The Ensorcell Swing Ch. 10-12The Ensorcell Swing Ch. 10-12


Chapter Ten

To my chagrin, Monday started the same as every other, hectic. Darting through the kitchen, I asked, “Celia, where’s my to-go cup.”

Typical for a workweek morning, Celia scurries about rounding up the kids and their things to take to her mother’s. I placed the lid on my cup and said, “Babe, I’m running late. I’ll see you this evening.”

Celia swooped in on the run to kiss my cheek. Then, after snatching up the squealing four-year-old as he rushed past, she said, “Oh, before I forget, I won’t be able to make it for lunch today. We made projections this quarter, and they are rewarding us with a meal at Carlo’s Villa. So, if you were thinking about calling, I won’t be home.”

“No problem, I’ll see you this evening.”

“Well, if you behave yourself, I’m also getting my appraisal today. If everything goes right, we’ll have a raise to celebrate tonight.”

A peck on her cheek and I’m dashing for the door, saying, “Good luck with your appraisal.”

* * * * *

With only a short morning flight scheduled today, I’m back in town by two o’clock. A quick stop at the post office has me heading home with a new box key on my key chain.

At the kitchen table, I wrote six generic letters to couples of interest before racing back to the Post Office. After dropping the packet address to the magazine in the outgoing slot, I deflated.

* * * * *

On entering the house, Celia greets me with a wave from the kitchen table. Without removing the phone from her ear, she mouth’s the word, Connie!

Connie and Tim are our closest friends and sanity support. They’re those friends who provide a Saturday night distraction by letting the kids frolic together while we play cards.

Half an hour later, Celia joins me in the den and asks, “How was your day.”

“The usual, how about yourself.”

“Great! Dinner’s about ready, and I hope you’re hungry.”

“I am. What did Connie want.”

“She’s bored and wanted to chat. Oh, we’re invited to dinner over there Saturday.”

Our being invited by them or them by us to one another’s home was such a normal occurrence; my only question was, “Are we talking about the four of us, or are they planning on having a party.”

“Just us, as usual.”

“Should I ask about your appraisal.”

“Your wife is the new office manager. My twenty percent raise goes into effect immediately, and I take over my duties next month when Gloria retires.”

“Fantastic! Congratulations, a celebration is in order, we’re on for Friday night. Pick the place.”

“Maybe next Friday, Honey. Money’s tight until payday.”

“Life’s going to get better, Celia. We’ll be on top before I’m through.”

“Speaking of being on top,” Celia giggled, “have you sent those letters yet.”

“Yeap, we should hear from them in a month. But speaking of those letters gives me an idea of where we might celebrate your promotion.”

“Not this weekend, big-boy.”

“How do you know where I’m talking about.”

Celia rolls her eyes, “Because you’ve had nothing else on your mind for weeks.”

Chapter Eleven

Ever the quintessential host, Bernard stands vigil from the entryway until the three cars depart. Not until the iron security gate swings shut behind the last vehicle does he reenter the house.

Chimes from the grandfather clock echoed through the granite foyer eleven times as Bernard returns to the lounge. A festive gathering of the Ensorcell Swing normally lasts until the break of dawn, but of late every lavish affair within the walls of Bernard and Becky’s palatial mansion has ended earlier than the last.

Lost in thought, Bernard hesitates at the entrance to the lounge. His wife chats quietly with Tammy, while Stan leans in bored silence against the sofa. A shake of his head and Bernard retires to the bar.

Stan watches, debating whether to disturb his sullen friend. Alone at the bar, he’s obviously upset, and who wouldn’t be. A man able to afford anything doesn’t take losing his prize possession lightly.

Stan pats Bernard’s back and asks, “How many no-shows tonight.”

“Thirty invites and four couples show up. What’s our problem, when we founded The Ensorcell Swing, people coveted our invitations like winning lottery tickets.” Bernard grabbed Stan’s wrist, and said, “you remember how it was.”

Stan nods, and said, “If memory serves, back before your hair found some gray, we pissed off a few escort izmir dozen acquaintances over not being invited.”

Bernard chuckles, “I could always rely on you to cheer me up when I was down.” He hesitates a moment before saying, “I received a shipment of Cuban cigars today, what say we head out back for a BHK 52.”

In a setting overlooking the entire South Bay, they set their drinks on a granite table and lit up. Bernard exhales a billow of blue smoke, and said, “My friend, the depth we’ve allowed the Ensorcell Swing to sink is criminal.”

Stan said, “Then we should take steps to right the ship before the cops show up.”

Bernard nodded, and asks, “Any idea how we reached this point.”

Stan chose his words carefully. “Anything prohibiting growth, eventually dies.”

Bernard takes a puff and said, “In the beginning I envisioned our endless debates had led to perfection. We covered every detail in our bylaws.”

“Perfection is a place in time. What’s today’s perfect is tomorrow’s obsolete.”

When Bernard’s eyes rolled up in concentration, Stan smiled and said, “We came up with this dream while students at Stanford and brought it to fruition soon afterward.”

Bernard nodded, and said, “Those were the days. Our biggest problem back then was having too many people wanting to be part of our secret society.”

With a nod, Stan said, “No doubt. Our membership only comprises the cream of high society. But we’ve reached a point our roles need to be expanded to include the sexiest of humanity.”

Bernard nodded and said, “Are you suggesting we lower the standards which provided years of success.”

“No, I’m suggesting we change the primary reason for our decline.” Stan studied his friend’s reaction before he said, “We haven’t added new members to our roles in a decade. Before that we accepted only applicants from our social circles in our age group.”

Bernard’s eyes narrowed, “You’re barking up the wrong tree, old friend.”

Stan shook his head, saying, “Our standards will stay high, but we’ll focus on what led to our original success.” Bernard cocked his head, and Stan said, “Beautiful, sexy, and intelligent candidates in their twenties.”

Bernard arches his eyebrows, and asks, “Are you insinuating we’re too old for this lifestyle.”

“Not for the games, but in our late forties we no longer create the excitement once drawing candidates in droves.”

Bernard spent the next few minutes staring at the city lights and puffing on his cigar. When he returned his attention to Stan, he said, “Relinquishing control of the Ensorcell Swing isn’t an option.”

“We’re not talking about control, but if we don’t put a youthful face on the club…” Stan’s voice faded, replaced by a pleading stare.

“A membership drive, is that what you’re suggesting.”

Stan said, “You might call it a youth drive. We need an influx of younger members to equalize the overall age of our membership with a membership more resemblant of us when we started the Ensorcell Swing.”

“My friend, I concur. When can you start.”

“We started the membership drive a month ago.”

With a chuckle Bernard said, “You’re always one step ahead. Any luck yet.”

“Let me first explain the target of my search. We need recruiters in the same age group we’re targeting. An attractive couple with the intellect and personality to draw other perspective members close enough to hear what we offer.”

“Great, but have you found anybody yet.”

“We’ve contacted a few maybes and one yes.”

“A candidate so soon, impressive, who is this couple.”

“They’re in their mid-twenties, and Tammie says he’s handsome. As for the lady, she’s a gorgeous Italian with the most hypnotic bedroom eyes.”

Bernard arched his eyebrows, and said, “Interesting, but what’s found below those bedroom eyes motivates party attendance.”

“There’s a downside to everything, but don’t worry. I’ll bite the bullet in the name of research, if you need to know how she is in bed.”

Bernard burst out laughing, and said, “You sly old dog, she’s that good, is she.”

“My friend, I always look out for your best interest, and she’d give an old man like you a heart attack.”

“How are you handling their recruitments.”

“An initial playdate, followed by a weekend at the lake house. Would you be interested in coming up to meet them.”

“I’ll be in Europe for a month, but on my return I’d enjoy hosting them.”

“Only izmir escort bayan if you promise to start cardiovascular exercises. At your age we can’t be too careful.”

“Are you forgetting being older than me.”

“What I remember is you being my oldest friend. Maybe all your gray hair confused me.”

“As long as you’re not confused with me doing whatever it takes to put the Ensorcell Swing back on track, regardless of the cost, so get it done.”

Stan nodded and said, “I sent a reply to their inquiry. When they answer, I’ll call you.”

Bernard said, “Call Chuck. We need a background check. If this goes where it might, we don’t want unexpected glitches.”

“Chuck said we should have something when we arrive back home.”

“When am I going to learn to drop the reins and let you run.”

Stan shrugged and said, “Strangely, I was pondering the same thing.”

Chapter Twelve

Week by week, anxious anticipation built, waiting for a reply from our letters. I reasoned it would take four weeks for us to receive word from them. But after two weeks, stopping by the Post Office on my way home became a ritual.

Our only escape from our mundane existence was dinner with Connie and Tim on two occasions. But even those instances didn’t veer from the usual.

An empty mailbox on my nightly checks had become such a regular occurrence; it surprised me the evening I found two letters waiting for me. Like a kid receiving a present at Christmas, I snatched up the letters to examine them. One had a return address from Fresno, and the other from Sacramento.

Later that night, Celia and I were alone watching TV when I handed her both letters. She glanced at them, asking, “What’s this.”

“Replies from the couples we reached out to.”

Inside each envelope were four pictures, two views of a cute couple dressed, and two nudes of both. Celia returned the photos as she read the letters and said, “Both are nice-looking couples.”

“Yes, they are. Either would make for an attractive option.”

“From their letter, I think Tammy and Stan make a better first choice. What’s your thoughts.”

“I’m with you. Let’s reach out to Stan and Tammy first.”

Celia put the letters back in the envelopes and handed them to me. She waited a moment before asking, “When.”

“When what.”

“When do you plan on calling them.”

“I don’t know when I have time to, I guess.”

With a glance toward the clock, Celia said, “Honey, it’s not even nine o’clock. Call tonight.”

“I’d hate to disturb them if they’re already asleep.”

“They would have mentioned being in the habit of retiring before nine o’clock. You’re not chickening out, are you.”

“That’s the most asinine thing you’ve ever said. How can you twist my concern for disturbing somebody into cowardice.”

Celia peered over the brim of her coffee cup. Gaining that snide smile of hers, she said, “Honey, they gave us their number, asking us to call them if we were interested. So call, I know you want to.”

I hem-hawed around another ten minutes, trying to calm my nerves. My wife maintains the same amused smile the entire time, knowing I’m working up the courage to make the call.

Back in my chair, I dialed the number and held my breath. On the second ring, a stern male voice said, “Hello!”

“Hi, is this Stan.”

“Yes, who’s calling.”

“This is Arthur. Celia and I received your letter. I hope we haven’t caught you at a bad time.”

“Oh my gosh, we were just talking about you two when the phone rang. Glad you called.”

We chatted for a few minutes, getting acquainted with one another, when Stan said, “Tammy’s eager to meet you, let me put her on the phone.”

A moment later, a silky voice came on the line. “Hello, I can’t believe you guys called when you did. Your timing is impeccable. Did you guys have something in mind.”

Her simple question raced through my mind. We answered an ad in a swinger’s magazine. Do I need to explain why. If so, how graphic is appropriate for introductory phone calls. My thoughts rolled around in my head until Tammy asked, “Are you still there.”

“Sorry about being such a hayseed.”

Tammy gave a good-natured laugh. “Arthur, we’ve all been in your shoes. Talking to strangers about sex is intimidating.”

I chuckled and said, “A book of etiquette about this stuff would be helpful. I’m so afraid of saying something I shouldn’t.”

“Arthur, izmir escortlar honesty’s the secret, we’re all adults. Do you like apples.”

“Yea,” I said, waiting uncomfortably for the punch line.

“Fantastic, having so much in common, would you like to fuck.”

When I controlled my laughter, I said, “Tammy, we’re going to get along great.”

“Are we the first couple you and Celia have reached out to.”

“Another man joined us for a threesome, but you’re the first couple.”

“Threesomes are fun, aren’t they. Did you pick the gentleman who joined you, or did Celia.”

“Celia did. I just joined in on the fun. Why do you ask.”

“A lady choosing her lover is always best.”

Amazed at the openness of our conversation, we discussed the most intimate topics without embarrassment. After about ten minutes, Tammy asked, “Is Celia there. I’d love to introduce myself.”

“Sure, she’s right here.”

Celia shook her head. Covering the mouthpiece, I said, “Just be yourself, they don’t bite.”

Celia continued staring at me as she took the phone. Her body relaxed after the introductions. Suddenly a red glow rose over her face, and she busts out laughing. “I’m a bit of a size queen myself.”

A few laughter laced minutes into their conversation, Celia’s body stiffened, and she said, “Sure! I’d love to introduce myself.”

After a moment’s hesitation and Celia said, “Nice meeting you as well.” As they chatted, I eased back in my chair.

A shy smile spread over Celia’s face. She said, “I’m flattered. Thank you. I found you handsome as well.”

Celia’s head nodded, and with a giggle, she said, “Yes!” Her head tilted as she listened. “Yes, I saw that one as well.” Her smile broadened. “If I hadn’t been, we wouldn’t have called tonight.”

Perched on the edge of my chair, I’m hanging on Celia’s every word. Her darting tongue moistened her lips before she said, “Thank you, I’d enjoy seeing them.”

Celia burst into laughter. “We have both, pick your poison.” She listened a moment longer and said, “Oh, you would!”

Another burst of laughter, “Maybe.” Celia closes her eyes to avoid my stare. “OK, I’ll have Arthur send them to you tomorrow.”

Celia whispers, “I’ve fantasized about that as well.”

Another moment and she said, “Sure, it sounds like fun. No, we have nothing planned. OK, sounds wonderful.”

Celia handed me the phone. “Tammy. wants to say goodnight.”

“Tammy, it was wonderful talking to both of you.”

“Arthur, we’re looking forward to meeting you two. Goodbye!”

Hanging up the phone, I glanced at Celia. “They sounded friendly. What’s your thoughts.”

Celia shrugged. “They sounded all right, I guess.”

“I only heard one side of your conversation. But from your replies, it sounded interesting.”

“Stan asked me what I thought about them after seeing their photographs. He also mentioned enjoying my nude pictures.”

“Is that all he said.”

Celia blushes as her smile spread. “He mentioned getting a hard-on looking at my picture while we were talking. Oh, and he asked if we had any action pictures. I told him we’d send them a few.”

“How about Tammy. From what I heard, you sounded like you hit it off.”

“She’s a nut. I’m sure she’s even more fun in person.”

“Damn, we should have asked them to join us for dinner.”

“Don’t worry; she’s way ahead of you. They invited us to have dinner with them Saturday.”

Celia slid onto my lap, wrapping an arm around my neck. Her free hand glided over my crotch as she whispered, “Why don’t we discuss this in bed.”

The instant we cuddled under the covers. Our conversation turned to Saturday night.

I asked, “Did either of them mention what we could expect this weekend.”

“Nothing other than dinner and dancing. Which is all right with me.”

The mere discussion of meeting this couple had me hard. I ran my hand over Celia’s body. “You realize where this might lead if everything falls together.”

Her body stiffened. “We’re not doing anything of that nature.”

“I saw your reaction to his pictures. You can’t convince me he didn’t excite you.”

“No, I’m telling you we’re getting acquainted first.”

My hand disappeared into her panties. To my delight, I find her post-sex wet. With a nibble on her earlobe, I whispered, “Would you appreciate me fucking you while you’re fantasizing about Stan pounding into you.”

Celia giggled, “If you wouldn’t mind.”

She gave my cock a squeeze and said, “Would you quit talking and get busy.”

In moments we’re having raw animalistic sex, envisioning what lay in store with Tammy and Stan racing through our minds.

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