The Feast of The Tail Ch. 01The Feast of The Tail Ch. 01


1358 BC – Feast of the Tail

The delicate veil of prussian blue lifted to reveal the flushed pink cheeks of the skies as Sitamun broke stale bread between her fingers into crumbs to throw to the laughing doves that had settled on the palace steps, in her private garden by the lily pond. The peach coloured birds jabbed their beaks over the cool alabaster, pecking at the morsels she had thrown for them, the beating of their wings as they squabbled caused the hem of her white robes to flutter around her bare feet.

The crickets and cicadas were still singing the song of the night as she dipped her toes into the cool water, enjoying the sensations, a welcoming stream of water enveloped her feet and distracted her from her busy mind.

Her Mother, Tiye, appeared behind her, seeing her daughter silently step deeper into the water, she watched for a while, trying to gauge her mood before she spoke.

“You are up before the dawn.”

Sitamun jolted, splashing water over her dress as she turned her head towards her mother’s voice.

“Don’t be nervous, ibib.” said her Mother.

“Sorry Mut, you frightened me. I did not expect to see you in this part of the palace.”

“I was looking for you, Sita. Today is a very important day. There must be a heavy weight on your shoulders.”

Queen kapalı gaziantep escort Tiye walked down the smooth stone steps towards her eldest daughter.

“I know the pressures of royal life can be overwhelming to a young woman, even one so dutiful as yourself.” She continued, before looking pointedly at her daughter.

Were you avoiding me?” the Queen asked, her voice gentle but with power behind it, the question hanging heavily in the air.

“You needn’t fear, child. I came only to comfort you.”

Sitamun looked up the steps at her mother’s lovely face. Although she knew that Pharaoh was expected to take some daughters as wives she wondered how her mother felt about it, and whether she resented her for receiving Pharaoh’s attention. Truthfully she wanted her mother to be jealous, in a way, she wanted to be the favourite of Pharaoh, she wanted to be the object of his desire and she wanted the esteem and power that came with it, even if it meant overshadowing her.

“No Mother, I was not avoiding you, I just wanted to prepare myself for the Heb Sed. I do not want to disappoint Pharaoh.” she half lied, speaking softly, lowering her gaze.

“I came to see you ibib, to make sure you are not afraid. You know what will be expected gaziantep kapalı escort of you for the Sed Festival. Speaking with nobles and dignitaries is commonplace for you, being in the public eye is nothing, but…” she paused for a moment, looking at her daughter’s eyes, looking for a hint of fear or uncertainty, trying to spot any weakness.

“Pharaoh will make you his wife and present you as such. Tonight will be your wedding night, it is a very special day that comes in every girl’s life with very specific womanly duties.” Tiye said as she stood in front of her daughter, willing herself to try not to be too imposing, making every effort to be warm and comforting, to lower her head and shrink a little so that Sitamun would not regard her fearfully and might open up her heart, something that never came easily to her.

Sitamun immediately blushed. Her mother never shied away from any subject, she was always honest, but Sitamun had a modest nature, the subject of sex was never comfortable to speak about for her.

“I am very proud of you Sita.” Tiye whispered, stepping down into the water and cupping her daughter’s face. “Pharaoh is very proud of you too, or he would not honour you as such.” Sitamun looked back at her mother, gaziantep kapalı escort bayan unsure of what to say.

“Your father will not hurt you Sita, he will be gentle with you, you are a precious jewel, daughter of Amun, you are the eldest and most important daughter, remember that. You see these lilies, Sita?” Tiye gestured towards the water. “The lilies open and close to protect their nectar, they are beautiful and delicate, you must open like the lilies for your father to share your nectar, you will help to rejuvenate his strength and stamina so he may sit on the throne for many more years. Comfort him, love him and support him, as your father and as Pharaoh. You were born for this.” Tiye looked at Sitamun and kissed her on the forehead.

“I will, Mother. I will honour Pharaoh.” Sita said, her belly twisting with nerves and excitement.

She watched her mother as she moved away into the palace with calm confidence and grace, her head held high, her eyes betraying nothing. She seemed untouchable, her position was God’s Wife, and she seemed completely unaffected by her eldest daughter’s imminent marriage to her husband.

Sita wished that she would show a crack in her armour, an indication of some jealousy, but she found nothing.

I will be the daughter and wife of a King. Sita thought to herself, it brought her even closer to the Gods.

You’re right, I was born for this. I will be the perfect wife. *I* will be his favourite.

Soon the palace was humming with activity. Servants rushed around the edges of large rooms, scurrying around columns as they carried food, clothes and perfumes to the chambers of the Royal family, preparing them for the day ahead.

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