The Dutch Girl AnonThe Dutch Girl Anon


It had started as a simple exchange of messages on line. They were both bored one night and started texting each other. Just a random person to text with. They didn’t know each other and had never met. The messages started out as simple flirting. Some emoticons, winks, nods etc. Before the night was over though the messages had included a succulent role play in which he had bound her and teased her until she had been begging to cum. He had finally let her cum. The role play so realistic and hot that they had both cum for real.

She was from Holland. She was blonde with pretty blue eyes, very large breasts, nice wide hips and a great ass. She worked part time selling candy and fudge at a sweets store. Her name was Jenny but she didn’t use that online. She referred to herself as Anon online.

He was a dark haired, blue eyed American from New England, his family was from Italy but it had been several generations ago. He worked for a large company and traveled frequently. He too had a kinky side. He was 30 years old and was still in excellent physical shape. 6-01 with a large wide chest and shoulders and a thin waist. He was very proud of his 8 inch cock with a large thick circumcised head. He had heard from several women that they thought it was one of the best shaped cocks they had ever had.

The messaging went on for several months. Different scenarios. Locations and toys, pictures of different things to try. She had even sent him information on new toys and restraints that she liked. She had told him that she worked at the sweets store. Finally after several months he told her that he would be traveling to Holland on business in a month. He learned her name was Jenny. He knew where she worked. A week later a package arrived for her. A small box addressed to Jenny. She opened the box and found that it contained a set of leather cuffs with a small chain. The chain attached to what looked to her like small stainless steel bars, the type she recognized as she would wear through her pierced nipples. The thought of them made her wet, she wanted to get home and try them out. She knew though that he had sent them to her for use when he arrived. She took a break from work, locked herself into the bathroom and masturbated herself into a frenzied orgasm thinking of things to come.

Less than a month later Jenny was at work. It had been a long day, several tourists had visited the store. The men would almost always take in her large breasts. They would stare at them until they were caught by their wives or girlfriends. Some slaps but usually just a dirty look first to them and then to her. Each time she would giggle internally and feel a slight heat in her pussy as she thought of all these women calling her a slut. It excited her to be considered the slut. She had occasionally been able to catch the bulge forming in their pants. She could imagine the outline of their cocks getting hard thinking of her. She often could make out the detail of the ridge of their heads. Occasionally finding a man or two that had an very large dick. One she imagined sucking and riding. Lately she had been so horny at work that she had stopped wearing her panties just so she could have easier access to herself while she sat in the car long enough to finger herself before driving home.

Today had been very delightful. A tall man had arrived. He had blue eyes, and confident look. He was alone and was dressed handsomely in tight jeans and a nice white tailored button down shirt. One that showed off his thin waist and wide chest. His face was in her opinion beautiful. When he entered the store, Alice, another of the girls who worked there had immediately moved to him. She was dressed like Jenny but did not possess the large tits that Jenny loved to show off. Alice was skinny but pretty. He was pleasant to her but Jenny noticed that he kept looking her way. Alice eventually moved away after giving him a sample of some of the latest fudge. When he asked for the Vanilla Alice had to relent as she did not have any left. Jenny having just refilled her tray hurried over to this panty wetting hunk. “Hello” she said making sure her lips made the roundest most sensual motion they could.

“Hello yourself” he answered taking a few seconds to look at her cleavage.

“I have a new tray if you would like a sample of my sweets” she chimed back to him knowing how it sounded but she couldn’t help it. He was even better looking up close. The door opened and the üsküdar escort bell rang. When it did she saw him turn his head so she quickly reached down and adjusted her top so that the large brown around her nipples was just showing. He turned back as she bent forward a little more letting him get a good look as she showed him the tray. He seemed to spend several long seconds making his decision. Glancing down she noticed the bulge in his jeans. “Shit, its huge” she thought feeling her pussy started to get moist.

He tried several samples asking her questions and keeping her there for several minutes. Finally he told her that he was going to look around and then he would ask for her once he decided what he was going to buy.

She walked behind the counter and out of sight of the customers. She had several thoughts of him and her pussy was dripping. She could feel the liquid on her inner thighs as she moved. “Ten minutes till I leave” she told herself.

He came to the counter and she headed over to ring him out. He handed her the money and small piece of paper. He quickly turned and left before she opened the folded paper. On it was written a simple message “I’ll be waiting outside for you.”

She quickly checked out of work and headed outside, the anticipation of his cock filling her pussy had her dripping during the walk. She could feel the wetness almost to her knees now. Getting outside she looked around. Where was he, was this a tease. She waited and searched but didn’t see him. Pissed she got in her car and drove home. The ride was horrible, she was horny, wet and pissed off that this asshole had tricked her like this.

As she unlocked her front door she heard a voice. A males voice “Hey Jenny”.

Looking she saw him, the prick from the store. He was walking towards her as a taxi drove by them. “What are you doing here?” she asked in a foul mood.

“I followed you here, had the cab follow you so I could meet with you.” he said with large grin on his face. Then he added “I was hoping you were going to come straight home.”

“Well I did, what do you want?” she said sharply. More pissed than anything else that he had made her drive home wet and frustrated.

“Listen I don’t know why your upset you should know that I love to tease you, get you wet and then satisfy you. It’s been that way for months.”

As he said that she suddenly realized that it was him, the online genius that had been giving her orgasms for months. Her knees were getting weak. The unresolved urges from earlier flooding back into her. “Well are we going in or what” he asked her.

Quickly opening the door and letting him in she put her things down and immediately headed for her bedroom telling him she would be back in a minute. Heading to her room she looked in the box under her bed and quickly found the package containing the wrist cuffs and chain to the nipple bars. She quickly inserted the bars through her nipples leaving the chains.. Then she inserted an anal plug, the feeling a little uncomfortable for her but she had been practicing every day since he said he was coming. She went back into the living room and stood in front of him. He looked at her and motioned for her to come close. Getting close she leaned down and offered him her lips. He kissed her softly on the forehead and told her “not yet luv, that will come later.”

Then looking at her sternly he said “take off your clothes.”

She could barely make her fingers function as she unbuttoned her shirt. Her tits heaving as her heartbeat increased. It was going to happen, after all this time. He was here and she was doing what he told her. She unbuttoned the shirt and slid her skirt off. Her bare pussy exposed and already glistening. Her tits barely contained in the unbuttoned shirt. The nipples already hard and erect with the silver bars shiny brightly. He smiled and told her to turn around. She obliged and turned away from him, her ass at head level while he sat in the chair. He reached up and grabbed the cuffs of her shirt on each wrist. He pulled tightly drawing the sleeves down, restraining her arms behind her. Next he told her to bend over. She did as he held her arms pulling them up as she bent at the waist. It hurt a little but that the pain was minor compared to the pleasure she felt as she bent over, the anal plug moving in her ass. Her pussy exposed to his eyes. She waited anticipating şerfali escort a touch, a tease, anything. She stood bent over for a long minute, then two. No word said. She was longing for a touch, a comment, something. She moved started to stand up. “Don’t move.” he commanded and then slapped her hard on her ass, leaving a red mark. She winced with the pain and then smiled, she had felt his touch on her. He slapped her ass again and then two more times. The stinging spreading across her ass cheeks and tingling her pussy. She was getting wetter.

Spanking her had felt good. He knew she liked it that way. Some teasing, actually a lot of teasing, and then some spanking, slapping, biting, pinching any sort of stimulation, pain and she was oozing. He saw the plug in her ass, he touched it, moved it. She moaned. He touched it again and she moaned again. “Please, not too hard.” she said between breathes. He liked the way she responded. He ran his thumb down from the plug to her pussy, just touching it but not really touching it. Kind of gliding over it, his thumb in contact with her skin until just as he reached the skin of her pussy lips, then it was just a slide over barely in contact. He knew her mind would anticipate the touch and it would fill in the sensation perfectly. He watched as her lips quivered slightly. Reaching up and pulling her hips back to him he licked the area around the butt plug. Letting his tongue slide down until it did touch her pussy lips. Pulling them apart spreading her open as he did, his tongue sliding along side her opening. He let his tongue feel the soft skin, touch the moist soft opening. As she started getting heated up he gave her clit a little touch with his tongue. She moaned loudly now and started pushing her pussy towards his face. He slapped her on the ass for her trouble.

“I want to show you something” she said to him. “Please sir” she managed to say between the moans as he licked her pussy.

“When I’ve had my fill of your wetness I’ll let you show me.” he said as he continued to lick her moist opening. She was ready to explode, his teasing without actually entering her driving her crazy with desire. She wanted to be stretched, to feel his hardness inside of her. She wanted mostly to please him. She also wanted him to see what she had for him and for her. Finally he stopped, she was wetter than ever, she knew she was dripping cum down her legs again but she didn’t mind him seeing it. She hoped he liked it.

“Okay, show me your surprise” he said. Standing back and looking at her.

“Can I turn around Sir” she asked timidly.

“Yes” he replied watching her.

Slowly she turned, her unbuttoned shirt still on. She stood facing him with her large breasts standing up, her nipples hard and erect with the shiny new bars in them. “Do you like them?” she asked.

“Like what, you know I like your tits.” he replied teasing her a little.

“The nipple bars, I have the rest of them.” her disappointment barely contained in her voice.

“I’m just joking with you.” he said, leaning forward and kissing each nipple. Then he flicked the little bars. Her nipples sending small waves of pleasure thru her. “Take off your shirt and get the wrist cuffs for me” he said sharply.

She stood up and took of the shirt and went to her bedroom to get the wrist cuffs. Returning seconds later with the cuffs in her hands. He was still seated in the living room only he had removed his own clothes and was now naked. His body was even more impressive to her in person. He was well muscled. When she looked down and saw his cock, she gasped. It was even bigger than she imagined, and well shaped. The head being very large, at least 3 inches across at its widest. It was the largest cock head she had ever seen. His shaft was long probably 6 inches and that combined with the2 inches of the head made it huge. Suddenly she knew that the small anal plug was not going to be enough, hopefully he wouldn’t be putting it in her ass. Glancing at his cock again she couldn’t wait to get it in her mouth. To feel it in her lips. But she knew she had to be patient.

“Get on your knees in front of me.” he commanded her.

She obeyed handing him the cuffs. He started with the right side first, putting the cuff around her wrist and then attaching the short chain to the right nipple bar. The distance between nipple bar and wrist was a mere 4 inches. She had to keep her arm bend and her wrist at her side next to her breast to not pull out her nipple. He then attached the other side and put the chain in the same position. It was adjustable and he seemed satisfied with the position of her arms.

“How does it feel” he asked her.

“Exciting she said” trying not to move to much but enjoying the tug on he nipples as she breathed and go used to how to hold her arms.

He stood in front of her, his cock right there. If only she could grab it she thought. Seeming to read her mind he stepped forward and lifted her chin. “I know you want to suck on this.” he said pressing the tip of his cock to her lips. She immediately parted her lips opening her mouth wide like a bird waiting for a worm from its mother. He let her lick the head. She ran her tongue up the small crevice in front tasting the small amount of precum that had found its way there. She licked it up and slowly starting swirling her tongue around the head. Opening wider she started trying to get the head inside her mouth completely. “Its so big” she thought to her self as she opened even wider to fit it in. Her lips stretched over the head and she slide it in her mouth. She choked a little as her mouth covered the head of his massive cock.

He let her get it in her mouth and enjoyed the feeling of her tight lips around his giant cock head. She amazed him by getting his shaft started in her mouth as well. He could feel her teeth scraping the head and then he could feel the texture of her throat and she continued sliding her mouth over him. She was as good a cock sucker as she had described online. She started moving her mouth up and down over him, sucking and licking. Pausing occasionally to take a breath thru her nose. Her hands started to move up to take hold of it but stopped suddenly as she spit out his cock and let out a quick screech. She had forgotten about the nipple bars and had pulled her nipples trying to grab his cock.

“Oh shit!” she thought as she fit it in her mouth. It filled her mouth completely but she wasn’t going to stop. She held her breath and got it in her mouth. She loved how it felt completely filling her mouth. Sucking and licking for a few minutes she reached for his scrotum and shaft. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in her nipples, it burned and her tits raised up. She spit out the cock and let out a screeching noise. Waiting a second she immediately started licking her cock again. She did not want him to get upset. She licked all around it, flicking the tip and even putting the tip of her tongue into the small hole at the end. She slid her tongue down the length of it using her mouth to lift as she kept her hands close to her nipples. She could feel it getting warmer. Putting her mouth to his scrotum she sucked in his balls. Then moving back to the shaft. She kept going hoping he would let her taste more. He reached down and grabbed her head putting it over his cock while she opened her mouth and stretched her lips over it again. The feeling of her lips over his cock sending waves of pleasure to him. He knew he was close. She licked and sucked his head until he knew he was going to cum. Holding her head tight he arched his back and slid his cock in her mouth hitting the back of her throat as he came. A long stream of hot cum shooting out and down her throat. He kept it there for several seconds before finally pulling his softening staff out of her.

“On the bed with you he said.”

She obeyed and got on the bed, on her back with her arms bent to keep her nipples safe. The fact that she couldn’t move her arms exciting her. Her nipples were still being tugged and she was ready to cum from that pain alone. The thought of his cock in her making her the wettest she had ever felt. Getting on his knees in front of her he again licked her pussy lips. Teasing them with his tongue as he played with the toy in her ass. Moving the anal plug in and out as he licked her pussy lips. Then he licked her clit. Watching it swell. She was so wet it was dripping out of her when he finally put his cock to her. She screamed when his cock entered her, the skin around it stretching tightly. He inched in slowly as she arched her back and wiggled her ass under him. Finally in all the way he started moving slow thrusting in and out. Each time she squealed in delight. She was grinding herself on his massive dick. He started going faster and faster. She squirmed and screamed in delight. Each thrust filling her, stretching her. She started to cum, her lips tightening over him. He kept fucking her as she came. She screamed more and he started to cum in her. As he filled her she started to squirt. She had never squirted before but this time she did. She squirted all over him.

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