The Flu Shot, The Night ContinuesThe Flu Shot, The Night Continues


I was past due for the regular flu shot due with my Doctor’s office staff to blame. I know it’s been busy since the whole Covid thing, but at least answer the damn phone. I’d had my annual physical scheduled with them in about a week. They were supposed to transmit the lab order the day that I set up the appointment. However, someone neglected to send it over to them. So when I arrived at the lab to give my blood and urine, the tech told me there was no order in their system.My annoyance must have been noticeably apparent as the lab tech quickly offered, “Here’s our fax number. Give them a quick call, and they can send it right over. I’ll make sure that you won’t lose your place in line.””Thank you,” I offered with a half-hearted smile. “But, they probably won’t answer the phone.”I stepped outside to make the call, and of course, no one answered. I redialed and chose the option for other physicians and labs. My thought was they would at least answer that call. But, again, all I got was a voicemail. Knowingly pissed, I shoved the phone back into my pocket and paused to calm myself. Heading back inside, I waited for the lab tech to finish with her current client.”Hello again. I hate to say that I was right, but I was. They didn’t answer.””I’m sorry to hear that,” she imparted with a kindly grin.”Can I reschedule online once I know when my new appointment with them will be?””Certainly you can.””Thank you,” I offered as I quickly left the office.Her kindness was quickly overwhelmed by my annoyance with my Doctor’s office as I walked to my car. Now I’d be bahis şirketleri another two to three weeks before I could get the flu shot, and I’d already been around a few sick people. I was incensed at their simple lack of decorum.Auspiciously, I got a text from my Pharmacy later reminding me to pick up my prescription. So, after closing up, I headed over to my local big box store to retrieve my medication. There was only one lady ahead of me, and as I waited, I noticed their flu shot poster on the wall. When it was my turn, I gave the assistant my name and birthdate to find my medication.While she looked, Saanvi, the Pharmacist, said a pronounced, “Hello, Dennis.””Hi, Saanvi,” I bellowed back. We’d always had a friendly rapport, so this was not out of the ordinary. She has only a slight Indian accent with the beauty of a goddess. Her long straight jet-black hair only added to her intoxicating allure. I’d always had a thing for her but believed she was far out of my league and age bracket.When her assistant returned with my meds, I asked, “Do I need to set an appointment to get a flu shot?””Not normally, but we’re closing up for the day. So you would have to come back tomorrow between nine and seven.”Saanvi hadn’t heard what I asked for but jumped in with, “What’s he looking for, Tina?””A flu shot,” was Tina’s simple reply.”I’ll come back tomorrow. What time’s do you have available?” I questioned.”Nonsense!” Saanvi hollered. “I’ll do it in a few minutes. Just have a seat, Dennis.”While I took a seat, I overheard Tina say, “We’re already past closing bahis firmaları time, and I’ve got to pick up my daughter from daycare.””Go ahead and leave. I’ll take care of Dennis. Have a nice night,” Saanvi expressed.Tina grabbed her purse and came out the doorway before pulling down the security curtains. Once she’d finished, Tina headed for the door while offering, “Good night.”I returned the sentiment as she passed. A moment later, Saanvi opened the door and brought me a form to sign. “Okay, give me a minute, and then I’ll call you in.””No problem. Take your time,” I offered as I watched her amazing ass palpitate under her restrictive skirt. Her legs were equally amazing with their hints of muscularity and perfect tan coloring. Everything about her had my loins in a tizzy. I could feel the pain of my restrictive underwear as my cock demanded to be set free. Once she disappeared into the back, I did a quick scan of my surroundings before making an adjustment.I waited another minute before Saanvi popped her head out the door whispered, “Come here, quick.”I thought it was odd since the shots were given at the chair next to me behind a privacy screen. Then, as I stood and stared for another second, she quietly urged, “Get your butt in here now!”I did as Saanvi instructed and scurried toward the door while glancing around like a burglar. Upon entering the door, she pulled me in and locked the door behind me. It took me a few milliseconds to take in the room filled with prescriptions drugs before I realized that she was au naturel. I stood dead-still kaçak bahis siteleri taking in her stunning form as she grinned like the cat that ate the canary.While my stare continued, Saanvi did a slow pirouette to show me her firm backside as well. When she stopped again, she reached for my pants while ordering, “Show me what you got. I’ve been waiting far too long to see and feel this cock. You boys just can’t take a hint. I’ve been practically throwing myself at you for months now.”As her petite hand encircled my rigid penis, I stumbled, “To be fair, I… I thought you… were too hot for me.” That’s the last I got out as she slowly stroked me with one hand while unbuttoning my shirt with the other.”This old skin rag? You think this is hot? Well, while I greatly appreciate the comment, I’m sure that you’ve had hotter. However, I doubt that any of them could give the mind-altering blowjob that you’re about to get.”And with that, Saanvi knelt down and worshipped my cock like an artist creating a masterpiece. She knew exactly when I was close to losing it and held me at bay over and over. Then, when there was finally no stopping it, Saanvi gripped my buttocks and pulled me deep into her throat as I came harder than I’d ever had. It seemed as though I had an endless supply of cum as my groin kept contracting over and over.The orgasm left me weakened, and as I dropped to my knees, Saanvi stood with her legs spread. When my head cleared, I gripped a buttock in each hand and pulled her drooling slit to my fervent mouth. There was nothing light or dainty about my cunnilingus. I assaulted her pussy with lips, tongue, and teeth bringing about her first climax within minutes. She hummed a quiet scream. Her knees wobbled a little, so I pressed her meaty ass against the counter for support.

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