The DreamThe Dream


The following is a concise recollection of a dream I had one night. I wrote this story immediately that morning…:

I lay somewhat nervously on my side, my woman’s head resting under my arm. I gazed down her outstretched petite naked body on our bed, her legs orientated diagonally outwards from my body. I kissed her forehead as I saw him undress at the foot of the bed. I felt her breasts with my free hand; her nipples were stiff with excitement. Her pubic mound was obstructed by her thick bush; nevertheless, she looked incredibly sexy.

He was younger than us, not by much, but it was noticeable. He was mature for his age though and his muscular form made up for his lack of wit and conversation ability. I could see my woman watching him intently as he removed his clothing; he had long hair and was quite the handsome specimen, even from my perspective. I could sense my woman’s nervousness as he approached the bed, specifically the edge of the bed next to and below her open thighs. He removed the last piece of clothing; his underwear, and we could both see his proud arousal. I wasn’t surprised to see his impressive girth, he had mentioned to us he was larger than average, though kozyatağı escort the feeling it impeded was a little new to me. We watched as he rolled his protection over his manhood and kneeled between my woman’s thighs.

He positioned his muscular arms either side of her body, my woman’s hands gripped his biceps. I could see his cock feeling its way, ever so desperately looking for the delightful point of entry. I tried to kiss her again, but she turned her head obviously wanting to focus her attention on her new experience. I could see her new lover showing signs of shyness, his head lowered next to her arm on the opposite side to me. I could only just make out the image of his cock disappearing inside my woman’s body between the small gap separating their beautiful forms. I felt her body tense, she gasped loudly. Her loud gasp was quickly followed by a long and drawn out moan and I felt her body relax as she obviously adjusted to his girth. I tried to imagine what it must feel like for her, having a young well-endowed lover enter her for the first time.

Thankfully my woman was exceptionally well naturally lubricated, küçükyalı escort so the young man’s deep thrusting was welcomed rather selfishly by her. I enjoyed observing his cock sink deeply inside her loins and then retreat almost exiting her body entirely. He waited for her pelvis to thrust upwards, indicating her need for him to be inside her, and he thrust his hardness back inside her as deep as he could manage. It didn’t take long for my woman’s body to begin to tremble and show signs of her impending climax. I watched as her arms wrapped around his body, she tried to raise his head which was still buried beside her body, obviously wanting to orally embrace him in her erotically intoxicated state, though his head remained firmly in place. I could only assume he felt as little anxious about the love making with me present. I attempted to kiss her again, though she displayed frustration at my interference and for the first time it felt a little like she wanted some space and felt uncomfortable with my presence. I realised that if my woman were to continue this sexual affair, I would need to allow her some time alone.

I mutlukent escort removed my arm from under her head and positioned my body free of my woman’s body. She seemed to appreciate the bit of space she had with her lover as she neared her release. His rhythmic motion had its desired effect as I witnessed my her beautiful orgasm. She moaned loudly as his thick cock thrust sublimely in her depths, as if he were not aware of her magnificent climax. I’ve no doubt he was aware of her orgasm, I suspect his mind was focused elsewhere to prevent him from having his own release. His cock brought my woman another two orgasms, his head not rising from its protection by her arm, before his rhythmical gyrations slowed to a stop.

His head finally rose over my woman and they kissed, my wife looked relieved, I could feel it was something she desired. As his cock exited her body I watched as my woman removed his rubber protection and felt his impressive cock. She stroked him with an expert touch and only a minute passed before I heard my woman’s lover moan as he ejaculated somewhat heavily on her pubic mound and stomach. They kissed passionately and embraced, their rapid panting slowly subsiding. They embraced and passionately kissed once again, in total ignorance of my presence next to them. For some reason I felt so alive in that moment, my sexual energy burning with desire like I’ve not ever felt before. As I stared at my woman’s beautiful body, her sensual curves glistening with another man’s sperm, I began to wonder how my woman was feeling.

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