The Fortune CookieThe Fortune Cookie


I have a friend named Ally. We met each other as coworkers, and long after we had both left that establishment, we kept a modestly close friendship. There was a time when I had feelings for her, but she was attached at the time. It is actually rather ironic that when she finally broke up with the prick, my feelings had pretty much subsided. Even so we liked each others company and would hang out whenever we got the chance.

It all started when I called her up one night. We both wanted to go out to dine, and after a bit of indecision on both our parts, we decided on the nearby PF Changs.

The dinner itself wasn’t anything spectacular. In fact, my food was a big letdown, but I always loved the ambiance of the place more than the taste. The dim lighting gave Ally’s light skin a yellowish glow. Her black hair faded into the dark background the twilight lamps left. She also stood up straight, constantly exchanging glances with me across the table with her eyes flickering with the light of the candle in the middle of the table. This same light also illuminated her rather perky breasts, especially the slight cleavage her top exposed. She looked really good, and a part of me harkend back to when I had feelings for her, yet I did not dare jeopardizing the friendship if I didn’t know she felt even remotely the same.

After I paid the bill for both of us, we decided to leave the restaurant. Somewhere in the course of walking out the door, I made a comment about us not getting fortune cookies. Now I could hardly care less, but Ally was livid. She asked for two as we left, and quickly told me to open mine and read what it said. I honestly can’t recall what it said, but I do remember it being rather meaningless and altogether lame. Ally’s, on the other hand, was much more interesting.

While I can’t totally remember the exact wording of her fortune, it read somewhere along the lines of the following: It is time discover new possibilities with an old friend. Me, being the only friend there with her as she read the message, immediately attached me to it. She believed it was talking about her and me, and so she began to muse about what these new possibilities were exactly. I on the other hand, didn’t think much of it, and drove us back to her apartment.

When we arrived at her place, I walked her to her door and she then invited me in. We sat on her common room couch, while her head was still spinning over that fortune cookie. She even asked me what I thought would be these new possibilities. I rambled about how I had no idea, but a part of the back of my mind did wish that it could be maybe giving a relationship between me and us a chance. As we continued to talk, the way Ally was looking at me and her firm round chest pressing against her top began to effect me. I slowly began to wish that maybe these new possibilities could be something sexual. I even decided to go out on a limb and mention this ever so slightly, but Ally beat me to the punch.

Ally grabbed my hand with both of hers and asked me if maybe the new possibilities meant sex. My escort bayan eyes were as wide as a cows, and I could hardly believe what she had just said. I played it off as cool as I could, but instead came out with a mere shrug implying that I had no idea. Her face began to light up like a Christmas tree as she began to ramble on about it, finally whispering to me in the softest voice I’ve ever heard escape her lips, “we should fuck”.

I was near speechless, and nodded my head like a bobble head doll in agreement. We then stood motionless just looking at each other, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Finally, I brought my hand up, brushed a few stray hairs out of her face, leaned in and kissed her. She then began to inch closer to me, with her hands rubbing up and down my arms and shoulders. She then unzipped the sweater she was wearing, and pulled if off behind her back, while I continued to kiss every part of her upper and lower lips I could. We continued to make out, with my tongue pushing up against hers inside her mouth, with our noses slightly rubbing, like an Eskimo kiss. I then raised my hands behind her back, and began to caress her, which seemed to make her shoulders drop and put her more at ease and relaxed.

Her eyes were closed as we kissed, but mine were open, and I decided to take things further. I slid my hands underneath her tank top, and reached for the clasp of her bra. I unbuttoned it in one slight motion and slipped it out from under her shirt. I then moved my hands from her back to her front, and placed my balls squarely on her nipples. She smiled in mid kiss as I began to fondle her perfect tits. Her nipples were erect, but they weren’t the only thing, as I was now as stiff as bamboo. The slight bulge in my pants was become less and less slight, and when Ally finally opened her eyes, she noticed it indeed.

We stopped kissing, and Ally began to eye the zipper on my jeans. She told me something along the line of returning the favor, and before I knew it, she had unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I pushed them off with my feet and threw them to the side of the couch we were on. Ally then told me to lay back, so I did just that, laying on my back on the couch, with my head resting on one of the armrests. She then pulled off my boxers, and out popped my penis, at full attention. She wrapped her nicely manicured hands around my member, and began to stroke it up and down, making it red and swell. Eventually she stopped giving me and hand job and began to lower her head. I knew what she was about to do, but it didn’t repair me for what I felt once she finally got her soft pink lips around my penis.

Ally looked like the kind of girl who would give great head, but this was ridiculous. Her lips were nearly touched the base of my dick, as it was all the way in her. Boy was she good at doing deep throat. She saliva was so wet, that I at one time thought I blew my load too early, but it was just her own juices flowing. Up and down her head went, sometimes leaving out of the view of my eyesight, escort only to reemerge, like someone coming up for air. She kept her mouth around my penis at almost all times, only pausing to jack me off slightly as she caught her breathe.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, my body began to slightly jerk, and my balls began to separate. I was going to cum. I gently let her know, she smiled, and continued to blow me. I then began to breathe heavily, and shot right into the back of her throat. Her eyes flicker in a bit of surprise, but she closed them as she took every bit of cum she could suck out of me. She slowly unwrapped her lips around my penis, and let it fall out and lean on her cheek. She looked up at me, and opened her mouth ever so slightly, allowing me to see the white foggy puddle in her mouth. She then closed her lips, inhaled through her nose, and swallowed. All gone.

I was totally spent now but Ally seemed to be getting started. I threw off my shirt, and now stood in front of her, full frontal. She gave me this not so innocent look, giggling as she told me she was read for the main course. She then threw off her top, and pulled off the tight pair of jeans she was wearing. I could see she was wearing a skimpy black thong, and her ass looked wonderful in it. It was like floss between those beautiful cheeks of hers, but she didn’t have them on very long. She bent over, facing away from me, showing me a back view of her ass in the air and a nice little peak at her crotch. I just couldn’t wait to get inside it, and my penis was beginning to agree, as I was getting my “second wind”.

I then pulled out my wallet, and took out a condom I had inside. I waived it in the air in front of Ally, and she motioned for me to join her in her bedroom. I quickly ripped the plastic packaging open, and rolled it out. I then stretched it as I put the love glove on, and made sure it fit as snug as possible. I didn’t wanna risk any unexpected mistakes, but I couldn’t stop myself from getting excited about what was about to happen. Me and Ally were two people about to become one for a few moments.

As I entered the bedroom, Ally was on the bed, on all fours, becking me over with her eye lashes. I the got on the bed next to her, and whispered how she wanted to have sex. She pushed me gently onto the bed, evidently proclaiming she wanted to be on top. I personally didn’t mind, since I loved watching a woman ride on top of me like a cowgirl.

As Ally stood above me, I peaked down at her pussy. It was clean shaven, and as pink as a flower. Her pussy lips slightly protruded out, but as she spread her legs above me, they seemed to be opening the gates inside of her. She ever so slowly lowered herself ontop of me, until the very top of my penis slipped inside of her. She lowered herself until I was about halfway in. I took my hands, and put them on her shoulder, trying to ease her down until she took me all in. When I was finally completely inside of her, I could tell I was stretching her tight pussy inside, as she let out bayan escort a brief moan of ecstasy.

She then began to ride me like a wave, with her pussy grinding my cock and her ass grinding my balls. We move very slowly, and I could tell that is exactly how she liked it by her body language and her facial expressions. I would push ever so slightly with my hips up into her as she move in rhythm with me.

We fucked nearly forever. I was sweating and her skin was glistening as well. Every so often, she would moan in ecstasy and her breathing would get heavy. I could feel her vagina constrict at times around my penis, and it didn’t hurt that I was rubbing her clit as she moved her body ontop of me. With one hand I spread her pussy lips, and with my middle finger I caressed her spot. With my other hand, I cupped it underneath her breasts. I held one up, and just watched them bounce and shake. Sometimes they would bounce up and down like on a trampoline, and sometimes they would sway back and forth like a tidal wave. It was mesmerizing, with her breast being just like the watch used to hypnotized.

During our love making, Ally began to jerk and twitch like she was in a rave. I was a bit surprised, but as she looked at me, her hair partially in her face, I could see a smile beneath it all. She must have had an orgasm, and I looked at her to confirm my wonderment. Her eyes said it all, and before we were done, she would orgasm yet again. While the slow fucking allowed me to last long, it allowed her to cum faster, which was the best of both worlds.

Shortly after her second orgasm, it was my turn. Blood was shooting into the lower part of my body, and I was ready to blow. Ally could tell as well, and began to pick up her pace. Up and down she went, as I watched my penis go in and out of her vagina. My body tensed up, and I could see my veins clearly in my arms. Ally was laughing now, only interrupting in between with moans and groans. I told her I was about to cum, and I erupted. She slowly reduced her rhythm, and finally, with my penis over sensitive with me climaxing, She stopped her movement and sat with me inside of her as I caught my breath. We both looked at each other for a bit, me looking into her dreamy brown eyes, and I told her how beautiful she looked above me, like an angel coming down in a dream. We were stuck in a a locked moment for a while, both seemingly separated from the rest of the world, and we loved it.

Eventually, she raised herself off of me, and my penis slid out of her. I rolled off the condom, threw it in a nearby trash can, and wiped all the cum off that was covering the head of my penis. Meanwhile, Ally lay next to me, with her hand on my chest, her eyes closing. We exchanged a few words before she slowly drifted into never land. I got dressed, wrote her a short note and left it by her bed side. I then got my keys and headed home.

The result of that magical night wasn’t as special as the night itself. We never decided to pursue a relationship or even continue with our sexual endeavors. We both agreed this was a one time thing, even though a part of me wished it was more than that. Even so, we are still good friends to this day, and there is nothing we don’t share with each other, since, we did share the most intimate of moments. All’s well that ends well.

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