The DreamThe Dream


Book I: BeginningsPrologue: The DreamI was standing over the cliff near the Palace of the Kor Empire. It was midday and the sun gave off a brightness like never before. But this light was soon replaced by the clouds that moved across the sky. They moved at an unnatural pace. Something was different about this experience. It was abnormal.Then a woman came up to me: my mother, the Queen. She was wearing a red silk veil that covered her body from head to toe. The veil was thin so you could see through it. Under the veil my mother was naked. Her smooth skin covered in a perfume that the royal women all wore could be seen. Her breasts displayed boldly under the view, but the veil could not give the details of the nipples. In her hands was an emerald scepter, the scepter of the Emperor. She presented the scepter with a bow and I held it up high over the cliff.The Queen mother rose from her bow and a mighty wind flew through the area. The veil blew away in the wind and the Queen mother’s naked body was fully visible. Her nipples and vagina were now visible clearly to my eyes. Her nipples were bright pink and her pussy was cleanly shaven as to the custom of royal women of Kor. Her face too was more clear. With makeup on her face and red paint on her lips, my mother was seductive to my eyes.”Have me, my son,” the Queen mother said to me. Her voice was in a low, desperate tone. I stepped closer to her and took her hands. They were cold to touch from the wind. My hands gradually moved up her arms and cupped her breasts. The Queen mother let out a grunt as I creased her nipples with my thumbs. We embraced in a hug and suddenly I myself was naked.

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