The Forbidden Combat Club Ch. 03The Forbidden Combat Club Ch. 03


Second match – Larry vs. Anne the Amazoniac. I hurried to take a shower, so I could get back to see Larry’s match against Anne the Amazoniac.

Anne has just gone up against other female before, and she had almost destroyed them on her matches before this. This was her first match against a male, and many members was curious what would happen when a woman like her met a guy. She was big and strong, but would it be enough to beat an experienced male like Larry?

Larry looked abit worried when Anne the Amazoniac stepped into the ring. He had always had the weight advantage against his opponent here, but here was a female opponent who was two feet taller then him and at least 30 pounds heavier.

And to make things worse, she hade very solid upper arms and legs, heavy training in the gym have gave her impressive and solid muscles. She flexed her arm to him to intimidate him, and smiled at him with an evil smile. Her face wasn’t ugly, but looked very stern and strict.

Larry had black boxers, while Anne had pink bikini. The referee said go!!, and the match was on. Even if Larry had lost matches here on the club before, the matches has always been close, with good and competitive action, where both fighters getting holds on each others.

I had hoped Larry’s technique would help him against this big woman, but boy, was I wrong! From start to end, Ann dominated this match completely. She quickly managed to get his boxers off him, and then pushed around his naked body on the mat as she pleased, getting him in one hold after another and Larry was helpless to stop this aggressive strong woman.

The crowd loved it, and many women stood up and cheered her on. There was a group of five young collage girls in front of me, who was in frenzy about the clear female dominance over a male on the mat, and said they had never, seen anything like it before. It looked so strange to me, as his smaller body looked so weak and helpless compared to hers when she got his naked body pinned in one hold after another.

Anne enjoyed herself as much as the crowd did, and began to stroke and feel up Larry’s pinned body as she pinned him. She had him on his belly and slapped his butt hard before he rolled away from her.

“Finger him like a cunt” One of the girls in front of me shouted! Anne looked up and seems to like the idea, as next time she pinned Larry her left hand got down between his legs and fingers began to press against his butthole. Larry’s manage to wriggle his body away from her and you could see irritation in Anne’s face as she didn’t succeed penetrating him with his fingers.

The match took a new turn now, when Anne attacked Larry intense now, but not to pin him this time, but to finger him. It wasn’t so easy for her, as Larry manage to wiggle out of her hold.

” You fucking boycunt. You think your little cute butt can escape me, but I will catch you sooner or later” Anne told him.

But it just took a minute or so before she got him on a hold with her legs around his chest and pinned one arm also, and she could bend up his one leg with her right arm and her left arm fund his now very exposed butt. Her index finger pressed slowly inside him and soon she was finger him, and he was moaning slowly

” Nooo, please stop , Nooo.” She used moist from her own pussy on her fingers and pushed two fingers inside him and began to pump them inside and out. ” Ha, this was fun, you sound just like the female sluts I have done it to!” Ann said and continued to finger his butt!

“I surrender” Larry screamed out and the referee interrupted.

“You have to let him go, Anne leads 2-0 in submissions” Anne looked pissed as she was forced to let her pray go, now when she and such an excellent hold on him. The collage-girls booed in front of me, thinking the referee was destroying the fun.

As the match began again, she quickly attacked him and swung him around and got him in a full nelson from behind and forced him down on the mat again, on his belly with her on top of porno indir him.

“Now you have pissed me off and that means you will suffer more in the humiliation round!” Anne hissed to him from behind. She began to thrust her hips against his butt again, and the crowd cheered her on. She was dryhumping Larry’s butt, and he could not do a thing to stop her, and was in pain from her pounding.

“Damn, Larry,” I thought.” Just say submit and the humiliation will end.” When then let go of her full nelson, twisted back his arm on his back and where holding both of them with one arm. Then her other hand quickly found its way to his butt again and she began to finger his exposed butt again.

” Damn, this is a massacre. She is controlling him with just one arm. It’s soo cool!” I heard the girls said in front of me.

At the same time I heard Larry screaming out his third submission and the match was over. Ann got up and Karen raised her arm and declared her victory over Larry with 3-0. Ann then almost runs over to her ringside and got her strap-on.

She quickly and expertly fastened the straps around her waist and seemed to be very impatient to get to the victory fucking of her defeated man. She looked very impressive and intimidating with the very large black strap-on on her powerful female body.

She approached poor Larry again and forced him down on the mat, and the young girl gang in front of me was going wild. Ann pushed him down on all four and positions herself behind him. She began to press the big dildo inside his male ass and Larry began to whimper and complaining about it was too big for him. But Ann just leans forward and covered his mouth with one hand and continued to slowly force her large dildo inside him.

When it was halfway inside she pulled back and forced it back again with great power until she had buried it all the way, and her pelvis was pressing against his buttocks. Larry screamed, but was muffled by her hand covering his mouth.

” – Good boy, see I knew you could take it. Now let the fun begins.” She laughed at him and began to thrust her strapon in and out of him.

She increased her pace and was soon fucking him like a peace of meat on the mat, and Ann’s aggressive horny groans soon drowned the whining sounds from Larry. His body was shaking from her attack. Damn, she was a mean bitch, but I was at the same time very fascinated by the view of this big muscular woman fucking up my husband.

Larry was now laying flat on his belly and Ann continued to drill him hard, pressing his head against the mat with one hand and fucking his pinned ass like a beast. Soon she was screaming out her orgasm and pulled out and just lay on top of him, patting him a little on the head, before getting up and waving for the ecstatic crowd and her fans. Larry just lay there a while, before getting up on shaky legs.

After the match – Summer finds a pray

“- Damn this was the hottest match I ever seen here.” One of the girls in front of me told her four girlfriends. They all agreed and chatted elated about the match and the humiliation round.

The girl was in her early twenties and had a ponytail. She looked around and notice an alone man who was sitting a few meters from me. The guy was around 50 years old, had a casual t-shirt and chinos, and I have seen him many times on the club before, he seemed to be very shy, observing things closely at the club but I never seen him hook up with anyone here. She smiled at him and approached him.

“- Hi there, my name is Summer, that’s your name?” The older male looked up surprised at her

” – Ehh, m-my name is George.” ” Did you like the match? ” She asked, observing him closely.

” Ehh, yes, it was very interesting.” He said

” – Yes, it was sooo cool, didn’t you think? I got soo hot watching it. ” Summer said and suddenly put her hand on his crotch feeling him up. The old man stiffened up.

” – Hey, Girls. It looks like the old men here is rock rokettube hard from watching a strong female kicking a mans butt and fucking him hard with a strap-on afterwards. Is it so? Do you like watching weak men getting fucked in the ass by a superior girl?

” – Ehh, I don’t know.” George stammer

“- Ohh, don’t be shy here, old man. You get turned on by watching loser men get fucked up the ass by a woman, don’t you?” Summer insisted

” – Eh , yes, I guess so.” George stammers.

” – Oh, that’s great, I was hoping you would say that! And what do you think of me? Do you think I’m hot? Do you think I have a good looking body?” Summer smiled flirty and leaned to him. He blushed and looked over her young body, she had low-cut jeans that fit her curvy body perfect, and a yellow tank top who revealed her solid arms and pretty big boobs.

” Yes, mam. You are a very fine looking young woman.” George said

” My, you are so sweet, George. I think you are very cute also, George. Since I’ve started to watch this mixed sexfights here, I have always wondered of I could take down an average size adult man. I know I don’t have muscles like Ann the amazoniac here, but I’m no weakling. After the first time here, watching the hot and strong girl winning on the mat, me and my friends was so amazed that we all joined a gym the day after. I’ve been training a lot the last two month, and I’m already feeling the difference, I feel stronger. And you seem to be about average size, and I would love to test my strength against you. Do you think you are stronger than me?” Summer said

“- Well, I don’t think I would have a chance against woman like Amazoniac, but a young woman like you I think I could handle. I’m stronger than most people think. ” George said confident, and when he studied her he didn’t see much more than two young big boobs and a cute girly face and body.

” – OK, I take that as a challenge. Why don’t us armwrestle to find out who’s really strongest.”

They sat down and placed their right arm in front of each other and their hands grabbed each other. Summers four friends was very interested now and sat around them, shouting for their friend. I had also a good view from where I sat, and was watching them closely.

George had mixed feelings before the match began. Even if he was turned on by watching men lose these sexfights in the club, he didn’t want to embarrass himself by losing to this cocky young woman, who only looked to be 20 y old. He was pretty thin, but had always been very strong for his size and had been proud of his strength and cut muscles before then he was younger.

The last years he had loosen his shape a little, mostly watching TV and computer, but he was sure he was still sure he was pretty strong.

“Ok, young girl, are you ready to feel the power from a real man?” He said to her cocky. ” -I’m ready whenever you are.” Summer said.

Her friend said GO!, and the match was on. Summer immediately got Georges hand back one third before he managed to stop her. George was surprised by her strength and tried to get beck her hand to neutral position. They both struggled a little, and George now saw muscles on the girls arm what wasn’t visible before.

A friend of her took photos of their match with her camera. Damn, I can’t loose to this young girl, George thought to himself, and tried to increase his power, but he couldn’t get out of his weak position. Suddenly she increased her pressure and began to move his arm to the table.

” – Well, old man. Where is the power from the real man? Or is a real girl too strong for you? ” She teased, and smiled big as she pushed him all the way to the table!

“- YES!! I KNEW IT! I knew I could take him. This is soo cool, I won, I kicked his ass, and I overpowered him!” Summer beamed with joy and celebrated her victory.

” – How did it feel to be beaten by a 21 y old girl.” One of her friends asked him

” Ohh, it wasn’t a fair match. She quick seks filmi started and got an unfair advantage she could use to win. ” George make excuses for himself.

” Hey, I heard that, George. I didn’t know you were such a lousy loser. Why don’t we make it best of three, so there will be no doubt was the winner and loser here! And to make it more fun, the loser has to take his shirt off! And you can start the match if you want to.”

” – Ok, that’s sounds fair. Be prepared to show me your boobs after the match.” George said and they sat down me position again.

“- Yes George, you can start whenever you want now, I promise you I wont start first this time. Show me what you got!

” George stared into the eyes of the cocky cute girl, and began to push hard. She strained a little just in the beginning, but then she controlled herself and seemed to easily hold off his attack. He gave all he had but she just held him off, their arms where not moving an inch!!

” Is that all you got, old man?? Most of my girlfriends can push harder than that!” She teased him, and smiling with indulgence over his effort.

She then suddenly got on the offensive, and in one smooth motion she pushed his straining arm down on the table again, and he was helpless to stop the obviously stronger girl.

” See, I won again. Now pull off your shirt.” Summer commanded him. He was shocked and humbled by her convincing victory, and could not believe this girly young woman could be so strong. But he admits his defeat and began to pull off his shirt, exposing his bare chest.

Summer took his t-shirt and moved in closer on him and began to caress his chest and upper arms. ” Look at his narrow and flabby chest and thin arms. Not much muscles there. He is a real couch potato. No wonder Summer beat him. ” One of summer friend said.

” Oh, I think his body are very cute, even if there aren’t muscles! ” Summer said continue to feel him up.

” Bull! I have muscles, look here.” George felt insulted and put up his arm and flexed. His arm wasn’t very big, and had lost a little muscle tonus the last few years, but there was still a very visible bicep on his upper arm.

Summer felt it with her hand and then put up her arm besides his and compared them. Summers arms didn’t look very muscular when relaxed, but now when she flexed he could see a firm and round muscle in her upper arm. He was stunned when he realized that her muscle was probably harder, and now when she held it close to his, he could see it had more size than his also.

” Your biceps is cute, but here are some real guns!” Summer said. ” – Wow, Summer. You own him so good, girl! His arms are much smaller than yours, Summer. Hey, wait a little! Pose for me a little more. I want to have this on picture!!” Her friend said and took pictures of summer flexing in front of bare-chested George, who swallowed his pride and made the same muscle poses as Summer, even if he obviously was outgunned.

” – Great, these pictures will great. ” The friend said and continued to take pics of her friend when she fascinated compared her bigger arm muscles in several poses next to the older male. I smiled at the scene, and was intrigued how exited all four girls seemed, they looked like flees swarming around a sugar cube, chatting and giggling around the exposed man.

I had to go and prepare for my next match, now on my way to the dressing room I heard one of the girls was going to the bar to bar and buy some strapon for Summer, and I almost started to feel sorry for the alone old guy. Summer came back from the woman’s room and then turned to George with a funny smile on her face.

“- Here, George, I want you to feel something here.” Summer said and grabbed his hand and guided it to her crotch. He resisted her a little, but she was resolute and firm and pressed his hand against her crotch. I could see his surprised face when he felt the bulge in her jeans.

” Do you recognise what it is, old man? ” Summer said and giggled.

” E-eh, yes. I know what it is. I think you have a strapon dildo under your pants!” Summer laughed out loud

” That’s correct you funny old man. And I want you to suck it for me! You know losers in this club have to suck dildo, don’t you?” “

– I guess so..” He mumbled

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