled between the Arab futa’s thighs. I trembled in utter delight, staring down at her as she squirmed. Her breasts heaved. Her eyes flashed with fear. And lust. They stared at my pale girl-cock thrusting from my black bush.

I grinned at her, stroking my girl-dick, still wet with Deidre’s pussy juices. “Mmm, you’re going to be the second futa I’ve defeated.”

“No, no, please,” groaned the Arab futa. “My harem needs my girl-cock. They love me. They love my dick.”

“If they love you, they won’t care if you have a clit-dick or not,” I purred, rubbing my cock’s tip against her pussy, feeling the heat of the MILF’s juicy snatch. Her shaft twitched on her dusky stomach.

I thrust into her depths.

She gasped, her tits heaving. I sank to the hilt in her, savoring the heat of her cunt. It gripped me like nothing I had ever felt, this silky sheath that molded to my shaft. I savored it, my dick throbbing with the pounding beat of my heart. I would fuck her so hard. I would punish this naughty futa for trying to defeat cute Keily.

I drew back my hips and—

“Holy fucking shit!” I screamed, pain shooting up my girl-dick. The futa’s cunt gripped me so tightly I couldn’t even pull my cock out of her. When I tried to jerk back my hips, my shaft stretched right at the base, feeling on the verge of tearing off of me. “How are you doing that? You’re so wet! You can’t be this tight.”

“It’s her powers,” Keily moaned. “She can increase or decrease her friction or something. I wish I had had superpower like both of you.” She fisted her cock faster.

I couldn’t move at all. Even a little pull back had that tearing pain flare up around the base of my cock. It was far, far too important, too sensitive, to abuse in this way. I whimpered, seizing my breasts, rubbing my nipples, trying to stimulate myself another way if I couldn’t fuck my clit-dick in and out of her snatch.

“You’ve just put off our defeat,” I panted. “I’ll cum in you eventually and…” My eyes widened. “Keily, you have to make me orgasm! Fuck me!”


The girl hopped to her feet, her firm titties jiggling. She pushed up her glasses with her left hand, the right glued to her cock, pumping up and down it. She sprang over the Arab futa’s right thigh to land on the sand behind. The girl grinned.

The MILF moved her legs, her calves brushing Keily’s.

I groaned. “She didn’t.”

“She did,” Keily panted. She squirmed behind me, glued to the Arab futa’s lower legs. “But I still got you. Don’t you worry.”

Unable to fuck me now, held in place by the MILF’s contorted legs, Keily leaned over and nuzzled her face between my butt-cheeks. I shivered as she pressed her face into my crack, her tongue sliding down until she found my asshole.

And rimmed me.

Her tongue danced about my asshole. She swiped and swirled it, making me groan and quiver. My pussy clenched and delight shot to the tip of my girl-dick buried into the MILF’s hot cunt. I grinned down at her.

“You can’t stop a futa from coming,” I groaned. “You can only delay her.”

The MILF shuddered, her pussy clenching so hard on my dick. Delight surged up it as Keily’s tongue probed at my sphincter. She pressed past it, wiggling into my bowels. I groaned as she invaded my hot depths.

As she swirled her tongue around inside my bowels, her fingers found my pussy lips. She stroked them on the edges, circling my vulva and brushing my silky pubic hairs. She sent such wondrous delight surging through my body.

And then her fingers penetrated my snatch.

The girl’s slim fingers wiggled through my juicy depths, stirring me up. I loved it, drinking in the stimulation. Her tongue and digits caressed my naughty bits. My futa-cock throbbed in the impossibly tight embrace of the Arab futa’s cunt as I came closer and closer to my climax.

“I got you,” I grinned at her. “You thought you could avoid justice, but I always get my futa.”

“Yes,” she whimpered, the pleasure taking over her self-control. She twitched, her large tits jiggling. “Yes, you’re going to cum in me! I… I should care. But…”

“You want it,” I panted. “You can’t help it. Your body craves my jizz pumping into you, setting off your own orgasm.”

“Yes!” she hissed.

Keily slid a third finger into my pussy, pumping faster and faster. The silky delight of her digits met the wicked heat created by her tongue wiggling around in my bowels. She moaned, her hand still fisting her own girl-cock, making that rhythmic slap-slap of futa masturbation.

The pleasure built inside of me. It assaulted me from three sources, with little sparks flaring from my nipples. My cock savored the MILF’s squirms, that silky cunt sliding around it now. The tight grip vanished. The MILF didn’t care any longer. She surrendered to the inevitable.

I let her fuck me, her futa-dick bouncing on her dusky stomach as she whimpered and moaned. Her big breasts jiggled before me. Her hot cunt worked around my dick, shooting delight to my pussy. My snatch clenched on Keily’s plunging fingers, increasing the delight she churned in me.

And her tongue…

That wicked, naughty tongue probed so deep into my asshole. The futa drove me wild with it. My back arched, my big breasts bouncing before me a I drank it all in. I twisted and pulled on my nipples, giving myself every bit of stimulation I could.

“I’m sorry, my star!” the Arab futa moaned. “Ranya! Naila and Basima! I’m sorry, Ayesha!”

The Arab MILF exploded. Her cum fired from her futa-dick. Her white jizz splattered her heaving breasts. I groaned as her pussy writhed about my dick. Such a wonderful heat breathed my futa-cock. Such delight washed through me, leaving me feeling dizzy, the stars washing about my eyes.

I groaned as the pressure built and built in me. Everything assaulted my senses. Keily’s tongue probing my asshole, her digits plunging into my cunt. My fingers twisted my nipples. And that MILF’s cunt… That hot pussy sucked at my dick.

My ovaries tightened.

“Yes!” I howled.

And erupted.

The pleasure shot through my body. Jets of cum fired out of my dick and into her snatch. My entire body bucked and heaved. My eyes rolled back into my head as the bliss assaulted my mind. They drowned me in utter rapture. I whimpered in delight. Juices flooded down my thighs. Gushes of juices that squirted out around Keily’s fingers.

My cum pumped over and over into the MILF’s pussy. I stared into the Arab futa’s eyes as she squirmed and groaned. Her snatch milked my cock, so hungry for the futa-cum that signaled her defeat. She didn’t care.

At this moment, the rapture consumed her. Nothing else mattered but her pleasure.

My rapture drowned my mind.

Green energy danced around her. My cum fired the last time into her pussy. And then she vanished. My futa-cock suddenly twitched and bounced before me, dripping with pussy juices. They only trace of her remaining.

“Yes!” Keily moaned, her hand stroking her dick fast, building towards her own orgasm.

“Now it’s time to find that naughty Deidre and teach her a lesson!” I groaned, my lusts surging through me.



Mrs. Umayyah

The green energy carried me away. I blinked my eyes, my rapture dying, futa-cum leaking out of my snatch. More coated my tits as I sat up on the soft, green grass and stared around at the three other futas. Cassie, whom I’d been helpless to protect, had her arms around Kimmie, the other futa-cheerleader. She sat disconsolately, defeated.

“Mrs. Umayyah,” Dr. Rita said. “Tell me you got like three of them. Tell me Deidre has a chance.”

I shook my head. “Only one.”

“Fuck!” Kimmie groaned. “It’s three on one. Deidre’s out there all alone. We are so totally fucked.”

“I fear we are,” Leanan Sidhe said. “For my dearest Miss Deidre has not the fire the rest of you had. Bean Sidhe made a clever ploy choosing Miss Keily as her patron. I fear she has well-neutered Miss Deidre.”


Ms. Ji-Woo Kim

I made my body stop moving, my eyes widening in realization. If I kept squirming, I would make Deidre cum in me. I didn’t know what to do. She was frozen on top of me, her body squeezing mine tight. I couldn’t escape her embrace. Her futa-dick was buried so deep into my asshole. Her thick shaft filled me to the hilt.

It felt so nice in me.

I stared into her blue eyes. They moved, darting around as she whimpered and groaned. She made the cutest sounds. Her body felt so nice on me, too. Her round, youthful tits pressed into my smaller breasts, our nipples caressing. And her dick…

Her dick was buried to the hilt in my asshole.

My futa-cock throbbed between us, drinking in the feel of both our sleek stomachs. I groaned, the pleasure boiling through my mind. There had to be something I could do… I just had to… Why did her dick have to feel so nice in me?

My hips moved again. They stirred her girl-dick around inside my bowels. I let out whimpers of delight. I knew I had to be in charge here. That I had to do something to get out of this. But… But… it couldn’t hurt… Just for a few minutes.

As long as she didn’t cum… I could enjoy her girl-dick.

“Ooh, Deidre,” I groaned. “I wished Yunjin had a futa-cock.” That would be so nice. To be fucked by my daughter. To share the women of my office with her, both of us plundering their holes together. Oh, that would be so hot. With another futa Şişli Escort Bayan in the office, I could have more employees.

My hips thrust and pumped, working my asshole up and down her girl-dick as much as I could. My futa-cock throbbed against our bellies, the tip drinking in the silk of our skin. My pussy clenched, the juices flowing down to her cock and buried in my bowels.

“Ooh, yes, you feel so good in me, Deidre,” I panted, the rapture bathing my mind, giving my thoughts what they craved.

I squirmed my hips more. I stirred her big girl-dick around inside my bowels. She stimulated me. My velvety sheath absorbed the delight of her shaft filling me. The friction rippled heat through my body, building the ache at the tip of my dick.

An ache that had to be satiated.

My ovaries grew tighter as my pussy heated up. The stimulation brought my cunt closer and closer to a boil. I groaned, her fiery bush pressing against my snatch. That ticklish delight sent tingles racing through me, increasing the temperature of my twat by tiny increments at a time.

My arms, pinned to my side by her frozen embrace, twitched. My fingers dug into the sand by my hips. I whimpered, working my hips faster and faster. The rapture built and built in me. Such delight surged out of my asshole and rippled through my body.

“Oh, Deidre, yes!”

She groaned, her eyes growing glossy with her lust. Her futa-cock came closer and closer to spurting into me. I knew that was bad, but… But I didn’t care. I just had to feel that hot, barely legal girl-cum firing into my snatch.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I hissed.

She moaned louder.

My bowels clenched on her dick. I squirmed on the sand, the heat burning in my bowels. Such wondrous delight shot through me. My girl-cock throbbed inside of her. I shuddered in delight as my ovaries tightened and tightened.

Then the explosion came.

My futa-dick spasmed about her bowels. My shaft writhed about her girl-dick, milking her cock. Hot spunk spurted between us. My shaft pulsed with each explosion. Deidre moaned louder, her eyes squeezing shut as I trembled beneath her frozen form.

“Oh, Deidre, cum in me!” I screamed out as the rapture boiled my mind. The heat melted my thoughts. “Flood my asshole!”

Deidre let out a throaty scream of rapture.

Her futa-dick erupted.

I shuddered, my writhing asshole savoring every hot spurt of her girl-spunk into my depths. She bathed my bowels with it. The jizz swirled around inside of me. I savored it. I let out loud whimpers of pure delight as she filled me with more and more of her spunk.

She drove me wild. My eyes rolled back into my head. The delight burned so hot through me. It had me twitching and squirming in utter delight.

And then the blue light swirled around me. Winter’s icy grip seized me and… Darkness engulfed me. I floated for an eternity, my body wracked by bliss, my bowels suddenly so empty. I wanted to whimper, but couldn’t make a sound here and—

Appeared surrounded by frozen, austere beauty.

The busty futa-fairy hovered above me, her violet hair spilling about her angry face. “Really? Really? Are you fucking kidding me, Ms. Kim?”

“Sorry,” I whimpered, futa-cum leaking out of my asshole.

“You lost to a frozen futa!” B shook her head with violent denial. “To Deidre!”


Deidre Reddings

The moment Ms. Kim vanished, I collapsed into a groaning heap. I squirmed on the sand, my futa-dick throbbing beneath me, aching from cumming so hard in her asshole. I sucked in deep breaths, my tits rising and falling as my heart raced.

Pleasure buzzed through me and…

I could move.

The icy grip had vanished with Ms. Kim. I let out a giggling burst of euphoria. I had defeated a Winter futa even without any magic powers. I didn’t want to beat her. I needed to unite with them. I had to find Keily and—


Officer Cindy had darted off in the direction of Keily. Something had drawn the futa-cop’s attention. Had a Summer futa found my little sister? Had the futa I loved been caught by someone on my side? Was she in trouble?

I had to go help her.

I groaned and pushed myself to my feet. My body buzzed with pleasure. Behind me, I heard someone shouting, the voice carrying on the wind. I whirled around, staring down the river. I could see a slim figure running down it, her body slim.

“Keily?” I asked. It looked like her.

“Stop!” my little sister screamed, her words just understandable.

At the first howl of wind, my stomach twisted. In the strange half-night/half-day sky of the Land of Transition flew Officer Cindy. Her pale body almost shone, one side bathed by silver moonlight, the other by golden sunlight.

Then the hurricane struck me.

I screamed as the winds drove me to the sand hard. Swirling gusts seized my wrists and elbows, yanking me spread eagle. A hot thrill shot through me, mixing with my fear. My helplessness, only enhanced by my legs spread open and my pussy available to be penetrated, sent such a wild lust through me.

My snatch clenched. My futa-dick throbbed.

I grew so juicy.

“There you are, you naughty futa,” purred Officer Cindy as she landed near me. Her breasts jiggled and heaved before her. Her futa-dick throbbed and twitched with the beat of her hard. She fell to her knees, her dark eyes glossy with lust. Pussy juices dripped from her cock, her shaft soaked in them.

She had just defeated a Summer futa. And… I knew I was the last one left. That it was Officer Cindy and Keily versus me. Officer Cindy stared at my cock, her head cocked to the side as she studied it.

“I saw you defeat Ms. Kim, you wicked futa,” she purred, stroking my thighs. She leaned over, studying my futa-dick. “But your cock isn’t wet like mine is.”

“Please, don’t do this!” Keily shouted as she raced closer.

“You fucked her asshole, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I gasped, my pussy clenching, aching to be filled by her futa-dick. The excitement of being bound and helpless had me trembling. My entire body ached to be penetrated. To be fucked hard by the futa-cock. “Listen, there’s a way for us all to keep our futa-dicks.”

“I’m not falling for that again,” Officer Cindy purred.

A gag of swirling air stuffed into my mouth. It felt so strange, the winds caressing inside my mouth, playing with my tongue while forcing my jaws open. I could only moan again, unable to communicate.

I let out a scream of frustrated lust. Why wouldn’t they listen to me?

“Mmm, I can smell Ms. Kim’s sour musk on your dick,” Officer Cindy purred.

She stroked my pussy lips as she leaned in and ran her tongue up the length of my cock. She tasted that sour musk decorating my dick. A tremble of rapture shot through me. My toes curled in the sands. I let out a groaning whimper, squirming at the pleasure her tongue created. My eyes squeezed shut. She felt sooooooo good.

Her tongue reached my crown, swirling about it. My pussy clenched, my limbs spasming in the embrace of her wind. My eyes squeezed shut. I sucked in deep breaths, squirming on the sands, my whimpers rising above the babble of the river.

“Mmm, she tastes good on your dick,” groaned Officer Cindy, such lust shining in her brown eyes. I gasped as her fingers penetrated my pussy. “I can’t wait to get back into your pussy. But a few more licks won’t hurt.”

Keily raced closer. She was my only hope now. But what could she do? There was only one thing she could do. She had to be the one to convince Officer Cindy to help us.

I caught my futa-sister’s eyes over Officer Cindy. The flushed-face Keily pushed up her glasses, nodding her head. She understood. It was all on her. I shuddered as the cop’s tongue reached the tip of my futa-dick again, relief passing through me.

Keily could convince Officer Cindy to join our side. It wouldn’t seem like a trick from my sister.

“One last taste,” Officer Cindy promised me as she brought her lips to the base of my cock thrusting out of the folds of my juicy pussy. “One last savor of Ms. Kim’s ass staining your clit-dick. Then I fuck your cunt and—”

Officer Cindy’s eyes bulged wide.

My sister didn’t speak, didn’t make any pleas or explain how we had to work together. Instead, she fell to her knees behind the futa-cop, her small tits jiggling, and rammed her futa-dick hard into Officer Cindy. The cop’s words became a surprised gasp. She shuddered and ran her tongue up my dick as my sister pumped away hard. The cop’s tongue reached my crown again, caressing it.”

“Ooh, yes, you didn’t cum, did you, Keily?” the futa-cop asked.

“No,” Keily moaned. “I need to fuck your asshole so hard.”

“Yes!” Officer Cindy said.

I groaned. This wouldn’t help. Keily could cum in Officer Cindy all she wanted, it wouldn’t defeat the futa-cop. It wouldn’t convince her to join our side and take a stand against the futa-fairies. I moaned, struggling so hard against the winds gagging me and binding me spread eagle.

And failed to escape.

I leaned my head back, closing my eyes,hating how horny I was. This lust that the futa-fairies gave us to…

I frowned.

The lust they gave us to keep cumming.

I let out another frustrated moan, wanting to blurt out my realization to Officer Cindy and my sister.


Officer Cindy Matheson

Keily’s dick hammered into my asshole. She plunged into me with such vigorous thrusts. My eyes squeezed shut. I savored the sour flavor of Ms. Kim’s asshole on Deidre’s girl-cock. Pleasure rippled through me. It bathed my mind in ecstasy.

My futa-dick throbbed beneath me, twitching with every hard plunge of the naughty minx into my bowels. Her crotch smacked over and over into my rump. She stirred it around in me, making me quiver and groan.

My asshole clenched down on her plunging cock.

“Oh, Officer Cindy, I needed this sooooo badly!” Keily gasped. “Ooh, yes, you have such a tight asshole. I bet it would taste so good on my dick.”

“I’ll suck it off,” I promised her, my big tits heaving beneath me, slapping together as my body rocked into Keily’s vigorous thrusts. “I love the taste of ass on a futa’s cock. Especially my own.”

“I bet you suck Ms. Marcie’s girl-dick clean of your ass all the time. Or your sexy daughter’s!”

“Yes!” I whimpered. I loved sucking my futa-girlfriend’s dick clean after it had been in my ass or my sweet daughter’s bowels. Amber was one of Keily’s friends, the two girls both students at Washington College. “It’s the best.”

“Just enjoy that delight!” Keily purred. “Just savor it.”

The pleasure bathed my mind as I inhaled through my nose. I smelled Deidre’s spicy pussy mixed with Ms. Kim’s sour asshole. My mouth salivated. I stared up the bound and gagged futa’s body, her round tits jiggling, as such a wicked impulse shot through me.

I could lick her dick a bit more.

My tongue bathed Deidre’s futa-shaft. I lapped up that girth over and over, savoring every swipe. That sour flavor coated my tongue, mixed with her spicy juices at her dick’s base and her salty precum at the crown. I swirled my tongue about the tip, my lips nuzzling it while Keily’s clit-dick kept pounding my bowels.

More waves of velvety heat washed through me.

I sucked Deidre’s crown into my mouth, moaning about it. My futa-dick throbbed beneath me, the ache forming at the tip of my girl-cock. I needed that explosive release. I moaned about Deidre’s dick, the friction of Keily’s plunging shaft melting my asshole.

I loved it. Sucking on a futa’s dirty shaft while getting buggered was the best. I clamped my asshole down on Keily’s cock as it reamed into me. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head. Stars danced across my vision as pussy juices dripped down my twitching clit-dick.

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s it,” Keily moaned, her hands gripping my hips. Her crotch smacked into my rump over and over, burying that amazing shaft into my bowels again and again. “Just enjoy that naughty flavor. Suck it all off.”

Deidre moaned through her windy gag. I bobbed my mouth up and down her girl-dick. Her breasts jiggled and heaved. Hard nipples waved atop firm, youthful titties. I shuddered, reaching up her body and squeezing both mounds. I loved the youthful feel of them in my hands, squeezing them.

Deidre shuddered and bucked, her cock fucking deeper into my mouth as her hips thrust upward. Her salty precum flowed, growing stronger than Ms. Kim’s asshole as I sucked clean that clit-dick. So I took more of it, my lips sliding farther and farther down the shaft.

It brushed the back of my throat.

The girl let out such a wanton moan as I deep-throated her futa-dick. I worked her shaft down my esophagus as my lips reached her fiery bush. I tasted spicy cream and sour ass. I cleaned her shaft, moaning about her cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Keily moaned, pounding me so hard. “Get her so clean. Just keep doing that.”

I moaned, squeezing and pinching Deidre’s nipples, making her squirm even more. My futa-cock ached so badly. The pressure swelled and swelled in the depths of my cunt. Stars danced before my eyes. That wonderful explosion came even closer to drowning me. To smothering me in futa-passion.

Keily buried into my bowels and gasped. Hot cum spurted into my asshole.

I screamed out my rapture around Deidre’s cock. She had to feel the humming pleasure of my moans. Ecstasy fired from my futa-dick. Hot pulses of cum jetted out of me as Keily flooded my asshole with her barely legal spunk.

Deidre bucked, screaming through her gag.

Her cock throbbed in my mouth. The nineteen-year-old’s futa-cum pumped straight into my stomach. I shuddered, my orgasm intensifying at the feel of her jizz warming my belly while her sister’s cream filled my bowels and…


“Yes!” Keily shouted as the blue light swirled around me. “We did it, Deidre! We did it!”

She tricked me. I saved her, and that little bitch tri—

Darkness engulfed me.

I floated for an eternity that last a single beat of my heart.

I appeared kneeling in snow, my mouth wide open but no longer stuffed with Deidre’s cock. “That fucking bitch tricked me!”

“Keily!” growled B from behind me.

I whirled around to see the futa-fairy hovering, her wings a gossamer blur. Frost swirled around her busty body. Her silver eyes flashed with such ancient anger. Her fingers flexed and relaxed. And then she vanished in a flurry of snow.


Keily Reddings

“We did it!” I cheered, my dick flopping before me, no longer buried in Officer Cindy’s amazing asshole. “It’s just me and you now!”

My sister nodded, working her jaw as she sat up, no longer bound by the wind.

“I used the lust on her,” I grinned at my older futa-sister. “Did you see that? How I got her so horny and then talked about some ass-to-mouth fun? She couldn’t resist sucking on your dirty dick.”

“You were brilliant,” Deidre said, beaming at me.

“So, did you figure it out? What we have to do to win?”

“Yes,” she said. “We have to suck each other off and cum at the same time.”

Some of my enthusiasm fled. “Oh, so we’re going to both lose?”

“Maybe.” My sister reached out and took my hands. She put on such a loving smile. “But it’s the only way. Do you trust me?”

I nodded my head as vigorously as possible. “To the end. We’ll cum together! At the same moment. I think…” My heart beat faster. My hand tingled in my sister’s grip. I felt something… something magical between us. That connection we shared as sisters. We’d both come from the same womb. “I think it’s possible. I…”

She nodded. “This is a special place. A place of lusts and fantasies. Where the impossible exists. We desire and love each other. That has to mean something here.”

My heart beat faster. “Definitely.”

On the sandy beach of the autumn side of the Year’s Divide, we rolled onto our sides, my sister’s back to the river. Her futa-dick, still soaked with Officer’s Cindy’s saliva, bobbed before my mouth. And my dirty cock swayed before hers.

She’d get one yummy treat. Lucky her.

I opened my mouth wide and engulfed the tip of her girl-dick. She sucked mine into her mouth. That delicious connection forged by us growing up together, our bond as sisters, united our actions. We moved together, just knowing how to love each other in the same way. Our mouths bobbed in unison. Our tongues swirled in harmony.

Pleasure shot through me. My pussy clenched. I whimpered about my sister’s girl-dick and she moaned about mine. Her passion vibrated the tip. The delight shot down to my pussy. It clenched in delight, my juices flowing as we took more and more of each other’s dicks.

Together, we brought rubbing fingers to each other’s snatches.

I stroked through her fiery bush as she slid through mine. We found each other’s pussy lips, caressing up and down our slits. Such delight tingled up to the tip of my futa-dick buried in her hungry mouth.

It made me suck harder.

Which made her suck harder.

Our fingers plunged into the other’s juicy snatch. My cunt clenched on her digits while I plunged mine in and out of her silky delight. We both whimpered, squirming on our sides, our moans muffled by our girl-dicks.

The futa-fairies appeared.

“My dearest Miss Deidre, no!” a slim, petite faerie with green hair gasped. She hovered behind my sister, the opposite of the busty and vivacious B in every way. Even her voice had this noble and refined accent, something from another age.

“Stop that right now, you little bitch,” B snarled behind me. Her wings buzzed with angry rapture. “You don’t know what you’re doing , Keily. You’ll ruin everything.”

“Surely it is enough for one of you to keep your futa-dick, my dearest Miss Deidre. And you are the eldest. It is your right to have it. I gifted it to you first. Your sister merely tried to usurp it, a despicable ploy birthed in the rotten nightsoil the Winter Esquire employs for her mind.”

“It was a great ploy, Summer Slut,” B hissed. “So quit being a cunt, Keily, and cum in your sister’s mouth first. Stop being her little sister and take command in your relationship.

I shivered for a moment. To be the dominant one. The one with the futa-cock… But… I liked being her little sister. It was so wonderful. I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize what we had. I felt so close to her right now.

“You will loose all that fun you have at your college,” snarled B. “Fucking all your classmates. Your hot professors.”

I squeezed my eyes shut, ignoring them.

“My dearest Miss Deidre, your mother and the rest of the world will not accept your incestuous relationship. They will revile you for your taboo and depraved lusts.”

I faltered for a moment. Just for a moment.

But Deidre didn’t. She kept sucking so hard, moving in rhythm with me. I had to trust her. And even if we both lost, even if we both stopped being futas, we still had our daughters growing in our bellies, and we would still have our love. Who cared if everyone turned against us? Nothing would change how we felt.

That realization that nothing important would truly change only relaxed me more. I bobbed my mouth wish such passion. My tongue swirled and danced about her girl-dick. I just wanted to make her cum.

I just wanted to give her such pleasure.

I plunged my fingers faster and faster into Deidre’s snatch. I wiggled them around in her, making her moan and groan about my futa-dick. She squirmed, her mouth sucking so hard on mine. My toes curled as the rapture built and built.

“This is how you thank me!” B shouted. I felt her right above me. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted her glaring face, so twisted with anger. “I gave you that futa-dick! I could have chosen anyone! Your classmates! This horny judge that would so get off sentencing Escort Şişli female criminals to suck on her girl-dick. And there was this naughty barista… She would cum in all the drinks for her female customers. They would cum so hard drinking their whipped-cum lattes! But I gave you a chance, and you’re throwing it away!”

“Indeed, my dearest Miss Deidre. I allowed your taboo love for your sister to blossom and flourish. Without my wares, you would still be pining after her, secretly abusing your pussy while sniffing at her panties, aching to cross that line into the forbidden and enjoy her while remaining too terrified of the consequences of such a depraved desire to ever act upon it. Do you have no sense of obligation to repay me for what I have so generously given you?”

Deidre just sucked harder.

So I did as well.

They were using us. They needed the power we generated when we came for some reason. My eyes widened in realization. It was a bluff. My sister threatened to have us both forfeit, but she wouldn’t actually do it. She would force the two futa-fairies to make a deal and let us all keep our dicks.

But we couldn’t act like it was a bluff. We had to pleasure each other with every ounce of our passion.

So I curled my fingers in my sister’s pussy, her digits mimicking mine inside my snatch. I slid along the walls of her cunt to my favorite spot inside a hot twat. I found Deidre’s G-spot and massaged her hard. Her futa-dick twitched in my sucking mouth.

Then she found mine.

Rapture surged from that spot. I groaned about her girl-dick, trembling as I bobbed my mouth. My pussy clenched on her fingers as we rubbed each other’s bundle of sensitive nerves. Every stroke of her digits on my G-spot built and built my orgasm in the depths of my snatch.

And my fingers built hers.

We drove each other wild. We pleasured each other with our digits. We were both so naughty. So wicked. I loved it. My eyes rolled back into my head as I came closer and closer to erupting. To that moment when the futa-fairies would surrender and let us bit h have our dicks.

“No!” B shouted. “Stop that!”

“You are on the cusp of your orgasm, my dearest Miss Deidre. But so is your sister. You must stop this at once.”

“Right now!” B snapped. “Don’t be an idiot, Keily. I invested all that energy in you and the others. You need to give it back to me. You need to repay me! You owe me! We made a deal!”

“This is a breach of our contract, Miss Deidre. I must insist that you stop this foolish and self-destructive endeavor. You both cannot be futanari. One side must defeat the other. That is the cycle of existence.”

I grinned around my sister’s futa-cock and rubbed harder at her G-spot. I trembled, on the verge of cumming with Deidre. They would stop us before that happened. I could feel it. They needed our sexual energy.

“You do not understand!” B shouted. “This won’t work. I know you’re trying to bluff us so you both can be futas. But we are bound to the rules of this game. We cannot change them now. It goes against our very nature. You have to stop. Both sides will be fucked.”

“Please, my dearest Miss Deidre. You both shall lose your futa-dicks. You all shall. Think of Cassandra and Kimberly. Dr. Rita and Mrs. Fatima. They are all depending on you to keep they’re most precious gifts.”

“Stop being a selfish cunt, Keily!”

My eyes widened. They were serious. They couldn’t let us both win.

And Deidre kept going, kept sucking. I closed my eyes, massaged my sister’s G-spot, and sucked her girl-dick hard. If we both couldn’t have our futa-cocks, then neither of us would. We would be equals no matter what.

We came.

Golden light exploded from our souls, birthed by our incestuous love, as our futa-cum spurted into the other’s mouth.


Bean Sidhe

I flinched from the golden light. It bathed around me, touching me, pouring into my soul, into my essence. Love violated my being. I shuddered at the metaphysical energy gushing from Keily as she hit her orgasm, feeding me more than her usual sexual energy.

What was going on?

I trembled, standing in the heart of a sun, a nova of passion and love. I felt the depth of affection between the two sisters as their orgasms spilled through their body at the exact same second. It united them, bridging their souls together.

My futa-dick spurted cum. I heard the Summer slut whimpering nearby. Something hot splattered my belly. Salty jizz. I felt the heat of Summer’s spunk running down to my purple bush, matting down my curls as we both kept orgasming.

My pussy convulsed. Rapture surged through me. The golden light twisted my soul, seized it in a powerful embrace. Fingers of love hauled my essence out of me and brought it towards something else. Something that blazed with warmth and change, touching them together and…

“No!” I screamed in horror even as the rapture and love melted my mind.

“This cannot be possible!” whimpered the Summer… Esquire.

The golden light vanished.

I stood in ankle-deep snow. Winter was around me. It had swept down into the valley to the Year’s Divide, freezing half of the river. On the other side, spring had blossomed into the glory of Summer, verdant fields ripened by the sun’s rays swept down towards the river which flowed even faster on the other side.

“They seasons are touching,” I said in awe.

“Impossible,” breathed Leanan Sidhe, her slender body dripping with my cum. She stood in a small pocket of melted snow, revealing the sandy beach. Her dainty toes flexed into steaming sand.
“More than possible when mortals are loving each other,” a rich voice purred.

Querciola appeared between us in the blink of an eye, golden motes raining off her lush body. The wild fey gave a giggle of delight as she spun around in the snow, her big breasts heaving. She lacked a futa-cock. Only us true fairy had those.

“What have you wrought, Querciola?” Leanan Sidhe asked, the Summer Esquire’s silver eyes wide in awe. “You have changed the fundamentals of Faerie.”

“I didn’t do anything but facilitate love,” Querciola said. “You forget, that’s my domain. I just let those sisters share their love in my body. It was all up to them. And since you were connected to them, they”—she grabbed Leanan Sidhe’s dick then my cock in her hands, pulling us closer—“bridged you together.”

I gasped as the tip of my girl-dick nudged Leanan Sidhe’s. The Summer Esquire’s eyes grew even wider. Her gossamer wings hummed behind her as Querciola massaged our throbbing crowns together. Pleasure shuddered down my shaft, my pussy throbbing and clenching.

I felt something… Something lurch in my soul as I stared into Leanan Sidhe’s eyes. Then I groaned. “You didn’t, Querciola?”

“I didn’t do anything,” the wild fey who embodied love said with a smile. She kept rubbing our dicks together. “You’re the one who made a patron out of Keily. You chose the lover of one of Summer’s futas. You made this all possible with that naughty act. So you only have yourself to blame now.”

“This is impossible,” I said, my heart thudding faster and faster.

“No, no, nothing is impossible when the most powerful force in the universe is unleashed.” Querciola threw her lithe leg over our cocks, straddling them. She pressed our tips into the wet folds of her pussy. “Now let me feel the force of your newly blossomed love. Too long have you two played your game, using mortals as your puppets as you refused to face such a simple fact, oh Esquires of the Summer and Winter Courts.”

“What’s that?” I demanded.

“She speaks of that gentler spark of love that has ever burned in the depths of our hearts,” Leanan Sidhe answered. “Down through the many eons, have we ignored that little coal, both of us hoping it would, through our deliberate neglect, suffocate and snuff out, thus ridding us of its bothersome heat in our breast. I am afraid that our patrons have instead inflamed our coals. They now blaze so bright. Can you not feel that wondrous heat burning in your heart?”

“Yes!” I hissed, shuddering as my dick throbbed against hers. Querciola pressed on our cocks, forcing the tips into her pussy.

Her snatch pressed us so tight together.

“Now I can’t call you the Summer Slut any longer! And what does this mean for our patrons?”

“Well, our courts shall ever be in balance and no longer in conflict,” Leanan Sidhe said. “It appears we had a tie. The rules we believed unchanging were rewritten the the free will of Mortals”

“A tie? Where’s the fun in that?” I demanded even as I stared into Leanan Sidhe’s silver eyes over Querciola’s shoulder. They were so deep, as brilliant as the moon, the stars.

“I suspect we are about to discover new ways in which to indulge our desires,” Leanan Sidhe said as our dicks speared deeper and deeper into Querciola’s pussy until the pair of us had sandwiched the naughty fey between us, her supple back rubbing on my large tits. “There shall be many fulsome delights that we shall discover together. I find myself to be quite eager to embark on this journey of exploration with you.”

Her futa-dick throbbed against mine, pressed so tight by that silky delight.

“What say you, Esquire of Winter? Shall we, hand-in-hand, set out upon this grand adventure of mutual discovery and most wanton pleasure together?”

“Yes!” I hissed and drew back my girl-cock.

Her clit-dick slid with mine. Then we thrust into Querciola’s hot pussy.

Our wings buzzed and hummed, lifting the three of us into the air. We gripped Querciola tight between us. The embodiment of love shuddered and writhed as our futa-dicks pumped away hard at her juicy cunt. She gasped and squirmed, her snatch squeezing our shafts together. Silky friction burned about my cock.

Pleasure radiated through me.

We drifted between Summer and Winter, crossing the half-frozen, half-flowing river that divided our realms. I gasped and grunted, pumping away so hard at Querciola’s cunt, hugging the pair of them in my arms. Leanan Sidhe’s delicate hands gripped my ass, pulling so hard on me as we fucked the wild fey in unison.

“Oh, my lovely Bean Sidhe,” Leanan Sidhe whimpered. “Oh, I do so enjoy the delight of sharing her cunny with your most rampant prick.”

“Yes!” I hissed. “Let’s pound the little slut’s cunt hard!”

“Mmm, I like that idea!” Querciola moaned, squirming harder, her supple back massaging my nipples. “Flood me with your shared love! I want all that futa-cum dripping out of my snatch.”

“We shall endeavor to produce a copious flood of our jizz to fill your most-wanton pussy, my dearest Querciola!”


We thrust even harder. Our dicks moved together, pressed so tight. I felt every throb of Leanan Sidhe’s shaft against mine. I absorbed the heat of her passion, savoring our tips pressed so tight. We pumped in and out of Querciola’s stretched out cunt. We reamed her to the hilt. She squirmed between us, her moans singing out across all of Faerie.

My pussy clenched. My dick throbbed, drinking in the friction and converting it into pleasure. It rippled through me, making my ovaries tighten. I hugged them both tighter, rubbing my nipples into Querciola’s back, tingling delights shooting through me.

My toes curled. My feet brushed Leanan Sidhe’s as we flew. I loved the feel of her dainty toes caressing mine. I kept staring into her eyes. Those ancient eyes. We had struggled for eons against each other, trying to dominate each other. Sometimes I would win, sometimes she would.

Now… Now we would play together. Fuck together. Share our pleasure. And it felt even better.

“Leanan Sidhe,” I groaned, my pussy boiling with delight.

“Yes, my sweet Bean Sidhe, let us spill our pleasure into her body. Let us mingle our love!”

Together, we thrust into the Fey of Love’s cunt. The pleasure rippled down my shaft to my ovaries. They tightened. My pussy convulsed. My futa-cum fired out of my dick, spurting into Querciola’s hot snatch.

Leanan Sidhe’s futa-spunk joined mine.

We both groaned, our wings buzzing as our cum spurted over and over again. It pumped hot into the fey’s juicy cunt. It spilled through her. She shuddered, drinking it in. I grinned in utter delight, my breasts rising and falling as such pleasure burned through my body, my dick twitching and throbbing against Leanan Sidhe’s.

Querciola’s pussy convulsed. Her snatch milked our clit-dicks as she whimpered in pleasure. She wrung out every drop of cum from our ovaries. The rapture shot through me as I enjoyed her embrace. I squeezed my eyes shut as my pleasure peaked in me and—

The Fey of Love vanished.

My body pressed against Leanan Sidhe. Our lips met in a kiss, Winter and Summer united through love. I held the Esquire of Summer tight in my arms, our futa-dicks throbbing together, eager to make this journey of discovery with her.


Becca Brittany

I blinked my eyes and found myself sitting on my couch in my home in Parkland. The TV was on before us, showing off the fireworks detonating around the Space Needle up in Seattle. I blinked, staring at the clock on the cable box and…


Only a minute had passed since the New Year began? But I was in Faerie for a few hours.

“Wow, Mom, you started drooling like a zombie there for a minute,” Jenna said. My blonde offspring waved her hand in front of my face. “But I see your back and… Holy shit.”

“What?” I gasped, so confused. Had we won? Had we lost? I remember B vanishing and then… Golden light had bathed me. I felt the sweet love in the— “Holy fucking shit!”

My daughter’s mouth sucked hard on my girl-dick. Not my clit, but my dick.

I stared down at Jenna’s blonde hair swaying as she bobbed her mouth on my futa-cock. The shock of her hot mouth had banished all thoughts from my mind for a moment. I struggled to gather my wits and…

“I have a girl-cock. But it’s in the middle of the night.” I was a Winter futa. We had our cocks only during the day. My eyes widened. “We must have won.”

My daughter didn’t care about any of that. She just loved my futa-dick. I savored her incestuous sucking. I leaned back into the couch and grinned. If I had a futa-dick twenty-four/seven now, I could do news reports at night. I could be an evening broadcaster fucking my guests while my daughter would keep my dick hard with her fluffing mouth.

“I have to call my producer,” I moaned, my pussy clenching, my orgasm surging quickly through me as my daughter sucked with all her might.

I grabbed my phone, fumbling for it as Jenna shoved two fingers into my juicy snatch. My daughter moaned about my dick, so eager for my girl-cum to fire into her mouth. My hand grasped the receiver, picking it up.

I hit 3 on speed dial. It rang. And rang.

“Hey,” Luka, my young producer, said when I answered the phone. “The broadcast is going well at the Space Needle.”

“I have my futa-cock at night,” I groaned, my daughter making such obscene sounds as she worshiped it. “You need to get me an anchor spot.”

“Yes!” Luka squealed. “Oh, we are going to crush it in the ratings. The only futa-reporter in the world working for Channel 5 News!”

“Yes!” I moaned and came.

My pussy convulsed about my daughter’s fingers. My futa-cock fired jizz into her hungry mouth. I didn’t last long, so excited that we won, that I hadn’t been defeated by that Arab futa. I shuddered, my toes curling as my incestuous cream pumped down my daughter’s throat.

Delight buzzed through my mind. My large breasts heaved before me as my daughter kept sucking. She drained my ovaries of one load of spunk, and she was eager for another. She continued pumping her fingers in and out of my pussy as I stared at the fireworks bursting across the TV screen.

A new year had begun full of new possibilities.


Keily Reddings

My eyes snapped opened. My sister hugged me in our bed. Just like she had when it hit midnight. I let out a squeal of utter delight as I squirmed against her. Our breasts were pressed tight, and our futa-dicks throbbed together, which felt so…


My futa-dick?

I had a futa-dick! It was night, and I had a girl-cock.

“Deidre!” I gasped, my hips humping my shaft against hers. “We’re both futanari!”

“I know!” my sister said, a huge smile bursting across her lips. “Ooh, and you’re just throbbing so hard, aren’t you?”

I nodded my head. “This is the awesomest thing in the world.”

The door opened. Our naked mother appeared. “Well, I see you two didn’t have anything to worry about after all.”

“What? We were gone for hours and hours,” I said. “And we had so much sex. We fucked Officer Cindy and beat her, and I had so much fun with Becca Brittany. She fucked my pussy, Mom! The Becca Brittany. And I sucked her cock and drank her cum and look!” I bounced up from my older sister and grabbed my futa-dick. “Look at this! I have a cock at night now, too!”

Mom’s eyes bulged. Her brown hair swept about her shoulder as she shuddered in delight. Then she stumbled to the bed in a trance, her large tits jiggling before me. I grinned at her as she straddled me, rubbing the very pussy that birthed me onto my futa-dick.

Her cunt engulfed the tip, swallowing it in incestuous heaven.

I groaned as she took my girl-cock to the hilt. I buried my face into her round breasts, squeezing them, as her pregnant snatch bottomed out on my dick. I shuddered. My sister and I had bred our mother. She had twins growing inside of her.

“Mom, we’re going to have so much fun now,” giggled Deidre as she moved on the bed. “And there’s something that Keily has always wanted to do.”

“Yes!” I moaned as I felt my sister’s girl-dick nudging at the entrance to Mom’s pussy.

“No way,” Mom gasped, her snatch clenching down on my dick.

“Both your daughters want to be in you again,” purred Deidre as she pressed forward. “At the same time.”

I felt her girl-cock slid into Mom’s pussy. Our sexy mother shuddered as Deidre probed deeper and deeper. My older sister’s futa-cock slid along mine. I whimpered into Mom’s breasts as she trembled atop me, her cunt growing tighter and tighter.

Until Deidre’s cock was in as deep as mine, our crowns throbbing together.

Mom squeezed down on them. She let out a whimpering moan of pure lust. Then her hips moved. She worked her incestuous cunt up and down our dicks, stirring that pregnant snatch around on our shafts.

“My baby girls are both in me!” she whimpered, her tits jiggling around my face. “Oh, yes, this is amazing!”

“It is,” Deidre moaned and then began fucking our mom.

As Mom’s pussy worked up and down on our dicks, Deidre plunged her futa-cock over and over into the hot depths. Her shaft slid past mine, our tips brushing every time she buried into Mom’s snatch. I shuddered, the two different, but amazing, frictions caressed me. My body drank in the dual delights as I sucked and kissed her bountiful tits.

Mom fucked us hard and fast as the pleasure built and built in my pussy. It was so amazing to share Mom’s cunt with my sister. Somehow, we did it. Our love had done something right when we both came in each other’s mouth. As our cum exploded out of us, we bridged the gap between Summer and Winter.

And now I had a futa-dick at night!

“Oh, yes, both my daughters are in me,” moaned Mom. “This is so amazing. I love you both.”

“We love you, Mom!” Deidre moaned.

“Yes,” I whimpered, my eyes rolling back into my head. “This is incredible. I’m going to… To explode.”

“I know!” Mom groaned then slammed down our dicks.

Her pussy grew even hotter, even tighter, as she came. Her juices flooded out of her snatch as her flesh convulsed on our dicks. That sucking delight surged down my dick to my pussy. I whimpered, squeezing my eyes shut, and erupted.

My Şişli Escort futa-cum burst out of my dick. It pumped into Mom’s snatch. My girl-cock throbbed against my sister’s shaft. The pleasure surged through my mind. Such incestuous ecstasy filled my mind. I reveled with my older sister and mother, sharing my seed.

“Mom!” Deidre moaned. Then her cum joined mine, spurting into our mother’s depths. It swirled around inside of her and our dicks stretching out our cunts.

“Yes!” Mom whimpered, squeezing me tighter into her breasts. “Both my wonderful daughters!”

I shuddered in delight. Deidre did it. She saved us both. She was so awesome. I loved her so much.


Mrs. Fatima Samara

I shuddered as I came on my daughters’ faces. All four of them knelt on the floor before me, pressed cheek to cheek with the twins, Basima and Naila, at the center. I trembled in the embrace of my sister, her pregnant belly rubbing on my lower back. I groaned, painting ropy lines of spunk on their eager faces. I drenched Sa’dia forehead and splattered a large load on Ayesha’s lush lips.

“There you go, girls,” I panted as the last spurt of cum fired from my dick. “Enjoy your day at college.”

“Yes, Mother,” the four pregnant girls said.

They were six months pregnant now and showing it. They all managed to stand with youthful grace despite their swollen bellies. Their breasts jiggled in their skimpy clothing, My cum ran down their dusky features as they all darted for the door to catch the city bus to their college. It was late May, the sun already up for an hour as they stepped outside.

“I hope we can beat Washington College today,” Ayesha said.

“Not with the futa-cheerleader out on the field,” Sa’dia said. “But at least it’s hot to watch.”

“I’m going to eat your pussy so hard during the game,” Basima exclaimed before the front door shut leaving me alone with my sister.

She grasped my futa-dick, idly stroking it as I savored her pregnant form against mine. It was so wonderful being free of Tarik, our ex-husband. Our house was full of such love, and having my futa-cock permanently gave so many opportunities to love each other.

But soon the house would be filled with my newest daughters. Then I could breed my harem all over again.

“We need to get you to work,” Samara sighed. “You have that important meeting.”


Ms. Ji-Woo Kim

“I think we are ready to launch the new product,” I said, staring at my naked employees sitting around the board room table. I stood at the head, my futa-dick throbbing before me. We had gone back to normal 9 to 5 since I had my dick full time now. We didn’t need to start at sunrise to sunset to maximize the time when I had my girl-cock. “You’ve worked hard the last five months on this product. It’s going to take Mizzytique to the next level. You all should be proud of yourselves.”
They all grinned at me, staring at my futa-dick with such hunger in their eyes. Their incentive to put their all into making my business a success. They wanted my girl-cock plundering their delights, fucking them so hard. They craved it.

I loved being the futa-boss. “I supposed we’ll start with Brittney. You did a great job getting his product prerecorded by a record number of stores.”

“Thanks,” she said, standing up, her breasts quivering.

“Bend that rump over,” I said with a naughty smile. “I’m feeling like tasting that fine ass.”

She giggled and did.

“And I think Florina has earned going next,” my newest employee, Mrs. Fatima, said. The Arab MILF grinned at the Hispanic woman while stroking her dusky futa-cock. Winter and Summer futas could have so much fun now. I wasn’t mad at all that she escaped me when we met during the contest in Faerie months ago.

With her, I could have even more employees. My Vice President of Futa-Rewards would let me grow my business even larger, the pair of us able to satisfy so many women. I grinned at her, loving the way her big, dusky breasts swayed, as together we thrust our cocks into our sluts.

I groaned at the feel of Brittney’s tight bowels engulfing my dick.


Dr. Rita Jones

I enjoyed working days. It was so wonderful to see the sun, to feel it on my naked breasts as I strode into St. Claire Hospital, my futa-dick throbbing in my hand. It was warm enough today I didn’t need to wear any clothes. Everyone here knew who I was and what I could do.

Patients streamed from around the world to be healed by me. The men took the elixir, while the women I tried to serve personally. My two girlfriends walked naked at my side, Carly’s body pale and fair, her blonde hair sweeping about her shoulders while Pita had golden-brown skin and a curvy ass.

“Going to be a good day,” Pita said. In addition to being my girlfriend, she was also my nurse.

“So many women you’ll save,” Carly said, hooking her arm in my mine. My blonde girlfriend had once been a woman in need of saving, the first I ever healed. My sleeping beauty.

It was such a rewarding life using my futa-cum to heal. It was miraculous. And every time I came, I fed the futa-fairies that sexual energy they craved so badly. Thanks to those two sisters, none of us lost our cocks. We each got to enjoy our wish in our own naughty ways.

I reached the ward where my patients gathered. I threw it open, a bevy of naked women awaited, some sickly, some sporting bandages, but all eager to be healed. To be showered in my futa-cum. And I had so much to give them.

My girlfriends grabbed my futa-dick, stroking up and down it while they both sucked on my nipples. My pussy clenched, pleasure surging through my body. I let out a whimpering moan as the women crowded around me, kneeling, their faces so eager for the cum to erupt out of me and rain across them.

I loved being a futa-doctor.


Officer Cindy Matheson

“I’m going to fuck your ass so hard during the game,” I texted to my girlfriend as I sat parked on the shoulder of the I-5 near the military base. “You’re going to scream your pretty head off.”

“Promises,” Marcie texted back a moment later. “Mmm, you’re going to make me cum so hard in pretty Keily’s mouth.”

I grinned, picturing that pregnant, auburn-haired girl sucking on my girlfriend’s futa-dick. I squirmed in my seat, the traffic streaming down the freeway past me. My radar gun beeped each time, the speeds all around 60 MPH.

“Give her a big load of jizz from me,” I sent, my pussy growing juicier and juicier, my futa-dick throbbing. I sat naked in my patrol car. I didn’t bother with my uniform on this warm May day. I only wore my gun belt. “Just pump it down her throat.” She and her sister Deidre earned the right to enjoy our bodies whenever they wanted for what they did.

Those two minxes may have beaten me, but they also ensured that every futa kept her cock. I thought Deidre was trying to trick me when we fought. But she was on the up-and-up after all. I just was so driven to win I refused to listen her. I hated to lose.

But losing had set me free.

I loved having a cock at night, too. There were some hotties speeding after sunset, girls heading to parties or clubs, that needed to be punished for there wicked behavior.

“I will,” Marcie groaned.

My radar gun beeped loudly. 97 MPH flashed in red letters. Thirty-seven over the speed limit.

I grinned at the silvery car zooming down the freeway. I tossed my phone onto the passenger seat, hit my lights and sirens, and gave chase. My futa-dick throbbed in anticipation as my patrol car’s engine growled with the hunt.

I had a naughty speeder to catch and punish.


Ms. Marcie Baumgarten
“And what was Shakespeare trying to say with Hamlet’s to be or not to be line?” I asked my class, the boys were in the back almost paying attention while I had the rapt attention of the naked freshmen in the front row.

My clit-dick throbbed in my daughter’s mouth. It was her turn to get cum. Keily sat back at her desk now, the futa sitting happily, my girl-spunk leaking from the corners of her mouth. She looked so sexy with that round belly of hers. She was showing far more than my daughter or my girlfriend’s daughter, Amber.

She sat beside Keily, bred by Cindy just like I’d bred my daughter, Belinda. They weren’t the only pregnant girls in the class. Yunjin, Ms. Kim’s daughter, also sported a baby bump. The Korean girl had a naughty smile on her face as she watched Belinda bob her mouth up and down my dick.

“Yes, Yunjin?” I asked, pleasure surging through me. I loved teaching while having a schoolgirl suck on my futa-dick.

“I think Shakespeare was trying to show us how fear is what makes men cautious. That the more you’re aware and able to understand the consequences of your actions, the harder it is to make decisions that involve such risk. It’s why the older people get, the less likely they are to do dumb things. Hamlet is maturing since he’s able to recognize the consequences of his actions.”

“Nicely said,” I said, my pussy clenching, Belinda sucking so hard. “Mmm, yes it is and… Belinda!”

My futa-cock erupted. The girls all groaned, licking their lips in envy as my daughter gulped down my creamy spunk. Pleasure surged through me. Such a dizzy delight that had me rising on my toes, my big breasts bouncing before me.

I loved being a futa-teacher.


Kimberly “Kimmie” Miller

The crowd roared as I did my high kick, flashing my pussy and futa-cock at them. It was still daylight out, and I loved that I could cheer with the sun shining. That I could savor my exhibitionist fun no matter when the game was held. My youthful titties bounced along with the others on my team.

“And Kimmie is getting the crowd pumped as the third inning starts,” the announcer said in that pumped voice he always used when talking about my antics. “What naughty acts will Kimmy perform tonight? Will she fuck her little sister? Or will she pull another lucky girl out of the stands and take her hard?”

The crowd just roared louder. Half-naked girls pressed at the front, flashing their tits at me. I spotted Ms. Marcie and Officer Cindy in the crowd, each fucking a tight, young cunt, giving their partner the treat of a futa-cock reaming their depths.

I shuddered, spinning around and shaking my rump at the audience, my short, pleated skirt swaying about my butt, my futa-cock slapping into my inner thighs as I wiggled back and forth. My sister bent over before me, shaking that yummy rear at me. My futa-dick throbbed.

“It looks like Kimmie’s going for her little sister’s asshole!” the announcer boomed somehow knowing my actions before I even made them. Well, it was the magic of my wish. “Jamie is going to get sodomized hard by her older sister.”

“Yes!” Jamie squealed as I leaped on her.

“And meanwhile, bases are loaded once again. The Washington Jaguars are pumped up by Kimmie and her fellow Pussycats. The poor Franklin Pierce Falcons look to have another scoreless game. But I don’t think the players care. They’re too busy watching our cheerleaders. Yes, you can see them in the dugout tensing and—

“Kimmie has penetrated her little sister’s rectum! She’s buggering Jamie hard. Look at her tits bounce. The Falcons are loving it. They’re not paying attention at all to our Jaguars stealing around the diamond.”

I grinned, enjoying my little sister’s asshole, fucking her for the entire world to see. I loved being a futa-cheerleader.


Cassandra “Cassie” Riley

“You are so sexy at five months pregnant,” my MILF lover purred. Alessa poured the coconut oil across my swollen belly. Then her gentle hands rubbed it into me.

“Thanks, I need this,” I moaned, my futa-dick so hard. “That game was hot. Did you see how hard Kimmie was buggering her little sister?”

“I bet you wish you could be out there enjoying her sloppy seconds,” Alessa said, her hands working.

“If only I wasn’t so pregnant,” I said and smiled at my older lover. She was such a beautiful goddess with blonde hair and blue eyes.

I shuddered as my daughter shifted inside me, loving giving the massage as much as I savored receiving it. Her hands moved over my swollen belly, making me shudder. I hadn’t expected to become pregnant. I was fairly certain that Mrs. Fatima had knocked me up when we made love in Faerie, but it could have been another futa. But Mrs. Fatima just had a thing for breeding barely legal girls, like all four of her daughters. Leanan Sidhe’s magic probably ensures her dick bred anyone.

I mean, I was on the pill when she fucked me.

I shuddered when my MILF lover reached my girl-cock. She stroked it hard with her oily hand, her blue eyes twinkling at me. I squirmed, my pussy clenched in utter delight. My wish made our love possible, too. She’d been unhappy in her marriage.

“You’re happy, right?” I asked.

“Of course I am,” Alessa said with a motherly smile. “Mmm, even if you’re pregnant with another futa’s daughter.”

“I’m not worried about that,” I said. I bit my lip. “You know I made a wish, right? To get you to love me.”

Her hand paused. “And did you think all those times I was prancing around my in my bikini before you and my daughter I didn’t notice the way you looked at me? That I didn’t enjoy you drooling over me?”

I frowned. “What are you saying?”

“That… That I already had a bit of a crush on you.” She smiled at me and started stroking my cock again. “That I was thinking about doing things with you. If I wasn’t married, it might have happened before you gained this dick… But I was scared to say anything, to act. SO I’m glad you became a futa. It gave us both the courage to take that step.”

I beamed at her. “It did, didn’t it?”

“And I’m not sad one bit,” she continued. “I love you, Cassie.”

I took a deep breath. “Then will you marry me?”


Before Alyssa could kiss me, her daughter Lana (who was also my best friend) burst into the room. She let out a squealing moan and threw herself onto the bed with us. Her blonde hair flew about her face as she hugged her mother and me.

“This is so awesome!” Lana said, her voice bursting with joy. “You’ll be my mommy, Cassie. Which means when we have sex, it’ll be incest!”

“Such a dirty girl I raised,” Alessa said.

Lana beamed at us both. “Now let’s celebrate. You have got to fuck Mom, Cassie. Then I can lick her clean while you fuck me.”

“Then I get to lick you clean?” Alessa asked, arching an eyebrow at her daughter.

My clit-dick throbbed. It was so hot sharing Lana with my fiancee. I loved be a futa!


Deidre Reddings

I sucked my sister’s cock hard while she moaned around my girl-dick. We lay on our sides, the most comfortable position to have sex now that we were nine months pregnant. Summer vacation was almost over and we’d be giving birth soon just in time for classes to start out. I’d be a senior.

My breasts pressed into Keily’s round stomach. Her tits, swelled larger by her pregnancy, rubbed into my baby bump. We both moaned, squirming on the beds as we nursed on the tips of each other’s clit-dick.

We couldn’t bob our heads. If our dicks weren’t so long, we couldn’t even sixty-nine because of our bellies.

But they were. So we loved each other with our mouths.

I savored every day since our victory. They were all so precious, made possible by our incestuous love. I was so happy that Leanan Sidhe sent me that letter over a year ago. That she made this all possible. My life was such a wondrous dream.

“You two are so beautiful,” Mom said as she watched us. I could just see her cradling her swollen belly, too. Like us, she was ready to give birth to her twin daughters.

I shuddered, loving her eyes watching. My mouth sucked harder on Keily’s dick. She whimpered about mine, her tongue dancing around the crown. My pussy drank in the sensations, growing wetter and wetter. My orgasm built and built in me.

The bed creaked.

Then we be squealed in delight. Hot cum fired from our futa-cocks. Keily’s spunk spilled into my mouth, that wonderful, creamy delight. I shuddered, gulping it down while I filled her mouth to the brim with my spunk.

She swallowed down every wondrous drop. It poured down her throat as I gulped down hers. My orgasm washed naughty pleasure through my body. I squirmed and groaned as it burned through me. Stars danced before my eyes.

“You’re both so beautiful,” Mom groaned.

I shuddered, my pussy spasming so hard. The pleasure surged through me and…

My lips popped off my sister’s cock as a powerful contraction rippled across my belly. “Oh, no.”

“What?” Keily asked, my cum dripping down her chin. “What’s wrong?”

“I think…” My eyes widened. “I think I’m going in to labor.”

“It can be brought on by orgasms,” Mom said.

“I’m going to be a mommy!” Keily squealed, sitting up, her pregnant belly swaying before her. “Yes!”

“Uh-huh,” I said, my heart beating with excitement. Our daughter was ready to be born.


Leanan Sidhe

My wings fluttered as I stared into the Reflectory’s pool, watching the happy family as they cradled their futa-daughters. Over the last two days, Keily, Deidre, and their mother had given birth. They were all in the same hospital room, holding their infants.

Each one a little miracle made possible by Bean Sidhe’s naughty magic.

“They’re beautiful,” my futa-lover said as she nuzzled against me from behind. The surface of the Reflectory frosted over for a moment before the ice melted back into the image. “Just look at what they created. Mortals are so amazing.”

I nodded my head. Unlike us fey, they weren’t born out of energies but made life by combining their seed and eggs. If Bean Sidhe and I hadn’t made our pacts with Deidre and Keily, then those four infants couldn’t exist. They were something impossible to exist in nature, born from women impregnated by other women.

Keily held April in her arms while Deidre had Fiona, kissing her cute head. Their mother held her two daughters, fraternal twins, half-sisters each with a different futa-mother. Little Karen gurgled while Danielle slept.

And they weren’t the only impossible children created by our fairy magic. Mrs. Fatima’s entire harem had given birth last week. Five more futa-daughters born into the world, each one as cute as the lusty Arab MILF.

And she was eager to breed her women all over again.

“Well, Summer Slut, we did great work,” Bean Sidhe said as she hugged me from behind, her futa-cock pressing on my ass. Once, calling me “Summer Slut” would have angered me, but now I cherished the words. Her love for me had transformed them into something utterly endearing.

“Why I have found the perfect candidates to be our patrons,” I said, wiggling my hips. “It’s been fun playing in Parkland, but I found this quaint town that could use our touch.”

“You are talking less and less formal every day,” Bean Sidhe said. I heard the grin in her voice. “Soon you’ll be swearing and sounding positively modern.”

“You’re a bad influence,” I said, my words growing throaty as her futa-dick pressed on my asshole. “You’ve corrupted me with your vulgar speech and licentious behavior.”

“Not wholly if you are using licentious.” She thrust her futa-cock into my bowels. My own girl-dick throbbed in delight. “Now show me this new place for us to have fun.”

I grinned, waved my hand as she thrust her futa-cock so hard into me. Love had forever changed how Faerie worked. Now I just wanted to spread it. To let more women experience the joys of being futanari and find such passion with others.

And I would do it with the Esquire of Winter at my side. Or, well, in my asshole.

“Thank you Deidre and Keily for the purity of your love,” I moaned as Bean Sidhe fucked my bowels hard. “I hope you are forever happy together, raising your daughters, and loving each other!”

The END of The Futa-Fairies

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