The End of High School Ch. 06The End of High School Ch. 06


We went over and knocked on Mom and Dad’s door before we went downstairs. They were dressed but not quite ready to go but we wanted to leave because we had to see Christine.

“Mom and Dad, isn’t she gorgeous in that dress?”

I twirled to show off my new party dress. The hem brought attention to my thigh highs and the 3″ strappy heels gave me the right height. If you looked at the back of my dress when I moved just right you could see my butt crack because the back was open so far. The front was scooped to below my boobs and you could see the sides of them, sometimes more.

Dad was like. “I don’t know about this.”

And Mom joined him, “That dress is very mature, Sally. You be careful how you move.”

“It’s ok, I’ll be there to take care of her.”

“Yeah, Jim’s going to be the only one seeing me tonight!”

“You really look hot, Sally!”

We kissed each other as we were leaving their room. “We’ll cya down there!”

“Wow, Jen! I really mean it. You’re hot tonight! You’re prettier than I ever saw you before!”

“Hey, thanks, Jim! You’re really flattering me tonight!” The elevator arrived just as we did.

“Well, I’m serious. And, Jen?”


“I’m not playing that game anymore. I mean I’m not going to act like we’re lovers.”

I looked at him puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I’m gonna keep on doing stuff if you want to it’s just, whatever I do tonight is for real. It may be like before but it’s for real. I love you!”

“Oh, wow! This is so awesome!”

The doors opened and we had to get out through this crowd of people trying to get on. If only they’d realize there’s more room if they let us get out first; people can be so stupid.

“Christine, what’s the news?”

“You guys, you’re not going to believe this.”

“What is it?”

“Mr. Wentzler, he lives across the street from us. He and his wife do. They have two kids and a couple dogs and they travel a lot. And they want someone to stay there and look after the house and feed the dogs sometimes if they don’t take them along.”


“Well, here’s the thing. He wants to interview someone as soon as possible, like tomorrow, and hire them right away. I told him about you two so he and his wife want to meet you.”

“I dunno, we’re supposed to go back in about a week. I don’t think we can stay.”

“Yeah, and how long does he want someone to dog sit anyway?”

“He said it could be up to two years or so. They just use this house during the season.”

“Wow! This is wild. Do you think he’d really hire us?”

“Yeah, I told him about ya’ll. And you’ll love their house and everything.”

“I dunno if Mom and Dad will let us.”

“Well, why not? I mean if they let y’all sleep together on this trip, why not?”

Jim and I looked at each other and blushed. We both nodded as if we were answering each other’s question.

“Christine? Can Gebze escort bayan we tell you a secret?”

“You aren’t killers or anything?”

“No way! It’s nothing bad”

“That’s right.” My arm was around his waist and his was around mine and inside the back of my dress with his hand on my butt.

“We’re not like really dating.”

“She means not like you’re used to.” He looked around to see if anyone was close by.

“Christine, Jim is my brother. We’re sister and brother.”

“Oh, my God! That is so hot!”

“But you see we were just having a little secret between us.”

“Yeah. We were playing a game that we knew we’re related but everyone else thought we’re a couple.”

“Oh, no. I might have messed it up for you.”

“How? What do you mean?”

“Well, I told them you’re a couple.”

“Well, we’ll see. Listen, we have to go to the party. When do you get off?”

“I have to close up here at 9 but then I clear plates at the party. I’ll see you there.”

“OK, kewl!”

“Talk about it anyway.”

“Bye, babe!” We both kissed her.

“There’s no way Mom and Dad are going to let us do that.”

“I dunno, maybe they will.”

“Right.” That was sarcasm from him. “I mean, I’m sure they think we’re doing it.”

“And that would be bad because …?”

“Silly. They think we’re perverts as it is.”

“You mean it’s perverted for a sister to flash her brother when she’s not wearing panties?” I pulled my dress up in front so he could get a good look.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it. Is there anything wrong with this?” Jim reached his arm around my shoulders and let his hand dip under the top of my dress and he fondled my boob as we walked into the ballroom.

“Babe, you can do that anytime you want!”

We were among the first people in the room so we got a table just a little to the side and right in the middle. Dad doesn’t like to be up real close to the band because of the volume so we draped my shawl across two chairs to save them. Jim and I were talking about the house sitting job and what it could be like when the band started playing. I left my purse and our drinks to save our seats and headed for the floor.

We were dancing just like any other regular couple and not flashing anyone or groping each other. I did give him a really prominent hickey on his neck when we were slow dancing this one time. I truly felt so natural being with him, dancing and everything. On any other date I was either being guarded so the guy wouldn’t think one thing about me or being wild and hoped he wouldn’t kill me after sex. Tonight I just knew I could do anything I wanted and act any way.

Hugging on the way back to the table was not as easy because the place had filled up during those 7-8 dances. We were about two tables away when I saw Dad holding a chair for Mom.

“Hey, you two! That band is great!”

“Yeah, they know a lot of old songs. We had so much fun dancing.” I kissed my sister on the mouth and gave her butt a playful squeeze as we started to sit.

“Did you make them stop?”

“No, Dad! Quite funny though.”

“I think one of the sax players broke a reed or something. They’re going to be back in a few minutes.”

We both grabbed a rum punch off the tray as the waiter went by. I think he was at the party but I’m not sure. At least I couldn’t remember him with his clothes on.

Mom and Dad were talking to some of Dad’s friends from the conference on one side and we were looking at all the people from the other.

“Do you think we should tell them our news?”

“Jen, we don’t really know anything yet. What are we going to say?”

“Well I feel like we have to say something.”

“I’ve got an idea how to build it up.”

“OK, babe! You start then.” I was holding one of his hands in mine as we waited for a break in conversation with their friends.

“Mom and Dad? We have an idea to run past you.”

“This sounds serious.”

“Dad, it is.”

“You sound like I did when I told your grandfather I wanted to marry your Mom.”


“OK, son, what is it?”

“Well, you know how you want us to get jobs this summer? And, well the summer just started but we haven’t found anything yet?”

“Yes, but that’s OK. I know you haven’t had time. You and your sister can start looking as soon as we get back.” That was really one of his veiled commands.

“You’ve heard us talk about Christine? She works here and we went to her party the other night? “


“We saw her on the way in and she’s going to be here later working. Well, she has an idea.”

“Um, what is it?” They were already skeptical.

“We don’t know all the details yet.” I added.

“How much do you know so far?”

“There’s this couple and they live across the street from her. I kinda remember seeing a big place but I wasn’t really looking at it, we were looking for Christine’s. They want a couple to, er, um, I mean they want some people to house sit for them while they’re gone.”

“A couple???”

“Well, like two people. I don’t think we have to be married.”

“How long is this job? How much does it pay? When would you start?”

“Hey! We don’t know all that stuff yet.”

“No, she just told us what we told you, that’s all.”

“It might be a couple years. But they want us to come interview tomorrow.”

“So, may we?”

“Please? If it’s no good we won’t take it.”

“But if it’s a good job that would be so nice.”

Mom was getting worried. “Neither one of you have been away from home more than a week.”

“Yes, remember when I went to scout camp?”

“Yes, I do. That was a Camp Run-Uh-Muck-Uh and it was like 15 miles out of town. If I remember, you came home three times for clean clothes or stuff like that, too!”

“Mom! It’ll still be OK.”

“And, if it works out, we’re already here. It’s not like we’d have to drive back and forth.”

“Please, will you let us interview?”

“I guess that won’t hurt.”

“It doesn’t mean your Mom and I will say you can do it though. I mean I’m not sure I like the idea of you partying already with people you don’t even know, drinking and stuff.” He pointed at the glass in my hand as we were talking. “And, your Mom has told me how, um, er, familiar you two are getting with each other.”

“Dadddd.” I blushed deep red this time.

“You know me and Jen have always been real close. You even told us how we didn’t like sleeping apart when we were kids.”

“But that was then. You certainly shouldn’t be sleeping together these days.”

“Um, it’s not like we have a choice. We haven’t had two beds on this whole trip.”

“This is different. I meant at home and such. This is a special vacation and some sacrifices have to be made.”

“Dad, we certainly don’t mind.”

“That’s right, it’s not a sacrifice for us.”

“What your mom and I are trying to tell you is you’re old enough that you should not see each other nude or touch each other like you might have when you were younger.”

“Dad, it’s OK. We love each other and it’s not like we haven’t seen each other before.”

“Yeah, he’s right. I enjoy it when he touches me. It makes me feel loved and secure.”

“But your Mom and I don’t like the idea.”

“Well, don’t worry. It’ll be OK.”

“Besides, I don’t mind it. I think it’s sweet the way he is around me.” I kissed him on the mouth. “I mean we’re not having sex or anything heavy.”

They were frowning. “I guess you two may go interview but we want to hear all the details.”

“Oh, thank you!” I jumped up and hugged them both and kissed their cheeks. “Jim! This is going to be so much fun! I love you!”

“Let’s go dance some more.”

The rest of the evening we danced almost every song with his hands rubbing my butt and, during the breaks, we talked to Christine and introduced her to Mom and Dad. I could tell they were truly happy to meet her. I don’t know, they might have been expecting some tattooed biker chic or something. Of course, the fact she was wearing a crisply starched hotel uniform helped.

Jim and I cut in on Mom and Dad and dance a couple with them. It worked out good that there was one swing song and then a slow dance. I nuzzled my face in my Dad’s neck and hugged him. I loved my Dad and I knew that would get me points, too by hugging him like that.

It was getting late and the crowd was thinning. We told Mom and Dad, and Christine goodnight.

“We’re going to bed so we can get a good night’s rest for tomorrow.”

“OK, you two. Just don’t get all your hopes up yet.”

“Right, Dad”

That night it took us an extra 10-15 minutes to get to sleep. We talked for a while making up the things we didn’t know about the job until the situation was totally preposterous and then we’d start over again.

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