The Five Conditions – First TimeThe Five Conditions – First Time

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The Five Conditions – First Time

My heart almost stops as the tiles slam onto the table. Oh my god no I have lost again. My whole life could be good but my addiction to the tiles is going to spoil things.

My name is Tui and I am an eighteen year old Vietnamese girl. My friends tell me that I am beautiful. I know that my fiancé thinks so. My long black hair cascades over my shoulders and highlights a very pretty eighteen year old. Although my boobs are small they are very pert and all the boys in my class make it obvious that they would like to see them naked. None of them have and none of them will. Only Tang will. Tang – the love of my life. The gorgeous boy who has kissed me and respected my beliefs about not going further until our wedding night.

I love Tang so much and I will marry him and I will make him happy and I will let him enter me before all others.

The fat gambler leers at me. “You are down a thousand dollars Tui. No problem. Your family are good for most of that. I will meet them tomorrow kozyatağı escort and discuss terms”.

No. No. I scream at the fat slob.I will find a way to pay my debts.

As I stagger home to the house where I work as a maid I know that my life is over.

The house is a happy one. The youngest daughter has brought her English husband home and she is showing off her prize. The husband David may be rich but a prize he is not. God he is fat. But he does seem a nice man.

I have to serve these happy people whilst my heart is heavy.

“Show David where the clean toilet is” said the matriarch and I led David to the only clean toilet which was at the far end of the house.

The fat man thanked me as he pissed into the toilet and I waited outside.

When he came out of the toilet he shook his cock in front of me. My heart nearly stopped – His cock was huge. I may be a virgin but I have played with Tang’s cock . David’s was different. küçükyalı escort Even though it was not hard it was much longer and thicker than Tang’s.

He saw me looking at it. I believe that he expected it.

Do you fancy this big cock in your cunt? He asked.

Don’t be silly David. Your wife is upstairs.

Then he came over and held me close – his huge cock against my body.

“Tell me how much you want to fuck me”. He was quite brutal.

My mind went to my debts and my future with Tang and I said 5,000 dollars.

The big fat slob guffawed. “5,000 dollars!! I’ll give you 5,000 dollars but there will be 5 conditions for each thousand dollars.

He took me to his room and put 1,000 dollars on the bed. This is the first condition he said.

I looked at the enormous cock in front of my face. If I did not fuck this fat English man then I would not be able to marry Tang. I shook with nerves and begged him not to violate mutlu kent escort me.

Then he pushed me onto the bed and I felt his mouth at my cunt lips as he started to lick me. He moved from my cunt to my clitoris and licked me hard. My hatred for him was great but my body could not help respond to his tongue. Then he pushed his fat body on top of me and I felt the tip of his cock move against my virgin cunt lips. This should be with my darling Tang, not with this fat slob. Then I felt him push his cock into me and I almost screamed with pain as I felt him fully enter my cunt.

I lay crying as he grunted and pushed farther in until his great fat cock was in me to the hilt. Then he started to ram into me and pull out. The pain was incredible at first but then my cunt juices started to flow and I felt more pleasure than pain. The big fat bastard rammed his cock in and out and I started to feel my body responding. I stayed still with my body but my hips kept moving in rythm with the bastard’s cock’s ramming into me.

Then he started to grunt and pushed fully me. And I felt his spunk gushing into my body. Several times he came then as soon as he was finished he pulled his huge cock out of my now very sore cunt. Spunk came out and rolled down my leg.

My greatest shame was that I had felt some pleasure.

Little did I know that this was just the beginning.

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