The ElevatorThe Elevator


“Again I have to pick my younger sister up from school, another detention. No big, I know where the school is, after all I did go there for 4 years, I do know my way around. I’m sure I can find something to do. The school has changed since my time, 7 years ago. If I’m there early I can have a look around, talk to some of my old teachers etc. I’ll find something.” Realizing I’m talking to myself, I turn on the radio in the car.

“Singing is better than talking to myself” I say out loud, as if someone can hear me. Fond memories of high school engulf my thoughts for the rest of the journey.

I arrive at the school. As I look up at the once familiar school grounds I mutter, “Whoa” what happened here? They must of got a huge chunk of change to do all this.”

I go inside and marvel at the changes. Finally come across a familiar face, the school librarian. I was friends with her son growing up, so as women tend to do, we start to chat about what I’ve been up to what she’s been up to, what her son has been up to. In the content of the conversation we learn that both her son and I are married, have kids and are very happy with our lives. We talk about the new things that the school has been doing and she shows me her new library. Once the size of a small office room, where me and my friends meet up before and after school everyday, the library now has 4 floors and needs an elevator to access them. She tells me that she has to run, but leaves me with the keys to lock up when I’m done and put the keys in her mailbox after taking the self tour of the new place I used to call home.

I check the time. “about an hour left”

That’s plenty of time. I deicide to start at the 4th floor and work my way down. I browse around and get a little overwhelmed with the memories and feel the ‘at ease’ feeling that I now realize I took for granted those years back.

I hear a familiar voice “Hey Ma?”

I poke my head around the corner, “Mike?”

“Hey Mel what are you doing here?” he says as he doesn’t hesitate to run up and give me one of his ‘Mike’ hugs. You know those hugs that your friends give and only they can do it.

I tell him that I’m picking up my sister and ran into his mom and I had the keys to lock up. Like those innocent years before we talk for what seemed like forever. Joking, laughing, friendly jesters of “bumping” into each other as we talked. I was one of the guys in high school and in Mike’s eyes I still am. The evidence of this was proven when he started playfully poking me in the face (which he knows I can’t stand). We start to goof off, going back and forth with the poking, and licking, yes he likes to lick my face, weird I know. Within ankara escort the playing he was going on about the new computer lab that was down stairs. He wanted to show me what they could do. We get in the elevator, the door closes behind us. He, again, pokes me in the cheak.

I respond with “oh Yea?” as I jump up wrap my legs around him and lick his face from the left cheak to the right. I start the return back to the left and his tongue stops mine. It startled me and I went to back up as he clenched me tighter and kissed me deep. I soon relaxed, returning the passionate kiss.

He pulls back, “I’ve been wanting to do that for years” he says as he firmly grabs my ass, while I lower my feet to the floor.

Standing there stunned, “Anything else that you’ve been wanting to do for years that I should know about?” I try to get it out without him hearing my voice quiver.

He smirks his boyish grin, “I don’t know if I should, might freak you out.”

“I’m not sure at this point ANYTHING will freak me out” I chuckle.


He guides his hands past my face. I flinch out of habit. We both chuckle.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” He pauses, chuckles deeper, and says to himself “well not yet.”

We both smile as he grasp the back of my head and leans in to kiss me. Our lips press together, mouths slowly open to invite the others tongue to explore. Progressively more aggressive, tongues start to thrust into each other mouths. In one swift movement before I know what is happening he pulls me close, grabs my ass, lifts me, as my legs instinctually wrap around him. He clenches me tighter, pulling my hips against him. I can feel him throbbing through his pants.

He slowly moves to sit in the folding chair in the elevator. As soon as he hits the chair he thrusts into me, making sure there is no mistake of what he wants. I push his head away from mine, releasing our lips from each other. I nibble gently on his neck in front of me, work my way down the front of his chest. His tank top is in the way of what I want. I grab the collar of his thin tank top in my teeth, grab either sides with my hands and tear it open exposing his chest. Eagerly I sink my teeth into him. My hips grinding against his throbbing cock he can’t help but grab them. He throws his head back in total acceptance. I continue kissing his chest, grazing his nipples with my tongue, gently sucking. I continue my journey down his stomach, kissing, nibbling, biting, and finally reach this belt.

I grab the buckle with my teeth, start working the worn brown leather though it with my tongue. I get impatient and grip his belt and get it undone, seems like it takes eternity. Another ankara escort bayan obstacle, I get through the button fly….who thought those were a good idea?

To my surprise and relief no more obstacles. What I want is right in front of me all 10inches of it. His cock so hard every vein is pulsing. I get a little nervous wondering if I can take something that big as I’ve never had the experience before. I notice the bit of wetness on the tip. I look at him and softly lick it off. He takes a deep breath….I know what he wants. I swirl my tongue around the tip, around the rim, lick down the shaft to his balls and take the left one in my mouth. The surprise forces him to jolt his hips forward allowing me enough time and room to get his pants to his knees. I lick his shaft again, not taking my eyes off him, while taking his pants completely off.

He’s breathing is becoming more and more stressed….I finally take it all in my mouth, giving him exactly what he wanted. He’s legs quivers in delight, back arched, head back, moaning uncontrollably. I love every minute of it, I love it when the guy can’t control his actions. Turns me on even more and I start to feel the juices dripping out of my pussy. I want all the control now. As I’m sucking him I run my tongue inside my mouth up and down his shaft. He realizes what the tongue ring is for, he always used to ask me, and now he knows.

His cock is throbbing, it’s almost too big for my mouth. His moans are louder, turning me on more, and more with every breath he takes. I can’t take the wait anymore, I come up, kiss him deeply. “Mike, eat my pussy. I want you to taste my cum.”

He guides me down to the floor, bites my pussy through my jeans, forcing me to let out a pleasurable scream. He’s so strong and so impatient he tears the button to my jeans, and breaks the zipper. Before I know it my pants are off and his face is buried deep in my pussy. His tongue caressing every fold and crevasse. The scruff of his upper lip tickling my clit, making it stand erect. My soft pussy skin pressed into his face, just the sight of it makes my muscles spasm and cum flow out of my pussy. He tries to keep up, sucking as fast as he can, but he wasn’t ready for me.

He sucks what he can off my pussy lips. I pull him up to my face to kiss me, I love the taste of my cum. I kiss him, my tongue tasting every drop of my cum left in his mouth, sucking it off his bottom lip gently.

I whisper to Mike “what do you want?”

“I want to fuck you. Always wanted to know what it was like.” He rubs his cock up and down my lips teasing my pussy. I get wetter just watching him do it and thinking about what’s coming next.

He leans escort ankara towards me, our lips meet, simultaneously he inserts his tongue in my mouth and thrusts his cock deep inside my tight wet pussy. Confused at first of why he was so deep in my mouth, he stretched my pussy so much I let out a scream that would have been heard through out the town had he not been muffling me. He waited for a second, for the screams to subside to a tolerable moan. He began slowly, increasing speed and depth with every thrust. I came again, I started to scream, cum flowing down his cock, down my ass, soaking into the rug in the elevator.

He suddenly stopped, “Ride me Mel.” He commanded as he sat back on the chair. I eagerly complied. With on leg on either side of him I grabbed his now slippery cock, I wanted to suck it more. I bent over and sucked my cum off his cock. Throbbing even more now than before I positioned myself, teased him with my pussy. He moaned from the heat he felt as it dripped onto him. Gently touching the head with my pussy lips, I forced my pussy onto him.

Again he stretched me far enough to make me scream. It felt so good, I wasn’t used to a cock that big. I start to give him the ride of his life. Up and down, non-stop, bucking my hips with every orgasm. Both of us moaning, screaming for each other.

“oh..don’t stop, don’t stop….”

He grabs my hips and pulls me further onto him, making me fuck him harder. He’s so deep I keep cuming, and cuming, I almost can’t take it because I’m not getting a break. His moans are turning me on so much that I can’t stop, I love pleasing him, love making him have no control over what his body is doing.

“Oh, don’t stop….don’t…..I’m gonna cum” he screams. “mmm…where do you want it?”

“In my mouth. Fuck my face” I whisper in his ear, telling him where I want him to release.

I quickly get off him, get onto my knees and take his cock in my mouth. He grabs the back of my hair, guiding me. I eagerly suck his cock again, hungry, impatiently awaiting for what I’ve been wanting.

“Oh, FUCK….yea…mmmm…fuck that’s good…..oohh, oh, oh fuck YESSSSSSSSS.”

My mouth gets filled with hot cum. I keep sucking making sure I don’t miss anything, I want to leave him completely pleased. I wipe my lips while he slumps in the chair.

While I’m gathering up and sorting out the clothes, exhausted he gets out “that was nothing like I imagined, that was freakin fabulous.”

I look at my watch “Oh shit, I got to get my sister! Detention is over!” I push the button and as the elevator is headed for the 1st floor we scurry to get dressed and clean up what we can with his torn shirt.

“Don’t worry, we’ll just throw it out, I loose these things all the time anyway. No one will question.”

The doors open to the 1st floor, the shirt is tossed the trash can, Mike and I hug. I lock up. Keys in the mail box.

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