The Enigma of Margaret ThomasThe Enigma of Margaret Thomas


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Margaret Thomas was one of the unsung hero’s of WW2. Born to an educated middle class family in suburban Surrey in 1925, an intelligent girl who found a love for puzzles and mind problems at an early age. She could see patterns and hidden details in things , that left normal mortals dumbfounded at her intellect.

During the war she worked at the top secret Bletchley Park, finally assisting on cracking the codes to beat the Germans enigma machines.

Sworn to secrecy under the official secrets act, for life. Margaret never told a soul about her war time work. when people asked, and the rarely did, she’d just say she was a humble typist.

A little over a year from the end of, WW2 Margaret found romance, love and marriage. A hansom tall blond, young lieutenant in the the special services, But sadly her time of passion and romance wasn’t to last, her husband, of only 10 months. Killed in action whilst assisting the French resistance fight against the Nazi foe. Her short marriage was yet, another facet of her life she never talked about. Margaret let people presume she was just spinster.

Margaret’s dedication and hard work and self sacrifice in the service of her country, didn’t go totally forgotten. HMG did take care of Margaret for the rest of her working life. Although any official recognition was never given, she was paid well with the addition of her widows pension.

Margaret sadly never found romance again her life and lived as a spinster, working in the civil service as a PA to government officials. Sometimes she was sent on special assignment, to GCHQ in Cheltenham, work she really enjoyed, with some jobs lasting weeks or even months. Fighting foreign threats to the UK, from governments abroad.

Then during the 1970’s one of her bosses had a son in his teens, an interesting young man, that to Margaret’s inner guilt aroused her passions, nearly 30 years had passed since the end of WW2 and Margaret’s life had been loveless.

She lived a fantasy life of romance novels and memories of her now, long dead husband and their all to short, yet passionate marriage. So when this hansom young man appeared in her life, although she was now 50 on the outside she was still that young woman of 20 something inside’ with all the same passion and lust.

Adam a fit and athletic young man, interested in the world around him, subjects of archaeology, History and geology in particular.

He could analyse a landscape and tell anyone the story hidden within the view.

Margaret’s love of puzzles, fascinated Adam and on the rare occasions they met at his fathers office they would chatter away happily together .

To Margaret, Adam didn’t seem phased by the age gap and she likewise enjoyed the banter and conversation, with such a hansom young man, just 18, born in 1956. He would compliment her on her dress and hair telling her how attractive she looked. She often caught him looking at her figure and in particular her ample bosom and still shapely bottom.

Margaret would fantasise about either, she seducing the young man or Adam seducing her. She’d lay in bed at night and pleasure herself as she imagined a fit young man kissing and loving her body and his hot young cock thrusting into her wet cunny.

Thinking that she’d never ever be alone with Adam in real life, Margaret lived in her fantasy.

Then her boss suggested that Margaret might like to take Adam out for a day to the seaside.

Adam had told his father, that Margaret was a most interesting person and that he’d like to spend time with her.

Margaret’s heart skipped a beat at the thought of spending a whole day or even possibly days, with a hansom young man just come of age.

“I’m just to wicked.” she thought to herself. “No! he’d never want to have an old woman or would he?”

So on a beautiful sunny June day in 1975, Margaret collected Adam from his family home at 07:30. She’d had get up at 05:30, she’d bathed chosen clothes that were not to revealing yet a little less plain than her normal office attire. A yellow blouse, she’d not worn since she didn’t know when, a belted knee length gypsy style skirt , . That she knew dated to before Adam was born!

Her underwear she chose very carefully, a fully wired ¾ cup bra, that held her breasts up perfectly, enhancing her ample cleavage. She’d noticed Adams eyes wander to stare furtively, on several occasions.

She had always had and still had lovely legs, so she had shaved them, along with her pubic hair. In fact she’d shaved her pubic hair to leave her cunny bare, except for a thin strip covering her mons. Being a red head, her pubic hair was rather thin anyway. So as she’d finished her toilet, looking at her sex in the mirror made her cunny extremely aroused and wet and she hadn’t been able to resist rubbing herself to climax, even after an orgasm she still felt very, very randy.

Pulling on her stockings and attaching them to her suspender belt hadn’t helped her composure either and when sancaktepe escort she finally pulled peach coloured Silk kami knickers on , she couldn’t resist sitting on her bed and looking in her wardrobe mirror to see if her cunny was exposed, if she , accidentally!, opened her legs as she might do if Adam held the car door open for her.

“You wicked, wicked woman.” she said to herself, as stood up and smoothed her clothes. Pleased with the view she’d seen. “If he doesn’t make a move, I’ll have to… Just, try harder.”


Margaret was very pleased with her attire, as she drove her 1964 white, convertible Morris Minor. Her summer car. That spent most of the year in the garage.

But now at 09:14, the sun shining and with the roof down, they were driving along the A24 towards Brighton.

Adam was extremely happy to be out on his own with such a beautiful woman, it didn’t matter to him she was 30 years older than him, old enough to be his mother.

In fact to him she was, maybe, the most sexy woman he knew. She wore clothes that enhanced her still hourglass figure. That bra she was wearing was making his cock throb, he was sure she’d undone another button since she’d collected him from his parents house, and that glimpse of her pussy as he’d helped get into the car, was unbelievable. He’d had to adjust himself as he got into the passenger side, his cock wouldn’t go down no matter what he thought of.

Margaret was intelligent, she seemed to understand him on every level. Never seemed to get bored, when he enthused about a subject or object.

To him Margaret was wonderful. He would find himself looking at her breasts, imagining what they would look like naked. In fact he wondered what she would look like completely naked anyway. Over the last few months he spent a lot of time imagining what it would be like to actually have her.

As they drove along the A24, Adam watched fascinated as the hem of Margaret’s skirt slowly rode up further and further, as little drafts of wind lifted the light fabric. Her shapely legs where sheathed in stockings and before long her stocking tops became visible.

Adams cock hardened, his erection pushing his shorts up making a tent, his cock the ridge pole.

He watched Margaret’s face making sure she wasn’t looking, so he could adjust his cock so it wasn’t so obvious.

Margaret had noticed his fidgeting, and was delighted to see her effect on her young companion. Her cunny began to tingle, she quickly glanced down and saw that her thighs and stocking tops had become visible and knew instantly, why Adam had become so uncomfortable. Margaret decided to break the ice. If stocking clad thighs had, had such an effect on Adam. He wouldn’t need much encouragement to go further than just look.

“Oh, Adam I hope my legs aren’t making you to uncomfortable. You seem to be in a little trouble there?” She said in a calm matter fact way.

“E..eer eer. I’m sorry. I know it’s.. wrong but, you are, eer, very beautiful” He stuttered, his face flushing red. “and I love stockings, they always turn me on. I’m so, so, sorry Margaret

” Don’t worry, I’m not angry. But why would a hansom boy such as you look at an old woman like me?” Margaret smiled reassuringly. “let me turn off and find somewhere secluded , and you can adjust yourself.”

“Margaret you’re stunning, I think about you all the time. I’m sorry that you had to see me like this , but I can’t help it. My willy seems to have a mind of it’s own. Most of the time!” Adam was even more excited, Margaret wasn’t angry with him. He’d had a similar reaction at school when he saw, Miss Stafford’s stocking clad legs, then he’d been ridiculed and called a pervert, and given the cane.

But Margaret seemed to be hinting that she liked the idea of being ogled at, by a young man, with apparently very naughty thoughts on his mind. His cock grew even harder, and he had to hold it to relieve some of the tension created by his shorts. He couldn’t wait for Margaret to find somewhere quiet, he pulled his shirt out of the waistband of his shorts and plunged his hand inside his shorts and pulled his erection up, so that it was still hidden by his shirt but now held down by the waistband of his shorts flat to his tummy.

“Is that better?” Margaret cooed. She hadn’t been able to see his cock as Adam adjusted himself, and she couldn’t look, for fear of having an accident. Then she saw a little side road approaching and began slow and indicate that she was turning off.

Suddenly they were driving up an ancient green lane, steep banks on either side and and a canopy of intertwined branches overhead. The road was very steep and before long Margaret had changed down to second gear and the engine complained at the effort, but the woods soon cleared and the road began to level, there was a view out over the south downs the sea glistening in the distance. Margaret drove off the road, onto the grass parking ümraniye escort the little car as level as possible. She applied the hand brake, turned off the engine and turned and smiled at Adam.

She pulled the hem of her skirt a little higher revealing the her silk clad crotch.

“So young man you’ve been fantasising about an this old woman? You know I should be, very, very angry, and shout at you for being a little pervert etc. etc. But I’m not angry , I’m excited.

Do you wank off and spend, thinking about me? Do you imagine seeing these?” she pointed at her large firm bosom. “Naked? Do you imagine your manhood inside my wet cunny?”

Adam was nearly dumb struck, Margaret had put into words all his wicked thoughts.

“Yesssssssss! I fucking well do. Oh Margaret, you really aren’t angry? I want to see all of you , look!” With that he pulled his skirt up, and the waistband of his shorts down, revealing his circumcised erection gleaming in the mid morning sunshine a large purple head shinning bright oozing pre-cum.”

It was Margaret’s turn to exclaim “Oooooh wow, that! is! beautiful, hold it up so I can see. Oooh yes Adam you are going to see all of this old lady, most definitely. I’m going to let you have me. Which ever, what ever, way you want me. I don’t know what’s come over me but , but .. well.. To be frank I don’t fucking care. I’ve lived my life far to long in the slow lane. Adam I want you to fuck me, OK?”

Before she’d quite finished her astonished statement, Adam had climbed over the gear stick, and was kissing Margaret’s mouth probing with his tongue. His hands searching her body his left-hand went down between her legs, and his right grasped hold of her left breast. Margaret returned the kiss with equal passion.

TOOOOOOOOT blared, the cars horn. They both froze the moment gone, and both of them jumped back as if electrocuted.

They both laughed and laughed, blushing at each others shocked reaction to the sudden interruption.

“Fuck that! Bloody horn. I nearly had a heart attack.”Margaret explained, almost angry at the break in their passion. Margaret was so turned on, she could still feel the pressure of Adams fingers on her cunny, in fact she thought she could feel that his finger had actually been inside her. She looked at him to see him smelling his fingers, and then his tongue came out and tentatively and licked her wetness. His face questioned the taste and them he licked his fingers again.

“Mmmm, you smell nice and taste nice too.”

“Stop it, Adam. You really are, to naughty, thank you, though.” Margaret was now so turned on she was past caring. she scanned the hillside and saw no one. But it was to open up here on the downs. But she knew she could do one thing and not be seen.

“Lets get in the back, there’s a little bit more room and no bloody horn.” With that she opened the drivers door and got out, she lifted her skirt and pulled her silk knickers down taking them off. Adam got out the passenger side and pushed the seat forward and climbed into the rear, as the car had no roof he could stand up one foot either side of the transmission duct. Margaret got in from her side and sat on the red leather bench seat, putting Adam right in front of her face. she pulled his shorts and under pants down allowing his rampant cock to spring out into the bright sunshine.

“You have a most beautiful willy, young Adam. Aunty Margi’s is going to suck it for you.” She leant forward and grasped Adams cock. she hadn’t had a cock in her mouth in 30 years and this one was, so hard, so silky soft so thick and veined, as she swallowed half its glorious length. She tasted pre cum salty and sweet. Adam groaned with pleasure.

“Careful or I’ll cum.” He whispered. Margaret pulled his cock out of her mouth , and breathlessly said “You can cum, cum for me baby, cum in your Margi’s mouth. I’ll swallow all you can give me.”

With that Margaret took Adams cock back in her mouth , swirled her tongue around the beautiful glands, pumped the shaft with her hand, she bobbed her head back and forth, dribbling all over the iron hard shaft.

Adam was so worked up he came in seconds, he’d never had his cock sucked, good girls didn’t do that sort of thing.

A great flood of semen gushed from him, and Margaret swallowed ever drop. She felt her insides flood and an orgasm ran through her body. This was better than her wildest imaginations.

Oh how she’d missed, the real pleasure, and sense of power of satisfying a man, having him in her absolute control. 30 years, wasted .

Never accepting the advances, of men in all those years . But there had never been any, beautiful blond men like a her late husband, or the young man that she just so wonderfully satisfied. She couldn’t help herself and began to cry.

“Sorry, sorry, it’s not your fault, it’s me for being a silly old lady.”

Adam knelt down onto the seat and kissed tear streaked face. “I’ve wanted tuzla escort you for so long, my beautiful Adam. We’ve wasted so much time together, and the worst part is we will have to keep it secret, otherwise people will judge us. Particularly me! They will say I’m a sick old lady, seducing a boy old enough to be her son.”

“Margaret, Margaret my love, don’t worry, we can come out for days like this. Even go away for weekends and no one will suspect us. We can pretend to be Mother and son, if you like.”

Margaret kissed him on the mouth and he could taste his own cum, which made them both tremble with further excitement.

“We need to find somewhere, more comfortable and private. Pull up your shorts, and we’ll take the picnic and walk down the hill to those woods, we drove up through. I’m sure we can find a secluded spot.”

Margaret’s practical side clicked in and took control. The car locked, the picnic hamper and blanket collected from the boot, they walked down the hill toward the ancient wood of Oak and Beech.

The wood skirted the hill and after finding a style they climbed over the fence into the cool green forest. Aged boughs arching above them, the main path ran parallel with the fence but after 50 yards. Then a small less used path branched off down hill. In only a few more yards, this new path seemed to just vanish, at the top of a small cliff. However on closer inspection they saw rough steps cut into the small cliff only about 10 feet high. Adam went first carefully climbing down to the bottom of the cliff , he carried the hamper, the steps were difficult but he managed to get down safely. He put down the hamper and looked up to see Margaret coming down the steps, she held up the hem of her loose gypsy skirt. Giving Adam glimpses of her stocking clad legs.

His cock had become hard again, just watching Margaret descend the steps. She’d held the hem so high, he could even see her cunny, he hadn’t seen a cunny so bare before. The pictures he’d seen always showed thick bushes of black hair.

Margaret smiled down at him. “I hope I’m not showing to much young man? But I have to hold my skirt up so I can see where I’m going. That last bit I think I will turn round, and come down backwards.” With that she turned around and started to come down the last few steep steps holding on with her hands.

Adam reached up, and as the hem of her skirt came within reach he took hold and let the material ride up as he held her thighs and as she got the last step and the base of the cliff her hips. Margaret’s bottom was naked white and firm. Adam slowly turned her around and knelt in front her, he pushed gentle back to rest on the chalky cliff. Leaning forward he tentatively pushed his tongue in her musky cunny.

“Ooo… no, not here. I won’t be able to stay standing here, if you do that. Put the blanket down for me to lie on.” Adam didn’t listen or maybe didn’t want to listen, and buried his face into her crotch.

Margaret fought with all her strength, to stay standing but her knee’s collapsed. Forcing Adam down as well, he couldn’t keep contact with her cunny. He stood up and looked at this wonderful woman weak and dishevelled, before him.

Taking the blanket he looked for a level piece of ground nearby with no visible stones poking up, just few yard away was a grass covered area, perfect.

He laid the blanket out placed the hamper next to it, and returned to Margaret, who was still sitting at the bottom of the steps. One leg straight and one leg bent.

“Would madam care to come and lie down?” Adam asked. He extended a helping hand, which Margaret took and allowed herself to be pulled up. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Finally lying on the blanket her skirt around her waist, her sex open to the air and her legs spread wide Adam knelt between her thighs and began again to pleasure her with his mouth.

The sensation was wonderful, Adams tongue found all the right places. He gently flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit, then circled around and around . She pushed on the back of his head encouraging him to go deeper. without a word he understood and began probing her folds with his tongue.

Margaret’s moans began to get louder, as her climax approached.

“Oooh.. don’t stop please. Yes there, harder and little faster. Yes like that. Ooh don’t stop.” Adam complied and was soon rewarded with moans of delight and Margaret’s hip pushing up, as her climax coursed through her cunny . This one a full, a proper one, raged through her sending wave after wave of pleasure through body, her cunny tingled, her tummy tingled, her nipples tingled, even her toes tingled.

Adam sat back on his heals the leaning forward undid the buttons of Margaret’s blouse, soon revealing her 3/4 wired bra which held her breasts , encased in lacy fabric. Margaret pulled him to her face , kissing him passionately.

“OH darling that was wonderfully satisfying, I think you’d better stick that lovely cock of yours in me before. I go completely mad with lust.”

Adam pushed his shorts and pants down taking them off over his plimsolls, his erection springing free.

He moved himself between Margaret thighs and laying above her supported on his arms he moved forward. She put her hand between her legs grasped the hard erection and guided it into her all to willing flesh.

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