The Felt Resort and Spa Pt. 02 Ch. 01The Felt Resort and Spa Pt. 02 Ch. 01


Valerie was a yoga instructor, part-time anyway. During her classes she would tie her long black hair up, when manning the front desk it was always down. Her hair was essential in her mind, work, play, work versus play. She took her job seriously, but better than that she enjoyed the benefits of it.

Valerie’s eyes shifted from an indigo to deep shaded sapphires depending on the light, they attracted all who came in her vicinity. Direct eye contact was key, a smile, friendly gestures all apart of welcoming guests.

She would never mind the smiling, or the guests who came in different shapes and sizes, or Zack who liked to ramble on about how he wished his penis was larger (and that was often, seven inches was okay.), but most importantly that he was able to last longer than he did two years ago. What Valerie did mind was her relationship with Anna, she had interests in her, but she still liked other men and women.

Their relationship may have been called open, but in truth both did what they felt with whomever, the only difference being them sleeping in the same bed at the end of the day. Today was no different. It had only been a month since Ted left, and now his replacement Smith was at the front desk this morning.

Smith had hay colored hair, dark eyes like Pete, a generous smile, nice dick, but Smith…Valerie thought, Smith was a bit lazy in her opinion. He took long breaks, and not sex breaks or lunch breaks, not breaks to walk outside or take a nap. He would literally disappear and reappear after a line started at the desk.

Anna would constantly scold him, but she was a busy worker, she was here and there, speaking to guests, giving tours, looking over any problem, going over paperwork and bills. If Zack saw the desk empty he would slide in and take over for Smith, but then Smith would reappear and they’d have some small miff.

Zack loved the resort, despite him wanting more inches, he was very loyal and dedicated to his work. Once Smith came around, Zack’s entire mood changed. But today Valerie wasn’t worried about Smith, she passed him walking towards the clinic, his hand knee deep in some girl’s cunt, not Hailey. Valerie loved her little sister, and like Valerie herself she was allowed to do whatever she pleased, just not Smith.

Once she made her way into the clinic she waved Hailey over, she was in her scrubs grinning wildly.

“Is Dr. Grant in today? I have a check-up.”

Hailey shook her head “Val, staff check-ups started last week. Where have you been?”

Valerie smiled “Working, is Dr. Cruise in?”

“None of the doctors are at the moment, they’re with a patient who needed immediate help, from all three doctors.”

Three doctors were all they needed along with three nurses, injury didn’t happen often here at the resort.

“But Pete’s in, he’s taking Dr. Grant’s place for check-ups. He’s free right now.”

Valerie nodded “That’d be great, so do I need a slip?”

Hailey laughed “Please, everyone knows you. Head on back.”

“Thanks, I’ll see you at lunch.” Valerie waved pushing through a wide double door. She made her way down the small white hallway flagging door number two.

Pete grinned when she entered the room “Val, I haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“Yeah.” Val sat down on the exam table, her heels clicking against the metal underneath. “I’ve been trying to get my head clear with all the new changes.”

“Ted leaving?” Pete asked, Ted and Pete may have not been close or friends at all, but in the end they left on better terms once Ted and Lola became an item.

“That and his replacement. Smith.”

“I know, Anna’s running around all floors. You think he’ll be fired soon?” Pete started pulling blue latex gloves out of the box that sat on the counter top, sliding them on.

“Who knows, if he gets enough complaints maybe. I quit the yoga instructor gig.”

Pete’s eyes fell, he bit his lip. He knew Valerie, she wasn’t a quitter. “Why? Did something happen?”

Valerie rubbed her hands together “Pete, I’m just not in my state of mind…I.” Val bit her tongue unsure if she should tell him.

“Valerie, if something happened, tell me.” Pete’s eyes were beating into hers almost as if he was trying to read her mind.

Valerie rubbed her palms again “You know about my relationship with Anna and Grant right?”

“Everyone does, what about it?”

“Well we had rough sex, as usual.” Valerie began “It became more of an Anna and Grant screw session.”

“But that’s not all.”

“No, when it was my turn Grant did not fall short. But it’s been a week and I’m still sore.”

Pete looked her up and down “How long did you guys go?”

“Three hours, it wasn’t long, it was vaginal.”

“Did you sleep with anyone else?” Val shook her head “What about coming down here?

“I tried contacting the clinic, but I kept getting the answering machine. Then that whole sex-o-rama event crap happened and the clinic was packed. So?”

“Well, I’ll check it out. Undress.”

Valerie wasn’t a stranger to shedding clothes especially sultangazi escort not with Pete, they’d seen each other naked several times over several years. Valerie came out of her top and then slid her skirt down. Pete took them and folded them, placing them on the counter before she took off her bra, and then her thong.

Valerie was a C cup, and her hips were plump, her pale legs glowed.

“Alright lay back.” Valerie did as he said spreading her legs. The first thing Pete did was rubbed her nipples, they were small and hard. He didn’t hesitate to pull and twist causing Valerie to groan. She loved it especially when he started to knead her breasts.

“Gloves the new standard now?” Valerie asked as he kneeled down to look at her vagina.

“Only for staff check ups now. New policy.”

“We have a policy?” Valerie smiled.

“Yup, it’s in the handbook.” Pete started pressing his gloved index finger inside her moist cove. “You are a bit sensitive.” Pete began pushing further into her.

Valerie’s knees went up. “No one reads the handbook, Pete.”

“Anna does.” Pete moved his finger back “How does that feel?”

“Nice and it makes me horny, and Anna does not read the handbook.”

“Anna’s too anal not to.” Pete’s finger pressed inside harder causing Valerie’s legs to twitch. “Does it hurt?”

“A little.” Pete removed his finger “Did you insert anything inside you?”

“Nothing besides Grant’s cock.”

“How much force was he using?”

“A considerate amount, he did feel a bit thicker than usual.” Pete made a Hmm sound.

“You know we have this new treatment that makes the penis larger, but it’s temporary.”

“Is it supposed to break my crotch in two?”

“Probably not, but we have our famous curative ointment.” Pete pulled open a drawer picking of a slightly used tube. Squeezing the tube, blue gel poured into his hand. He rubbed it mainly on the finger tips of his glove before inserting his fingers inside.

“Mmmm, you ever think you’ll outgrow Grant one day?” Valerie’s leg’s spread further apart.

“And be a doctor here? Maybe, or maybe I’ll find a normal sex free job.” Pete smirked pushing his two fingers towards her core, he began moving his hand back and forth, the warmth of her cunt soaked through the latex. Valerie enjoyed the cool feeling the gel left her with, especially when it was inside her.

“You should be better later on. How’s your butt?”

Valerie laughed “I don’t know Pete, my ass has been…asleep I guess.” She bent over onto the table “You know everyone calls you the ass man right?”

“Can’t help that.” Pete grinned throwing off his used gloves, he rinsed his hands and placed on fresh ones. “I like the constriction.” Pete poked his entire index finger into her ass.

“Checking my colon then?”

“Part of the exam.” He quickly pulled the finger out, picking up his chart as Valerie turned over. “You’re fine, just be careful with rough sex.”

“Thank you doctor.” Valerie hopped off the table and started dressing again “285 called for me last week.”

“Oh.” Pete stopped writing on the chart, room 285 now belonged to Brian Lodge, a porn star with an award winning wiener. He was a friend of Anna, one she met when she tried to enter the industry herself, but it wasn’t all fun for Anna. She still kept in contact with Brian though, he’d always throw extravagant parties at the Felt, every day and night for two entire months.

Wild sex, insane sex, unimaginable sex, that was what Brian craved. Sometimes he’d pick some staff or a guest or two to join him, but this was the first time Valerie got an invite. She wasn’t really into Brian. He was a handsome man, yes, rich too, but he could be a pompous ass.

If any rejected Brian Lodge’s invite there would be trouble, Brian wanted what he wanted, he was a most unruly guest. But Valerie wasn’t willing to bend over backwards for a temperamental porn star.

Valerie pulled her skirt up and slid her shirt back on facing Pete “I sent the invite back.”

Pete’s eyes nearly fell out onto the floor “Does Anna know?”

“Mhmm, it wouldn’t matter if she or anyone else knows. Brian Lodge is an annoying prick.”

“He sent a letter to Anna didn’t he? That’s why you’re stressing.”

Valerie crossed her arms “He is a wealthy guest, but this resort owes him no favors.”

“So he sent for Anna?”

“Anna’s in her office. I-

“Excuse me Pete, Valerie.” Hailey poked her head into the room “Valerie, that Brian guy is here…”


“He’s- Hailey was shoved aside and Brian Lodge took the stage.

“You can’t barge in here!” Hailey shouted.

“I can go anywhere I please. If you want to check, go ahead and ask the front desk.” Brian said, his light brown hair looked like felt, and his gray eyes looked dead. Hailey grumbled a few words before storming out towards the front desk. He was wearing a black dress shirt and pants staring at Valerie like she was prey.

“Anna said you’d be in your room, but arnavutköy escort alas you weren’t.” Brian had a smooth voice.

“I’m returning to duty.” Valerie said.

“I really hope you reconsider my invite.” Brian smiled. Pete was glaring at him, but his frightful gaze didn’t phase the porn star whatsoever.

“I am sorry Mr. Lodge, but I won’t. And I won’t be accepting any invites from you, I have a lot of work to do. You understand?”

Brian’s smile fell “I see. Well maybe you’ll come around. Tell Anna I’d like to stop by her office when she’s free.”

“Of course.” Valerie never smiled once at him, but eventually he left.

“Want me to get Chef to mess with his food?” Pete stared after Brian.

“No, he’s just a man child. But speaking of invites, Diane has invited me to her play dungeon upstairs, she said I could invite anyone.”

Pete smiled “How can I refuse, when?”

“Tomorrow at six, bring you friend, and no gloves.” Valerie winked before walking out.

“Got it.” Pete gave a thumbs up as she strode out of the office.

Pete was a kind guy, to everyone mostly. But on his break he would often go to his room to take a nap. But poor Val was being preyed on by the hotel’s notorious sex fiend, who took no for an answer, but didn’t like it. Valerie was at the front desk after lunch passed. Hailey would be taking over for Pete now in the clinic.

“Val, how are you feeling now?” It had been three hours since they saw each other.

Valerie just gave a smile “I’m okay, thanks. Anna’s screwing Grant.”

“I know, we all do.”

“No, Anna is screwing Grant, like solo, no partners. I like the openness, but what is the point of a relationship now?”

Pete rubbed his head “You think this isn’t just a phase, it’s like she wants him-

“She can want him Pete, she can have him, but she has to remember to have me at some point. We haven’t touched one another in so many days now.”

Valerie typed furiously onto the computer keyboard registering a guest for a special package.

“That is between you two, no relationship or relationship and- Smith appeared frowning, holding a small bag in his hand.

“Where have you been?” Valerie asked narrowing her eyes.

“Candy store, how do you make a cum filling for taffy?” Smith asked placing the bag on the desk.

“Smith, you’re off the clock now. I had to handle the front desk for two hours, two hours of your shift.”

Smith pulled out a lollipop “Sorry-

“Smith you need to get it together or Anna’s going to snap you up and spit you out.”

“Or slap you.” Pete shrugged “Where do you disappear to?”

“Brian Lodge was having a party thing, I was invited, I can’t refuse. He’s big.” Smith said looking over Val’s shoulder “Miss Landry requested an upgrade today.”

“Okay. Was Anna with you?”

Smith shook his head “I’m sorry, but he could cut me down, do you know how much he makes?”

Valerie sighed turning away from Smith who plucked a lollipop from his bag and placed it in his mouth.

“But Mindy was there.”

“Mindy can be a cumslut for any cock that’s attached to a five dollar bill.”

“That’s harsh.” Smith shook his head “Mindy’s just a sport.”

“I enjoy playing with balls too, but Brian Lodge is just…a posh porn star who hasn’t starred in a decent porno in eight years. We accept him for the business and money he brings in. The staff isn’t for his personal selection.”

Smith looked at Pete who just shook his head. “Well I’m here now and you’re stressed to kill.”

“I’m not that stressed. I’m always ready to kill.”

“Come on, break time.” Pete tapped his hand on the desk. Valerie gave up, those two would stay on her until she was bare.

“Fine, but call me if an emergency or a guest has a question you can’t answer.”

“It’s okay, I read the handbook.” Smith said. Seriously?

Pete brought Valerie to his room, it was smaller than most suites, but staff had lesser rooms than their elusive or exclusive guests. The room was blue and gold with the same bed. Pete popped down on the bed.

“Sex is not the answer for every problem.” Valerie said sliding off her shirt.

“It’s a great stress relieve.” Pete told her pulling his shirt off. Once they were naked Pete glanced at her.

“Well I may be known for an ass guy, but I’d like to see how this hole feels to see if it’s all healed up.” Pete rubbed her clit. Valerie smiled.

“Mhmm.” Valerie kissed him before pushing him down onto the bed, she rubbed her opening against his cock, letting her juices cover him entirely.

Pete sat up and pushed her down “You should just forget all your worries for right now.” Pete’s cock started to push at her entrance.

“I’m trying.” Valerie grinned as his cock entered her. Pete moved in and out causing her pussy to dribble.

“I love your cock.” Valerie groaned as he pushed all the way inside her.

“I love that you’re never loose.” Pete gave a compliment back as he started thrusting in her.

“Yeahhh.” başakşehir escort Valerie groaned, she was no longer in any pain as he rocked her body.

Pete turned her over to get better penetration. Valerie grabbed the sheets smiling.

Pete kept burying himself deep inside her pussy, he swelled inside her as her cunt wrapped around him like a small fitting glove.

“Ahh.” Valerie loved that Pete was always an open option whether she was in a relationship or not. He was not without his gifts either.

Pete turned her over lifting both of her legs over his head giving more leeway, his balls kept pressing against her opening wanting to climb inside.

Sweat was forming on her forehead as he gave her his all and she received it greatly, harder pumps, faster pumps, a river of pussy juice underneath their conjoined bodies.

Pete came inside her causing Valerie to close her eyes for a second, the heat from his jizz was making her head spin. He didn’t remove himself, but started up once again.

“No torture…” She groaned wanting him all day.

“You’re on a small break right now.” Pete leaned down rubbing his hands over of large pillowy breasts.

Pete rocked himself back and forward, stroking upward, pumping her vagina ceiling and then into her creamy center until they both came. Pete pulled out a little winded.

“Let me see the treasure.” Pete watched as Valerie sat up, knees bent spreading her legs. She used her fingers to spread her vagina open so he could see his hot seed spilling out of her.

“Better?” Pete smiled.

“A little. You have a lot of cum.” Valerie noted as she was still leaking onto his bed.

“Mhmm, so are you going back to the desk or your room?”

“Who knows, Anna’s probably in her office still.”

“You worry too much.” Valerie rubbed his member.

“Then help me worry less.” Pete immediately flattened her to the bed where he entered her once more.

“Question.” Pete pumped slowly inside, the cum made it easier for him to push.

“Do you expect an answer at this moment?” Valerie asked rolling her hips against him.

“Yeah.” Pete pushed himself further, he could feel the cum pushing it’s way out of her pussy as he pushed himself towards the center. “What are you going to do now that you’re no longer the yoga instructor?”

Valerie sighed, she pressed her thighs together causing Pete to freeze in his place, lodged at her cervix.

“I don’t know, I guess I’ll stick with the front desk for the time being. But for the time being, being now, I’d like you to screw me.”

“Says the one stopping me.” Pete tried to push himself in further, her thighs as well as her cunt was closing around him. Valerie only smiled, releasing her thighs for him to probe her body thoroughly.

Once they both came again Valerie laid sprawled out on Pete’s bed “I’m not sure what job I’d like besides yoga.”

“Then go back to yoga.” Pete was entering his bathroom “Or the fitn-

“Nope, not a great fit for me right now.” Pete came out tossing a blue towel at her.

“Anna’s the president and you’re the vice, when she’s unable you are. I don’t see why you don’t just slow down.”

Valerie rubbed the towel over her sweet glistening lips “Mhmm, but I like working.”

“You love it. You deserve a break, so why not take it?”

“Unless my break is relieving myself-

“I mean it could be, but you like lunch.”

Valerie laughed “We’re humans, we have to eat.”

“You like to eat the same thing I do.” Pete teased flicking her towel.

“You know what I mean, Peter.” Valerie sat up contemplating what to do, Pete jumped into the shower with her following him in.

Valerie decided instead of watching him rub the cum off his penis that she would assist him. She bent down on both knees and held his cock, still warm, and still hard. She did enjoy cock as well as pussy. Valerie shoved the entire head into her mouth with no problem. She could hear Pete groan, she rocked her head down and then back before consuming more.

His cock only got harder as she pulled her mouth down onto entire cock, her nose hitting his balls. He tasted sort of like orange zest. Knowing Pete, he’d probably been inside some woman, patient or staff who used a body gel or wash that was of the citrus variety. Each time she felt his staff hit the back of her throat she would grip his balls and twist, Pete was not immune to such pleasures.

She kept bobbing her head until she felt his warm thick fluff fill her throat nearly drowning her, she swallowed it all, tasting the sweet fruit flavor made her crave more, but they could save it for another day.

After they both hopped out of the shower, Pete remained since he was still on his break (extended break), while Valerie got dressed so she could continue her shift. Smith was surprising sitting there still, a guest was rubbing her cock as he typed and scanned the computer screen with a bored eyes.

“I’m back.” Valerie said tapping his shoulder. Smith yawned turning around, he looked at Valerie and then at the woman.

“Zack shift starts in thirty minutes.”

“Good, then I can get off before then.” Valerie smiled, she didn’t care if Smith was new, if he was good or bad, if she got back before her shift had ended or on the time her shift started, she would be receiving stimulation from whatever staffer or guest that was there at the time.

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