Subject: The Driveway, Part 3 (Gay – Adult/Youth) This story is fictional, and no character is meant to represent a person, living or dead. It depicts the fantasy of sexual contact between a minor and an adult. If this is not something that interests you and/or you are not allowed to read this because of your age or jurisdiction, please go elsewhere. I’m happy to hear intelligent feedback at hoo. Flames and e-mails with attachments will be ignored. Please make sure that you make a donation to Nifty to keep this great resource alive. The Driveway, Part 3 Here I was, back in the Johnson’s driveway again, that same feeling present. It was now a Saturday evening, a full week had passed since our first encounter, and over five days since our meeting in the JC Penny changing room. And now I was back in the driveway, my cock half hard thinking about plowing this young boy’s ass. We had tried to make a few different arrangements, but we also didn’t want to risk getting caught or having someone get suspicious as to why we were spending so much time together. Finally, Benny texted me earlier that morning to tell me that his parents were going to be gone all night, and that this would be it. In my mind I wanted to do something more special for him, maybe take him to a hotel or something, but again, I didn’t want to arouse suspicion. His bed would have to do. I exited my car and pushed forward, nervous and excited all at the same time. I made my way up the driveway and reached the front door, ringing the doorbell. Benny was there, waiting for me, and pulled me into his house. As soon as the door was shut his lips were on mine. We kissed as passionately as two lovers would, because that’s what we were, or at least that’s what we were becoming. Wasting little time, we made our way up to his bedroom, to the place it all began just a week prior. We quickly got rid of our shirts, my stomach up against his, our erections grinding against each other through our shorts. Benny’s phone rang. We both stopped mid-kiss, and Benny pulled the phone from his pocket. It was his mom. “Hey. What, why? Oh, well that sucks. Okay, see you soon.” He hung up the phone. “Fuck.” “What was that?” I asked. “You have to go. My dad is sick, and my parents are coming home.” We both quickly put our shirts back on and descended the main staircase, going towards the front door. “Don’t go too far,” Benny said, kissing me on the lips. “I’ll text you. I don’t care how, but we’re doing this tonight.” I went through the front door and very quickly got in my car and left, parking in a neighborhood that was down the road from Benny’s. I sat, and waited, my cock still hard in anticipation of the sex I was hoping to have tonight, fucking this boy and taking his virginity from him. It felt like hours had passed, but when I looked at my watch it had only been five minutes. Maybe this was the universe’s way of telling me not to do this. Maybe this was a sign that I should just take my car, go home, jerk off, and fall asleep. That that was the safe, responsible thing to do. Not have illegal sex with this kid. Yes, that’s what exactly I was going to� My phone went off. It was Benny. “Meet me at Valleyview Park. I’ll be there in 10.” My mentality switched and my mind made up, I fired up my car and drove towards the park, not a far walk from Benny’s house nor a far drive from where I was. I was there in minutes, and once again waited, for what seemed like forever, until I saw his small, skinny, long-legged figure emerge from the woods. He walked up to my car and I rolled down my window. “Sorry about that,” he said, somewhat out of breath. “I can’t fucking believe that happened.” “It’s okay, it’s not your fault. Where did you tell them you were going?” “To my friend’s house. I texted her to let her know. Ugh, I’m so pissed!” “It’s okay, Benny,” I said. “Shit happens.” “Yeah, but we were gonna fuck tonight. I already had my butt lubed up and everything.” Jesus, I thought to myself as my cock lurched in my shorts. I looked at the park that was technically closed and figured that no one would be around for a while. On the back end of the park was a large field where people usually played soccer or football or ultimate frisbee. The opposite end of the field sloped up into a hill. “What’s on top of that hill?” I asked. “Nothing. It just overlooks the town.” I looked into the sky, seeing a million stars. We were pretty secluded, and the hill would probably provide us with even more privacy. I suddenly realized I had an old blanket in my car for the last time I went to the drive in. I opened the door and stepped while simultaneously opening my trunk. “Let’s go see it.” “Really?” he asked, not sure where I was going with all this. “Yeah,” I responded, smiling at him. We made our way up the hill, the grass being a little bit high in sections, but nothing muğla escort that we couldn’t get through. The night was perfect; a comfortably 75 degrees with no humidity and little wind. We reached the crest of the hill, and I realized that Benny was right: the hill offered a perfect view of his town. Right now all we could really see were building lights and street lights, but it was still beautiful. “This’ll do,” I said, unfurling the large blanket and setting it on the ground. “This’ll do for what?” Benny said. “Come here,” I said as I laid down. He got down on the blanket next to me and I pulled him in, kissing him hard, initiating what we had started earlier. We ripped each other’s shirts off, baring our bodies to each other. The moon was almost full tonight, meaning that despite the fact that it was nighttime, we still had a decent amount of light. I pushed him on his back, and we ground our erections against each other. I reached down to grasp his hardness and stroked his erection through his shorts as he moaned in my mouth. I pulled back a bit and positioned my knees in between his legs, gripping his shorts at the hips and sliding them down. I smiled as the white “JOCKEY” brand waistband came into view. “You wore them,” I said, continuing to pull his shorts down. “Of course, I did,” he responded. As I pulled down more, his erection came into view through the white material, pushing aggressively away from his body. I could see a wet spot where his tip was, which turned me on to no end. I pulled his shorts down all the way, taking them off his ankles and throwing them to the side. The briefs looked perfect on him. They were very tight, and hugged his skin close. His cock and balls were painfully obvious in the thin undergarment. I rubbed his dick through the underwear now. “You said you already lubed up your butt?” I asked as I stroked him. “Yeah, why?” “Get my dick as wet as you can,” I said. “Wait, are we gonna fuck now?” he asked. “Yeah, if it’s okay with you.” “But I thought you said you wanted it to be special,” he said, sitting up with his elbows on the ground. I looked around, gesturing to our environment. “This looks pretty special to me.” “Oh yeah, I guess you’re right. Okay!” We switched positions, me getting down on the blanket with him sliding in between my legs. Eager as always, he quickly slid my shorts and underwear down, my 7.5″ cock slapping back against my stomach as it cleared the waistband of my boxer briefs. He immediately took it in his small hands, pointing it up to him, and gently licked around the head, giving me instant goosebumps. He kept this up for another 20 seconds or so, before slowly taking the head in his cute little mouth, sucking my cock farther and farther down, little by little. I moaned as the feelings from his inexperienced, yet skilled mouth overwhelmed my senses. He bobbed up and down on my cock for a few minutes, occasionally taking it out of his mouth only to drool all over it, slickening it up with his saliva so it would slide right into his bottom. He moaned as he sucked me, a high bitched boyish sound that turned me on to no end. I needed him, and I needed him now. “Okay,” I said breathlessly. “Let’s fucking do it.” He let me cock out his mouth with a pop and looked at me excitedly. “Really?” “Yeah. You get on top of me so you can control how fast or slow we go.” “Okay,” he said, putting his feet on either side of my hips as he straddled my body. He was still in his underwear, the front of it almost totally soaked with his precum, so soaked I could actually see his penis through the material. He positioned his butt above my dick and pulled the bottom of the white briefs to the side. “Aren’t you gonna take those off?” I asked. “No,” he said, positioning his hole at the tip of my cock. “You like me in them, don’t you?” “Yeah,” I said, feeling his warm, slippery crack on my glans. “You like how they make me look like a little boy, don’t you?” “Yeah, I do,” I whispered back. “You wanna fuck my little boy pussy now?” he said quietly, his warm, tight hole now directly above my dickhead. “Yeah, Benny. I wanna fuck your boy pussy,” I hissed as he pushed down, the head of my thick cock popping into his hole. “Oh fuck yeah, that’s it,” he said. “I’ve had stuff up my ass before, but nothing this big.” “Take your time. You feel amazing.” “So do you,” he replied, leaning down to kiss me. He continued to push down, more and more of my erection sliding deeper and deeper into his ass, the absolute tightest hole I had ever been in in my life. His eyes winced shut as he took more and more of my dick, his whines growing louder as he sat on me. “Oh fuck, that feels so good,” he moaned. “You sure?” I asked. “Does it hurt at all?” “A little,” he admitted. “But mostly it feels sooooo good.” He continued to push down until it happened: I had completely muş escort bottomed out in him. I could feel his skinny boy butt on my muscular thighs, his balls through the cotton of his underwear on my lower stomach, just above my pubes. He had completely engulfed me. “Okay, gimme a sec,” he said, getting used to the foreign intruder. “Hey, I love you,” I said, looking up at him. He smiled at me, and then leaned down to kiss me. It was a soft, gentle kiss, shared between two lovers. I mentally pinched myself, not being able to believe that I was totally buried in this cute boy’s butt. He released the kiss and straightened up his back, and then pulled up, the tight, wet, warm muscle of his ass stroking my erection. When it seemed like he was going to go all the way out, he pushed back down, the entirety of my cock swallowed up by his warmness yet again. “Oh, fuck yeah,” he muttered. “That’s so good.” “You’re so tight, Benny,” I whispered as we repeated the up and down motion. “Jesus, I’ve never felt anything so tight before.” He smiled at me. “Good.” Up and down he went, pretty much at the speed that the fake, plastic animals go up and down on the merry go round. It was so steady and purposeful, and it felt fucking good. We did this, neither of us making much noise aside from the occasional moan. Benny started to change the way he was fucking me. He wasn’t going faster, but he was going deeper, really pushing himself down on my cock every time he down stroked. As he did this, more noise began to escape his pursed lips, sharp, separated, high pitched exclamations being produced every time my cock stabbed deep into him. I realized that I was hitting his prostate. I looked down again at his boner, straining against the front of his briefs that were still soaked in his precum. I could see the head through the wet material, and it looked large and red. “Oh my God, Max,” he whispered. “What is it, Benny?” I asked, concerned that something was wrong. “I’m gonna cum.” “Really?” “Yeah. Your dick…it just feels so good,” he cried. “Do it. Cum for me, baby boy.” “Oh my God…oh my God…fuck, I’m cumming!” I looked down and could see his boner pulse as his ass clamped down on my dick. A powerful burst of boy cum shot through his underwear, landing on my bare stomach. The next shot was even more powerful and landed on my chest. I watched in awe as my little boy god had a hands free orgasm all over me, now completely soaking the front of his already wet briefs as he came from my dick being in his ass. Tears rolled down his cheeks as his cum overwhelmed him, physically and emotionally. When the shots of cum stopped, and his breathing began to return to normal, Benny looked down at me, a hazy look in his eyes as he recovered from what had to have been the most mind blowing cum of his life. I used my right hand to gently stroke his cheek, and pulled his face down towards mine, and we kissed again, our tongues in battle for dominance as we breathed into each other’s mouths, my cock still buried in his ass. “You wanna go again?” I asked, breaking the kiss. He looked right at me and said, “Fuck yeah.” “Okay. Let’s get these off.” Benny pushed himself up, my cock popping out of his tight hole and slapping back against my stomach. He stood straight up, and I sat up to meet him, putting my face right at eye level with his package. His hardness had not diminished at all, and I pulled his underwear down, the wet material in the front peeling away from his genitals. His boy cock came into view, and in the moonlight I could see how shiny his penis was from his recent ejaculation. I pulled the underwear all the way down and he stepped out of them. I took a quick suck of his penis, making sure that he was has hard as could be, and he shuddered as my tongue manipulated him. “God damn, you taste good,” I said, letting his cock out of my mouth. “Okay, get on your hands and knees, I said, standing up. We were both totally nude now, our bodies glowing under the subtle but present light of the moon. Benny got down on his knees and leaned forward, placing his weight on his hands. I spread his legs apart, opening up his backside to me. You didn’t need to be a CSI detective to see that this boy had just been fucked. His hole was wide open and wet, but I spit on my cock and smeared my saliva around just for good measure. Without warning, I got in between his spread legs on my own knees, pointed my dick at him, and pushed forward. Hard. “FUCK!” he shouted. “Oh fuck, Max,” he said. “Too hard?” He turned back to look at me. “Not even close.” “Good,” I responded, pulling my dick all the way out, and slamming in again. “FUCK!” he shouted again. I repeated my motions once more, and once more again, and another time, until I developed a steady rhythm of long dicking that I loved to do with my girlfriends and one night stands. nevşehir escort But doing it to this 13 year old boy who had obviously just recently hit puberty made me go even crazier, even wilder than I ever had before. The silence of the hill was replaced with the rhythmic slapping of our sex and our moans, both of which grew louder and louder. As I drove into him harder and faster, Benny’s cries became so loud, I was worried that someone from the town we were overlooking was going to hear us and complain. Or maybe they’d want to join in. I mean, if it were me, I would. But at this moment, this boy was mine. I drove into him harder, grunting as I felt his wet insides grip my dick, pulling me into his body. My moans joined his, and for a second I felt like we were two animals in the throws of passionate, wild, unbridled fucking, doing what our bodies were designed to do. I was going in and out of his tight chute at a mile a minute, when I began to feel my orgasm build. “I’m gonna cum, Benny,” I said between grunts. “I’m gonna cum in you.” He turned back towards me. “I wanna watch your face when you cum.” I pulled my cock out of him, and in a flash he was on his back, legs spread, his wet hole open for me. I leaned down and quickly slid back in, relishing the warmth that his boy pussy gave my penis, and started fucking him again. Our cries returned as we resumed this animalistic activity, and as I was buried deep in this 13 year old boy’s hole I went flying past the point of no return, feeling the head flare deep in his bowels as the inevitable began. “Oh fuck, baby, I’m cumming!” “Fuck yeah, cum for me! Cum in me, oh fuck, fill me up!” When I fucked, I liked to push my dick in hard, holding it place while I came. It was just something I always did, I suppose because it allowed me to focus on the feelings. Benny’s hole gripped my cock perfectly as the first shot fired, sending my seed deep into his butt. I screamed out loud as my second shot fired, and I enjoyed my orgasm while being buried in the tightest, warmest hole I had ever been in. “Oh, my God, I can feel it. I can feel your cum inside me!” Benny cried out. I looked down at the boy, who was looking right up at me. My eyes dipped down lower to his perfect looking penis, the cut, 4.5″ masterpiece painfully hard and pushing up and out from the small pubic patch that he had. His hairless balls were tight against his body. As I continued to cum in his ass, I grabbed his dick and started to jerk him. “Oh fuck, Max, fuck that feels so good. You keep shooting in me, oh fuck!” It was true, I had lost count but I was probably at least 6 or 7 shots in at this point and was still going strong. “Max, oh my God, fuck I’m gonna cum again, fuck, oh fuck OH FUCK!” The last thing he said was so loud it echoed…I’m not sure what it echoed off of, but it echoed. As I began to fire my final shots, his dickhead flared and he began to litter his own body with his clear, watery ejaculate, and he cried out as I milked another orgasm out of him as he now had officially lost his virginity. It wasn’t quite as much as there was before, but was still a decent amount for a kid his age. I supposed having a big dick up your butt will do that. When our orgasms had finally waned, we spent a few minutes just looking at each other, occasionally kissing, my dick still in his butt. It was like we both knew what had just happened, how special it was, and that we never wanted it to end. But nothing gold can stay, as the author so famously wrote, and we figured that we had been out long enough and Benny needed to get back home to avoid suspicion from his parents. We took our time finding our clothes, Benny pulling up the soiled briefs, and he giggled when he felt how cool the liquid had become. I admired his body again in the white underwear, telling him how sexy he looked, and he giggled, once again teasing for me liking him looking like a “little boy.” Once we had our clothes on and the blanket was folded up, we made our way back down the hill towards my car. Benny had said he would walk back, so our goodbye would take place near my vehicle. “That was amazing,” Benny said, wrapping his arms around me after I put the blanket back in the trunk of my car. “It really was,” I agreed. “And so are you.” “You are,” he said, nudging his head against my chest. “Okay, so we’ve fucked now.” “Yeah?” “Well, now we have to go on a date.” I gently pushed Benny away from me so I could look at him. “Benny, we can’t do that. If anyone finds out about this, we would be in big trouble.” “I know. I’m gonna go in disguise.” “No, Benny. We can’t do that.” “Do you trust me?” “Benny, it’s not about trust�” “Stop,” he said, interrupting me by kissing me on the lips. “Do you trust me?” “Yes.” “Okay, then it’s settled. We’re going to go on a nice, romantic date and no one is going to get in any trouble.” I sighed. “I don’t like this. But I can’t say no to you.” “Exactly.” He kissed me again. “Good night, my love. Till next time?” “Till next time,” I replied. 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